Revised Register of Members of Congregation - (1) to No 4387

<br /> Oxford University Gazette: Members of<br /> Congregation (supplement)

Oxford University Gazette

Revised Register of Members of Congregation

Qualified under the provisions of Title II, Section II, of
the Statutes of the University

Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4387

Monday, 22 January 1995

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No. 4388 (25 January 1996)

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Aarnio, O.M., MA status, D.Phil., St Edmund

Abraham, D.B., MA, Wolfson

Abramson, G., MA, St Cross

Acheson, D.J., MA, Jesus

Ackrill, J.L., MA, Brasenose

Adam, C.S., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., St Cross

Adams, C.B.T., MA, Green College

Adams, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Adams, P.A., MA, Somerville

Addison, W.M.R., MA status, M.Litt., St Antony's

Adey, H.L., MA, St Edmund Hall

Adlington, R.M., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Aghion, P., MA, Nuffield

Ainsworth, R.W., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Airs, M.R., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg

Aitchison, I.J.R., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Aitchison, J.M., MA, Worcester

Aitken, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Albery, W.J., MA, D.Phil., University

Alcock, C.J., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Allan, J.W., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Allcock, S.L., MA status, Queen Elizabeth House

Allen, J.E., MA, D.Sc., University

Allen, K.W., MA, Balliol

Allen, N.J., B.Sc., B.Litt., BM, MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Allen, P.A., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Allingham, M., MA, Magdalen

Allison, V.W.A., MA status, University Offices

Allison, W.W.M., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Allport, D.A., MA, St Anne's

Allsop, A.L., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Allsopp, C.J., B.Phil., MA, New College

Allwood, A.L., MA, Christ Church

Allwright, D.J., MA status, Somerville

Almond, M.P., MA, Oriel

Altmann, S.L., MA, Brasenose

Anand, S., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Anderson, D.L.T., MA, Wolfson

Anderson, H.L., MA, Keble

Anderson, R.M., MA, Merton

Anderson, W.E.K., MA, Lincoln

Andrewes, W.R., MA, All Souls

Andrews, D.G., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Andreyev, C.C.L., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Angell, A.E., MA, St Antony's

Angelova-Tiurkedjieva, M.N., MA status, Somerville

Anslow, P.L., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Anstee, N.G., MA, Worcester

Aplin, R.T., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Archer, I.W., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Archer, L.N.J., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Archer, R.M., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Ardener, S.G., MA status, Somerville

Argyle, J.M., MA, D.Sc., Wolfson

Aris, M.V., MA status, St Antony's

Armitage, J.P., MA, St Hilda's

Armitage, P., MA, St Peter's

Armstrong, F.A., MA, St John's

Arnold-Baker, C.J., MA, Magdalen

Aronson, J.K., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Ashcroft, F.M., MA, Trinity

Ashcroft, S.J.H., MA, Magdalen

Ashley, C.C., MA, D.Sc., Corpus Christi

Ashtiany, J., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Ashton, J.F., MA, D.Litt., Wolfson

Ashworth, C.M., MA status, University Offices

Asquith, I.S., MA, Christ Church

Athanasou, N.A., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Atherden, A.P., MA status, University Offices

Atherton, C., MA, D.Phil., New College

Atiyah, P.S., DCL, St John's

Atkins, F.B., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Atkins, P.W., MA, Lincoln

Atkinson, A.B., MA, Nuffield

Atkinson, L.S., MA status, School of Geography

Ault, I.A., MA, St Hilda's

Austoker, J.L., MA status, Green College

Austyn, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Avramides, A., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Ayers, M.R., MA, Wadham

Aylmer, G.E., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Azzopardi, P.J., MA, St Hugh's

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Bacharach, M.O.L., MA, D.Phil., Christ

Back, P.A.A., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Bacon, R.W., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Badawi, M.M., MA, St Antony's

Bagguley, D.M.S., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Baigent, E., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Bailey, A.S., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Bailey, C.A., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Bailey, J.D., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Bailey, S., MA status, University Archives

Bain, C.D., MA, Magdalen

Baines, J.C.A., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Baines, J.R., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Baird, P.E.G., MA, D.Phil., University

Baker, B., MA status, Department of Experimental Psychology

Baker, G.E., MA status, Department of Human Anatomy

Baker, G.P., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Baker, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Baker, P.R., MA, Hertford

Baldwin, J.E., MA, Magdalen

Ball, R.G.J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Ballaster, R.M., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield

Bamborough, J.B., MA, Linacre

Band, C.W., MA status, Clarendon Laboratory

Banerjee, A., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Wadham

Bangham, C.R.M., BM, MA, Lincoln

Banks, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Barber, G.G., B.Litt., MA, Linacre

Barber, M., MA status, Department of Educational Studies

Barclay, A.N., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Barford, D., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Barker-Benfield, B.C., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Barlow, D., MA, M.Litt., Jesus

Barlow, D.H., MA, Oriel

Barnard, T.C., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Barnes, R.D., MA, Oriel

Barnes, R.H., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Barnett, J.J., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Barnsley, M.P., MA status, Bodleian Library

Barnwell, F.M., MA status, University Offices

Barr, H., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Barr, J., DD, Christ Church

Barratt, E.G., MA, Oriel

Barron, D.N., MA, Jesus

Barron, J.P., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Barry, E.W., MA status, Oxford University Press

Barton, J., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., Oriel

Barton, J.L., BCL, MA, Merton

Bartrip, P.W.J., MA status, Wolfson

Bashir, Y., MA, Wolfson

Bass, C.M., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Bassett, J.M., MA, Christ Church

Basso, F.G.G., MA status, Wolfson

Bateman, C., MA, Linacre

Bates, G.J.E.M., BM, MA status, Merton

Battle, P.D., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Batty, C.J.K., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., St John's

Bayley, J.O., MA, St Catherine's

Beacham, D.J., MA, St Catherine's

Beckerman, W., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Beckett, P.H.T., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., St Cross

Beddard, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Beer, P.D., MA, Wadham

Beeson, D.M.W., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Beggs, A.W., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Wadham

Bell, B.D., MA, M.Phil., Nuffield

Bell, E.I., MA status, Kellogg

Bell, J.D., MA, D.Phil., University

Bell, J.F., MA, Oriel

Bell, J.I., MA, DM, Magdalen

Bell, R.A.F., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Bell, R.D., MA, Magdalen

Bell, R.G., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Bellamy, G.R., MA status, Department of Physiology

Bellhouse, B.J., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Bendall, A.S., MA, Merton

Bennet-Clark, H.C., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Bennett, E.M., MA, St Anne's

Bennett, J.A., MA, Linacre

Bennett, K.S., MA, Christ Church

Bennion, F.A.R., MA, Balliol

Benson, A.C., MA status, Department of Educational Studies

Benson, J.W., MA, Wolfson

Benson, M.K. d'A., MA status, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Benson, M.K., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Bent, M., MA, All Souls

Benthall, R.P., MA, Christ Church

Benton, P., MA, St Cross

Beral, V., MA, Green College

Berendt, A.R., MA, Corpus Christi

Bergel, D.H., MA, Merton

Berlin, Sir I., MA, All Souls

Berry, N.P., MA status, University Offices

Berry, P.J., MA status, Examination Schools

Berry, P.M., MA status, Mansfield

Besley, T.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., All Souls

Bethell, L.M., MA status, St Antony's

Bevan, D.L., MA, St John's

Bevan, P., MA status, D.Phil., St Antony's

Beverley, E.J., MA, Oriel

Beyani, C., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Bhattacharji, S.I., MA, St Peter's

Bibby, J.H., MA status, Department of Physics

Bickers, R.A., MA, Nuffield

Biddle, M., MA, Hertford

Biggar, N.J., MA, Oriel

Biggs, B.J.H., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Binney, J.J., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Binyon, T.J., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Birch, B.J., MA, Brasenose

Birch, D.L., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Birch, M.C., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Bird, A.G., MA, Worcester

Bird, R.S., MA, Lincoln

Birks, J.S., MA, M.Sc., Brasenose

Birks, P.B.H., DCL, All Souls

Bishop, D.H.L., MA, D.Sc., St Cross

Bithell, J.F., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Bjorken, J.D., MA, Balliol

Black, J.A., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Black, L.G., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Black-Branch, J.L., MA, Wolfson

Blackwell, D.E., MA, New College

Blackwell, R.M., MA, St Cross

Blair, W.J., MA, Queen's

Blake, C.C.F., MA, Green College

Blake, J.A., MA, Exeter

Blakeborough, A., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Blakemore, C.B., MA, D.Sc., Magdalen

Blamey, S.R., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Bliss, C.J., MA, Nuffield

Blogg, C.E., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Blois, K.J., MA, Templeton

Blumberg, B.S., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Blundell, C., MA status, Bodleian Library

Blundell, J., B.Phil., MA, Exeter

Blythe, G.M., MA status, M.Litt., Green College

Boardman, B.M., MA status, St Hilda's

Boardman, J., MA status, School of Geography

Boardman, Sir J., MA, Lincoln

Bobzien, S., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Bogdanor, V.B., MA, Brasenose

Bolam, J.P., MA status, Department of Pharmacology

Boltho, A.G.A., MA, Magdalen

Bond, G.W., MA, Pembroke

Boning, R.C., MA, Pembroke

Booker, G.R., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Booth, C.M., MA status, D.Phil., Somerville

Booth, M.B., B.Litt., MA, St Anne's

Booth, N.E., MA status, Mansfield

Boothroyd, A.T., MA, Oriel

Borthwick, A.G.L., MA, St Edmund Hall

Bose, M.C.A., MA, St Anne's

Bostock, D., B.Phil., MA, Merton

Bouillier, H., MA, Merton

Bound, M., MA status, St Catherine's

Bourne-Taylor, G.D., MA, St Edmund Hall

Bowen Thomas, G., MA, Kellogg

Bowie, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Bowie, E.L., MA, Corpus Christi

Bowie, M.M., MA, All Souls

Bowker, K.W., MA status, University Safety Office

Bowler, I.C.J.W., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Bowler, M.G., MA, Merton

Bowles, N., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Bowman, A.K., MA, Christ Church

Boyce, A.J., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Boyce, F., MA status, University Offices

Boyce, J.M., MA status, D.Phil., New College

Boyd, C.A.R., B.Sc., BM, MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Boyd, Y.L., MA status, D.Phil., Green College

Braam, P.J., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Bradbury, S., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Brading, A.F., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Bradley, L.L., MA status, Wolfson

Bradshaw, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Bradshaw, T., MA, Regent's Park

Brady, J.M., MA, Keble

Brasier, M.D., MA, St Edmund Hall

Braun, T.F.R.G., MA, Merton

Brayley, I.F.M., MA, Campion Hall

Brennan, C.M., MA status, University Offices

Brett, A.T., MA status, Department of Zoology

Brewer, C.D., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Brewer, M.W., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Briant, W.R.C., MA, University

Bridson, M.R., MA, Pembroke

Brigden, S.E., MA, Lincoln

Briggs, A., BCL, MA, St Edmund Hall

Briggs, G.A.D., MA, Wolfson

Briggs, R., MA, All Souls

Briggs, R.A., BM, MA, University

Bright, S.J., BCL, MA, St Hilda's

Brink, D.M., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Britton, B.J., MA, Green College

Brock, J.C., MA status, M.Litt., Mansfield

Brock, M.G., MA, Nuffield

Brock, S.P., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Brockliss, L.W.B., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Brod, J.H., MA status, Magdalen

Bron, A.J., MA, Linacre

Brook, R.J., MA, St Cross

Brooker, G.A., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Brooks, C.B., MA status, M.Sc., Wolfson

Brosius, M., MA status, D.Phil., Queen's

Brouard, M., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Brown, A.H., MA, St Antony's

Brown, A.M., MA, Lincoln

Brown, A.P.B., MA, Worcester

Brown, G.K., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Brown, H.F., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Brown, H.M., B.Litt., MA, St Hilda's

Brown, H.R., MA, Wolfson

Brown, H.W., MA, St Cross

Brown, J.D., MA status, University Offices

Brown, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Brown, J.M., MA, Wadham

Brown, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Brown, L., B.Phil., MA, Somerville

Brown, M.C., B.Sc., BM, MA, DM, Trinity

Brown, N.D., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Brown, P.D.C., MA, Jesus

Brown, P.F., MA, Trinity

Brown, P.G.McC., MA, Trinity

Brown, S.M., MA status, Keble

Browning, D.G., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Brownlee, G.G., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Brownlie, I., DCL, All Souls

Brundin, C.L., MA, Templeton

Brus, W., MA, Wolfson

Brush, G., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Bruten, A.G., MA, St Hugh's

Bryan, D.E.H., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Bryant, P.E., MA, Wolfson

Buchanan, A.H., MA, St Hilda's

Buchanan, T.C., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg

Buck, B., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Buckler, K.J., MA status, Queen's

Buckley, C.P., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Buckmaster, E.A., MA status, Department of Human Anatomy

Bujiþ, B., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Buley, I.D., BM, MA, Wadham

Bull, M.G., MA, Wolfson

Bull, P.A., MA, Hertford

Bullard, Sir J.L., MA, All Souls

Bulloch, P.A., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Bulstrode, C.J.K., BM, MA, Green College

Bunch, C., MA, Wolfson

Bundy, D.A.P., MA, Linacre

Burd, H.J., MA, Brasenose

Burdell, S.M., MA status, History Faculty Library

Burden, D.H., MA, Trinity

Burden, M.J., MA status, New College

Burge, P.D., BM, MA, Pembroke

Burge, S.M., DM, St Anne's

Burgh, Sir J.C., MA, Trinity

Burke, P.D., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Burley, J., MA, Green College

Burn, E.H., BCL, MA, Christ Church

Burn, P.L., MA, University

Burnard, L.D., MA, Balliol

Burnett, K., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Burnett, P.P., MA status, Bodleian Library

Burnett, R., MA status, D.Phil., Lincoln

Burrow, J.W., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Burt, T.P., MA, Keble

Butler, D.E., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

Butler, I.C., MA, Christ Church

Butler, M.S., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Buttigieg, A.V.J., MA, D.Phil., Campion Hall

Button, J.O., MA, Merton

Byrne, J.V., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

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Caine, C.A., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Calcutt, S.B., MA status, D.Phil., Lincoln

Caldwell, J.A., B.Mus., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Callahan, M.J., MA, Hertford

Calvert, R.K., MA, Exeter

Cameron, A.M., MA, Keble

Cameron, E.A., MA status, Institute of Archaeology

Cameron, G.M.F., MA status, Nuffield

Cameron, S.A., MA, Keble

Campbell, A.E., MA, Keble

Campbell, I.D., MA, St John's

Campbell, J., MA, Worcester

Campbell, J.J., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., New College

Campbell, J.K., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Campbell-Lamerton, M.J., MA, Balliol

Cane, P.F., BCL, MA, Corpus Christi

Cantelli, A., MA status, Taylor Institution

Cantor, B., MA, St Catherine's

Cardy, J.L., MA, All Souls

Carey, D.R., MA status, Hertford

Carey, G.M.F., MA, Manchester

Carey, J., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Carey, P.B.R., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Carpenter, L.M., MA, Nuffield

Carr, A.J., MA status, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Carrie, L.E.S., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Carter, G.L., MA status, D.Phil., Brasenose

Carter, P.B., BCL, MA, Wadham

Cartledge, Sir B.G., MA, Linacre

Cartlidge, N.M.R., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Cartwright, H.M., MA status, Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Cartwright, J., BCL, MA, Christ Church

Carver, R.H.F. MA status, D.Phil., Trinity

Casadei, B.S., MA status, Green College

Cashmore, R.J., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Cassam, A.-Q.A., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Casselton, L.A., MA, St Cross

Cassen, R.H., MA, St Antony's

Catling, B., MA, Linacre

Catto, R.J.A.I., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Cave, T.C., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Cavendish, M.W.P., MA, M.Sc., St John's

Ceadel, M.E., MA, D.Phil., New College

Cederholm-Williams, S.A., MA status, D.Phil., Pembroke

Cerezo, A., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Chalker, J.T., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Chamberlain, D.J., MA, St Catherine's

Chamberlain, P.F., MA, Merton

Chambers, G., MA, Green College

Chan, H.M., MA status, Rutherford Laboratory

Chan, T.W., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

Chapel, H.M., MA, Somerville

Chapman, A., MA status, D.Phil., Wadham

Chapman, C.J., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical


Chapman, D.W., MA status, University Offices

Chapman, E.A., MA status, Institute of Economics and


Chapman, M.D., MA, D.Phil., Ripon

Chapman, R.W.G., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Chard, R.L., MA, St Anne's

Charles, D.O.M., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Charles, P.A., MA, St Hugh's

Charles, R.F., MA status, D.Phil., Campion Hall

Charles, R.L.C., MA, Queen's

Charles-Edwards, T.M.O., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Charlot, M.M., MA, Worcester

Charlton, H.M., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Charlton, R.I.H., MA, Balliol

Charnock, F.M.L., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Chater, N.J., MA, Somerville

Chawluk, A., MA status, Mansfield

Chen-Wishart, M., MA, Merton

Cheng, H., MA, St Cross

Cheng, Y., MA status, D.Phil., Nuffield

Chevska, M., MA status, Brasenose

Child, G.D., MA, Lincoln

Child, M.S., MA, University

Child, T.W., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., University

Chippindale, A.M., MA, D.Phil., New College

Christian, J.J., MA status, Wolfson

Christian, J.W., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Christiansen, E., MA, New College

Christie, I.L., MA, Magdalen

Christofidou, A., MA status, Worcester

Christou, V., MA, Balliol

Chubb, The Hon. J.A., MA status, University Offices

Clapinson, M., MA, St Hugh's

Claridge, A.J., MA status, St John's

Claridge, G.S., MA, Magdalen

Clark, C.E., MA, Balliol

Clark, D.M., MA, D.Phil., University

Clark, G.L., MA, St Peter's

Clark, J., MA, St John's

Clark, J.C.D., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Clarke, C.G., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Clarke, D.J., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Clarke, D.W., MA, D.Phil., New College

Clarke, G.E., MA status, M.Litt., D.Phil., St Antony's

Clarke, J.C., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Clarke, J.R., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Clarke, P.J., BCL, MA, Jesus

Clarke, P.J., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Clayton, D., MA status, Lady Margaret Hall

Clegg, J.B., MA status, Green College

Clements, J.R., MA status, University Offices

Clifford, P., MA, Jesus

Clifford, P.M., MA status, D.Phil., Magdalen

Clogg, R.R.M., MA status, St Antony's

Clube, S.V.M., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Coates, R.B., MA status, Mansfield

Cobb, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Cobbold, S.P., MA, Christ Church

Cockshut, A.O.J., MA, Hertford

Coe, M.J., MA, St Peter's

Cohen, G.A., B.Phil., MA, All Souls

Cohen, L.J., MA, D.Litt., Queen's

Cohen, M.J., MA status, Mansfield

Colello, R.J., MA status, D.Phil., Christ Church

Coleman, D., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Coleman, D.A., MA, Queen's

Coleman, J.S., MA, Wolfson

Coles, B.A., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Coles, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Collcutt, S.N., MA status, D.Phil., St John's

Collett, P.R., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Collier, M.A., MA, All Souls

Collier, P., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Collin, J., MA, Trinity

Collins, D.B., MA status, University Offices

Collins, M.J., MA, D.Phil., University

Collins, P.J., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Collins Rice, H.R., MA, Hertford

Colvin, S.J., MA, St John's

Comber, M.R., MA, St John's

Combey, P.G., MA, Kellogg

Compton, R.G., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Conboy, W.M., MA, Jesus

Conrad, P.J., MA, Christ Church

Constantine, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Conway, M.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Conyon, M.J., MA status, Queen's

Cook, E.D., MA, Green College

Cook, P.J., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Cook, P.R., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Cook, W.F., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Cooke, P.H., MA status, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Coones, P., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Cooper, E.H., MA, University

Cooper, G.A., MA status, Radcliffe Science Library

Cooper, J.I., MA status, NERC Institute of Virology

Cooper, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Cooper, S., MA, St Catherine's

Cooper, T.C., MA, St Hugh's

Cooper-Sarkar, A.M., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Cope Bowley, E.T., MA status, School of Geography

Corbett, J.M., MA, St Antony's

Coren, A., MA status, University Counselling Service

Corfield, R.M., MA status, Jesus

Corner, A.L.S., MA, Worcester

Corney, A., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Corney, G.J., MA, St Anne's

Corrie, M.C., MA, Lincoln

Coulton, J.J., MA, Merton

Coulton, M., MA status, Taylor Institution

Courakis, A.S., MA, Brasenose

Coventry, L.J., MA, St Anne's

Cowan, S.G.B., MA, Worcester

Cowdrey, H.E.J., MA, St Edmund Hall

Cowen, P.J., MA status, Littlemore Hospital

Cowey, A., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Cowley, R.A., MA, Wadham

Cowton, C.J., MA, Templeton

Cox, Sir D., MA, Nuffield

Cox, K.G., MA, Jesus

Cox, P.A., MA, D.Phil., New College

Coyle-Shapiro, J.A.M., MA status, School of Management

Craig, I.W., MA, St Catherine's

Craig, P.P., BCL, MA, Worcester

Craig, R.G., MA status, Experimental Psychology

Craig-McFeely, J.M., MA status, St Hugh's

Cram, D.F., MA, Jesus

Crampton, R.J., MA, St Edmund Hall

Cranston, D.W., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Crawford, C., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Crawford, E.J., MA, University

Creasy, T.S., BM, MA, Wolfson

Creffield, C.A., MA, All Souls

Cretney, S.M., DCL, All Souls

Crisp, R.S., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Cronk, N.E., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Cronk, Q.C.B., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Crook, D.W.M., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Cross, R., MA, Oriel

Crouch, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Crouch, N.P., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Crow, J., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Crowne, E.C., MA status, Department of Paediatrics

Crowther, P.D., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Crutch, E.M., M.Sc., MA status, Somerville

Cuff, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Cui, Z.F., MA, Keble

Cumming, B.G., BM, MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Cunliffe, B.W., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Cunnane, T.C., MA, Hertford

Cunningham, V.D., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Curran, C., MA status, Computing Services

Currie, P., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Currie, R., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Curtis, J.A.E., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

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Dahrendorf, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA, St Antony's

Daley, P.O., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Dalitz, R.H., MA, All Souls

Dalley, S.M., MA, Somerville

Dalton, H.J.M., MA, Queen's

Daly, C.J., MA status, Brasenose

Daly, M., MA status, University Offices

d'Ancona, M.R.R., MA, All Souls

Daniel, R.W., MA, Brasenose

Daniel, V.J., MA, St Hugh's

Dannemann, G. MA, Worcester

Darby, A.M.G., MA, Keble

Dargay, J.M., MA status, St Antony's

Darlington, S.M., MA, Christ Church

Darrah, P.R., MA, Worcester

Darton, R.C., MA status, Keble

Darwin, J.G., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

Das, S., MA, Green College

Dastur, T.H.M., MA status, University Offices

Daukes, C.D., MA, St Peter's

Davage, W.E.P., MA, St Cross

Davey, G., MA status, D.Phil., Wadham

David, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

David, P.A., MA, All Souls

Davidson, J.N., MA, Trinity

Davidson, W.G., MA status, Department of Educational Studies

Davies, A.E., MA, Somerville

Davies, C.S.L., MA, Wadham

Davies, C.W.R., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Kellogg

Davies, D.R., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Davies, E.E., MA status, Department of Physics

Davies, J.D., BCL, MA, St Catherine's

Davies, J.H., MA, Keble

Davies, J.W., BCL, MA, Brasenose

Davies, J.W.M., MA, Kellogg

Davies, K.E., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Davies, M., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Davies, M.K., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Davies, P.L., MA, Balliol

Davies, P.T., MA, M.Litt., Kellogg

Davies, R.L., MA, Templeton

Davies, R.R., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Davies, S.G., MA, D.Phil., New College

Davis, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Davis, C.J.F., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Davis, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Davis, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Davis, J.H.R., MA, All Souls

Davis, K., MA status, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art

Davison, A.C., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Dawber, R.P.R., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Dawes, M.G., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Dawkins, C.R., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., New College

Dawkins, M.E., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Dawson, R.S., MA, Wadham

Day, A.C., MA, D.Phil., University

Day, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Day, C.J., MA status, Kellogg

Day, D., MA status, Social Studies Library

Day, J., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Day, J.M., B.Phil., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Day, K.P., MA, Hertford

Day, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Day, W.A., MA, Hertford

Deacon, H.J., MA status, Queen's

Deas, M.D., MA, St Antony's

De'Ath, J.G., MA, Jesus

de B£rca, G.M., MA, Somerville

Deech, R.L., MA, St Anne's

Deighton, A., MA, St Antony's

del Nevo, T.E.L., MA status, University Offices

de Moor, A., MA, Somerville

de Moor, O., MA status, St John's

Denham, A.E., MA status, D.Phil., St Anne's

Denning, R.G., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Dennis, J., MA status, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art

Dennis, P.D., BM, MA, M.Sc., Hertford

Derby, B., MA, Corpus Christi

Derow, P.S., MA, Wadham

De Smet, I.A.R., MA, Magdalen

De Toro Santos, X.L., MA status, Taylor Institution

Devenish, R.C.E., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Dewey, J.F., MA, D.Sc., University

Dew-Hughes, D., MA, D.Sc., University

Dexter, A.L., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Dickens, P.G., MA, D.Phil., New College

Dickie, B.G.M., MA status, Department of Pharmacology

Dickinson, H.G., MA, Magdalen

Dickson, P.G.M., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., St Catherine's

Dimsdale, N.H., MA, Queen's

Dinshaw, F.E., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Dixon, R.M., MA status, Queen's

Dobbs, P.F., MA status, Department of Physics

Dobson, C.L.H., MA status, D.Phil., Hertford

Dobson, C.M., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Dobson, M.B., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Dobson, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Dobson, P.J., MA, Queen's

Dodsworth, J., MA status, Bodleian Library

Doherty, C.J., MA status, Archaeology Research Laboratory

Doig, A.G., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Donaghy, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Donaldson, S.K., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Dongworth, D.W., MA status, Department of Human Anatomy

Donnelly, J.D.P., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Dopson, S.E., MA, Templeton

Dorey, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Dorigatti, M.G., MA status, University

Dorkins, H.R., MA, St Peter's

Dorrington, K.L., MA, D.Phil., DM, University

Doucas, G., MA status, D.Phil., Department of Physics

Douglas, J.R., MA status, Computing Service

Dove, P.L.C., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Dowker, A.D., MA, St Anne's

Downing, A.K., MA status, St John's

Downs, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Dowsett, C.J.F., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Draper, G.J., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Dray, J.P., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Drayton, R.H., MA, Lincoln

Dresch, P.K., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Drew, G.W.J., MA, Worcester

Drew, J.E., MA, St Hilda's

Drury, J.H., MA, Christ Church

Dryden, P.A., MA, Exeter

Dudbridge, G., MA, D.Phil., University

Dudley, C.R.K., MA status, Department of Clinical Medicine

Dudley, N.E., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Duffin, L.E., MA status, Kellogg

Duggan, C.J.H., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Dummett, M.A.E., MA, D.Litt., New College

Dunbabin, J.H., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Dunbabin, J.P.D., MA, St Edmund Hall

Dunbar, N.V., MA, Somerville

Duncan-Jones, K.D., B.Litt., MA, Somerville

Dunger, D.B., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Dupree, H.D., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Duthie, R.B., MA, Worcester

Dwek, R.A., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Exeter

Dworkin, R.M., MA, University

Dyer, D.G., MA, Exeter

Dyke, K.G.H., MA, Wadham

Dyson, A.P., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Dyson, J., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Mansfield

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Eagle, R.A., MA status, D.Phil., St John's

Eagleton, T.F., MA, St Catherine's

Earle, T.F., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Easdown, S.G., MA status, Department of Educational Studies

Eastwood, I.Q, MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Eatock Taylor, W.R., MA, St Hugh's

Eddy, J.A., MA status, Bodleian Library

Edmonds, D.T., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Edmonds-Seal, J., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Edwards, A.F., MA status, University Offices

Edwards, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Edwards, C.W., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Edwards, D.A., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Edwards, D.J., MA, Wadham

Edwards, E.J.M., MA status, Pitt Rivers Museum

Edwards, J.H., MA, Keble

Edwards, L.P.E., MA, St Hugh's

Edwards, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Eekelaar, J.M., BCL, MA, Pembroke

Eeley, S.E., MA status, Kellogg

Efstathiou, G.P., MA, New College

Egdell, R.G., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Ehlers, A., MA status, Warneford Hospital

Eidinow, J.S.C., MA, Merton

Ekert, A.K., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Eland, J.H.D., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Elbourne, D.R., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Elcin, H.D., MA status, Oriental Institute

Elder, J.K., MA status, D.Phil., Trinity

Elliott, Sir J.H., MA, Oriel

Elliott, R., MA, St Anne's

Elliott, Sir R.J., MA, D.Phil., New College

Ellis, G.J., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Ellis, J.D., MA, Wadham

Ellis, T.M.R., MA, Christ Church

Ellis Evans, D., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Ellory, J.C., MA, Corpus Christi

Elmore, R.W., MA, Kellogg

Elston, J.S., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Elston, S.J., MA status, Somerville

Eltis, S.A., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Emerson, P.M., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Emerton, M.E., MA, Oriel

Emler, N.P., MA, Wolfson

England, P.C., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

English, R., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Enos, J.L., MA, Magdalen

Epstein, Sir M.A., MA, Wolfson

Erdmann, K., MA, Somerville

Errington, J., MA, Magdalen

Esiri, M.M., MA, DM, St Hugh's

Esnouf, M.P., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Espinasse, P.M.T., MA status, University Offices

Europe-Finner, G.N., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Eustace, K.A.T., MA status, Ashmolean Museum

Evans, R.J.W., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Evans, S.E., MA status, Computing Service

Evely, R.D.G., MA status, D.Phil., Merton

Everett, B.M., MA, Somerville

Everett, I.D., MA status, University Offices

Everitt, M., MA, Merton

Evison, G.A., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Ewart, P., MA, Worcester

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Fairbank, J.C.T., MA status, Green College

Fairburn, C.G.A.G., BM, MA, DM, Worcester

Fairweather, D.S., MA, Corpus Christi

Fall, Sir B.J.P., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Fallaize, E.A., MA, St John's

Farrant, T.J., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Farrell, J., MA status, Blackfriars

Farthing, S., MA, St Edmund Hall

Faulkner, D.E.R., MA, St John's

Faulkner, D.O., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Faure, D.W., MA, St Antony's

Fawcett, J., MA status, Balliol

Fearn, Sir P.R., MA, University

Fearon, W.H., MA status, Westminster

Feeny, D.F., MA, Templeton

Feinstein, C.H., MA, All Souls

Fell, T.S., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Fell, V., MA status, Institute of Archaeology

Fellows, G.J., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Feneley, J.E., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Fennell, R., MA, Linacre

Fenton, J.M., MA, Magdalen

Ferdinand, C.Y., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Ferguson, D.J.P., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Ferguson, N.C., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Ferguson, P., MA status, St Antony's

Ferguson, S.J., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Fiddes, P.S., MA, D.Phil., Regent's Park

Fiddian, R.W., MA, Wadham

Field, M.J., MA status, Computing Laboratory

Fiennes, N.J., MA, Merton

Fillenz, M., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Finch, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Finnis, J.M., MA, D.Phil., University

Firth, D., MA, Nuffield

Firth, J.D., DM, Lincoln

Fisher, A., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Fitzgerald, E.V.K., MA, St Antony's

Fitzpatrick, R.M., MA, Nuffield

Flanigan, T.P., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Flather, P.C., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Fleet, G.W.J., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Fleming, K.A., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Flemming, J.S., MA, Wadham

Fletcher, E.W.L., MA, Green College

Flinn, M., MA status, Department of Physics

Flint, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Flood, R.G., MA, M.Sc., Kellogg

Floridi, L., MA status, Wolfson

Florio Cooper, C.M., MA status, Language Centre

Fo‰x, P., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Foord, J.S., MA, St Catherine's

Foot, C.J., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Foot, R.J., MA, St Antony's

Foote, I.P., MA, Queen's

Ford, B., MA status, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

Forder, J.A., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Fordham, R.M.M., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Foreman-Peck, J.S., MA, St Antony's

Forey, M.L.H., MA, All Souls

Forfar, D.J., MA, Wadham

Forfar, J.C., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Forrest, G.C., MA status, Department of Psychiatry

Forrest, M.V., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Forrest, W.G.G., MA, New College

Forsyth, K.S., MA, St Hilda's

Foster, J.A., MA, Brasenose

Foster, M.A., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Foster, R., BM, B.Sc., MA, Christ Church

Foster, R.F., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Fowler, A.C., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Fowler, D.P., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Fowler, G.H., BM, MA, Balliol

Fowler, P.G., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Fox, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Fox, Lady H.M., MA, Somerville

Fox, R., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Francis, M., MA status, Corpus Christi

Francis, M.J.O., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Frank, D., MA status, Wolfson

Franklin, D.G., MA, All Souls

Franklin, E.E.J., MA, St Peter's

Franklin, R.E., MA, Worcester

Franzosi, R., MA, Trinity

Fraser, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Fraser, D.G., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Frayn, K.N., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Frazer, E.J., MA, D.Phil., New College

Frazier, R.L., MA status, Christ Church

Frede, M., MA, Keble

Fredman, S.D., BCL, MA, Exeter

Freeden, M.S., MA status, D.Phil., Mansfield

Freedland, M.R., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Freedman, A., BM, MA, St Catherine's

Freeland, A.P., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Freeman, M.J., MA status, Mansfield

Fricker, E.M., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Fricker, M.D., MA, Pembroke

Frith, P.A., MA status, Nuffield Department of Ophthalmology

Frost, D.T., MA, St Hilda's

Frueh, W.G., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Fuggle, S.V., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Fuller, J.L., B.Litt., MA, Magdalen

Fuller, K W., MA, Hertford

Fynes, R.C.C., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

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Gaffan, G.D., MA, Merton

Gale, N.H., MA, Nuffield

Galione, A., MA, Exeter

Gallie, D.I.D., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

Galligan, D.J., BCL, MA, Wolfson

Gambetta, D., MA, All Souls

Gambles, A.C., MA, Nuffield

Gambles, P.R., MA, New College

Gancz, G., BM, MA, Pembroke

Ganesan, T.S., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Garcia-Bellido, E.P., MA, St Cross

Gardener, T.S., MA, Queen's

Gardiner, P.L., MA, Magdalen

Gardner, F.E.M., MA, St Catherine's

Gardner, J.B., BCL, MA, Brasenose

Gardner, R.L., MA, Christ Church

Gardner, S., BCL, MA, Lincoln

Garfitt, J.S.T., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Garman, E.F., MA status, D.Phil., Somerville

Garnett, E.J., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Garnett, G.P., MA status, Department of Zoology

Garnett, G.S., MA, St Hugh's

Garrard, C.S., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Garton Ash, T.J., MA, St Antony's

Gartside, P.M., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Gaskell, D.R., MA status, Department of Engineering


Gasser, R.P.H., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Gath, D.H., MA, DM, Wolfson

Gatherer, A., MA status, Green College

Gatter, K.C., BM, MA, D.Phil., St John's

Gauci, P.L., MA, Wadham

Gauthier, A., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Gautrey, M.S., MA, Queen's

Gavaghan, D.J., MA status, M.Sc., D.Phil., New College

Gay, A.R., MA status, Computing Services

Geaney, D.P., MA status, Warneford Hospital

Gear, A.R.E., MA, Balliol

Gearin-Tosh, M.B., MA, St Catherine's

Gelder, M.G., MA, DM, Merton

Gemmill, E.A., MA status, University Offices

Gerrard, C.H., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Getzler, J.S., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Ghosh, P.R., MA, St Anne's

Gibbons, G.F., MA status, Department of Clinical Medicine

Gibson, S.J., MA, New College

Gildea, R.N., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Giles, M., MA, St Hugh's

Gill, E.W., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Gill, S.C., B.Phil., MA, Lincoln

Gillespie, V.A., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Gillingham, S.E., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Gillmer, M.D.G., MA, Green College

Gillon, S.M., MA, Mansfield

Ginger, A.J., MA, Exeter

Gittins, J.C., MA, D.Sc., Keble

Glaum, A., MA status, University Offices

Glazer, A.M., MA, Jesus

Glockling, F., MA status, Merton

Glover, J.C.B., B.Phil., MA, New College

Glyn, A.J., MA, Corpus Christi

Glynn, C.J.A., MA status, M.Sc., Brasenose

Godden, M.R., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Godlee, R.J.P., MA status, Department of Public Health and

Primary Care

Godman, C.M., MA status, University Offices

Goff of Chieveley, Rt. Hon. Lord, DCL, Lincoln and New


Goguen, J.A., MA, St Anne's

Goldacre, M.J., BM, MA, Magdalen

Goldey, D.B., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Golding, S.J., MA, University

Goldman, L.N., MA, St Peter's

Goldrei, D.C., MA, Somerville

Goldthorpe, J.H., MA, Nuffield

Goldthorpe, R.E., MA, St Anne's

Gombrich, R.F., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Gonis, N., MA status, D.Phil., St John's

Good, C., MA, Wadham

Goodacre, T.E.E., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Goodden, A.R., MA, St Hilda's

Goode, R.M., MA, St John's

Goodenough, J.B., MA, St Catherine's

Goodman, M.D., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Goodman, R.J., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Goodwin-Bailey, C.I., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Gooptu, N., MA, St Antony's

Gordon, A.F., MA, Wolfson

Gordon, L.F., MA, St Hilda's

Gordon, R.S.C., MA, Pembroke

Gordon, S., MA, Exeter

Gore, K.O., MA, Worcester

Goringe, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Goringe, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Gorringe, T.J., MA, St John's

Gorman, W.M., MA, Nuffield

Gosden, C.H., MA, St Cross

Gosler, A.G., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Gosling, J.C.B., B.Phil., MA, St Edmund Hall

Gospel, H.F., MA, Pembroke

Goss, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Gotch, F.M., MA status, M.Sc., D.Phil., St Hilda's

Goudie, A.S., MA, Hertford

Gould, S., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Gowing, M.M., MA, Linacre

Grafen, A., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., St John's

Graham, A.W.M., MA, Balliol

Graham, C.F., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Graham-Jones, S., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Grahame-Smith, D.G., MA, Corpus Christi

Grant, A.M., MA, DM, Trinity

Grant, I.P., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Grant, P.S., MA status, D.Phil., Jesus

Gray, C.D., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Gray, D., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Gray, D.W.R., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Gray, J.A.M., MA, Green College

Gray, J.N., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Gray, W., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Grayling, A.C., MA status, D.Phil., St Anne's

Greaves, M.J., MA status, Delegacy for Military Instruction

Green, J.A., MA status, Mathematical Institute

Green, J.C., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Green, M.L.H., MA, St Catherine's

Green, R.F., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Green, S.J.D., MA, All Souls

Green, T.L., MA, M.Sc., Exeter

Greenall, M.J., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Greenberg, M.D., MA, Jesus

Greenfield, S.A., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Greenhalgh, C.A., MA, St Peter's

Greenhall, R.C.D., DM, Corpus Christi

Gregg, J.F., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Gregory, M.B., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Grevling, K.D., BCL, MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Gribbin, B., MA status, Linacre

Grice, D.M., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Grieder, P.E., MA, Magdalen

Grierson, Sir R.H., MA, Balliol

Griffin, C.H., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Griffin, J., MA, Balliol

Griffin, J.B., MA, St. John's

Griffin, J.P., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Griffin, M.T., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Griffin, R.D., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Griffith, M.S., MA, D.Phil., New College

Griffith-Jones, R., MA, Lincoln

Griffiths, C.V.J., MA, Wadham

Griffiths, P., MA status, Computing Services

Grime, G.W., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Grimley Evans, J., MA, DM, Green College

Grint, K., MA, D.Phil., Templeton

Grocock, C.A., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Groom, G., MA status, Bodleian Library

Gross, J.D., MA status, Department of Biochemistry

Grossel, M.C., MA, Christ Church

Grout, P.J., MA status, Department of Theoretical Chemistry

Grovenor, C.R.M., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Groves, G.W., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Grylls, C., MA, Kellogg

Guilford, T.C., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Guillery, R.W., MA, Hertford

Gullifer, L.J., BCL, MA, Brasenose

Gunn, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Gupta, S., MA, Merton

Gupta, S., MA status, Wolfson

Gurney, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Gurr, S.J., MA, Somerville

Gutch, Y.W., MA status, Oriental Institute

Guy, J.R., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

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Habakkuk, Sir, H.J., MA, Jesus

Hacker, P.M.S., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Hackmann, W.D., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Hackney, J., BCL, MA, Wadham

Hagger, H.R., MA status, St Cross

Hahn, C.E.W., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Haigh, C.A., MA, Christ Church

Hailsham of St Marylebone, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA, All Souls

Hainsworth, J.B., MA, New College

Hainsworth, P.R.J., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Hajdu, J., MA status, Christ Church

Hall, A.C., MA status, St John's

Hall, D.M.M., MA, Worcester

Hall, E.M., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Hall, E.T., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Hall, J.N., MA status, Wolfson

Hall, R.L., MA, Wolfson

Halsall, T.G., MA, Linacre

Halsey, A.H., MA, Nuffield

Halsey, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Hambler, C., MA, Oriel

Hamer, R.F.S., MA, Christ Church

Hames, T., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

Hamilton, D.K., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Hamilton, W.D., MA, New College

Hammond, N.G., MA status, D.Phil., Pembroke

Hampshire, G.I., B.Litt., MA, St Hilda's

Hancock, G., MA, Trinity

Hands, B.A., MA, M.Sc., St Hilda's

Hands, L.J., MA, Green College

Handscomb, D.C., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Hanna, N.J.M., BCL, MA, Manchester

Hannabuss, K.C., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Harcourt, E.R.F., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Harding, J., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield

Harding, J.J., MA status, Nuffield Laboratory of

Harding, R.M., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Harnden, A.R., MA status, Department of Public Health and

Primary Care

Harnew, N., MA, St Anne's

Harper, D.A., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Harper, M.K., MA, Christ Church

Harpur, Y.M., MA status, D.Phil., St Anne's

Harr‚, H.R., B.Phil., MA, Linacre

Harrell-Bond, B.E., MA status, M.Litt., D.Phil., Lady


Harries, P.T., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Harrington, M.E., MA status, St Hilda's

Harrington, M.M., MA status, University Offices

Harrington, R.V.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Harris, A., MA, St Cross

Harris, A.L., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Harris, D.A., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Harris, D.R., BCL, MA, Balliol

Harris, Sir H., MA, D.Phil., DM, Christ Church

Harris, H.A., MA, D.Phil., New College

Harris, J.F., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Harris, J.F., MA, St Catherine's

Harris, J.G., MA, Christ Church

Harris, J.W., BCL, MA, Keble

Harris, P.L., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Harris, R., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Harris, R., MA, D.Phil., New College

Harris, S.E., MA, Lincoln

Harrison, B.H., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Harrison, C., MA, Oriel

Harrison, G.A., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Harrison, P.J., MA, DM, Balliol

Harrison, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Harriss-White, B., MA, Wolfson

Hart, G., MA, DM, Lady Margaret Hall

Hart, G.R., B.Phil., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Hart, I.K., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Hart, J.P.A., MA status, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

Hart, M.W., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Harte, Y.A., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Harvey, B.F., B.Litt., MA, Somerville

Harvey, D.J., MA status, Balliol

Harvey, P., MA, D.Sc., Merton

Hasegawa, R., MA status, Computing Laboratory

Haskell, F.J.H., MA, Trinity

Hasler, J.C., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Hatcher, H.J.B., MA status, Research Laboratory for

Archaeology and the History of Art

Hatton, J., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Hawcroft, M.N., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Hawkes, S.E.C., MA, St Cross

Hawkins, A.B., MA, Kellogg

Hawkins, K.O., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Hawkins, M.M., MA status, D.Phil., Green College

Hawkins, R.J., B.Phil., MA, Keble

Hawton, K.E., MA, DM, Green College

Hay, D.A., MA, M.Phil., Jesus

Haydon, R.G., MA, Brasenose

Hayes, L., MA, St Cross

Hayes, W., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Hayward, G.F., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg

Hayward, J.E.S., MA, St Antony's

Hayward, P.A., MA, St Peter's

Hazareesingh, S.K., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Hazlewood, A.D., B.Phil., MA, Pembroke

He, J., MA status, Computing Laboratory

Heal, F.M., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Heaney, M., MA status, Bodleian Library

Heath, A.F., MA, Nuffield

Heath-Brown, D.R., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Hechter, M., MA, New College

Hedges, R.E.M., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Hedley-Miller, R., MA, St Hugh's

Heimann, R.L., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Helliwell, D.J., MA status, Bodleian Library

Hems, R., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Hendry, D.F., MA, Nuffield

Henig, M.E., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Henning, G.B., MA, St Catherine's

Henry, M.P., MA status, Jesus

Henville, J.D., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Hershkowitz, D., MA status, Christ Church

Heseltine, A.E.H., MA status, Ashmolean Museum

Hesse, J.J., MA, Nuffield

Hesselbo, S.P., MA, St Peter's

Hewitt, K.J., MA status, University Safety Office

Hewitt, K.R., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Hewitt, P.H., MA, Nuffield

Heyer, J.U., MA, Somerville

Heyes, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Heyworth, S.J., MA, Wadham

Hibbert, G.A., MA, DM, Worcester

Hicks, N.R., BM, MA, Green College

Hickson, I.D., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Hiddleston, J.A., MA, Exeter

Hiddleston, J.S., MA, St Hilda's

Hide, R., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Jesus

Higginbotham, J.T., MA, Somerville

Higginbotham, P.G., MA status, Computing Service

Higginbottom, E., MA, D.Phil., New College

Higgins, C.F., MA, Hertford

Higgs, D.R., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Highfield, J.R.L., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Hii, K.K., MA, Wadham

Hill, A.V.S., BM, MA, D.Phil., St John's

Hill, H.A.O., MA, D.Sc., Queen's

Hill, P.M.R., MA, St Cross

Hill, R.W., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Hill, S.A., MA, St Hugh's

Hillenbrand, G., MA status, Trinity

Hilliard, K.F., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Hills, D.A., MA, Lincoln

Hilton, M.J. MA, Pembroke

Hilton-Jones, D., MA, Jesus

Hine, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Hiorns, R.W., MA, Linacre

Hirsch, Sir P.B., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Hitch, B., MA, Kellogg

Hoad, T.F., MA, St Peter's

Hoare, C.A.R., MA, Wolfson

Hobbs, M.J.D., MA, Wadham

Hobby, R.M., MA, St John's

Hodby, J.W., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Hodcroft, F.W., MA, St Cross

Hoddinott, J.F.A., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Hodges, A.P., MA status, Wadham

Hodges, W.G., MA status, Bodleian Library

Hodgson, D.M., MA, Oriel

Hodgson, E.S., MA, St Cross

Hodgson, G.M.T., MA, Green College

Hodgson, P.E., MA, Corpus Christi

Hoekstra, S.J., MA status, New College

Holland, M.B., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Hollis, A.S., B.Phil., MA, Keble

Holman, R.R., MA status, Green College

Holmes, A.R., MA status, Department of Physics

Holmes, C.A., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Holmes, C.P.H., MA, Corpus Christi

Holmes, E.A., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Holmes, E.C., MA status, St Catherine's

Holmes, G.A., MA, All Souls

Holmes-Siedle, M., BM, MA status, Lady Margaret Hall

Holt, J.M., MA, Linacre

Honeyman, I., MA, St Hugh's

Honor‚, A.M., DCL, All Souls

Hood, R.G., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Hope, D.B., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., New College

Hope, P.L., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Hopewell, J.W., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Hopkin, J.M., MA, Brasenose

Hopwood, A.G., MA, Templeton

Hopwood, D., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Horden, J.N.P.B., MA, All Souls

Horder, J.C.N., BCL, MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Horder, T.J., MA, Jesus

Hore, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Horgan, A.D., MA, St Catherine's

Horgan, D.M., MA status, Trinity

Hornblower, S., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Horsnell, P.H., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Lincoln

Horton, M.C., MA, St Hugh's

Houghton, J.M., MA status, Department of Physics

Houlsby, G.T., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Howard, B.J., MA, Pembroke

Howard, E., MA, Templeton

Howard, Sir M.E., MA, D.Litt., Oriel

Howard-Johnston, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Howarth, J.H., MA, St Hilda's

Howatson, A.M., MA, Balliol

Howatson, M.C., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Howe, D.W., MA, St Catherine's

Howlett, D.R., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Howell, S.J., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Howells, C.M., MA, Wadham

Howells, D.L.L., MA, Jesus

Howgego, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Howison, S.D., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Christ Church

Hoyland, R.G., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Hubbard, M.E., MA, St Anne's

Hudson, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Hudson, B.L., MA, Green College

Hughes, C.E., MA, Somerville

Hughes, M.G., MA, St Hugh's

Hughes, R.O., MA status, University Offices

Hunt, A.B., B.Litt., MA, St Peter's

Hunt, J.D., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Hunt, R.E., MA, St Catherine's

Hunt, S.V., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Hurley, P.A., MA status, Department of Obstetrics and

Hurrell, A.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Nuffield

Hurst, C., MA, St Catherine's

Hurst, G.M., MA status, Dyson Perrins Laboratory

Hurst, M.C., MA, St John's

Huson, S.M., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Hussey, E.L., MA, All Souls

Hutchings, R.L., MA status, Computing Service

Hutchinson, G.O., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Hutchison, J.L., MA status, Wolfson

Hyatt, N.D., MA status, Surveyor's Office

Hyder, A.D., MA, St John's

Hylson-Smith, K., MA, St Cross

Hyman, J.D., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Hyman, N.M., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

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Ibbetson, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Ierodiakonou, K., MA status, University

Iles, J.F., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Impey, O.R., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Ingham, P.T., B.Litt., MA, St Anne's

Ingram, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Innes, A.J., MA, Greyfriars

Innes, D.C., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Innes, J.M., MA, Somerville

Inskeep, R.R., MA, Merton

Inwood, M.J., MA, Trinity

Iredale, P., MA status, Wolfson

Ireland, P.T., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Irvine, J.A.D., MA, Balliol

Isaacson, D., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Islei, G., MA, Templeton

Iturri, M.L., MA status, Somerville

Iversen, S.D., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Ives, C.J.G., MA, Magdalen

Ives, N.K., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

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Jack, B.E., MA status, D.Phil., Christ Church

Jack, J.J.B., BM, MA, University

Jackson, D.A., MA status, Sir William Dunn School of

Jackson, M.G.St.A., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Jacobs, J.N., MA, Jesus

Jacobs, M., B.Litt., MA, St Hugh's

Jacobs, O.L.R., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Jacoby, R.J., MA, Linacre

Jacomb, Sir M.W., MA, Worcester

Jakubovics, J.P., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

James, A.C.D., MA status, Department of Psychiatry

James, I.M., MA, D.Phil., New College

James, W.R., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

James, W.S., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Janis, M.W., MA, Exeter

Jarvis, D.A., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Jarvis, S.J., MA, Merton

Jaworski, B., MA, Worcester

Jay, Rt. Hon. Lord D.P.T., MA, All Souls

Jay, E.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., St Anne's

Jefferson, A.M., MA, D.Phil., New College

Jelley, N.A., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Jenkins, M.L., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Jenkins of Hillhead, Rt. Hon. Lord, DCL, Balliol

Jenkinson, C., MA status, M.Sc., D.Phil., Nuffield

Jenkinson, T.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Keble

Jenkyns, H.C., MA, St Edmund Hall

Jenkyns, P.J., MA status, St Edmund Hall

Jenkyns, R.H.A., MA, M.Litt., Lady Margaret Hall

Jennings, C., MA status, Templeton

Jensen, K., MA status, Bodleian Library

Jewell, D.P., BM, MA, D.Phil., Green College

Jirotka, M.D.A., MA status, Computing Laboratory

John, R.T., MA, Merton

Johns, J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Johnson, C.S., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Johnson, D.H., MA status, St Antony's

Johnson, J.L., MA, M.Phil., Exeter

Johnson, L.N., MA, Somerville

Johnson, M.A., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Johnson, N., MA, Nuffield

Johnson, P., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Johnson, R.W., B.Phil., MA, Magdalen

Johnston, M.C., MA, St Edmund Hall

Johnstone, H.D., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Johnstone, P.C., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Jones, A., MA, Pembroke

Jones, A.B., MA status, University Offices

Jones, A.C., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Jones, C.M., MA, St Peter's

Jones, D.P.H., MA status, Park Hospital

Jones, E.A., MA, St Anne's

Jones, E.L., MA, New College

Jones, G., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Jones, G.A., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Jones, H., MA status, Clarendon Laboratory

Jones, H.W., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Jones, J.A., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Jones, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Jones, K.E., MA, Trinity

Jones, P.B., MA, Exeter

Jones, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Jones, P.W., MA, Green College

Jones, S., MA, St Hilda's

Jones, S.A., MA status, Computing Service

Jones, T.V., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Jordan, C., MA, Somerville

Joshi, V.R., MA, Merton

Jotischky, A., MA, St John's

Joyce, D.D., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Joyce, P.M., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Judd, R.C., MA, M.Phil., Keble

Judge, S.J., MA, St Anne's

Judson, R.L., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Julier, D.L., MA, Christ Church

Juniper, B.E., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Juniper, R.P., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Juskaitis, R., MA status, St John's

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Kacelnik, A., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Kahn, A.S., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Kan, S.-Y., MA status, Oriental Institute

Kaser, M.C., MA, D.Litt., St Antony's

Kathirithamby, J., MA, St Hugh's

Katz, D., MA status, Modern Languages Faculty

Kay, J.A., MA, St John's

Kay, J.D.S., MA, M.Sc., Balliol

Kaye, J.M., BCL, MA, Queen's

Kean, M.M., MA, Mansfield

Kean, P.M., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Kearns, E.G.D., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Kearsey, S.E., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Kearsley, M.J., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Keats-Rohan, K.S.B., MA status, Linacre

Keen, M.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Keenan, J., MA, Jesus

Kelly, J.S., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Kemp, J., B.Sc., MA status, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Kemp, M.J., MA, Trinity

Kemp, T.S., MA, St John's

Kempshall, M.S., MA, Merton

Kendall, A.C., MA status, University Safety Office

Kennedy, A.S., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Kennedy, B.A., MA, St Hugh's

Kennedy, D.M., MA, Queen's

Kennedy, E.M., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Kennedy, J.E., MA status, Department of Statistics

Kennedy, P.F., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Kennedy, W.J., MA, D.Sc., Wolfson

Kennett, R.P., MA status, Department of Clinical Neurology

Kenning, D.B.R., MA, Lincoln

Kenny, Sir A.J.P., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., St John's

Kenworthy-Browne, J.M., BM, MA, Oriel

Kenwright, J., BM, MA, Worcester

Kenyon, J.D., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Ker, I.T., MA, Campion Hall

Kerkhecker, A., MA, Worcester

Kerler, D.B., MA status, D.Phil., Lincoln

Kerr, J.H., MA, DM, Green College

Kerr, R.S.C., MA, Green College

Kerslake, C.J., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Keshav, S., MA status, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Kessler, I.J., MA, Templeton

Kettlewell, M.G.W., MA, Green College

Kewes, P., MA status, University

Keymer, T.E., MA, St Anne's

Khong, Y.F., MA, Nuffield

Kidd, C.C., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Kiernan, P.F., MA, D.Phil., University

Kim, H.S., MA status, M.Phil., Lincoln

Kindersley, R.K., MA, St Antony's

King, A.J., MA status, Lincoln

King, C.E., MA status, D.Phil., Somerville

King, D.E., MA, Worcester

King, D.S., MA, St John's

Kingsman, A.J., MA, St Catherine's

Kingsman, S.M., MA, Trinity

Kinlen, L.J., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Kirk, K.D., MA, Exeter

Kirk-Greene, A.H.M., MA, St Antony's

Kirkman, A., MA status, Jesus

Kirwan, C.A., MA, Exeter

Kirwan, F.C., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Kiteley, J.F., MA, M.Litt., Hertford

Kitzinger, U., MA, M.Litt., Nuffield

Kirwan, J.P.A., MA, Greyfriars

Klein, M., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Klemperer, P.D., MA, St Catherine's

Klipstein, P.C., MA, Pembroke

Knapp, W.F., MA, St Catherine's

Knight, A., MA status, Department of Engineering Science

Knight, A.S., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Knight, J.B., MA, St Edmund Hall

Knight, M.R., MA status, Department of Plant Sciences

Knight, R.F.M., MA, Templeton

Knowland, A.M., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Knowland, J.S., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Knox, K.A., MA status, Department of Biochemistry

Kobine, J.J., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Kogan, I.I., MA, Balliol

Kohl, K.M., MA, Jesus

K”lving, U.B., MA status, Voltaire Foundation

Kouvaritakis, B., MA, St Edmund Hall

Kozlowski, R.Z., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Krailsheimer, A.J., MA, Christ Church

Krebs, J.R., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Kreider, A.F., MA status, Regent's Park

Kreider, E., MA status, Regent's Park

Kreitzer, L.J., MA status, Regent's Park

Krishna, E.E., MA, Wolfson

Krishnan, P., MA, St Antony's

Kruger, N.J., MA, St Cross

Kuha, T.J., MA, Nuffield

Kuhn, T.M., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Kurtz, D.C., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Kurtz, J.B., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Kussmaul, A.S., MA, St Hilda's

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Lacy, M.D., MA, St Hugh's

Lake, C.R., MA, Magdalen

Lake, S.D., MA status, Theology Faculty Library

Lall, S., B.Phil., MA, Green College

Lalljee, M.G., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Lamond, G.I., BCL, MA, St Edmund Hall

Lamport, F.J., MA, Worcester

Lancaster, T.R., MA, Corpus Christi

Landau, D., MA, Worcester

Landers, J.M., MA, All Souls

Lane, D.J., DM, Christ Church

Lane Fox, R.J., MA, New College

Lang, B., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Lang, J., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Langdale, J.A., MA, Queen's

Langdon, J.F., MA status, University Offices

Langford, P., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Langley, H.M.L., MA status, Bodleian Library

Langslow, D.R., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Wolfson

Langton, J., MA, St John's

Lannon, F., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Larkman, A.U., MA status, Laboratory of Physiology

La Rue, H.T., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Law, S.K.A., MA status, Department of Biochemistry

Lawrence, A.E., MA, Christ Church

Lawrence, M.S.T.A., BM, MA, Green College

Laws, C.N., MA, Wolfson

Lawson, C., MA status, M.Sc., Kellogg

Lawton, M., MA status, Nuffield

Lawton Smith, R.H., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Layard, A.C., MA, Mansfield

Laycock, W., MA status, Department of Physiology

Layfield, Sir F.H.B.W., MA, Corpus Christi

Lea, T.J., MA status, Department of Physiology

Leal, D.C., MA status, Merton

Lear, P.V., MA status, Corpus Christi

Leask, M.J.M., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Leaver, C.J., MA, St John's

Ledger, W.L., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Ledingham, J.G.G., DM, New College

Lee, C.L., MA, St Hilda's

Leece, R.B., MA status, Surveyor's Office

Leeder, K.J., MA, D.Phil., New College

Leggate, P., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Leighton, B., MA status, Department of Biochemistry

Lellouch, A.C., MA, Balliol

Le May, G.H.L., MA, Worcester

Lemon, A., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield

Leopold, D.C., MA, St Catherine's

Lescott, G.B., MA status, Computing Service

Leslie, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Lesnik-Oberstein, K.B., MA status, University

L'Estrange Fawcett, L., MA status, M.Phil., D.Phil.,

St Catherine's

Lever, J.F., MA, All Souls

Levi, P.C.T., MA, St Catherine's

Levick, B.M., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Lewis, C.E., MA status, D.Phil., Green College

Lewis, D.M., MA status, Worcester

Lewis, J.B., MA, Wolfson

Lewis, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Lewis, K.A., MA status, Computing Service

Lewis, P.S., MA, All Souls

Lewis, P.S.C., MA, All Souls

Lewis, R.G., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Lewis, S.R., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Leyland, P.C., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Leyser, H.L.V., MA, M.Litt., St Peter's

Lidiard, A.B., MA status, Wolfson

Lightfoot, J.L., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Lin, C.Z., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Lindsell, D.R.M., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Linton, O.B., MA., Nuffield

Lintott, A.W., MA, Worcester

Linzey, A., MA status, Mansfield

Litchfield, G.W., MA status, Computing Laboratory

Littlewood, T.J., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Liu, T.T., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Liwicki, R.J.D., MA status, University Offices

Ljungquist, A.P., M.Phil., MA, Merton

Llewellyn Smith, C.H., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Llewellyn Smith, E.M., MA, St Hilda's

Lloyd, J.A., MA, Wolfson

Lloyd, J.L., MA, Linacre

Lloyd-Bostock, S.M.A., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Lloyd-Jones, P.H.J., MA, Christ Church

Lo, Y.M.D., BM, MA, D.Phil., Green College

Loach, A.B., MA, Brasenose

Loader, R.C., MA, Merton

Lock, G.E., MA status, D.Phil., Queen's

Lock, G.R., MA status, Kellogg

Lockett, A., MA, Lincoln

Lockwood, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Lodge, A.M., MA, New College

Lodge, J.A., MA, New College

Loftus, G.R., MA status, Taylor Institution

Logan, D.E., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Logan, R.G., MA status, Bodleian Law Library

Logue, J., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Loh, L., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics

Loken, J.G., B.Sc., MA status, D.Phil., Trinity

Long, N.J., MA status, Department of Materials

Lonsdale, R.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

L¢pez Bernal, A., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Lord, R.G., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Loseby, S.T., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Loughman, B.C., MA, University

Lough-Scott, I.C., MA status, University Offices

Lovesey, S.W., MA status, D.Phil., D.Sc., Linacre

Lovett, K.J., MA, Keble

Lovibond, S.M., MA, Worcester

Lowe, G., MA, D.Sc., Lincoln

Lucas, C.R., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Lucas, J.R., MA, Merton

Lucas, N., MA status, St Antony's

Lucas, R.L., MA, Keble

Lucas, R.S., B.Litt., MA, Brasenose

Lucchesi, V., MA, Corpus Christi

Ludlow, N.P., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Luke, F.D., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Luke, G.L., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Lum, J.G., MA status, Clarendon Laboratory

Lumley, J.M., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Lund, P.G., MA, Christ Church

Lunn, A.D., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Lunn, M., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Lynas-Gray, A.E., MA status, Department of Physics

Lyne, R.O.A.M., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Lyons, L., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

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Ma, J.T.C., MA, All Souls

Mabberley, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Mabro, R.E., MA, St Antony's

McBarnet, D.J., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

McBride, N.J., BCL, MA, All Souls

McCabe, R.A., MA, Merton

McCarthy, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

McCarthy, K.M., MA, St Catherine's

MacClancy, J.V.T., BM, B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

McCleery, R.H., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

McClelland, E.A., MA status, Wolfson

McColl, W.F., MA, Wadham

McConica, J.K., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

McConnell, J.D.C., MA, St Hugh's

McCrudden, J.C., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

McCrum, N.G., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Hertford

MacCulloch, D.N.J., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

McCulloch, M.D., MA, Christ Church

McCullough, P.E., MA status, Trinity

MacDermott, A.J., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

McDiarmid, C.J.H., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Macdonald, C.I., MA status, St Hilda's

MacDonald, D.J., MA status, Bodleian Library

Macdonald, D.W., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Macdonald, K.I., B.Phil., MA, Nuffield

Macdonald, M.C.A., MA, Wolfson

McDonald, N.F., MA status, M.Phil., St John's

McDonald, P.D., MA status, New College

McDonnell, R.A., MA status, Hertford

McFadden, P.D., MA, Jesus

McFarland, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Macfarlane, A.J., MA, St Hilda's

Macfarlane, J.A., MA status, Wolfson

Macfarlane, L.J., MA, St John's

McGavin, G.C., MA status, University Museum

McGee, J.O'D., MA, Linacre

McGrail, S.F., MA, D.Sc., Campion Hall

McGrath, A.E., MA, D.Phil., Merton

MacGregor, A.G., MA status, Ashmolean Museum

McGregor, B., MA status, Wolfson

McGregor, H., DCL, New College

McHenry, R.E., MA status, D.Phil., Oriel

McHugh, K., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

McIlhinney, R.A.J., MA status, Pembroke

Macintyre, A.J., MA, Merton

McIver, A.K., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Mackan, M.T., MA, Wolfson

McKay, G.W., MA, St Peter's

McKenna, B., MA status, D.Phil., Wadham

McKenzie, D.F., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

MacKenzie, E.G.W., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

MacKenzie, I.Z., MA, St Hugh's

McKenzie, P.J., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

McKibbin, R.I., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Mackie, D.W., B.Phil., MA, Exeter

MacKinnon, P.C.B., MA, St Hilda's

Mackintosh, W., MA status, Libraries Automation Service

Mackridge, P.A., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

McLardy Smith, P.D., MA, Wadham

MacLaren, R.E., MA status, Merton

McLatchie, R.C.F., MA, St Cross

McLauchlan, K.A., MA, Hertford

McLaughlin, M.L., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

McLean, A., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

McLean, I.S., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

Maclean, I.W.F., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Maclean, M.T., MA, Wolfson

Macleod, D.J., MA, St Catherine's

McLeod, P.D., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

McManners, J., MA, D.Litt., All Souls

McMichael, A.J., MA, Trinity

McMillan, R.M., MA status, University Offices

Macmillan, W.D., MA, Hertford

McMorran, E.M., B.Litt., MA status, St Hugh's

McMullen, I.J., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

MacNab, K.E., MA, St Cross

McNay, L., MA status, D.Phil., Somerville

McNeil, R.A., MA, Oriel

MacPhail, Sir, B., MA, Templeton

MacPherson, G.G., BM, MA, D.Phil., Oriel

McQuay, H.J., MA, DM, Balliol

MacRobert, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Mcshane, R.H., MA status, Department of Psychiatry

McVittie, J.D., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Madden, P.A., MA, Queen's

Maddicott, J.R.L., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Maddison, F.R., MA, Linacre

Madelung, W.F., MA, St John's

Maini, P.K., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Maitland, J.P., MA status, Radcliffe Science Library

Malcolm, G.R., MA status, Computing Laboratory

Maldoom, D.J.P., MA, M.Phil., University

M lek, J., MA status, Griffith Institute, Ashmolean Museum

Malik, I.H., MA status, St Antony's

Mallinson, G.J., MA, Trinity

Malpas, M., B.Litt., MA, Hertford

Malpas, R.M.P., B.Phil., MA, Hertford

Maltby, J.D., MA, Corpus Christi

Mandel, G., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Mandelbrote S.H., MA, All Souls

Mander, W.J., B.Phil., MA status, D.Phil., Manchester

Mango, C.A., MA, Exeter

Mann, A.McD., MA status, Manchester

Mannack, T.C., MA status, Ashmolean Museum

Manolopoulos, D.E., MA, St Edmund Hall

Mant, J.W.F., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Manyika, J.M., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Balliol

Mapstone, S.L., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

March, N.H., MA, University

Marcovitch, H., MA, St John's

Markesinis, B.S., DCL, Lady Margaret Hall

Markwell, D.J., MA, M.Phil., Merton

Marriott, F.H.C., MA, Wolfson

Marsh, A.I., MA, St Edmund Hall

Marsh, T.R., MA status, Department of Physics

Marshall, D.E., MA, Exeter

Marshall, G., MA, Queen's

Marshall, J., MA status, Safety Office

Marshall, J.C., MA, Green College

Marshall, R.G., MA status, D.Phil., Nuffield

Marshall, S.E., MA, Exeter

Martin, J.W., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Martin, R.M.A., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Martin, V.C., MA, St Anne's

Martineau, R.P., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Marti Girbau, N., MA status, Taylor Institution

Martins, H.G., MA, St Antony's

Martin-Valverde, A., MA status, Taylor Instituion

Mash, R.T.G., MA, St Antony's

Maskell, D.W., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Mason, D.W., BM, MA status, St John's

Mason, D.Y., DM, Pembroke

Mason, G.J., MA status, Department of Zoology

Mason, J.F.A., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Mason, L.J., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Mason, R.A., BD, MA, Regent's Park

Mason, R.A., MA, Nuffield

Mass, J.P., MA, Hertford

Matthew, H.C.G., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Matthews, D.M., MA status, Wolfson

Matthews, D.R., BM, MA, D.Phil., Green College

Matthews, E., MA, M.Phil., St Hilda's

Matthews, G.M., B.Phil., MA, St Anne's

Matthews, J.F., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Matthews, M.H., BCL, MA, University

Matthews, M.R., B.Sc., MA, DM, Lady Margaret Hall

Matthews, P.B.C., MA, D.Sc., DM, Christ Church

Mattingley, A.F., MA status, University Offices

Maw, D.N., MA, Queen's

Maxwell, N.G., MA, Brasenose

Maxwell, P.H., MA, Corpus Christi

May, Sir, R.M., MA, Merton

Mayer, C.P., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Mayers, D.F., MA, New College

Mayhew, K., MA, Pembroke

Mayhew, N.J., MA, St Cross

Mayon-White, R.T., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Mayou, R.A., BM, MA, M.Sc., Nuffield

Mayr-Harting, H.M.R.E., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Mazzarino, G., MA status, Institute of Economics and

Meacher, D.R., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Meakins, G.D., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Meisami, J.S., MA, Wolfson

Mellanby, J.H.V., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Mellor, E.J.C., MA, Queen's

Menon, A., MA, St Edmund Hall

Metcalf, D.M., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., Wolfson

Meyer, M.A., MA, Nuffield

Miall, R.C., MA status, Laboratory of Physiology

Michael, I.D.L., MA, Exeter

Middleton, N.J., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Midgley, E.G., B.Litt., MA, St Edmund Hall

Mighall, R.H., MA, Merton

Miles, D.A., MA status, Computing Service

Miles, S., MA status, Bodleian Library

Milford, C.A., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Millar. F.G.B., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., Brasenose

Millar, J.M., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics

Millar, S., MA, St Hugh's

Millard, D.W., MA, Green College

Millard, P.R., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Miller, B.D.H., B.Litt., MA, Brasenose

Miller, D.L., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

Miller, D.S., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Milligan, G.W.E., MA, Magdalen

Milligan, J.E., MA status, St John's

Mills, K.R., MA, Green College

Mills, R.A., MA, Magdalen

Mills, S.J.V., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Milmo, M., MA status, Faculty of Law

Milne, R.I.G., MA, Merton

Milner, A., MA, Trinity

Milsom, J.R., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Minakovic, B., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Minto, J.A., MA status, Colleges Admissions Office

Minton, M.J., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Minty, M.J., MA, Christ Church

Minty, W.L.F., MA status, Theology Faculty Library

Mirfield, P.N., BCL, MA, Jesus

Mirrlees, J.A., MA, Nuffield

Misra, A.M., MA, St Hugh's

Mitchell, B.M., MA, St Anne's

Mitchell, L.G., MA, D.Phil., University

Mitchell, P.J., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Mitchell, Sir E.W.S., MA, Wadham

Moar, V.A., MA status, Department of Pharmacology

Moffatt, J., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Moffett, J.C., MA status, Ashmolean Museum

Mogg, J.N.B., MA status, Physical Chemistry Laboratory

Moloney, M.G., MA, St Peter's

Molyneux, A.J., MA, Exeter

Momigliano, N., MA, Balliol

Monaco, A.P., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical

Moncrieff, M.W., BM, MA, Oriel

Montagu, J.P.S., MA, Wadham

Montefiore, A.C.R.G., MA, Balliol

Montgomery, J.A., MA, St John's

Moorbath, S., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Linacre

Moore, A.W., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Moore, D.R., MA status, Department of Physiology

Moore, K.J., MA, Templeton

Moore, N.R., MA, Green College

Moore, W.R., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Moorey, P.R.S., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Morgan, C.C., MA, Pembroke

Morgan, R.C., MA, Linacre

Morgan, S.B., MA status, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine

Morgan, W.M., MA status, Mansfield

Morison, P.R., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Moroz, I.M., MA, St Hilda's

Morphy, H., MA, Linacre

Morris, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Morris, J.F., MA, St Hugh's

Morris, J.H., BM, MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Morris, K.J., MA status, D.Phil., Mansfield

Morris, M.J., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Morris, P.E., MA status, D.Phil., Queens

Morris, P.J., MA, Balliol

Morriss-Kay, G.M., MA, Balliol

Mortensen, N.J.M., MA status, Green College

Morton, K.W., MA, Balliol

Moss, D.G., MA, St Stephen's House

Moss, P.W., MA status, University Offices

Mothersole, P., MA status, Oxford University Press

Moulden, K.A., MA status, Computing Service

Mountford, B., MA, Oriel

Mowat, A.G., MA status, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Moxon, E.R., MA, Jesus

Moyle, P.J., MA, Nuffield

Muddiman, J.B., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield

Muellbauer, J.N.J., MA, Nuffield

Mugford, H.M., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Mugglestone, L.C., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Muggleton, S.H., MA status, Wolfson

Muller, B., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Mullin, T., MA, Linacre

Mulvey, J.H., MA, Wolfson

Mundell Mango, M.C., MA status, D.Phil., St John's

Munitiz, J.A., MA, Campion Hall

Murray, A., B.Phil., MA, University

Murray, D.W., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Murray, J.D., MA, D.Sc., Corpus Christi

Murray, O., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Muskett, J.A., MA status, University Offices

Myatt, G., MA, Green College

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Nahapiet, J.E., MA, Templeton

Nargund, V., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Naughton, J.D., MA, St Edmund Hall

Neate, G.P., MA, Christ Church

Needham, C.S., MA status, University

Needham, R., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., All Souls

Neil, H.A.W., MA, Wolfson

Neill, Sir F.P., BCL, MA, Hon. DCL, All Souls

Nestor, R.J., MA status, University Offices

Netting, G.P., MA status, Radcliffe Science Library

Nettler, R.L., MA status, Mansfield

Neumann, P.M., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Queen's

Newberry, N.R., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Newbold, C.I., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Newbury, C.W., MA, Linacre

Newby, L.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., St Hilda's

Newcombe, F.G., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Newell, P.C., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., St Peter's

Newlyn, L.A., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Newsholme, E.A., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Merton

Newsom-Davis, J.M., MA, DM, St Edmund Hall

Newton, M.E., MA status, D.Phil., University

Newton-Smith, W.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Ng, C.K., MA status, D.Phil., St John's

Nicholas, J.K.B.M., MA, Brasenose

Nicholas, R.J., MA, D.Phil., University

Nicholls, A.J., B.Phil., MA, St Antony's

Nicholls, J.E., MA, Hertford

Nicholson, E.W., DD, Oriel

Nicholson, M.A., MA, D.Phil., University

Nickell, S.J., MA, Nuffield

Nickerson, R.B., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Nicopoulo, V., MA status, Christ Church

Nightingale, J.B.W., MA, Magdalen

Nisbet, R.G.M., MA, Corpus Christi

Nix, J.A., MA status, University Offices

Nixon, L.F., MA status, Magdalen

Nizami, F.A., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Nobis, Y., MA status, Bodleian Law Library

Noble, D., MA, Balliol

Noble, J.A., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Noble, M.W.J., MA, Green College

Noble, S.J., MA status, Somerville

Nobre, A.C. de O., MA status, New College

Nolan, D.J., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Noon, J.M., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Norbrook, D.G.E., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Norbury, J., MA, Lincoln

Norman, A.R., MA status, Careers Service

North, P.M., DCL, Jesus

North, S., MA status, Lady Margaret Hall

Northover, A.M., MA, St Hugh's

Northover, J.P., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Nowak, M.A., MA status, Wolfson

Nowell, D., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Noyes, V.A., MA status, Somerville

Nuttall, A.D., B.Litt., MA, New College

Nuttall, P.A., MA, Wolfson

Nye, P.C.G., MA, Balliol

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O'Brien, M.C.M., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret

Ockenden, R.C., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Ockendon, H., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Ockendon, J.R., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

O'Connor, J.J., MA, St Peter's

O'Corrain, D., MA status, Balliol

Oditah, F.H.I., BCL, MA, D.Phil., Merton

O'Donoghue, H., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Linacre

O'Donoghue, J.B., B.Phil., MA, Wadham

O'Donovan, O.M.T., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

O'Driscoll, D.J., MA status, Department of Biochemistry

Offen, J., MA, Oriel

Offer, A., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

Ogilvy-Stuart, A., MA status, Department of Paediatrics

O'Gorman, F.J., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

O'Hare, D.M., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Oldfield, M.L.G., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Olechnowicz, A.J., MA, Hertford

Oliver, H.R., MA, Manchester

Olleson, D.E., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Olliver, J.G., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Olszowy, J., MA status, Somerville

Ombres, R., MA status, Blackfriars

O'Neill, R.J., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Ong, C.H.L., MA, Merton

Opie, R.G., MA, M.Phil., New College

O'Nions, R.K., MA, St Hugh's

Oppenheimer, C.V.R.P., BM, MA, Somerville

Oppenheimer, P.M., MA, Christ Church

Orchard, A.F., MA, University

Ord, M.G., MA, D.Sc., Lady Margaret Hall

O'Reilly, K.A.Q., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Ormerod, O.J.M., MA, DM, St Peter's

Osborne, N.N., MA, Green College

Osborne, R.G., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

O'Shaughnessy, T.J., MA, St Anne's

Osmond, R.H.A., MA, Christ Church

Ostle, R.C., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Ostlere, S.J.G., MA status, Department of Radiology

™stman-Smith, I., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

O'Sullivan, J.B.P., MA status, Department of Earth Sciences

Ott, S.J., B.Litt., MA status, D.Phil., Kellogg

Owen, D.C., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Owen, J., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Owen, N.J., MA, Queen's

Oxbury, J.M., MA, Christ Church

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Packer, M.J., MA, Pembroke

Page, C.D., MA status, Wolfson

Page, I., MA, St Hugh's

Paige, E.G.S., MA, St John's

Palaskas, T., MA status, M.Sc., D.Phil., St Peter's

Palfreyman, D., MA, New College

Pallot, J., MA, Christ Church

Palmer, A.M., MA, Kellogg

Palmer, C.W.P., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Palmer, J.M.P., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Palmer, N.F., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Pandher, K.S., MA status, Department of Public Health and


Parfit, D.A., MA, All Souls

Parish, R.J., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Parish, S.E., MA status, M.Sc., D.Phil., Wolfson

Park, R., MA, University

Parker, A.J., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Parker, J.R., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Parker, R., MA, St Hugh's

Parker, R.A.C., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Parker, R.C.T., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Parkes, K.R., MA, M.Sc., Green College

Parkes, M.B., B.Litt., MA, D.Litt., Keble

Parkinson, S.R., MA, Linacre

Parrott, A.K., MA status, Computing Laboratory

Parrott, D.A., MA, D.Phil., New College

Parry, D.L.L., MA, Hertford

Parry, G., MA, St Cross

Parry, W.E., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Parsons, B.E., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Parsons, P.J., MA, Christ Church

Parvis, P.M., MA status, D.Phil., Christ Church

Pascoe, D.A., MA, Oriel

Passingham, R.E., MA, Wadham

Pasternak Slater, E.A.I., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Paterson, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Paterson, G.M.C., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Paton, J.E., MA, Christ Church

Patterson, D., MA, St Cross

Pattison, D.G., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Paulin, T.N., MA, Hertford

Paulsen, D., MA, Wadham

Payne, C.D., MA, Nuffield

Peach, G.C.K., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Peach, J.M., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Peach, J.V., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Peacocke, A.R., D.Phil., D.Sc., DD, Exeter

Peacocke, C.A.B., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Pearce, J.J., MA status, Linacre

Pears, C.J., MA, University

Pears, D.F., MA, Christ Church

Pearson, R.A.G., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Peel, W.E., MA, Keble

Peele, G.R., M.Phil., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Pelczynski, Z.A., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Pellew, J.H., MA, Trinity

Pelling, C.B.R., MA, D.Phil., University

Pelling, M.H., MA status, M.Litt., Linacre

Pendry, A.E., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Penney, J.H.W., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Penrose, R., MA, Wadham

Pensom, R.M., MA, Hertford

Pera, M.F., MA status, Department of Zoology

Percival, P.R., MA status, Christ Church

Perez, J.A., MA status, Department of Biochemistry

Perkins, D.H., MA, St Catherine's

Perman, R.C.D., MA, St Peter's

Perrins, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Perrow, D.E., MA status, Templeton

Perry, S.P., MA, Lincoln

Perry, V.H., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Peskett, G.D., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Peters, A.J., MA status, Bodleian Library

Peters, C., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Peters, G.H., MA, Wolfson

Petford, A.D., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Petford-Long, A.K., MA status, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Pethica, J.B., MA, St Cross

Peto, R., MA, Green College

Peto, T.E.A., BM, MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Petrie, M., MA status, Department of Zoology

Pettifor, D.G., MA, St Edmund Hall

Phelps, C.E., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Phillips, B.L., MA, Christ Church

Phillips, Sir D.C., MA, Corpus Christi

Phillips, D.G., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Phillips, M.E., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Phillips, R.E., MA, Wolfson

Phillips W., MA status, Computing Service

Philp, M.F.E., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Oriel

Philpott, M., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Pickering, J., MA status, University Museum

Picketts, D., MA status, Somerville

Piddock, G.J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Pieke, F.N., MA, St Cross

Pierce, C.B., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical

Pilkington, A.E., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Pillai, R.G.P., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Pinfold, J.R., MA, St Catherine's

Piret, M.J., MA, M.Litt., Magdalen

Pitcher, J.C.G., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Pitt, H.G., MA, Worcester

Plant of Highfield, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA, St Catherine's

Plantzos, D., MA status, M.Phil., D.Phil., Lincoln

Platt, J.E., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Platts, W.A., MA status, University Offices

Plebanski, M., MA status, Keble

Plummer, R.M., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Plumptre, R.A., MA, M.Sc., Christ Church

Plunkett, K.M., MA, St Hugh's

Pogge von Strandmann, H.J.O., MA, D.Phil., University

Pole, J.R., MA, St Catherine's

Pollmann, J.S., MA status, Somerville

Popham, M.R., MA, Linacre

Popplewell, D.A., MA status, Department of Experimental


Porter, D.E., MA status, Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic


Porter, J.R., MA, Templeton

Porter, S.R., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield

Posner, R.R., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Poster, J.P., MA, Kellogg

Potter, C.G., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical

Pottle, M.C., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Potts, D.C., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Pountney, R., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Powell, A.S., MA status, Warneford Hospital

Powell, B.W.F., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Powell, E.J.S., MA status, University Offices

Powell, H.P., MA, Oriel

Powell, M.B., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Powell, S.M., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Powell, T., MA, New College

Powis, J.K., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Poyntz, J.M., MA, Trinity

Pravda, A., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Prawer, S.S., MA, D.Litt., Queen's

Prentice, D.D., MA, Pembroke

Prest, J.M., MA, Balliol

Price, A.M.W., MA, Brasenose

Price, C.S., MA, St Hugh's

Price, D.J., MA status, Linacre

Price, M.T., MA status, University Museum

Price, S.R.F., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Priestland, D.R., MA, St Edmund Hall

Priestley, H.A., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Priestman, J.A., MA status, Brasenose

Pring, R.A., MA, Green College

Pring-Mill, R.D.F., MA, D.Litt., St Catherine's

Prior, C.R., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Probert, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Proudfoot, N.J., MA, Brasenose

Prout, C.K., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Pulleyn, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Pulzer, P.G.J., MA, All Souls

Purcell, J., MA status, Templeton

Purcell, N., MA, St John's

Purcell, S., MA status, University Offices

Pusey, J.G., MA, D.Phil., New College

Pyper, C.M.M., MA status, Department of Public Health and
Primary Care

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Qin, D., MA status, D.Phil., Oriel

Qizilbash, N., MA status, D.Phil., Magdalen

Quigley, C., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Quillen, D.G., MA, Magdalen

Quiney, H.M., MA status, D.Phil., Wadham

Quinn, C.W., MA status, University Offices

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Raby, J.A.J., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Radda, G.K., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Radford, H.M., MA, Exeter

Radford, S.E. MA, Linacre

Radojicic, D., MA, Magdalen

Rae, W.D.M., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Raeburn, A.R.G., MA, Templeton

Raeburn, D.A., MA, Christ Church

Raine, C.A., MA, New College

Rainey, P.B., MA status, Pembroke

Raitt, A.W., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Rajagopalan, B., BM, MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Ramchand, G.C., MA, Linacre

Ram-Prasad, C., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Ramsey, C.R., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Randall, A.A.S., MA, St Catherine's

Randle, Sir P.J., MA, D.Phil., DM, Hertford

Randolph, S.E., MA, St Anne's

Rands, C.A., MA, Templeton

Ranger, T.O., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Rapley, V.M., MA status, University Offices

Ratcliffe, P.J., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Ratcliffe, R.G., MA, D.Phil., New College

Raubenheimer, D., MA status, Merton

Rawlings, S.G., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Rawlins, J.N.P., MA, D.Phil., University

Rawson, J.M., MA, D.Litt., Merton

Raychaudhuri, T., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., St Antony's

Raymond, J., MA, Magdalen

Rayner, M.E., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Raz, J., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Rea, J.R., MA, Balliol

Read, P.L., MA, Trinity

Read, W.R, MA, Linacre

Reay, P.A., MA, D.Phil., University

Rebick, M.E., MA, St Antony's

Rechter, D., MA status, Faculty of Oriental Studies

Redfield, C., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Redman, C.W.G., BM, MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Redworth, G., MA, Christ Church

Reed, G.M., MA, St Edmund Hall

Reed, T.J., MA, Queen's

Rees, C.M.P., MA status, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Rees, R.L.D., MA status, Computing Service

Reid, A.A., MA, Linacre

Reid, I.D., MA status, D.Phil., Queen's

Reid, K.B.M., MA, Green College

Reid, T.A., MA status, Computing Service

Reilly, Sir D.P., MA, All Souls

Reimer, D.J., MA status, D.Phil., Regent's Park

Rendle, R.W., MA status, University Offices

Renton, J.D., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Renton, P.B., MA status, Department of Physics

Repp, C.R., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Repp, R.C., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Reynolds, D.J.M., BM, MA, Green College

Reynolds, F.M.B., DCL, Worcester

Reynolds, J., MA, Templeton

Reynolds, L.C.C., B.Litt., MA, St Catherine's

Reynolds, L.D., MA, Brasenose

Reynolds, V., MA, Magdalen

Rezvani-Dehkhargani, S.M., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Rice, D.H., B.Phil., MA, Christ Church

Rice, E.E., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Richards, B.A., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Richards, D.S., MA, St Cross

Richards, S.M., MA, St Hugh's

Richards, W.G., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Richardson, N.J., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Rickman, N.J., MA status, Wolfson

Ringen, S., MA, Green College

Ripley, B.D., MA, St Peter's

Rischmiller, D.W., MA status, Computing Service

Ritchie, J.A., MA, DM, New College

Ritter, E., MA status, Wolfson

Rival, L., MA status, Mansfield

Rivers, I., MA, St Hugh's

RiviŠre, P.G., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Rix, T.J., MA status, University Press

Roaf, D.J., MA, Exeter

Robb, F., MA, Merton

Robb, M., MA status, Libraries Board Automation Team

Robbins, P.A., BM, MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Robbins, R.H., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Roberts, A.D.S., MA, M.Litt., St Cross

Roberts, C.H., MA, Green College

Roberts, D.B., MA, Magdalen

Roberts, E., MA status, University Offices

Roberts, E.A., MA, Balliol

Roberts, J.H., MA status, Nuffield

Roberts, R.J., MA, Wolfson

Roberts, S.G., MA, St Cross

Robertson, A.M.D., MA, Wadham

Robertson, D.B., MA, St Hugh's

Robertson, J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Robertson, J.C., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Robertson, M.A., MA status, University Offices

Robertson, R.N.N., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Robins, P.J., MA, St Antony's

Robinson, C.F., MA, Christ Church

Robinson, C.F., MA, Wolfson

Robinson, D., MA, Magdalen

Robinson, F.N.H., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Robinson, G.B., MA, Hertford

Robinson, G.C., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Robinson, M.A., MA, St John's

Robinson, M.E., MA, Corpus Christi

Robinson, M.J.T., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Robinson, P.M.W., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Robson, E., MA status, Wolfson

Robson, G.L., MA, St Catherine's

Robson, P.J., MA status, Warneford Hospital

Rocha, C.A., MA status, St Antony's

Roche, J.J., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Roche, P.F., MA status, Department of Physics

Rockett, P., MA status, Queen's

Rodesano, A.J.L.L., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Rodgers, C.D., MA, Jesus

Roe, D.A., MA, D.Litt., St Cross

Roe, J., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Rogan, E.L., MA, St Antony's

Rogers, A.P., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Rogers, B.J., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Rogers, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Rogers, M.J.W., MA, Manchester

Rogers, T.D., MA, Exeter

Rolls, E.T., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Romaine, S., MA, Merton

Roman, E., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Romany, F.E., MA, St John's

Rook, J.R., MA, Pembroke

Roscoe, A.W., MA, D.Phil., University

Rose, N.D.B., MA status, Department of Psychiatry

Rosen, M.E., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Rosenberg, W.M.C., MA, D.Phil., New College

Rosner, B.S., MA, Wolfson

Ross, G.G., MA, Wadham

Rosseinsky, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Rosser, A.G., MA, St Catherine's

Rossotti, F.J.C., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Rossotti, H.S., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Rovida, F., MA status, Queen's

Rowett, J.S., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Rowland, C.C., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Rowley, R.T., MA, M.Litt., Kellogg

Rowlinson, J.S., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Rubin, M.E., MA, Pembroke

Ruck-Keene, B.C., MA, Corpus Christi

Rudden, B.A., DCL, Brasenose

Rudgyard, M.A., MA status, Jesus

Ruiz, C., MA, Exeter

Rumsey, L., MA status, Mansfield

Rundle, B.B., B.Phil., MA, Trinity

Rundle, D.G., MA, Mansfield

Rushworth, G., MA, DM, Jesus

Russell, H.E., MA, M.Sc., Nuffield

Rutherford, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Rutherford, R.B., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Rutson, E.M., B.Litt., MA, St Anne's

Ryan, J.F., MA, Christ Church

Ryan, T.J., MA, DM, Green College

Ryde, C.A., MA status, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology

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Sahni, V., MA status, M.Phil., D.Phil., Lincoln

St Clair, W.L., MA, All Souls

Salamon, S.M., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Salkovskis, P.M., MA status, Department of Psychiatry

Salmon, G.L., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Salter, C.J., MA, Trinity

Salvesen, A.G., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Sandars, P.G.H., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Sanders, A.H.L., MA, Pembroke

Sanders, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Sanders, J.W., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Sanderson, A.G.J.S., MA, All Souls

Sanderson, C.D., MA, St Peter's

Sandhu, H., MA status, University Offices

Sansom, M.S.P., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Sargent, I.L., MA status, Mansfield

Sarker, S., MA status, Wolfson

Saunder, D.P., MA, Regent's Park

Saunders, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Saunders, D.J., MA, Worcester

Saunders, R.S., MA, St Anne's

Sauvage, M.P., MA, Wadham

Savage-Smith, E., MA status, St Cross

Savill, P.S., MA, Linacre

Saxton, R.I., MA status, Computing Service

Sayce, O.L., MA, Somerville

Scarfe, D.R., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Scargill, D.I., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Schmidt, A.V.C., MA, Balliol

Schofield, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Schofield, D.J., MA status, Department of Public Health and

Primary Care

Schofield, N.M., BM, MA, Balliol

Schofield, T.P.C., BM, MA, Green College

Schuyler Jones, MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Schwyter, J.R., MA status, Worcester

Scima, L.D., MA status, M.Litt., D.Phil., Somerville

Scotcher, C.J., MA status, Department of Engineering Science

Scotland, R.W., MA, Linacre

Scott, A.J., MA, All Souls

Scott, B.J., MA, Christ Church

Scott, F.A., MA, Corpus Christi

Scott, K., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Scott, M.F., B.Litt., MA, Nuffield

Screaton, G.R., MA, University

Screech, M.A., MA, D.Litt., Wolfson

Scroggie, D.C., MA status, University Offices

Sear, J.W., MA, Green College

Segal, D., MA, All Souls

Segar, A.M., MA, Oriel

Seghers, B.H., MA status, St Hilda's

Seidel, K., MA status, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Sellers, S.M., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Sengpiel, F., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

S‚rignat, C.J., MA status, Greyfriars

Sethi, R., MA status, Wolfson

Shacknove, A., MA, Kellogg

Shafer, B.E., MA, Nuffield

Shapiro, E.D., MA, St Cross

Sharp, T., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Sharpe, L.J., MA, Nuffield

Sharpe, M.C., MA, Corpus Christi

Sharpe, P.D.M., MA status, University Farm

Sharpe, R., MA, Wadham

Shaw, C.M.M., MA status, University Offices

Shaw, D.F., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Shaw, J.A., MA, Regent's Park

Sheard, S.J., MA, Trinity

Sheikholeslami, A.R., MA, Wadham

Sheldon-Williams, M.T., MA status, Bodleian Library

Shellard, B.W., MA, St Hilda's

Shephard, N.G., MA, Nuffield

Shepherd, G.B., MA status, St Hugh's

Sheppard, R.W., MA, Magdalen

Shepstone, B.J., BM, MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Sherfield, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA, Hon. DCL, All Souls

Sherlaw-Johnson, R., MA, D.Mus., Worcester

Sherr, J.G., MA status, Lincoln

Sherratt, A.G., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Sherratt, D.J., MA, Linacre

Sherrington, D., MA, New College

Shlaim, A., MA, St Antony's

Shock, Sir M., MA, Lincoln

Shorter, J.M.H., MA, Lincoln

Shotton, D.M., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Shotton, M.H., MA, St Catherine's

Shrimpton, N.G., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Shubik, P., MA, D.Phil., DM, Green College

Shukman, H., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Shuttleworth, J., MA status, University Offices

Sibly, M.D., MA, Corpus Christi

Sidebottom, E., BM, MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Siedentop, L.A., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Sills, G.C., MA, St Catherine's

Silver, J.D., MA, D.Phil., New College

Sim, E., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Sim, R.B., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Simmons, S.A., MA status, University Offices

Simons, J.P., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Exeter

Simopoulos, J.C., B.Phil., MA, St Catherine's

Simpson, A.H.R.W., BM, MA, DM, St Peter's

Simpson, C.J.S.M., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Simpson, E.J.F., BCL, MA, Christ Church

Simpson, J.A., MA status, Kellogg

Simpson, S.J., MA, Jesus

Sinclair, M.E., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Sinclair, P.J.N., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose

Singh, R.S., MA, Queen's

Singleton, J., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Siveter, D.J., MA status, University Museum

Skaer, H.L.B., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Skinner, S.A., MA, M.Phil., Balliol

Skipper, C.I., MA, St Cross

Slack, J.M.W., MA, Balliol

Slack, M.P.E., BM, MA, Green College

Slack, P.A., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Slater, M.D.E., MA, M.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Sleight, P., DM, Exeter

Sloan, J., MA status, D.Phil., Balliol

Smail, R.C., MA, Keble

Smart, E.A., BCL, MA, St Hugh's

Smethurst, R.G., MA, Worcester

Smith, A.D., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Smith, A.D., MA, Magdalen

Smith, C.G., MA, Keble

Smith, Sir D.C., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Smith, D.F., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's

Smith, D.T., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Linacre

Smith, E.J., MA, Exeter

Smith, E.J., MA, All Souls

Smith, G., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Smith, G.A.N., B.Phil., MA, St Edmund Hall

Smith, G.D.W., MA, D.Phil., Trinity

Smith, G.L., MA, Wadham

Smith, G.S., MA, New College

Smith, J.A.C., MA, Magdalen

Smith, Lesley J., MA, Linacre

Smith, Lorna J., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Smith, M.A., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Smith, M.A., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Smith, M.J., MA, University

Smith, M.R., MA, Hertford

Smith, N.S., MA, D.Phil., Keble

Smith, P.J., MA status, University Offices

Smith, P.W., MA, Pembroke

Smith, R.J., MA, Magdalen

Smith, R.R., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

Smith, R.R.R., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Lincoln

Smith, S.A., MA, St Anne's

Smith, T., MA, St Hilda's

Snook, I.D., MA status, Faculty of Law

Snow, T., MA, New College

Snowdon, C.B., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Snowdon, P.F., B.Phil., MA, Exeter

Sobey, I.J., MA, St John's

Softley, T.P., MA, Merton

Solomon, J.H., MA, Somerville

Solomon, N., MA status, Faculty of Oriental Studies

Solymar, L., MA, Hertford

Somerset, F.E., MA status, Lady Margaret Hall

Somogyi, P.P., MA status, Department of Pharmacology

Sorensen, P., MA, Nuffield

Southern, E.M., MA, Trinity

Southwell, P.J.M., MA, Queen's

Southwood, Sir T.R.E., MA, D.Sc., Merton

Southworth, E.A., MA, St Peter's

Spady, R.H., MA, Nuffield

Spanu, P., MA status, Corpus Christi

Speedy, A.W., MA, Christ Church

Speight, M.R., MA, St Anne's

Spence, M.J., MA, St Catherine's

Spencer, H.L., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Spencer, N., MA status, Institute of Archaeology

Spencer Smith, D., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Spivey, J., MA status, Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre

Spivey, J.M., MA, Wolfson

Spriddell, P.H., MA, Templeton

Srinivasan, A., MA status, Wolfson

Stableford, M.T., MA status, Language Teaching Centre

Stacey, D.N., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Stacey, V., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Stafford, F.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Somerville

Stallworthy, J.H., B.Litt., MA, Wolfson

Standen, N.L., MA status, St John's

Stanley, E.G., MA, Pembroke

Stapleton, B.J., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Steer, B.F., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Steer, M.F., B.Litt., MA status, Somerville

Stein, A.L., MA status, Warneford Hospital

Stein, J.F., B.Sc., BM, MA, Magdalen

Steinby, E.M., MA, All Souls

Steinhouse, A.G.E., MA status, Magdalen

Stellardi, G.A., MA, St Hugh's

Stephens, M.J.F., MA, Oriel

Stern, D.M., MA status, Department of Public Health and

Primary Care

Stevens, A., MA status, Department of Engineering Science

Stevens, J.E., MA status, Department of Anaesthetics

Stevens, M.J., MA, M.Phil., M.Sc., D.Phil., Trinity

Stevens, R.B., DCL, Pembroke

Stevenson, J., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Stevenson, J.M., MA status, University Safety Office

Steward, H.C., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Stewart, D.C., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Stewart, D.M., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Stewart, F.J., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Stewart, P.J., MA, St Cross

Stewart, W.B., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Stinchcombe, R.B., MA, New College

Stirzaker, D.R., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Stocker, M.C., MA, St Hilda's

Stockton, D.L., MA, Brasenose

Stockwin, J.A.A., MA, St Antony's

Stoker, A.W., MA status, Department of Human Anatomy

Stokes, S., MA status, St Catherine's

Stone, C.R., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Stone, G.C., MA, Hertford

Stone, G.N., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Stone, J.R., MA status, St Edmund Hall

Stone, N., MA, Worcester

Stone, N.J., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Stoneham, D., MA status, Research Laboratory for Archaeology

and the History of Art

Stoneham, T.W.C., MA, University

Stores, G., MA, Linacre

Storey, K.G., MA status, Department of Human Anatomy

Stos-Gale, Z.A., MA status, D.Phil., Christ Church

Stout, R.A.K., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Stoy, G.A., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Stoy, J.E., MA, Balliol

Stradling, J.R., MA status, Churchill Hospital

Stratford, K.J., MA status, Christ Church

Strawson, G.J., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Strudwick, V.N.H., MA status, Kellogg

Stuart, D.A., MA status, University Offices

Stuart, D.I., MA, Hertford

Stuart, R.R., BCL, MA, Hertford

Styles, P., MA status, D.Phil., Merton

Suarez, M.F., MA, St John's

Suerbaum, A.M.V., MA, Somerville

Sufrin, B.A., MA, Worcester

Sli, E., MA, Linacre

Sullivan, P.B., MA, Magdalen

Sun, Y.Q., MA status, D.Phil., St Anne's

Sutherland, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Sutherland, W.A., MA, D.Phil., New College

Sutherland, W.J., MA, Green College

Sutton, A.P., MA, Linacre

Sweet, R.H., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Swift, A.R.G., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Balliol

Swinburne, R.G., B.Phil., MA, Oriel

Swyngedouw, E.A.M., MA, St Peter's

Sykes, B.C., MA, Wolfson

Sykes, D.A., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield

Sykes, J.M., MA, St John's

Sykes, Sir M.K., MA, Pembroke

Sykes, W.G.D., MA, University

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Taggart, D.P., MA status, John Radcliffe

Takahashi, Y., MA status, Oriental Institute

Tam, P.K.H., MA status, Lincoln

Tanaka, K., MA, Hertford

Tanenbaum, A.D., MA status, Faculty of Oriental Studies

Tang, C.M., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical

Tanner, N.P., MA, D.Phil., Campion Hall

Tanner, N.W., MA, Hertford

Taplin, O.P., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Tapper, C.F.H., BCL, MA, Magdalen

Tarassenko, L., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Tarin, D., MA, DM, Green College

Tarver, T.H., MA, Magdalen

Tayler, D.B., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Taylor, A.G., BM, MA, St Edmund Hall

Taylor, C.C.W., B.Phil., MA, Corpus Christi

Taylor, D., MA status, University Offices

Taylor, E.G., B.Phil., MA, St Anne's

Taylor, E.W., MA status, Computing Service

Taylor, F.W., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Taylor, G., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Taylor, J.F., MA, Corpus Christi

Taylor, J.H.M., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Taylor, J.S.H., MA, Pembroke

Taylor, J.W., MA status, D.Phil., Merton

Taylor, M.E., MA, Exeter

Taylor, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Queen's

Taylor, R.L., MA, New College

Teal, F.J., MA status, St John's

Tearle, B.M., MA status, Bodleian Law Library

Teddy, P.J., BM, MA status, D.Phil., St Peter's

Teichmann, R.P.L., MA status, D.Phil., Merton

Teper, M.J., MA, All Souls

Terrar, D.A., MA, Worcester

Thein, S.L., MA status, Wolfson

Thomas, D.H., MA status, Taylor Institution Library

Thomas, E.V., MA, St John's

Thomas, G.P., MA, Kellogg

Thomas, J.A., MA status, D.Phil., Merton

Thomas, Sir K.V., MA, Corpus Christi

Thomas, R.K., MA, D.Phil., University

Thomas, W.E.S., MA, Christ Church

Thomason, J.T., MA, Jesus

Thompson, B.J., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Thompson, C.D., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Thompson, C.P., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Thompson, P.T., MA, Wadham

Thompson, F.B., MA, Trinity

Thompson, I.D., MA, Christ Church

Thompson, N.S., MA, Christ Church

Thompson, P.J., MA, St Cross

Thompson, P.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Regent's Park

Thomson, A.H., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Thomson, Sir J., MA, Hon. DCL, Magdalen

Thomson, R.W., MA, Pembroke

Thorp, T.R., MA, St Antony's

Thurston, D.W., MA status, Department of Public Health and

Primary Care

Tickell, Sir C., MA, Green College

Tiffany, J.M., MA, St Cross

Tiller, K., MA, Kellogg

Tillman, U.L., MA, Merton

Tite, M.S., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Tod, K P., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., St John's

Todd, B.S., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Todd, J.A., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Todd, J.D., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Todorov, T.N., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Tolley, B.R., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Tomlin, R.S.O., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Tooke, A.J., MA, Somerville

Topsfield, A.S., MA, New College

Torrance, J.R., MA, Hertford

Torrance, R.W., B.Sc., BM, MA, St John's

Townend, M.O., MA, St Hugh's

Townsend, A.R.M., MA, Linacre

Trapido, S., MA status, Lincoln

Treadwell, J.I., MA, D.Phil., Chirst Church

Treadwell, W.L., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Tregear, M., MA, St Cross

Treisman, M., MA, D.Phil., New College

Treitel, G.H., DCL, All Souls

Tremayne, S., MA status, Queen Elizabeth House

Trevelyan, D.J., MA, Mansfield

Trevett, J., MA, D.Phil., New College

Treweek, R.F., MA status, Computing Service

Treweek, S.E., MA status, Computing Service

Trickett, M.R., MA, St Hugh's

Trowell, B.L., MA, Wadham

Trowell, J.M., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Truman, R.W., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Tsang, S.Y.S., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Tsou, S.T., MA, Wadham

Tsvelik, A.M., MA, Brasenose

Tucker, A.D., MA, Mansfield

Tucker, M.E., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Tucker, S.R., MA, New College

Tuckett, T.L., MA, New College

Tunbridge, W.M.G., MA, DM, Wadham

Tur, R.H.S., MA, Oriel

Turano, L.P., MA, status, New College

Turberfield, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Turnbull, S.R., MA, St Peter's

Turner, D.W., MA, Balliol

Turner, G.L., MA, Linacre

Turner, M.L., B.Litt., MA, M.Litt., Keble

Turner, M.R., BM, MA, D.Phil., Green College

Turner, R.C., MA, Green College

Twycross, R.G., MA, DM, St Peter's

Tyack, G.C., MA, Kellogg

Tyerman, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Exeter

Tyler, G.J., MA, St Cross

Tyson, A.W., MA, All Souls

Tytler, I.K., MA status, Bodleian Library

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Undy, R., MA, Templeton

Urban, J.P.G., MA status, Laboratory of Physiology

Ursell, P.E., MA, St Cross

Usher, S.E., MA status, English Faculty Library

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Vainker, S.J., MA status, Oriental Institute

Vaisey, D.G., MA, Exeter

Vale, M.G.A., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Vandenberg, J.I., MA status, Pembroke

Van Hear, N.J., MA status, Queen Elizabeth House

Van Klinken, G.J., MA status, Research Laboratory for

Van Noorden, R.J., MA, Hertford

Varawalla, N.Y., MA status, D.Phil., Somerville

Varcoe, J.R.L.G., MA, Lincoln

Vatin, J-C., B.Litt., MA status, St Antony's

Vaughan, M.A., MA, Nuffield

Vaughan-Jones, R.D., MA, Exeter

Vaughan-Lee, M.R., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Vause, A.H., MA, Templeton

Vaux, D.J.T., BM, MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Veitch, I., MA status, University Offices

Vermes, G., MA, D.Litt., Wolfson

Veskovic, M.J., MA status, St Edmund Hall

Vessey, M.P., MA, St Cross

Vessey, S.J.R., MA, Merton

Vickers, J.S., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., All Souls

Vickers, M.J., MA status, Ashmolean Museum

Viles, H.A., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Vincent, A.C., MA, Somerville

Vincent, A.C.J., MA status, Somerville

Vincent-Smith, G.F., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Vines, D.A., MA, D.Phil., Balliol

Vira, B., MA status, Mansfield

Volfing, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

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Wace, P.M., MA status, D.Phil., St Anne's

Wade, D.T., MA status, Department of Clinical Neurology

Wade, R.L., MA, St Edmund Hall

Wagner, F.O., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Wagstaff, D.J., MA status, Faculty of Music

Wainscoat, J.S., MA status, Green College

Wainwright, J.E., MA, M.Litt., Exeter

Wainwright, J.P., MA status, St Catherine's

Wait, H.A., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Wakefield, A.E., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Wakefield, C., MA status, Bodleian Library

Walczak, R., MA, Somerville

Waldmann, H., BM, MA, D.Phil., Lincoln

Waldren, J., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Waldren, W.H., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Walford, G., MA, M.Phil., Green College

Walker, G.P.M., MA, Keble

Walker, K.V.R., MA status, University Safety Office

Walker, P.J., MA status, Clarendon Laboratory

Walker, R.C.S., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Wall, J.E., MA, Christ Church

Wall, R., MA, Keble

Wallen, L.A., MA, St Catherine's

Waller, P.J., MA, Merton

Waller, R., MA, Manchester

Walsh, D., MA, D.Phil., Oriel

Walsh, F.J.T., MA, Manchester

Walsh, J.D., MA, Jesus

Walton, of Detchant, Rt Hon. Lord, MA, Green College

Walwyn, K.S., MA, Lady Margaret Hall

Wansbrough, J.H., MA, St Benet's Hall

Ward, A., MA, Wadham

Ward, Sister Benedicta, MA status, D.Phil., St Anne's

Ward, J.S.K., B.Litt., MA, Christ Church

Ward, M.E., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Ward, R.C.C., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Ward Jones, P.A., MA, Balliol

Ward-Perkins, B.R., MA, Trinity

Ward-Perkins, K.S., MA, St Edmund Hall

Ware, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Ware, K.T., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Wareham, A.F., MA status, Somerville

Wark, D.L., MA status, Department of Physics

Wark, J.S., MA, Trinity

Warner, F.R.le P., MA, St Peter's

Warner, G.T., MA, D.Phil., Green College

Warrell, D.A., MA, D.Sc., DM, St Cross

Warrington, R.B., MA status, Trinity

Washbrook, D.A., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Washington, R., MA status, Mansfield

Wass, J.A.H., MA, Green College

Waswo, A., MA, St Antony's

Watanabe-O'Kelly, H., MA, Exeter

Waterman, S.A., MA status, Jesus

Waters, D.J., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Watkin, D.J., MA status, Chemical Crystallography Laboratory

Watkins, J., MA status, Department of Applied Social Studies


Watkinson, S.C., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Watson, C.J.H., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Watson, K.A., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Watson, N.R., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Watson, P.D., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Watson, S.P., MA status, Department of Pharmacology

Watson, W.L.R., MA, St Peter's

Watt, P.M., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Watts, A., MA, St Hugh's

Watts, A.B., MA, Wolfson

Watts, J.L., MA, Merton

Wayne, R.P., MA, Christ Church

Weale, A.P., MA, Worcester

Weatherall, Sir D.J., MA, DM, Christ Church

Weaver, J.D., MA, Regent's Park

Weaver, M.L.H.L., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Webb, C.E., MA status, D.Phil., Jesus

Webb, C.R., MA, Merton

Webb, S.B., MA, St Peter's

Webber, J.M., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson

Webster, C., MA, All Souls

Webster, J.P., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Weidberg, A.R., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Weidenfeld of Chelsea, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA status, European Studies
Fund Board of Management

Weinandy, T.G., MA, Greyfriars

Weindling, P.J., MA, Merton

Weiner, E.S.C., MA, Kellogg

Weiskrantz, L., MA, M.Sc., Magdalen

Welburn, A.J., MA, D.Phil., New College

Wells, C.J., MA, St Edmund Hall

Wells, J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Wells, M.R., MA status, M.Sc., St Catherine's

Wells, R.D., MA status, St Peter's

Wells, R.J., MA status, Department of Physics

Welsh, J.A.D., MA, D.Phil., Merton

Welsh, K.I., MA status, Nuffield Department of Surgery

Wenham, D., MA, Queen's

Wernberg-Mþller, P.C.H., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

West, M.L., MA, D.Phil., All Souls

West, S.R., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Westaby, S., MA status, Brasenose

Weston, The Ven. F.V., MA, Christ Church

Whalley, P.B., MA, Balliol

Whatley, F.R., MA, Magdalen

Wheater, J.F., MA, D.Phil., University

Wheatley, P.R., MA status, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Whelan, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Linacre

Whistler, C.T., MA status, Christ Church

Whitaker, C.L., MA status, Christ Church

White, B.R., MA, D.Phil., Regent's Park

White, C.B., MA, St Hugh's

White, C.J., MA, Worcester

White, N.J., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Whitefield, S.D., MA, Pembroke

Whitehead, L.A., MA, Nuffield

Whitehead, P.A., MA status, University Offices

Whitehouse, H.V.D., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Whitehouse, M.J., MA, D.Phil., University

Whiteley, J.D., MA, D.Phil., St John's

Whiteley, J.J.L., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke

Whiteley, M.S., MA status, Nuffield Department of Surgery

Whitham, C.J., MA, University

Whitham, G.H., MA, Pembroke

Whittaker, R.J., MA, St Edmund Hall

Whittaker, S.J., BCL, MA, D.Phil., St John's

Whitton, D.F., B.Litt., MA, Lincoln

Whittow, M., MA, Oriel

Wiggins, D.R.P., MA, New College

Wigley, D.B., MA, Lincoln

Wild, D.G., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Wilders, J.S., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Wiles, M.F., DD, Christ Church

Wilkes, K.V., MA, St Hilda's

Wilkie, A.J., MA, Wolfson

Wilkins, R.J., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Wilkinson, A.R., MA, All Souls

Wilkinson, A.R. MA status, Department of Public Health and

Primary Care

Wilkinson, J.C., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., St Hugh's

Wilkinson, M.J., MA, Lincoln

Wilks, E.M., MA status, St Anne's

Wilks, J., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Pembroke

Willcocks, L.P., MA status, Templeton

Willcox, H.N.A., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Willett, K.R., MA status, University Offices

Willetts, H.T., MA, St Antony's

Williams, B.A.O., MA, Corpus Christi

Williams, C.W.C., MA, New College

Williams, G.P., B.Phil., MA, St Peter's

Williams, J.M., MA status, University Offices

Williams, M., MA, Oriel

Williams, M.E., MA, Exeter

Williams, M.S., MA, New College

Williams, P.H., MA, D.Phil., New College

Williams, R.E.M., MA status, St Edmund Hall

Williams, R.J.P., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Williams, S.G., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Williams, T.S.M., MA, Trinity

Williams, V., MA, St Peter's

Williams, W.S.C., MA, St Edmund Hall

Williamson, B.J., MA, Somerville

Williamson, D.H., B.Sc., MA status, D.Phil., St Catherine's

Williamson, E.J., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Williamson, H.G.M., DD, Christ Church

Williamson, K.N.B., BM, MA, Oriel

Willis, B.T.M., MA, Exeter

Willis, D.W.E., MA, Somerville

Wills, K.P., MA, Magdalen

Wilshaw, P.R., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Wilson, B.R., MA, D.Litt., All Souls

Wilson, D,J., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Wilson, E.P., B.Litt., MA, Worcester

Wilson, K.B., MA, University

Wilson, N.G., MA, Lincoln

Wilson, R.J., MA, Keble

Wilson, S., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson

Wilson, S.R., MA status, M.Sc., Merton

Wilson, T., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Wilson, T.H., MA, Balliol

Wimperis, S.C., MA, Worcester

Windlesham, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA, D.Litt., Brasenose

Winfield, F.J.L., MA status, Mansfield

Winearls, C.G., MA status, D.Phil., Keble

Winner, S.J., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Wint, G.R.W., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen

Winterbottom, M., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Wiseman, P.J., MA, D.Phil., New College

Witt, D.C., MA, Merton

Wojnarowska. F.T., BM, MA, M.Sc., Somerville

Wolfensohn, S.E., MA status, Department of Physiology

Wollenberg, S.L.F., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Womersley, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Jesus

Wong, L.L., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's

Wood, C.J., MA, Wadham

Wood, D.A., BCL, MA, St Hugh's

Wood, K.J., MA status, D.Phil., University

Wood, M.E., MA, St Catherine's

Wood, M.J.A., MA, D.Phil., Somerville

Wood, M.M.G., MA, Worcester

Wood, S.J., BM, MA, Trinity

Wood, S.M., MA, St John's

Wood, W.G., MA status, John Radcliffe Hospital

Woodcock, J.C.P., MA, Kellogg

Woodford, A.A.G., MA, Magdalen

Woodgate, G.K., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's

Woodhouse, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Worcester

Woodhouse, J.R., MA, D.Litt., Magdalen

Woodhouse, N.M.J., MA, Wadham

Woodin, M.E., MA status, D.Phil., Balliol

Woods, L.C., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Balliol

Woods, N.T., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., University

Woodward, S.N., MA, Templeton

Woolf, G.D., MA, Brasenose

Woolfenden, G., MA status, Ripon

Woolhouse, M.E.J., MA, Linacre

Woolnough, B.E., MA, St Cross

Wordsworth, B.P., MA, Green College

Wordsworth, D.A., MA, St Hugh's

Wordsworth, J.F., MA, St Catherine's

Wormald, C.P., MA, Christ Church

Wormald, J.M., MA, St Hilda's

Worth, V.J., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall

Wright, D.J., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre

Wright, F.M., MA status, Worcester

Wright, G.D.S., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Wright, H.L., MA, Green College

Wright, J.F., MA, Trinity

Wright, J.R.C., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Wright, V., MA, Nuffield

Wyatt, D.A., BCL, MA, St Edmund Hall

Wyatt, T.D., MA, Kellogg

Wyatt-Walter, A.R., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., St Antony's

Wybrew, H.M., MA, Queen's

Wyndham Lewis, T.A., MA, Pembroke

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Yarnold, E.J., DD, Campion Hall

Yarrow, G.K., MA, Hertford

Yee, M.M., MA status, D.Phil., Nuffield

Yeomans, J.M., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's

Young, E.D., MA, Linacre

Young, K.G., MA status, University Offices

Young, M.D., MA, Templeton

Young, R.J.C., MA, D.Phil., Wadham

Yudkin, M.D., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg

Yudkin, P.L.N., MA, St Hilda's

Zancani, D., MA, Balliol

Zavatsky, A.B., MA status, St Hilda's

Zedner, L.H., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi

Zeeman, Sir E.C., MA, D.Phil., Hertford

Zeldin, T., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's

Zeman, Z.A.B., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall

Zetie, K.P., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church

Zetterstrom, T., MA status, Radcliffe Infirmary

Zimmermann, F.W., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Cross

Zisserman, A.P., MA status, Somerville

Zuckerman, A.A.S., MA, University

Total Membership of Congregation: 2,946




1 January 1996

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