Appointment-related notices 2021/22

All notices relating to the appointment and recognition of distinction of staff and visiting professors at the University published in the Gazette during the 2021/22 academic year


Senior Appointments

  • Director of the Department for Continuing Education (Matthew Weait), p151
  • Head of the Department of Earth Sciences (Mike Kendall), p151
  • Head of Humanities (Daniel MacGregor Grimley), p151
  • Head of Medical Sciences (Gavin Screaton), p116
  • Head of the Department of Statistics (Christl Donnelly), p151
  • Pro-Vice-Chancellors (David Prout, Martin Williams), p116

Statutory Professorships

  • Abdulaziz Saud AlBabtain Laudian Professorship in Arabic (Tahera Qutbuddin), p177
  • Edward Hall Professorship of Archaeological Science (Shadreck Chirikure), p316
  • DeepMind Professorship of Artificial Intelligence (Michael Bronstein), p133
  • Numata Professorship of Buddhist Studies (Henrietta Kate Crosby), p345
  • E.P. Abraham Professorship of Chemical Pathology (Ivan Ahel), p240
  • Christopher Strachey Professorship of Computing  (Nobuko Yoshida), p495
  • Robert Turner Professorship of Diabetic Medicine (David Hodson), p33
  • BP Professorship of Economics (Paola Conconi), p401
  • Richard Peto Professorship of Epidemiology (Zheng-Ming Chen), p151
  • Jacques Delors Professorship of European Union Law (Iyiola Solanke), p316
  • Bennett Professorship of Evidence-based Medicine (Ben Goldacre), p315
  • Schwarz–Taylor Professorship of the German Language and Literature (Karen Leeder), p22
  • Montague Burton Professorship of International Relations (Neta Crawford), p23
  • BT Professorship of Major Programme Management (Daniel Armanios), p57
  • Professorship in Management Studies (Juliane Reinecke), p316
  • Wallis Professorship of Mathematics (Massimiliano Gubinelli), p369
  • Professorship of Pure Mathematics (Emmanuel Breuillard), p142
  • Professorship in Social Policy (Jane Gingrich), p517

Other Appointments

Continuing Education


Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

Medical Sciences

Social Sciences

Statutory Visiting Professorships

  • Newton–Abraham Visiting Professorship (Johannes van den Anker), p357, p516

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

Medical Sciences

  • Successful candidates 2021, p153
  • Divisional Committee membership, 2022 exercise, p441

Electoral Boards

  • Professorship in the Study of the Abrahamic Religions, p316
  • Edward Hall Professorship of Archaeological Science, p177
  • Philip Wetton Professorship of Astrophysics, p33
  • Sherardian Professorship of Botany, p316
  • Whitley Professorship of Biochemistry, p441
  • Waynflete Professorship of Chemistry, p316
  • Christopher Strachey Professorship of Computing, p109
  • JRR Tolkien Professorship of English Literature and Language, p425
  • Bennett Professorship of Evidence-based Medicine, p23, p110
  • Jacques Delors Professorship of European Union Law, p224
  • Lester B Pearson Professorship of International Relations, p316
  • Professorship of Linguistics, p425
  • Professorship in Management Studies, p154
  • Wallis Professorship of Mathematics, p224
  • David Phillips Professorship of Molecular Biophysics, p269
  • Professorship of Molecular Immunology, p240
  • Kennedy Trust Professor of Molecular Immunology, p316
  • Michael Davys Professorship of Neuroscience, p23
  • Drummond Professorship of Political Economy, p462
  • Nuffield Chair of Primary Care Health Sciences, p451
  • Barnett Professor of Social Policy with St Cross College and Professorship in Social Policy with Green Templeton College, p261
  • Professorship of Surgical Sciences, p209; revised, p241

Selection Committees

  • Director of the Department for Continuing Education, p23
  • Head of Humanities Division, p100