University Calendar


University Calendar: online edition

As of Michaelmas term 2019, the University Calendar is now published online and is accessible to members of the University with a Nexus single sign-on. We aim to update the Calendar at least once a term, as well as the main update in Michaelmas term each year.

University of Oxford Calendar: current online version [PDF file; opens in new window]

The online edition follows the content of the print edition, but contains links to departments, colleges and other University entities. It omits the printed version of Council and committee memberships in favour of links to the online record of such memberships, which are kept up to date.

University Calendar: print edition

The print edition of the University Calendar is published annually in Michaelmas term. Individual entries are sent out to be updated to departments, faculties, colleges and other centres and institutions in Hilary term, but we accept updates all year round.

Because the Calendar is now available online to all staff, and because many copies of the Calendar were being printed needlessly, we have greatly reduced the number of copies printed and have restricted print distribution to those individuals who require a print edition. All library copies are still being printed and distributed. If you previously received a printed University Calendar and have not received one this year, and if you have a genuine need for a print copy, please contact us at

Updates and corrections to the University Calendar

We encourage divisions, departments, colleges and other institutions featured in the Calendar to send us updated information on a schedule which suits them, but we do aim to update the online Calendar at least once per term. We are happy to receive updates either piecemeal as they occur, or on a termly basis; we will send reminders once per term to our existing contacts.

If any individual spots an error in their own (or another's) listing, please do let us know. We will correct the online edition straightaway and the print edition will be updated in the following Michaelmas term.

For further information or to send us update/correction notices, please email