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1. From 2016/17, content is also being listed by types of notice, to enable easier browsing through all examples of each type of notice during the year: Content: by subject.

2. For the years 1993/4 and 1994/5, most of the Gazette is available in the form of text files. MT 1994, however, is not available.

3. The News Pages, which appeared in the printed Gazette from 20 September 1990, are available in the online Gazette from 13 June 1996 to 3 August 2000 inclusive. (After this date the News Pages were replaced by the newsletter Blueprint.)

4. With effect from the issue of 20 September 2001, to comply with data protection requirements, certain elements of the Gazette were not made available online. They are:

  1. in the Council and Main Committees and Congregation sections: notices of the conferment of Degree by Resolution;
  2. in the Notices section: notices of the award of University scholarships and prizes;
  3. in the Examinations and Boards section: notices of Leave to Supplicate for a degree, and notices of oral examinations (viva notices);
  4. in the Colleges section: notices of college elections and prizes.

Following changes to the content and format of the Gazette from the issue of 23 September 2010, notices of undergraduate prizes were also removed from the print edition, but notices of college elections were restored to the online edition.

Further changes were made to the online Gazette with effect from the issue of 22 September 2011, to allow current members of the University to log in and view the items in i–iii above. Regrettably, this content cannot be searched. The indexes for each year, available as PDF files via the Back Issues page, may assist in tracking down such information.

5. Statistical information on the University published annually in the Gazette is available from 1990, in the form of PDF files. See the section on Statistical information.