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Issues published before the current academic year

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St Giles' then

The following issues of the Gazette are complete as published.


New Bod

The following files are the start of an archive of Gazette back issues which have been scanned from the original printed and bound volumes. They are being scanned in reverse chronological order and more will be added as they are finished.  

The PDFs are stored on Figshare, and each file can be downloaded and searched through. There isn't yet a means of searching through the files without opening them. We are ultimately aiming to have a proper searchable archive for these files.

Please note:

  • none of these archive files are accessible for assistive technology
  • they are very large files and are best downloaded rather than viewed in a web browser

If you would like any of this content in an accessible format, please email

19th-century files

A few older files have also been uploaded, which were published by HathiTrust via Google Books. These are only available to readers with a single sign-on account as the files are too large to be hosted on our public-facing site, and are not in an accessible format.



Incomplete issues

magdalen bridge 215x137

The following issues of the Gazette are, in some cases, incomplete, but these files are being published online in case the partial information is of use. They will be replaced by archive files as they are scanned.

In particular, links to supplements and other content may no longer work if that content was originally published on third-party websites which have since ceased to operate. Links between issues are not currently working either as they all need to be updated by hand.

The Michaelmas term 1994 issues are entirely absent, and certain files are missing from within otherwise completed years.

Furthermore, because of the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, some elements of the printed Gazette published between September 2001 and July 2010 are not reproduced online. The Bodleian Library holds a full archive of all copies of the Gazette for reference purposes.

  • 2003/4 (accessible HTML files)
  • 2002/3 (accessible HTML files)
  • 2001/2 (HTML files, but not yet accessible)
  • 2000/1 (HTML files, but not yet accessible)
  • 1999/2000 (HTML files, but not yet accessible)
  • 1998/9 (HTML files, but not yet accessible)
  • 1997/8 (HTML files, but not yet accessible)
  • 1996/7 (HTML files, but not yet accessible)
  • 1995/6 (HTML files, but not yet accessible)
  • 1994/5 (incomplete HTML files; not yet accessible)
  • 1993/4 (incomplete HTML files; not yet accessible)