About the Gazette

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The University Gazette, which has been published continuously since 1870,
is the authorised journal of record of the University of Oxford.

This is a brief summary of the typical contents of the Gazette, section by section
(please note that not all sections or types of content are required in all weeks):


Council and Main Committees

  • Acts of Congregation
  • Regulations made and amended by Council and its committees
  • Additions to the Register of Congregation
  • Results of Congregation, Convocation, divisional and faculty board elections


  • The agenda of pending meetings of Congregation (and Convocation, when elections are held for the Professorship of Poetry and the Chancellorship)
General Notices
  • Policy changes and operational updates
  • Approvals of statute changes by Privy Council
  • Annual reports of certain committees
  • Information about major University events and ceremonies
  • Information about internal awards schemes
  • Appointments to professorships, readerships and lectureships
  • Conferments of the title of Visiting Professor
  • Titles conferred under the Recognition of Distinction procedure
  • Awards of postgraduate University prizes
  • Memberships of electoral boards/selection committees to vacant professorships and senior administrative posts
Consultative Notices
  • Surveys about University services and policies
  • Requests for comments for departmental reviews
  • Calls for nominations for Honorary Degrees
  • Notifications of revisions to college statutes in case of objections from Congregation
  • Forthcoming lectures, seminars, conferences and study-days (please note that a supplement is published in 0th week each term where the majority of such events are advertised) 
  • University and college events, such as concerts and recitals
  • Exhibitions on University and college premises
Examinations and Boards
  • Changes to Examination Regulations made by divisional and faculty boards
  • Leave to supplicate for higher degrees
  • Notices of forthcoming viva voce examinations
Colleges, Halls and Societies
  • Notices of memorial events
  • Obituary announcements for recently deceased members of colleges
  • Announcements of elections to college fellowships, scholarships and headships
  • Announcements of elections to the position of Proctor and Assessor
  • Details of elections to Council, committees, divisional boards and faculty boards: vacant posts, nominations and candidates' statements (election results are published in Council section)
  • Classified advertisements
Notification of Prizes, Grants and Funding
  • Announcements of available prizes, grants and funding
Notifications of Vacancies
  • Notices of academic and administrative vacancies in the University and colleges
  • Notices of equivalent vacancies at the University of Cambridge and affiliated bodies in Oxford


The Gazette is published weekly throughout the academic year (September to July), but not continuously over the vacations. A series of supplements is also published, giving further official information of various kinds. Click here for a list of publication dates for the current academic year.

Cessation of print publication

From March 2020, the Gazette ceased to be distributed in print owing to office and printworks closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. A decision was taken by GPC and Council in Michaelmas term 2020 not to return to print publication; online publication continues weekly, and print copies of each issue will be published for distribution to libraries and archives.


From September 2011, the whole content of the printed Gazette is also available online as PDFs to current members of the University (please note that viewing restricted content requires you to log in using your single sign-on account). Because of the requirements of the Data Protection Act, some elements of the printed Gazette are unavailable to those without a current single sign-on account; however, redacted versions of the PDF are available to everyone.

To view available back issues of the Gazette, click here.

To view issues of the Gazette from the current academic year, click here.

The Gazette in verse

The poem 'Lines to an Old Friend' was recited by the Professor of Poetry, Christopher Ricks, in the Creweian Oration on 20 June 2007. The poem is by A D Godley (1856–1925), Fellow of Magdalen, who was Public Orator 1910–20. It is taken from his collection Lyra Frivola (London, 1899).