Accessibility statement

This website runs on Oxford Mosaic, the University of Oxford’s web platform. Information regarding the accessibility features common to platform sites can be found in the Oxford Mosaic Accessibility Statement. Where applicable, further information on the content or features specific to this site is given below.

Accessibility progress

The Gazette website ( is partially compliant with accessibility standards.

26 April 2024

  • Examination Regulation PDFs for 2010/11, 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 have been rendered accessible as combined files per board per year; inaccessible individual files for these years have been removed from the site

4 January 2023

  • HTML files which were not accessible have been removed from the site as the issues were incomplete and links provided to archive PDFs

5 March 2021

  • All of 2010/2011 now compliant

23 February 2021

  • PDFs for HT2011 and TT2011 now compliant

25 January 2021

  • PDFs for MT2010 now compliant

1 September 2020

  • PDFs for 2018/19 academic year for issues of the Gazette now compliant
  • Remaining PDFs for 2019/20 academic year for issues of the Gazette now compliant

1 August 2020

  • All webpage content other than Gazette issues checked for accessibility and rendered compliant as far as possible
  • PDFs from January 2020 onwards for issues of the Gazette rendered accessible
  • Other PDFs have not yet been rendered compliant with accessibility standards as it is a disproportionate burden to fix 20 years' worth of content immediately
  • We intend to continue working on accessibility with the ultimate aim of making all content available in an accessible format

Known problems

  • PDFs for examination regulation changes, statistical information and any other PDFs created before January 2020 are not accessible
    • PDFs are untagged
    • Reading order is sometimes incorrect
    • Titles are missing
    • Text descriptions of images are missing
  • Aspects of the website which are managed by Mosaic and which we have no control over are not yet fully accessible:
    • cookie control pop-up has several problems
    • no means to skip site-wide headers
    • problems with attributes, element IDs and landmarks in site-wide header
    • colour contrast for site-wide headers can't be changed

Working plan

  • Mosaic-related problems have been reported to Mosaic (1 August 2020); migration to new CMS should remove these problems
  • New content will be published in accessible format
  • PDFs for academic years before 2018/2019 will not be rendered accessible unless requested and are available as archival copies only
  • PDFs for examination regulation changes prior to academic year 2020/21 will be rendered accessible year by year as combined files per board per year
  • PDFs of statistical information will be investigated to see if they can be made accessible; if so, we will do so; if not, we will investigate an alternate format for the information

Further assistance available

If anyone requires a particular issue of the Gazette, examination regulation change or other PDF content in an accessible format, please contact us at to request this. Archive files from before 2010 cannot be made fully accessible as they have been created by scanning original print documents; if any content from these files is required, we can help with obtaining the information within them.

If you find any accessibility problems with content which is declared above to already be compliant with accessibility standards, please let us know by emailing