Changes to previously published event notices

We have been notified of changes to the following events:


  • School of Archaeology: Alexander Aston's viva on 4 June: POSTPONED


  • Department of Biochemistry: Mario Hart's viva on 5 May: CHANGED to 1.30pm via VoIP
  • University College: HLA Hart Lecture by ProfessorSally Haslanger, Ford Professor of Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 5pm on 28 May; CANCELLED


  • Department of Plant Sciences: Alex Foley's viva on 2 April: CHANGED to online
  • Saïd Business School: Jessica Stitt's viva on 19 April: POSTPONED
  • Queen's: memorial service for Professor Brian McGuinness, 3pm, 25 April: POSTPONED 
  • PBFA Book Fair (classified advertisement), 2526 April: CANCELLED
  • Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment: lecture by Jeremy Grantham, in the Sheldonian Theatre, 27 April; POSTPONED


  • Admission of Proctors and Assessor – Congregation meeting: CANCELLED

In light of the current concerns over coronavirus (COVID-19), and following University guidance, the Congregation meeting due to take place on Wednesday 18 March in the Sheldonian Theatre has been cancelled. The ceremony will take place in a reduced format, and will be attended by the Vice-Chancellor, demitting and incoming Proctors and Assessor, incoming Pro-Proctors and Heads of Houses only.

Admitting to office: Professor Simon Horobin, BA PhD Sheff, MA Oxf, Fellow of Magdalen, and Professor Freya Johnston, BA PhD Camb, MA Oxf, Fellow of St Anne’s, as Proctors for the ensuing year, and Dr Helen Swift, MA MSt DPhil Oxf, Fellow of St Hilda’s, as Assessor for the ensuing year.

  • All Souls: Relation of literature and learning to social hierarchy seminar, 2pm, 18 Mar (rearranged from 11 Mar): CANCELLED

  • Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine: Carlos Ruiz Puig's viva on 17 March: POSTPONED to 21 July

  • Department of Zoology: James Foley's viva on 26 March will take place via Skype