Appointment-related notices 2020/21

All notices relating to the appointment and recognition of distinction of staff and visiting professors at the University published in the Gazette during the 2020/21 academic year

A problem with pagination arose during the 1 July issue, and page numbers 487–496 were duplicated. Pages 487–8 appeared twice in the 1 July issue, and pp489–96 appeared in both 1 and 8 July issues. Where one of the duplicated pages is referenced below, a note is included to show in which issue the content appears.

Senior Appointments

  • Academic Champion for Women in Entrepreneurship (Kylie Vincent), p413
  • Headship of the Department of Materials (Angus Wilkinson/Hazel Assender), p461
  • Headship of the Department of Plant Sciences (Mark Fricker), p461
  • Headship of the Social Sciences Division (Timothy J Power), p491, 1 July
  • Headship of the Subdepartment of Theoretical Physics (and the Rudolf Peierls Centre) (Julia Yeomans), p207
  • Headship of the Department of Zoology (E-J Milner Gulland from 1 October 2021; Timothy Coulson, from 1 October 2022), p461

      Statutory Professorships

      • Harold Vyvyan Harmsworth Visiting Professorship of American History (Patrick Griffin), p436
      • Richard Blackwell Pharsalia Professorship of Colorectal Surgery (Simon Buczacki), p12
      • Rouse Ball Professorship of Mathematics (Luis Fernando Alday), p115
      • Professorship of Modern History (Patricia Clavin), p492, 8 July
      • Professorship of Molecular and Population Genetics (Simon Leedham), p38
      • Professorship of Materials Modelling (Saiful Islam), p358
      • WA Handley Professorship of Psychiatry (John Richard Geddes), p215
      • Hillary Rodham Clinton Chair of Women's History (Brenda Stevenson), p38
      • Hope Professor of Zoology (Entomology) (Geraldine Wright), p491, 1 July

      Other appointments


      Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

      Medical Sciences

      Social Sciences


    Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

    Medical Sciences

    Social Sciences

    • Divisional Committee membership, 2021 exercise, p516

    Electoral Boards

    • Abdulaziz Saud AlBabtain Laudian Professorship of Arabic, p387

    • Alexander Mosley Professorship of Biophysics, p58

    • EP Abraham Professorship of Chemical Pathology, p492, 8 July

    • Robert Turner Professorship of Diabetic Medicine, p196

    • Richard Peto Professorship of Epidemiology (Jan, p215) (May, p387)

    • Schwarz-Taylor Professorship of the German Language and Literature, p413

    • BT Professor of Major Programme Management, p473

    • Professorship of Materials Modelling, p196

    • Professorship of Modern History, p473

    • Rouse Ball Professorship of Mathematics, p58

    • Michael Davys Professorship of Neuroscience, p14
    • Brownlee–Abraham Professorship of Molecular Biology, p492, 8 July
    • Barclay-Williams Professorship of Molecular Immunology, p492, 8 July
    • WA Handley Professorship of Psychiatry, p71
    • Professorship of Surgical Sciences, p14

    Selection Committees

    • Peter Moores Dean of the Saïd Business School, p38
    • Head of the Humanities Division, p516
    • Head of the Social Sciences Division, p303