College notices 2021/22

All notices relating to memorial services, obituary notices and the appointment of staff in colleges, halls and societies published in the Gazette during the 2021/22 academic year

  • Election of Assessor (notice of meeting, p211) (result of election, p271)
  • Election of Proctors (notice of meetings, p211) (result of elections, p271)
  • Jesus (28 Oct, p93)
  • Wolfson (28 Apr, p347)

All Souls

  • Edward Mortimer (21 Oct, p77)
  • James Noel Adams (21 Apr, p319)


  • John Davies (12 May, p371)

Exeter, St Catherine’s and Lincoln

  • Sir James Gowans (5 May, p360)

New College

  • Professor Laura Marcus (13 Jan, p156; postponed 20 Jan, p179)
  • David Raeburn (17 Feb, p226)


  • Brian McGuinness (2 Jun, p415)
  • Colin Morris (21 Jul, p520)

St Cross

  • Richard (Dick) Repp (16 Jun, p443)


  • Dame Fiona Caldicott (7 Oct, p34)
  • Baroness Williams of Crosby (7 Oct, p34)