Oxford University Gazette

The University Gazette, which has been published continuously since 1870, is the authorised journal of record of the University of Oxford. The Gazette is published on Thursdays during term. The usual deadline for submitting copy for each issue is noon on Wednesday of the week before publication (ie eight days before publication).

The final Gazette of 2019/2020 has been published on 23 July. The first issue of 2020/2021 will be published on 24 September, but will be limited to Council and Congregation business and changes to Examination Regulations. The first full issue of Michaelmas term will be published on 1 October. The lecture supplement will be published with the 0th week issue on 8 October.

No print publication of the Gazette

We are unable to publish the Gazette in print for the foreseeable future, as a result of COVID-19-related working restrictions. We will continue to publish online editions of the Gazette and send emails to our online subscribers.

We will also send emails to our print subscribers, where we have an email address for them, so that they continue to receive the Gazette in an available format. If you are a print subscriber and do not wish to receive such emails, please visit www.staffsubs.ox.ac.uk and cancel your Gazette subscription. If you would like to set up an email subscription, please visit www.staffsubs.ox.ac.uk if you are a current or retired member of staff; otherwise, please email gazette@admin.ox.ac.uk.

Changes to previously published event notices

Various events which have been published in the Gazette are/will be cancelled or rearranged. Details of these changes will be collected at: https://gazette.web.ox.ac.uk/changes-to-previously-published-event-notices.