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Academic year 2020/21

The indexed content pages for this academic year can be found here.

Note: certain student-related content published in the print Gazette can only be read online by current University staff or students because it is covered by a prohibition on publishing outside the EU under data protection legislation. We therefore require University members to log into the single sign-on account to read the full PDF; this is not required to read the redacted PDF. The content removed from the public version is:

  • lists of those awarded degrees by resolution
  • details of viva voce examinations
  • lists of prizes awarded to graduate students

The first issue of Michaelmas term will be published on 24 September.

Michaelmas term 2020
Week of issue Full PDF (requires login) Redacted PDF Supplements/Flysheets
000th week 24 September 2020 - No 5286 24 September 2020 - No 5286 - redacted