Examination Regulations

Changes to Examination Regulations this week

Education Committee

General Regulations Governing Research Degrees

(a) to remove requirement to post notice of a research degree examination in Examination Schools
(b) to update an out-of-date team name

Certificate of Higher Education in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

new programme

Continuing Education Strategic Management Board/Medical Sciences Board

Evidence-Based Health Care Programme

(a) to introduce exit award of PGCert in Health Research to students admitted to the PGDip in Health Research
(b) to allow wider choice of qualifying modules for students leaving with PGCert in Health Research exit award
(c) to widen provisions around prior accreditation
(d) to clarify use of Module 40
(e) to clarify provisions around: availability of new modules; requirements for students leaving with exit awards to have taken core modules; application of shelf life to modules taken before registering for an award
(f) to simplify wording regarding subsuming of modules within a higher award

Postgraduate Programme in Paediatric Infectious Diseases

new programme encompassing MSc, PGDip and PGCert

MSc in Paediatric Infectious Diseases
PGDip in Paediatric Infectious Diseases

removal of regulations

PGCert in Patient Safety

(a) change to name of programme
(b) minor routine changes

Humanities Board

MPhil in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics
MSt in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics (Advanced Study)
MSt in Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics (Research Preparation)

reinstatement of previous removed Sociolinguistics option

MPhil in Modern Languages

minor amendment to submission deadlines for 2nd year MPhils to enable greater choice in their 3rd Special Subject

MSt in Traditional China (i)
MSt in Film Aesthetics

withdrawal of notices published in Gazette No 5393, 20 July 2023

MSt in Traditional China (ii)

(a) to increase optionality for one of examination elements and change in mode of assessment
(b) general review of text to clarify and remove superfluous information

FHS of History

change to year of effect of change published in Gazette No 5393, 20 July 2023

FHS of History and English

(a) broadening scope of allowed subjects 
(b) removal of a date of essay approval

FHS of Medieval and Modern Languages, and associated Joint Schools

(a) reduce length of online examination
(b) change in options for Italian set texts
(c) written exam from online to in person

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board

Research Degrees in Physical Sciences

to provide thesis page limit for Department of Chemistry DPhils

MSc in Mathematical and Computational Finance

(a) minor change of assessment methodology for project and C++ examinations
(b) correction regarding examinations no longer being organised within department

Prelims in Chemistry

to ensure that all the preliminary examinations in chemistry have the same structure

Prelims in Mathematics

minor wording change

Medical Sciences Board

FHS of Cell and Systems Biology and FHS of Neuroscience
FHS of Medical Sciences

removal of stipulation that every Research Project will be marked and vivaed by at least 1 examiner, allowing 2 assessors to mark any item

Social Sciences Board

MSc in Archaeological Science
MSc in Archaeology
MPhil in Classical Archaeology
MSt in Classical Archaeology

(a) simplification of regulations 
(b) minor changes to submission dates

MSc in Medical Anthropology

changes to paper order

MSc in Public Policy Research

changes to assessment methods and deadlines

MSc in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

changes to elective course assessment

FHS of Archaeology and Anthropology

(a) to reduce number of reports from 3 to 2 for Fieldwork and Methods
(b) to allow students to pick their own first year optional essay titles
(c) to move first year option deadline

FHS of History and Politics
FHS of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

removal of cap on number of special subject papers that can be offered

This year's changes

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