Revised Register of Congregation: Supplement (1) to Gazette No 4690

Qualified under the provisions of Sect. 3, Statute IV, of the Statutes of the University


Total Membership of Congregation: 3,438

University Offices               D.R. HOLMES
18 February 2004                     Registrar  

Aarnio, O.M., D.Phil., Exeter
Abecassis, M., Language Centre
Abel, M.H., MA status, Department of Human Anatomy and Genetics
Aberg, Y., MA, Nuffield
Abouzayd, S., MA status, Christ Church
Abraham, D.B., MA, Wolfson
Abrams, L.J., MA, Balliol
Abramsky, S., MA, Wolfson
Abramson, G., MA, St Cross
Acheson, D.J., MA, Jesus
Achinstein, S., MA, St Edmund Hall
Ackermann, U., University Laboratory of Physiology
Adam, C.S., MA, M.Phil., St Cross
Adams, E.W., Neonatal Unit
Adams, J.N., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Adams, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Adams, P.A., MA, Somerville
Adams, R.F., BA, Corpus Christi
Addison, K., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Adeney, K.S., Balliol
Adlington, R.M., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Ahmed, Z., D.Phil., St Hugh's
Ailes, M.J., MA status, Wadham
Ainsworth, R.W., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Airs, M.R., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg
Aitchison, I.J.R., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Aitchison, J.M., MA, Worcester
Akoulitchev, A.V., MA, Exeter
Albery, W.J., MA, D.Phil., University
Alcock, C.J., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Alderson-Smith, K., University Library Services
Alexander, J.H., MA, Linacre
Allais, L., B.Phil., D.Phil., Wadham
Allan, J.W., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Allen, H.G., MA status, Department of Dermatology
Allen, J.E., MA, D.Sc., University
Allen, M.R., D.Phil., Wolfson
Allen, N.J., B.Sc., B.Litt., BM, MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Allen, R.C., MA, Nuffield
Allen, R.W., D.Phil., Wolfson
Allen, S.J., MA status, Department of Paediatrics
Allingham, M., MA, Magdalen
Allison, W.W.M., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Allport, D.A., MA, St Anne's
Allsop, A.L., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Allsopp, C.J., B.Phil., MA, New College
Allwright, D.J., MA status, Mathematical Institute
Almond, M.P., MA, Oriel
Alphey, L.S., MA status, Department of Zoology
Al-Shahi, A.S., MA status, St Antony's
Altmann, P., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Anand, S., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Anderson, H.L., MA, Keble
Anderson, P.S., MA, D.Phil., Regent's Park
Andrews, C.P., MA status, Green College
Andrews, D.G., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Andrews, L.A., University Offices
Andrews, T.M., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Andreyev, C.C.L., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Anelay, J.C.H., MA, Green College
Angell, A.E., MA, St Antony's
Anslow, P.L., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Ansorge, O., Department of Clinical Neurology
Anstey, T.D., Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Anthony, M.Y., MA status, Neonatal Unit
Arch, L., MA status, Nuffield
Archer, I.W., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Archer, L.N.J., MA status, Department of Paediatrics
Archer, R.E., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Archer, R.M., MA, Corpus Christi
Arculus, T.D.G., MA, Oriel
Ardavan, A., Magdalen
Armbrust, W.T., St Antony's
Armitage, J.P., MA, Merton
Armstrong, F.A., MA, St John's
Armstrong, R.M., Balliol
Aronson, J.K., MA, D.Phil., Green College
Ashbourn, J.M.A., MA, St Peter's
Ashcroft, F.M., MA, Trinity
Ashley, C.C., MA, D.Sc., Corpus Christi
Ashton, J.F., MA, Wolfson
Ashwin, P.W.H., Institute for the Advancement of University Learning
Ashworth, A.J., DCL, All Souls
Asquith, I.S., MA, Christ Church
Assender, H.E., MA status, Linacre
Athanasou, N.A., MA status, Wadham
Atherton, M.D., MA, Regent's Park
Atiyah, P.S., DCL, St John's
Atkins, F.B., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Atkins, P.W., MA, Lincoln
Atkins, R., University Surveyor's Office
Atkins, R.N.Y., University Offices
Atkinson, Sir Tony, MA, Nuffield
Atkinson, L.S., MA status, School of Geography and the Environment
Atkinson, R.R., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Auel, K.S., MA, Mansfield
Austoker, J.L., MA status, Green College
Austyn, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Avramides, A., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Ayers, M.R., MA, Wadham
Azzopardi, P.J., MA, St Hugh's
Bacic, M., Lincoln
Bacon, P., MA status, Oxford Forestry Institute
Bagshaw, R.M., BCL, MA, Magdalen
Baigent, C., BM, B.Ch., MA, Green College
Baigent, E., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Bailey, A.J., St John's
Bailey, C.A., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Bailey, J., Merton
Bailey, R.M., MA status, School of Geography and the Environment
Bailey, S., MA, Linacre
Bain, C.D., MA, Magdalen
Bainbridge, V.R., MA, Victoria County History
Baines, J.C.A., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Baines, J.R., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Baird, P.E.G., MA, D.Phil., University
Baker, B., MA status, Department of Experimental Psychology
Baker, D.P., University Surveyor's Office
Baker, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Baker, J.M.R., MA, M.Phil., St Cross
Baker, P.R., MA, Hertford
Baldwin, Sir Jack, MA, Magdalen
Ball, J.M., MA, Queen's
Ballaster, R.M., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Bamforth, N.C., MA, Queen's
Banares-Alcantara, R., MA, New College
Banerjee, A., MA status, M.Phil., D.Phil., Wadham
Bangha, I., Oriental Institute
Banham, A.H., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Banks, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Bannister, D.A.K., MA status, European Humanities Research Centre
Bannon, M.J., Wadham
Barber, G.G., B.Litt., MA, Linacre
Barber, N.W., MA, Trinity
Barclay, A.N., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Barclay, J.G., MA, St Edmund Hall
Barclay, S.J., MA, Templeton
Barker-Benfield, B.C., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Barlow, D.H., MA, Oriel
Barlow, J., Department of Public Health
Barnard, T.C., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Barnes, R.H., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Barnett, J.J., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Barnwell, F.M., MA status, University Offices
Barr, G.D., MA, Magdalen
Barr, H., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Barratt, E.G., MA, Oriel
Barron, D.N., MA, Jesus
Barron, J.P., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Barton, J., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., Oriel
Barton, J.E., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Barton, J.L., BCL, MA, Merton
Barton, R.N.E., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Bartrip, P.W.J., MA status, Wolfson
Bass, C.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Basu, K., MA, Templeton
Bateman, A.E., MA status, University Offices
Bates, G.J.E.M., MA status, Merton
Battle, P.D., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Batty, C.J.K., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., St John's
Baun, J., Greyfriars
Baxter, M.G., Department of Experimental Psychology
Baxter, S.D., BA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Bayley, J.H.P., MA, Hertford
Bayley, S.S.M., Balliol
Bayliss, C.D., Department of Paediatrics
Beacham, D.J., MA, St Catherine's
Beaumont, M.H., MA, Pembroke
Becher, H., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Beckett, E.A., University Offices
Beddard, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Beer, A.R., MA, Kellogg
Beer, P.D., MA, Wadham
Beer, P.G., MA, Jesus
Beeson, D.M.W., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Beggs, A.W., MA, Wadham
Behrendt, K.A., D.Phil., New College
Beinart, W., MA, St Antony's
Bell, E.I., MA status, Kellogg
Bell, J.C., MA, B.Phil., D.Phil., St Hugh's
Bell, J.D., MA, D.Phil., University
Bell, J.I., MA, DM, Magdalen
Bell, R.A.F., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Bell, R.D., MA, Magdalen
Bellhouse, B.J., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Beloff, M.J. The Hon., MA, Trinity
Belton, A.C.R., D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Benham, S.W., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Bennet-Clark, H.C., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Bennett, C.C., Neonatal Unit
Bennett, E.F., Department of Social Policy and Social Work
Bennett, E.M., MA, Exeter
Bennett, J.A., MA, Linacre
Bennett, J.L., St Catherine's
Bennett, S.C., MA status, University Offices
Benson, C.A., Magdalen
Benson, J.W., MA, Wolfson
Benson, M.K., MA status, Osler Chest Unit
Benson, M.K.D., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Bent, M.H., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Beral, V., MA, Green College
Berendt, A.R., MA, Corpus Christi
Bergman, D., Sackler Library
Berks, B.C., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Bernado Mansilla, A., Faculty of Modern Languages
Bernitz, U.B., MA, Balliol
Berrington de Gonzalez, A., D.Phil., Nuffield
Berry, N.P., MA status, University Offices
Berry, P.M., MA status, Mansfield
Berry, R.M., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Besson, S.A., M.Jur., Queen's
Bethell, L.M., MA status, St Antony's
Bevan, D.L., MA, St John's
Bhagwagar, Z., Queen's
Bhattacharji, S.I., MA, Keble
Bhattacharya, S., Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Bibby, J.H., MA status, Sub-department of Particle Physics
Bicknell, R., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Biddle, M., MA, Hertford
Biggs, B.J.H., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Biggs, P., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Bingham of Cornhill. Rt. Hon. Lord, Hon. DCL, MA, Balliol
Binney, J.J., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Binyon, T.J., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Birch, B.J., MA, Brasenose
Birch, M.C., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Birch, M.R., Exeter
Bird, R.S., MA, Lincoln
Birks, J.S., MA, M.Sc., Brasenose
Birks, P.B.H., MA, DCL, All Souls
Bishop, D.V.M., MA, D.Phil., Department of Experimental Psychology
Bispham, E.H., MA, Brasenose
Bissell, D.J., University Surveyor's Office
Bitel, A., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Bithell, J.F., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Bitsakakis, G., MA, Brasenose
Black, J.A., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Black, J.J.M., St Edmund Hall
Black, L.G., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Blackburn, B.J., MA status, Wolfson
Blackshaw, S.E., MA, St Hilda's
Blair, K.C., St Anne's
Blair, W.J., MA, Queen's
Blakeborough, A., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Blakemore, C.B., MA, D.Sc., Magdalen
Blamey, S.R., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Blandford-Baker, M.R., MA, Magdalen
Bliss, C.J., MA, Nuffield
Blocker, A.J., MA, Exeter
Blogg, C.E., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Blois, K.J., MA, Templeton
Blowers, A.J., MA status, University Offices
Bluedorn, J.C., MA, Nuffield
Blundell, K.M., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Blundell, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Boardman, B.M., MA status, St Hilda's
Boardman, J., MA status, School of Geography and the Environment
Bobbett, S.M., University Development Office
Bodeker, G.C., Green College
Bodmer, Sir Walter, MA, D.Sc., Hertford
Bogdanor, V.B., MA, Brasenose
Bogg, A.L., Hertford
Bolam, J.P., MA status, Department of Pharmacology
Boltho von Hohenbach, A.G.A., MA, Magdalen
Bonaventura, P., MA status, Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art
Bond, M.F., Pembroke
Bond, S.R., MA, M.Phil., Nuffield
Boning, R.C., MA, Pembroke
Bonsaver, G., MA, Pembroke
Booth, N.E., MA, Mansfield
Boothroyd, A.T., MA, Oriel
Borthwick, A.G.L., MA, St Edmund Hall
Boshier, D.H., M.Sc., D.Phil., Linacre
Bostock, D., B.Phil., MA, Merton
Bostrom, N., Harris Manchester
Bottrill, I.D., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Boultwood, J., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Bourne-Taylor, C.J.A., Brasenose
Bourne-Taylor, G.D., MA, St Edmund Hall
Bowdler, C.C., BA, Nuffield
Bowie, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Bowie, E.L., MA, Corpus Christi
Bowker, K.W., MA status, University Safety Office
Bowler, I.C.J.W., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Bowler, M.G., MA, Merton
Bowles, N.P., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Bowman, A.K., MA, Brasenose
Bowness, P., D.Phil., Trinity
Bowsher, C.G., MA, Nuffield
Boxall, I.K., MA, M.Phil., Oriel
Boyce, A.J., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Boyce, J.M., MA status, D.Phil., New College
Boyce, P.L., MA status, Department of Experimental Psychology
Boyd, C.A.R., B.Sc., BM, MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Boyes, K.R., University Surveyor's Office
Boyle, C.H., Lady Margaret Hall
Boyle, J.T.A., Department of Chemistry
Braddick, O.J., MA, Magdalen
Braddock, L., St Anne's
Brading, A.F., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Brading, K.A., B.Phil., D.Phil., Wolfson
Bradley, C.P., Queen's
Bradley, L.J.R., MA, M.St., Merton
Bradlow, A., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Bradshaw, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Bradshaw, T., MA, Regent's Park
Brady, Sir John, MA, Keble
Brain, K.L., MA, Exeter
Brand, P.A., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Brannan, J.M., MA, St Anne's
Brasier, M.D., MA, St Edmund Hall
Braun, T.F.R.G., MA, Merton
Breen, R.J., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield
Brennan, C.M., MA status, University
Brent, R.P., MA, St Hugh's
Brett, A.E.S., MA, Corpus Christi
Brett, M., Somerville
Brett, S.P., MA, Merton
Brewer, C.D., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Brewer, M.W., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Brewster, S.F., Hertford
Briant, W.R.C., MA, St Cross
Briden, J.C., MA, Linacre
Brigden, S.E., MA, Lincoln
Briggs, A., BCL, MA, St Edmund Hall
Briggs, A.H., M.Sc., D.Phil., Nuffield
Briggs, G.A.D., MA, St Anne's
Briggs, J.H.Y., MA, Regent's Park
Briggs, L., University Offices
Briggs, R., MA, All Souls
Briggs, R.A., MA, BM, University
Bright, S.J., BCL, MA, St Hilda's
Brink, D.M., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Britton, B.J., MA, Green College
Brock, J.C., MA status, M.Litt., Mansfield
Brock, S.P., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Brockington, D., BA, St Hugh's
Brocklehurst, P., MA status, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit
Brockliss, L.W.B., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Bron, A.J., MA, Linacre
Brook, Sir Richard, MA, St Cross
Brooke, C.R., MA, Magdalen
Brooke, J.H., MA, Harris Manchester
Brooke, R.J., MA, Christ Church
Brookshaw, D.P., BA, Wadham
Broome, J.R., MA, Corpus Christi
Brophy, J.A., Department of Social Policy and Social Work
Brouard, M., MA, Jesus
Brown, A.H., MA, St Antony's
Brown, C.P.H., MA, Worcester
Brown, G.K., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Brown, H.M., B.Litt., MA, D.Litt., St Hilda's
Brown, H.R., MA, Wolfson
Brown, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Brown, J.M., MA, Wadham
Brown, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Brown, L., B.Phil., MA, Somerville
Brown, L., University Press
Brown, M.A., St Peter's
Brown, M.H., MA status, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
Brown, N.D., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Brown, P.F., MA, Trinity
Brown, P.G.McC., MA, Trinity
Browning, D.G., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Brownlee, G.G., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Brownlie, I., MA, D.Phil., DCL, All Souls
Brundin, C.L., MA, Jesus
Brunner, H.L.J., MA, Trinity
Brunner-Ellis, A.P., MA status, University Offices
Bruten, A.G., MA, St Hugh's
Bryan, D.E.H., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Bryant, P.E., MA, Wolfson
Buchanan, A.H., MA, St Hilda's
Buchanan, T.C., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg
Buck, B., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Buckler, K.J., MA status, Trinity
Buckley, C.P., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Buckley, M.J., D.Phil., St John's
Bucknall, D.G., MA status, Department of Materials
Budd, Sir Alan, MA, Queen's
Bujic, B., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Buley, I.D., BM, MA, Wadham
Bull, M.G., MA, St Edmund Hall
Bull, P.A., MA, Hertford
Bullard, P., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Bulloch, P.A., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Bullock, P.R., M.St., D.Phil., Wolfson
Bulstrode, C.J.K., BM, MA, Green College
Bunch, C., MA, Wolfson
Bungay, H.K., BA, BM, B.Ch., Green College
Bunnin, N.F., MA status, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Burch, M., MA status, Department of Paediatrics
Burd, H.J., MA, Brasenose
Burden, M.J., MA, New College
Burge, P.D., BM, MA, Pembroke
Burge, S.M., DM, Green College
Burke, P.D., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Burlakov, V., MA, Linacre
Burley, J., MA, Green College
Burn, D.J., BA, St John's
Burn, P.L., MA, University
Burnard, L.D., MA, Balliol
Burnet, P.W.J., Department of Psychiatry
Burnett, K., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Burnett, P.P., MA status, Bodleian Library
Burnett, R., D.Phil., Lincoln
Burns, E.C., MA status, Department of Paediatrics
Burns, T.P., Kellogg
Burnyeat, M.F., MA, All Souls
Burrow, J.W., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Burrows, A.S., MA, St Hugh's
Burton, E.A., D.Phil., Green College
Burton, M.J., MA, DM, St Edmund Hall
Busch, A.C., Hertford
Bush, R.L., MA, St John's
Bushell, A.R., D.Phil., Wolfson
Butchers, M.A., MA, Keble
Butler, A.J., MA, University
Butler, I.C., MA, Christ Church
Butler, M.S., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Butler of Brockwell, Lord, MA, University
Butt, D.J., BA, Keble
Butterfield, J.N., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Butters, T.D., MA status, Department of Biochemistry
Buxton, R.E., New College
Bykvist, K., Jesus
Byrch, S.L., Graduate Studies
Byrne, B.W., MA, Magdalen
Byrne, J.V., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Cadoux-Hudson, T.A.D., D.Phil., Green College
Caine, C.A., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Calcutt, S.B., MA status, D.Phil., Lincoln
Caldicott, Dame Fiona, BM, MA, Somerville
Caldwell, J.A., B.Mus., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Cale, L., MA, University
Calinescu, A., Computing Laboratory
Callaghan, R., MA, Merton
Cameron, A.M., MA, Keble
Cameron, E.A., MA status, Sub-faculty of Archaeology
Cameron, G.M.F., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Cameron, S.A., MA, Keble
Campbell, I.D., MA, St John's
Campbell, J., MA, Worcester
Campbell, J.J., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Campbell, M.M., MA, Brasenose
Campton, T.A., Clinical School
Candelas, P., D.Phil., Wadham
Cannon, M.R., M.Eng., D.Phil., St John's
Caplan, R.D., MA, Linacre
Capoccia, G., Corpus Christi
Carasso, H.M., MA, St Anne's
Cardy, J.L., MA, All Souls
Carey, P.B.R., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Carls, P.F., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Carmichael, E.D.H., BM, MA, D.Phil., St John's
Carney, S. M., Department of Psychiatry
Carpenter, K.N., MA, St Hilda's
Carr, A.J., MA status, Worcester
Carr, R.P., MA, Balliol
Carrivick, P.J.W., University Occupational Health Service
Carroll, W., Blackfriars
Carter, N.E.A., BA, D.Phil., Jesus
Carter, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Cartwright, H.M., MA status, Sub-department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Cartwright, J., BCL, MA, Christ Church
Carwardine, R.J., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Casadei, B.S., MA status, Pembroke
Casas-Arce, P., MA, Nuffield
Cashmore, R.J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Cassam, A.-Q.A., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Casselton, L.A., MA, St Cross
Castell, L.M., MA status, St Catherine's
Castell, M.R., MA status, Wolfson
Castles, S.J, MA., Green College
Catling, B.D., MA, Linacre
Catling, R.W.V., MA, Keble
Cattermole, C.D., University Offices
Catto, R.J.A.I., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Caux, J.S., MA, All Souls
Cavarra, A., Kellogg
Cave, T.C., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Ceadel, M.E., MA, D.Phil., New College
Cecil, J.B., Humanities Division
Cella, M., MA, Nuffield
Cerezo, A., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Cerundolo, V., MA status, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Chalker, J.T., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Challet, D.C., MA, Wadham
Chalmers, J.S., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Chamberlain, P.F., MA, Merton
Chambers, G., MA, Green College
Chambers, S.C., MA, St Cross
Chan, H.M., MA status, Faculty of Physical Sciences
Chan, T.W., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., New College
Channon, K.M., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Chapman, A., MA status, D.Phil., Wadham
Chapman, C.J., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Chapman, C.S., MA, Linacre
Chapman, E.A., MA, Somerville
Chapman, M.A., MA, Oriel
Chapman, M.D., MA, D.Phil., Ripon College
Chapman, R.W.G., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Chapman, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Chappell, C.E., MA, St Catherine's
Chard, R.L., MA, St Anne's
Charles, D.O.M., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Charles, R.F., MA status, D.Phil., Campion Hall
Charles-Edwards, T.M.O., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Charles-Murray, M., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Charlton, H.M., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Charnock, F.M.L., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Chattoe, E., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Chatty, D., MA status, St Cross
Chawluk, A., MA, Mansfield
Cheng, H., MA, St Cross
Chen-Wishart, M., MA status, Merton
Cherry, G.W., MA status, D.Phil., Pembroke
Chesters, T., BA, Queen's
Chesworth, C.R., MA status, Careers Service
Chevska, M., MA status, Brasenose
Chi, Y., MA status, M.Phil., Regent's Park
Child, M.S., MA, University
Child, T.W., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., University
Childs, A.C., MA status, Lady Margaret Hall
Childs, M.T., MA status, University Offices
Chippindale, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Choudhury, R.P., BA, BM, B.Ch., Balliol
Christian, H.C., MA status, St Anne's
Christian, J.J., MA status, Wolfson
Christiansen, E., MA, New College
Christofidou, A., Keble
Christou, V., MA, University
Chubb, J.A. The Hon., MA status, University Offices
Chung, M., MA status, Harris Manchester
Chung, M., Institute for Chinese Studies
Church, J.E., MA, Pembroke
Churchill, G.C., MA, St Cross
Clapinson, M., MA, St Hugh's
Claridge, G.S., MA, Magdalen
Clark, A., MA status, Diabetes Research Laboratories
Clark, C.E., MA, Balliol
Clark, D.J., M.St., MA, Wadham
Clark, E.M., University Offices
Clark, G.L., MA, St Peter's
Clark, H.W., MA., New College
Clark, P.F., MA, St Peter's
Clark, S.E., MA, Merton
Clark, S.R., MA status, D.Phil., Lincoln
Clarke, A., MA, Somerville
Clarke, C.G., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Clarke, D.J., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Clarke, D.W., MA, D.Phil., New College
Clarke, K., MA status, University Laboratory of Physiology
Clarke, K.J., MA, St Hilda's
Clarke, L.J., Economics Library
Clarke, N.J., University Surveyor's Office
Clarke, P.B, Faculty of Theology
Clarke, P.J., BCL, MA, Jesus
Clarke, P.J., MA status, Nuffield Department of Surgery
Clarke, Sir Robert, MA, Pembroke
Clarke, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Clary, D.C., MA, St John's
Clavin, P.M., MA, Jesus
Clayden, D.A., BA, University Offices
Clee, L.C., MA status, Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Clegg, D.H., Department of Social Policy and Social Work
Clegg, J.B., MA status, Green College
Clements, J.R., MA, Merton
Clifford, P., MA, Jesus
Clogg, R.R.M., MA status, St Antony's
Clooney, F.X., Campion Hall
Close, F.E., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Coates, A.E., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Cobb, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Cobbold, S.P., MA, Christ Church
Cockayne, D.J.H., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Cockburn, T.J., MA, St Anne's
Coe, M.J., MA, St Peter's
Coe, T., Institute for the Advancement of University Learning
Coggins, R.T., BA, Magdalen
Cohen, G.A., B.Phil., MA, All Souls
Coldea, R., D.Phil., Linacre
Coleman, D.A., MA, Queen's
Coleman, D.J., MA status, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Coleman, J.S., MA, Wolfson
Coles, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Collard, C., MA status, Queen's
Collett, A.P. de H., MA, Oriel
Collier, M.A., MA, All Souls
Collier, P., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Collin, J., MA, Trinity
Collins, M.J., MA, D.Phil., University
Collins, P.J., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Collins, R.E., MA, Green College
Collins Rice, H.R., MA, Hertford
Collins, S., MA, University
Collins, T.A., Faculty of Oriental Studies
Colville, Q., BA, Linacre
Comber, M.R., MA, St Hilda's
Compton, R.G., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Conlon, C.P., MA, New College
Connors, C.F., MA, Queen's
Conrad, P.J., MA, Christ Church
Constantine, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Conway, M.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Conway, S.L.J., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Cook, E.D., MA, Green College
Cook, P.J., MA status, Clinical Geratology Unit
Cook, P.R., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Cook, T., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Cooke, D.J., Templeton
Cooke, P.H., MA status, Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Cookson, W.O.C.M., MA, D.Phil., Green College
Coones, P., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Cooper, A.J., MA, Balliol
Cooper, E.H., MA, University
Cooper, G.A., MA status, Radcliffe Science Library
Cooper, J., Keble
Cooper, J.P.D., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Cooper, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Cooper, S., MA, St Catherine's
Cooper-Sarkar, A.M., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Coote, J.P.R.W., MA status, Wolfson
Corbett, J.M., MA, St Antony's
Coren, A., MA status, Kellogg
Corfield, R.M., MA status, Jesus
Cornall, R.J., BM, B.Ch., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Corney, A., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Corney, G.J., MA, St Anne's
Cornhill, J.F., D.Phil., Magdalen
Corrick, V.A., MA status, Bodleian Library
Coulton, J.J., MA, Merton
Coulton, M., MA, Taylor Institution
Countouris, N., M.Jur., St John's
Courakis, A.S., MA, Brasenose
Couzin, I.D., Balliol
Cowan, N.C., MA status, Department of Radiology
Cowan, S.G.B., MA, Worcester
Cowburn, S., BA, Jesus
Cowen, P.J., MA status, Department of Psychiatry
Cowey, A., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Cowley, R.A., MA, Wadham
Cox, G.J., Department of Otolaryngology
Cox, L.S., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Cragg, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Department of Pharmacology
Craig, I.W., MA, St Catherine's
Craig, P.P., BCL, MA, St John's
Craik, K.A., MA, Worcester
Cram, D.F., MA, Jesus
Crampton, R.J., MA, St Edmund Hall
Crane, E.T., Merton
Cranston, D.W., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Crawford, E.J., MA, University
Craze, J.L., Department of Paediatrics
Creaser, J.W., MA, Mansfield
Cretney, S.M., BCL, MA, DCL, All Souls
Crew, J.P., Department of Urology
Crisp, R.S., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Crivelli, P., New College
Croghan, M.F.J., MA, St Hilda's
Cronk, N.E., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Crooks, E.C.M., MA, Lincoln
Cross, A.C., MA status, University Offices
Cross, J.G.E., MA, Christ Church
Cross, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Crossley, A., MA, Victoria County History
Crow, T.J., Department of Psychiatry
Crowther, C.V., MA status, Classics Centre
Crutch, E.M., M.Sc., MA status, Somerville
Cui, Z.F., MA, Hertford
Cull, C.A., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Cunliffe, B.W., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Cunnane, T.C., MA, Hertford
Cunningham, G.G., MA status, Oriental Institute
Cunningham, R.G., MA status, Counselling Service
Cunningham, S., MA, Christ Church
Cunningham, V.D., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Cunnington, D.J., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Currie, R., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Curthoys, M.C., D.Phil., Christ Church
Curtis, J.A.E., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Czepiel, T.M.M., MA status, D.Phil., Hertford
Czernuszka, J.T., MA, Trinity
Dabhoiwala, F.N., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Dale, J.E., MA status, Social Sciences Division
Daley, P.O., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Dalley, S.M., MA, Somerville
Dally, K.M., MA status, University Offices
Dalrymple, R.D., MA status, M.Phil., D.Phil., St Hugh's
Dalton, G.B., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Dalton, H.J.M., MA, Queen's
Dancer, A.S., BA, D.Phil., Jesus
Daniel, R.W., MA, Brasenose
Daniell, D.J., MA, Hertford
Dansey, B., MA status, Systems and Electronic Resources Service
Darbishire, O.R., MA, Pembroke
Darby, C.R., Nuffield Department of Surgery
Darby, S.C., MA status, Clinical Trial Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit
Darlington, S.M., MA, Christ Church
Darrah, P.R., MA, Worcester
Darton, R.C., MA status, Keble
Darwin, J.G., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield
Das, S., MA, Exeter
Daukes, C.D., MA, St Peter's
Davage, W.E.P., MA, St Cross
Davenport, K.J., MA status, Land Agent's and Accommodation Office
Davey, P.P., BM, MA, Magdalen
David, P.A., MA status, All Souls
Davidson, N.S., MA, St Edmund Hall
Davies, A.C.L., MA, Brasenose
Davies, A.P., MA status, Sub-department of Organic Chemistry
Davies, C.S.L., MA, Wadham
Davies, C.W.R., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Kellogg
Davies, D.R., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Davies, G.B., D.Phil., MA, St Anne's
Davies, I.N.R., Magdalen
Davies, J.W.M., MA, Kellogg
Davies, K.E., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Davies, M., D.Phil., St John's
Davies, M., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Davies, P.T.G., Department of Clinical Neurology
Davies, R.J.O., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
Davies, R.L., Christ Church
Davies, R.R., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Davies, S.G., MA, D.Phil., New College
Davis, B.G., BA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Davis, C.H.L., MA, Oriel
Davis, C.J.F., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Davis, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Davis, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Davis, J.H.R., MA, All Souls
Davis, J.J., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Davis, K.P., MA status, University Offices
Davis, P.V., MA status, Computing Services
Dawber, R.P.R., MA status, Department of Dermatology
Dawkins, M.E.S., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Dawkins, R., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., New College
Day, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Day, C.J., MA status, Kellogg
Day, J., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Day, J.M., B.Phil., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Day, W.A., MA, Hertford
D'Costa, H.F., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
de Bakker, M.P., MA, M.St., Wadham
de Bellaigue, C.A.M., Merton
de Gasperin, V., Jesus
de Jersey, P.E., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
De Kerckhove, D.G., MA status, New College
de Moor, O., MA status, Magdalen
de Wet, H., University Laboratory of Physiology
Deane, C.M., BA, Kellogg
Deas, M.D., MA, St Antony's
Debus, D.I.N., Brasenose
Deech, Dame Ruth, MA, St Anne's
Deighton, A.F., MA, Wolfson
Del Bono, E., M.Phil., Queen's
del Nevo, T.E.L., MA status, Land Agent's and Accommodation Office
Deller, J.G., Sub-department of Inorganic Chemistry
Demata, M., MA status, St Catherine's
Denham, A.E., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Denning, R.G., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Dennis, P.D., BM, MA, M.Sc., Hertford
Dercon, S.N.A.A., M.Phil., D.Phil., Jesus
Derow, P.S., MA, Wadham
Deuss, A.F., University
Deutsch, J.-G., MA, St Cross
Devenish, R.C.E., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Dewey, J.F., MA, D.Sc., University
Dew-Hughes, D., MA, D.Sc., University
Dexter, A.L., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Dickerson, M.R., MA, Trinity
Dickie, I.B., Magdalen
Dickins, A., BA, M.Phil., University
Dickinson, H.G., MA, Magdalen
Dickson, J.A., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Dickson, P.G.M., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., St Catherine's
Dilnot, A.W., MA, St Hugh's
Dilworth, J.R., MA, St Anne's
Dimmick, J.N., St Catherine's
Dinshaw, F.E., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Dobbs, P.F., MA status, Sub-department of Particle Physics
Dobson, M.B., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Dobson, P.J., MA, Queen's
Doherty, C.J., MA status, Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
Doherty, M.P., MA, St Cross
Doig, A.G., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Dolby, C.E., Merton
Donaghy, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Green College
Donald, D.H., University Offices
Dondi, C.F., Lincoln
Dongworth, D.W., MA status, Department of Human Anatomy and Genetics
Donnelly, J.D.P., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Donnelly, P.J., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Donohoe, T.J., D.Phil., Magdalen
Doornik, J.A., MA status, D.Phil., Nuffield
Doornik, K., BA, M.Phil., University
Dopson, S.E., MA, Templeton
Doran, B.R., Linacre
Doran, S.M., BA, Christ Church
Dorey, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Hon DCL, Pembroke
Dorigatti, M.G., MA status, D.Phil., St Peter's
Dorkins, H.R., BM, MA, St Peter's
Dorrington, K.L., BM, MA, D.Phil., University
Doucas, G., MA status, D.Phil., Exeter
Douglas-Fairhurst, R., Magdalen
Dovey, M.J., MA, M.Sc., Computing Services
Dowker, A.D., MA, Wadham
Downing, A.K., MA status, D.Phil., St John's
Downs, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Doyle, D.A., Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics
Draper, G.J., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Dresch, P.K., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Drickamer, K., MA status, Department of Biochemistry
Driscoll, J., BA, B.Phil., Lincoln
Drozdova, Z., Taylor Institution
Drummond, A.M.R., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Drury, F.C., MA, University
Drury, J.H., MA, All Souls
du Sautoy, M.P.F., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Dudarev, S.L., MA, Linacre
Dudbridge, G., MA, D.Phil., University
Due, R.A., Magdalen
Duff, J.N., MA, M.St., D.Phil., Wycliffe Hall
Duffell, A.L., MA, Harris Manchester
Dunbabin, J.H., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Dunbabin, J.P.D., MA, St Edmund Hall
Duncan, S.R., St Hugh's
Duncan-Jones, K.D., B.Litt., MA, Somerville
Dunn, R.J., University Occupational Health Service
Dunne, F.P.E., MA, Hertford
Dunningham, J.A., D.Phil., Merton
Dupree, H.D., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Duttlinger, C., MA, Wadham
Dutton, A., Careers Service
Dutton, E.M., MA, Magdalen
Dutton, W.H., MA, Balliol
Dwek, R.A., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Exeter
Dworkin, R.M., MA, University
Dyar, O.J., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Dyer, M., Department of Zoology
Dyke, K.G.H., MA, Wadham
Dyson, J., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Mansfield
Eames, J., MA status, St Hilda's
Earl, M.J., MA, Templeton
Earl, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Earle, T.F., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Eastwood, I.Q., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Eatock Taylor, W.R., MA, St Hugh's
Ebeling, J., Wolfson
Ebers, G.C., MA, St Edmund Hall
Edgington, D.M.D., B.Phil., MA, Magdalen
Edmonds, S.E., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Edwards, A., MA, Brasenose
Edwards, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Edwards, C.W., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Edwards, D.A., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Edwards, D.J., MA, Wadham
Edwards, E.J.M., MA status, Pitt Rivers Museum
Edwards, J.E., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Edwards, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Edwards, L.P.E., MA, St Hugh's
Edwards, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Edwards, M.S., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Edwards, P.P., MA, St Catherine's
Eekelaar, J.M., BCL, MA, Pembroke
Eeley, S.E., MA status, Kellogg
Efstathiou, H.J., MA, Pembroke
Egdell, R.G., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Eidinow, J.S.C., MA, Merton
Eland, J.H.D., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Elder, J.K., MA status, D.Phil., Trinity
Eldredge, L.M., MA status, Classics Centre
Eleftheriadis, P., MA, Mansfield
Elliott, C.J., MA status, University Offices
Elliott, Sir John, MA, Oriel
Ellis Evans, D., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Ellis, G.J., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Ellis, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Regent's Park
Ellis, S.D.B., University Offices
Ellis, V., MA, Templeton
Ellis, V.T., MA, St Cross
Ellory, J.C., MA, Corpus Christi
Elsner, J.R., BA, Corpus Christi
Elston, J.S., MA status, Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology
Elston, S.J., MA status, St John's
Eltis, S.A., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Brasenose
Eltis, W.A., MA, D.Litt., Exeter
Elvins, J., MA status, Kellogg
Empson, L.F., MA, St Anne's
Emptage, N.J., MA, Lincoln
Endean, P.S., MA, D.Phil., Campion Hall
Endicott, J.A., MA, St Cross
Endicott, T.A.O., MA status, M.Phil., Balliol
England, P.C., MA, D.Phil., University
English, Lady Judith, MA, St Hilda's
English, R., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Epstein, Sir Anthony, MA, Wolfson
Erdmann, K., MA, Somerville
Errington, J., MA, Wadham
Esiri, M.M., DM, St Hugh's
Esnouf, R.M., MA, D.Phil., University
Espinasse, P.M.J., MA status, University Offices
Essler, F.H.L., MA, Worcester
Estraikh, E., Bodleian Library
Etheridge, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Evans, A.J., Careers Service
Evans, G.A., MA status, M.Phil., D.Phil., Nuffield
Evans, R.D., MA status, D.Phil., Keble
Evans, R.J.W., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Eve, E.C.S., Harris Manchester
Evely, R.D.G., MA status, D.Phil., Merton
Everett, I.D., MA status, University Offices
Evison, G.A., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Wolfson
Ewart, P., MA, Worcester
Ezrachi, A., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Fafchamps, M., MA, Mansfield
Fairbank, J.C.T., MA status, Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Fairbanks, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Fairburn, C.G., MA, DM, Worcester
Fairchild, P.J., MA status, Oriel
Fairweather, D.S., MA, Corpus Christi
Faith, R.J., MA, Wolfson
Fallaize, E., MA, St John's
Falush, D.P., Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research
Fang, J., Institute for Chinese Studies
Farmer, A.J., BM, MA, Trinity
Farmery, A.D., Green College
Farrag, S.K., St Catherine's
Farrall, M., MA, Keble
Farrant, T.J., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Farthing, P.J., MA, Pembroke
Faughnan, S., Department for Continuing Education
Faulkner, D.E.R., MA, St John's
Faure, D.W., MA, St Antony's
Feeny, D.F., MA, Templeton
Feinstein, C.H., MA, All Souls
Feldman, E.J., BM, B.Ch., MA, DM, St Hilda's
Felix, J.H., MA status, Harris Manchester
Fellerer, J.M., MA, Wolfson
Feneley, J.E., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Ferdinand, C.Y., D.Phil., Magdalen
Ferguson, D.J.P., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Ferguson, M.L., Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Ferguson, N.C., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Ferguson, S.J., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Ferreira, P.G., MA, Oriel
Ferrer Escursell, F., Linacre
Fiddes, P.S., MA, D.Phil., Regent's Park
Fiddian, R.W., MA, Wadham
Fidler, B.H., MA, Harris Manchester
Field, M.J., MA status, Computing Laboratory
Field, R.W., MA, Balliol
Finch, J.E., MA, New College
Finglass, P.J., BA, D.Phil., All Souls
Finn, R., MA, Blackfriars
Finnis, J.M., MA, D.Phil., University
Fisher, E.C., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Fisher, S.D., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Fisher, S.E., D.Phil., St Catherine's
Fitzgerald, E.V.K., MA, St Antony's
Fitzherbert, T.M., MA status, Wolfson
Fitzpatrick, R.M., MA, Nuffield
Fleet, G.W.J., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Fleming, K.A., MA, D.Phil., Green College
Fleminger, M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Fletcher, E.W.L., MA, Green College
Fletcher, H.A., Linacre
Flood, R.G., MA, M.Sc., Kellogg
Floridi, L., MA status, Wolfson
Florio Cooper, C.M., MA status, Language Centre
Foard, C.S., MA, St Anne's
Foëx, P., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Foord, J.S., MA, St Catherine's
Foot, C.J., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Foot, R.J., MA, St Antony's
Forbes, L., MA, St Cross
Forder, J.A., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Balliol
Forfar, J.C., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Forrest, G.C., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Forrest, I.J., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Fort, J., International Development Centre
Foster, B., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Foster, J.A., MA, Brasenose
Foster, M.A., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Foster, R.F., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Fowle, S.R., Department of Physics
Fowler, A.C., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Fowler, G.H., BM, MA, Balliol
Fowler, P.G., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Fowler, R., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Fox, Lady, MA, Somerville
Fox, R., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Fox, S.B., D.Phil., St John's
Foxton, M., University Surveyor's Office
Francis, M.J.O., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Franklin, P.R., MA, St Catherine's
Fraser, D.G., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Fraser, M.A., MA status, Computing Services
Frayn, K.N., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Frazer, E.J., MA, New College
Frazier, R.L., MA status, Christ Church
Frede, M., MA, Keble
Frederickson, H.G., Balliol
Fredman, S.D., BCL, MA, Exeter
Freeden, M.S., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Freedland, M.R., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Freedman, J.A., MA, Worcester
Freeland, A.P., MA status, Department of Otolaryngology
Freeman, M.J., MA, Mansfield
Frellesvig, B.M., MA, Hertford
Freud-Kandel, M.J., Faculty of Oriental Studies
Fricker, E.M., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Fricker, M.D., MA, Pembroke
Fridlington, M.A., BA, St Catherine's
Friedrichs, S., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Friend, P.J., MA, Green College
Frith, P.A., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Froud, S.N., University Press
Fuggle, S.V., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Fuller, J.L., B.Litt., MA, Magdalen
Fuller, K.W., MA, Hertford
Furger, A.M., MA, Pembroke
Furlong, J., Green College
Furst, J.C.A., BA, St John's
Gabrys, B.J., M.Sc., Kellogg
Gaffan, D., MA, Merton
Gaine, S.G., BA, MA, D.Phil., Blackfriars
Gale, N.H., MA, D.Sc., Nuffield
Galione, A.G., MA, Oriel
Gallagher, C., MA, Campion Hall
Galland, R.B., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Gallie, D.I.D., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield
Galligan, D.J., MA, DCL, Wolfson
Gambetta, D., MA, Nuffield
Gambles, P.R., MA, New College
Gancz, G., BM, MA, Pembroke
Ganesan, T.S., MA status, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Gao, G.F., D.Phil., Hertford
Garcia, J., Somerville
Garcia-Bellido, E.P., MA, St Cross
Gardner, F.E.M., MA, Wolfson
Gardner, J.B., BCL, MA, D.Phil., University
Gardner, R.L., MA, Christ Church
Gardner, S., BCL, MA, Lincoln
Garfitt, J.S.T., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Garland, G.J.E., Research Services
Garman, E.F., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Garner, A.C., MA status, Worcester
Garnett, E.J., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Garnett, G.S., MA, St Hugh's
Garrard, C.S., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre
Garratt, A., Department of Public Health
Garrick, D.F., MA, Exeter
Gartner, I.R.M.N., MA, New College
Garton Ash, T.J., MA, St Antony's
Gaskell, D.R., MA status, Department of Engineering Science
Gasser, B.F., MA status, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Gatter, K.C., BM, MA, D.Phil., St John's
Gauci, P.L., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Gautrey, M.S., MA, Queen's
Gavaghan, D.J., MA status, D.Phil., New College
Gay, A.R., MA status, Computing Services
Gazzard, H.J., MA, Jesus
Gearin-Tosh, M.B., MA, St Catherine's
Gelder, M.G., DM, Merton
Gellner, D.N., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Wolfson
George, C., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Gerrard, C.H., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Getzler, J.S., MA, St Hugh's
Ghosh, K., MA, Trinity
Ghosh, P.R., MA, St Anne's
Giangrande, P.L.F., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Gibbons, C.L.M.H., MA, Hertford
Gibbons, G.F., MA status, Metabolic Research Laboratory
Gibbons, J., MA status, Kellogg
Gibbons, R.J., BM, MA, D.Phil., Green College
Gibney, M.J., MA, Linacre
Gibson, A.P., Bodleian Accessions
Gibson, B.J., MA, Corpus Christi
Gibson, R.R., St Catherine's
Gidopoulos, N., St Catherine's
Giele, H.P., Queen's
Gilbert, R.J.C., Magdalen
Gildea, R.N., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Giles, M., MA, St Hugh's
Giles, P.D., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Gill, E.W., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Gill, S.C., B.Phil., MA, Lincoln
Gillespie, D.R.H., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Gillespie, V.A., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Gillingham, S.E., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Gillmer, M.D.G., MA, Green College
Gillson, L., MA., Linacre
Gilmour, B.J.J., MA status, Department of Materials
Gittins, J.C., MA, D.Sc., Keble
Glasziou, P.P., MA, Kellogg
Glaum, A., MA status, University Offices
Glazer, A.M., MA, Jesus
Gleadle, J.M., BM, MA, D.Phil., Merton
Gleadle, K.J., MA, University
Gleeson, F.V., MA status, University Department of Radiology
Glennerster, A., BA, BM, B.Ch., D.Phil., Queen's
Glyn, A.J., MA, Corpus Christi
Glynn, C.J., M.Sc., Brasenose
Goddard, A.J., MA, Wycliffe Hall
Goddard, S.H., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Godden, M.R., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Godlee, R.J.P., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Goebs, K., MA, Merton
Goff of Chieveley, Rt. Hon. Lord, DCL, New College
Goldacre, M.J., BM, MA, Magdalen
Golding, S., MA status, University Laboratory of Physiology
Golding, S.J., MA, University
Goldman, L.N., MA, St Peter's
Goldrei, D.C., MA, Mansfield
Goldsmith, M.H., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Goldthorpe, J.H., MA, Nuffield
Goldthorpe, R.E., MA, St Anne's
Gombrich, R.F., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Gonis, N., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Gonkatsang, T.D., Oriental Institute
Gonzalez, F.E., M.Phil., Nuffield
Goodacre, T.E.E., MA status, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Goodden, A.R., MA, St Hilda's
Goode, Sir Roy, MA, St John's
Goodman, M.D., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Goodman, R.J., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Goodman, T.R., Department of Radiology
Goodwin, G.M., BM, MA, D.Phil., Merton
Goodwin-Bailey, C.I., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Goodwin-Gill, G.S., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Goold, B.J., BCL, Somerville
Gooptu, N., MA, St Antony's
Gordon, A.F., MA, Wolfson
Gordon, S., MA, Exeter
Gore, K.O., MA, Worcester
Goriely, A.E., Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Gorji, M., MA, M.Phil., Wadham
Gosden, C.H., MA, St Cross
Gosler, A.G., MA status, Wolfson
Gosling, J.C.B., B.Phil., MA, St Edmund Hall
Goss, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Goudie, A.S., MA, D.Sc., St Cross
Goulding, Sir Marrack, MA, St Antony's
Gouverneur, V.E.B.M., MA, Merton
Gover, J.C., Worcester
Grabe, E, Phonetics Laboratory
Graddy, K., MA, Exeter
Grafe, R., MA, Nuffield
Grafen, A., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., St John's
Gragnolati, M., MA, Somerville
Graham, A.W.M., MA, Hon. DCL, Balliol
Graham, C.F., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Grahame-Smith, D.G., MA, Corpus Christi
Graham-Jones, S., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Grainger, R.G., MA, St Hugh's
Grant, G.H., MA status, Brasenose
Grant, H.W., MA status, Department of Paediatrics
Grant, I.P., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Grant, O.W., MA, Nuffield
Grant, P.S., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Gray, A.M., MA status, Department of Public Health
Gray, C.M., MA, Kellogg
Gray, D., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Gray, D.W.R., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Gray, J.A., MA, Green College
Gray, M.A., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg
Gray, R.F., National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit
Gray, W., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Grayling, A.C., MA status, D.Phil., St Anne's
Greaves, D.R., MA status, Exeter
Green, A.F.F., MA, Brasenose
Green, C.M., Medical School Office
Green, E.H.H., MA, Magdalen
Green, J.C., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Green, M.L.H., MA, St Catherine's
Green, N., Lady Margaret Hall
Green, R.F., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Green, S.J.D., MA, All Souls
Greenall, M.J., MA status, Nuffield Department of Surgery
Greenfield of Ot Moor, Lady, MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Greenhalgh, C.A., MA, St Peter's
Greenhall, R.C.D., DM, Corpus Christi
Greenwood, E.J., Medical Sciences Division
Greenwood, T.W., MA, Oriel
Gregg, J.F., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Gregory, A.F., MA, Keble
Gregory, A.M., Pembroke
Gregory, M.B., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Gregory, R.P., MA status, Department of Clinical Neurology
Grevling, K.D., BCL, MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Gribbin, B., MA status, Linacre
Grierson, Sir Ronald, MA, Balliol
Griffin, C.H., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Griffin, J., MA, Balliol
Griffin, J.P., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Griffin, M.T., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Griffin, N.H., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Griffin, R.D., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Griffith, M.S., MA, D.Phil., New College
Griffiths, D.W., MA status, Kellogg
Griffiths, G., MA status, Exeter
Griffiths, J.E., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Griffiths, P.J., MA status, University Laboratory of Physiology
Griffiths, R.C., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Griffiths, S., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Grimes, J.M., D.Phil., Trinity
Grimley Evans, Sir John, DM, Green College
Grint, K., MA, D.Phil., Templeton
Groiser, D.S., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Gronlie, S.E., St Hilda's
Groom, G., MA status, Bodleian Library
Grossel, M.C., MA, Christ Church
Grout, P.J., MA status, Sub-department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Grovenor, C.R.M., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Groves, B.L.R., BA, Wolfson
Groves, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Grylls, D.S., MA, Kellogg
Guembel, A., MA, Lincoln
Guilford, T.C., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Guillery, R.W., MA, Hertford
Gull, K., Lincoln
Gullifer, L., BCL, MA, Harris Manchester
Gundle, R., BM, B.Ch., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Gunn, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Gupta, R.M., M.St., Linacre
Gupta, S., MA status, Linacre
Gurd, J.M., D.Phil., Green College
Gurney, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Gurr, S.J., MA, Somerville
Hacker, B., BA, All Souls
Hacker, P.M.S., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Hackney, J., BCL, MA, Wadham
Hafner-Burton, E., MA, Nuffield
Hagger, H.R., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg
Hagiwara, J., MA status, Oriental Institute
Hague, S., Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology
Hahn, C.E.W., MA, D.Phil., Green College
Haigh, C.A., MA, Christ Church
Hainsworth, J.B., MA, New College
Hainsworth, P.R.J., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Hall, J.N., MA, Wolfson
Hall, R.B., MA, St Cross
Halsey, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Green College
Halstead, G., Department of Earth Sciences
Hambler, C., MA, Oriel
Hambly, B.M., MA, St Anne's
Hamer, R.F.S., MA, Christ Church
Hamerow, H.F., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Hamilton, D.K., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Hammersley, H.N., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Hammersley, M.S., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Hancock, G., MA, Trinity
Handa, A.I., MA status, Nuffield Department of Surgery
Handford, P.A., MA status, St Catherine's
Handley, R.C., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Hands, B.A., MA, M.Sc., Faculty of Physical Sciences
Hands, L.J., MA, Green College
Hanke, T., Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Hanna, N.J.M., BCL, MA, Keble
Hanna, R., MA, Keble
Hannabuss, K.C., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Hansen, P.C., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Hansen, R.A., MA status, Merton
Hanson, Sir John, MA, Green College
Haour, A.C., Hertford
Hardie, A., D.Phil., Oriel
Hardie, P.R., MA, Corpus Christi
Harding, J., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Harding, J.J., MA status, Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology
Harding, R.M., MA status, Peter Medawar Building for Pathogen Research
Hardy, H.R.D., B.Phil, MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Hargrave, R.M., B.Phil., MA, Balliol
Harkness, A.D., MA status, University Offices
Harmer, C.J., MA, Magdalen
Harnden, A.R., MA status, St Hugh's
Harnew, N., MA, St Anne's
Harper, D.A., MA status, Regent's Park
Harper, M.K., MA, Christ Church
Harper, S.H., MA status, St Catherine's
Harpur, Y.M., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre
Harries, P.T., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Harrington, M.M., MA status, Public Relations Office
Harrington, R.V.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Harris, A., MA, St Cross
Harris, A.L., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Harris, C.E., MA, Magdalen
Harris, D.A., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Harris, D.R., BCL, MA, Balliol
Harris, H.A., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Harris, J., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Harris, J.F., MA, St Catherine's
Harris, J.G., MA, Christ Church
Harris, J.L., Kellogg
Harris, J.W., BCL, MA, Keble
Harris, R., MA, D.Phil., New College
Harris, R., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Harris, S.A., MA status, Department of Plant Sciences
Harrison, B.H., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Harrison, C.R., MA, Oriel
Harrison, E.K., Nuffield
Harrison, K.N., MA status, Department of Chemistry
Harrison, M., D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Harrison, P.J., MA, DM, Wolfson
Harrison, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Harrison, S.R., MA, Lincoln
Harriss-White, B., MA, Wolfson
Hart, Sir Michael, BCL, MA, All Souls
Hart, M.W., MA, Exeter
Hart, Y.M., Department of Clinical Neurology
Harvey, A.G., MA, St Anne's
Harvey, B.F., B.Litt., MA, Somerville
Harvey, D.J., MA status, Balliol
Harvey, P., MA, D.Sc., Jesus
Hastings, D.C., MA status, Computing Services
Hauser, R.A., Pembroke
Hawcroft, M.N., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Hawcutt, D.B., National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit
Hawkins, A.B., MA, Kellogg
Hawkins, K.O., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Hawkins, M.M., MA status, D.Phil., Green College
Hawton, K.E., DM, Green College
Hay, D.A., MA, M.Phil., Jesus
Hay, S.I., MA status, D.Phil., Green College
Haydon, R.G., MA, Brasenose
Hayes, C., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Hayes, J.W., Institute of Archaeology
Hayes, W., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Hayward, G.F., MA, Kellogg
Hayward, M.A., BA, Merton
Hazareesingh, S.K., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Headley, C.J., MA status, Wycliffe Hall
Heal, F.M., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Healy, P.W.J., MA, Kellogg
Heaney, M., MA status, Bodleian Library
Heath, A.F., MA, Nuffield
Heath-Brown, D.R., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Heather, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Hedges, R.E.M., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Hedley-Miller, R., MA, St Hugh's
Hedman, E.L., International Development Centre
Hedstrom, M.P.E., MA, Nuffield
Heffernan, P.K.M., MA, Linacre
Hegewald, J.A.B., MA, University
Heimann, R.L., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Hein, J., MA, University
Hekster, O.J., MA, Merton
Helevuo, E.H.K., D.Phil., St Hilda's
Helliwell, D.J., MA status, Bodleian Library
Helm, D.R., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., New College
Hems, R., MA status, Metabolic Research Laboratory
Henderson, G.I., BCL, MA, Pembroke
Henderson, G.M., MA, University
Henderson, P.A., Faculty of Biological Sciences
Hendry, D.F., MA, Nuffield
Henig, M.E., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., Wolfson
Henning, G.B., MA, St Catherine's
Henry, M.P., MA status, Jesus
Henville, J.D., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Herdman, E.L., Pembroke
Hermans, D., Clinical Geratology Unit
Herring, J.J.W., BCL, MA, Exeter
Herz, L.M., MA, Brasenose
Heseltine, A., MA status
Hesselbo, J.C., MA status
Hesselbo, S.P., MA, St Peter's
Hetherington, C.J.D., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Heuchert, V., D.Phil., Oriel
Hewis, P., MA, Harris Manchester
Hewitt, K.J., MA status, University Safety Office
Hewitt, K.R., Lady Margaret Hall
Hewstone, M.R.C., D.Phil., New College
Heyer, J.U., MA, Somerville
Heyes, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Heyworth, S.J., MA, Wadham
Hibbott, Y., MA status, Radcliffe Science Library
Hicks, N.R., BM, MA, Green College
Hickson, I.D., MA status, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Hiddleston, J.A., MA, Exeter
Hide, R., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Higginbotham, P.G., MA status, Computing Services
Higginbottom, E., MA, D.Phil., New College
Higgs, D.R., MA status, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Higham, T., Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
Hill, A.V.S., MA, D.Phil.,DM, Exeter
Hill, B.S., MA status, Christ Church
Hill, H.A.O., MA, D.Sc., Queen's
Hill, T.J., MA, Templeton
Hilliard, K.F., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Hills, D.A., MA, Lincoln
Hilton-Jones, D., MA status, Department of Clinical Neurology
Hinch, R., M.Phys., Brasenose
Hine, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Hirschon, R.B., MA, St Peter's
Hitchin, N.J., MA, D.Phil., New College
Hoad, T.F., MA, St Peter's
Hoare, Sir Charles, MA, Wolfson
Hobbs, M.J.D., MA, Wadham
Hobby, R.M., MA, St John's
Hobson, A., MA, Magdalen
Hockaday, T.R., Isis Innovation Ltd
Hodby, J.W., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Hodges, A.P., MA status, Wadham
Hodges, W.G., MA status, Bodleian Library
Hodgkin, J.A., MA, Keble
Hodgson, D.M., MA, Oriel
Hodgson, G.M.T., MA, Green College
Hodgson, P.E., MA, Corpus Christi
Hoekstra, K.S.J., MA status, Balliol
Hofen, L.H.C., University Offices
Hogan, C.M., MA status, Examination Schools
Hoge, K., M.Phil., D.Phil., St Anne's
Holes, C.D., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Holland, A.R., BA, St John's
Holland, M.B., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Holland, P., Green College
Holland, P.W.H., MA, Merton
Hollis, A.S., B.Phil., MA, Keble
Holman, R.R., MA status, Green College
Holmes, A.R., MA, Sub-department of Particle Physics
Holmes, C.A., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Holmes, C.J., MA, M.St., D.Phil., University
Holmes, C.P.H., MA, Corpus Christi
Holmes, D.C., MA, M.St., D.Phil., New College
Holmes, D.R., MA, St John's
Holmes, E.A., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Holmes, E.C., MA, St Catherine's
Holt, D.D.F., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Holton, A.C., MA, St Hilda's
Hood, C.C., MA, All Souls
Hood, J.A., Worcester
Hood, R.G., MA, D.Phil., DCL, All Souls
Hooker, S.M., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Hope, R.A., BM, MA, St Cross
Hopewell, J.W., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Hopwood, A.G., MA, Christ Church
Hopwood, D., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Horden, J.N.P.B., MA, All Souls
Horder, J.C.N., BCL, MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Horder, T.J., MA, Jesus
Hore, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Horgan, D.M., MA status, Trinity
Horn, W., Computing Services
Horsfall, L., MA, St John's
Hotta, E., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Wadham
Houlsby, G.T., MA, D.Phil.,D.Sc., Brasenose
Houston, W.J., BA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Howard, B.J., MA, Pembroke
Howard, E., MA, Templeton
Howard, Sir Michael, MA, D.Litt., Oriel
Howard, S.M., MA status, D.Phil., Jesus
Howard-Johnston, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Howarth, J.H., MA, St Hilda's
Howarth, S., University Offices
Howatson, A.M., MA, Balliol
Howatson, M.C., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Howe, D.W., MA, St Catherine's
Howell, P.D., MA, University
Howells, C.M., MA, Wadham
Howgego, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Howison, S.D., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Christ Church
Howlett, D.R., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Howson, S., MA, D.Phil., New College
Hoyano, L.C.H., Wadham
Hoyland, R.G., MA, D.Phil., Oriental Institute
Hoyle, C.E., MA status, M.Sc., D.Phil., Green College
Hoyle, J.S., Department for Continuing Education
Hsu, E., Green College
Huda, A., University Development Office
Hudson, A.E., Kellogg
Hudson, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Huffman, B.T., Lady Margaret Hall
Hufton, O.H., MA, Merton
Hughes, B.J., Department of Engineering Science
Hughes, G.F., MA, Nuffield
Hughes, G.J., MA, Campion Hall
Hughes, I.A., University Surveyor's Office
Hughes, M.G., MA, St Hugh's
Hughes, R.O., MA status, University Offices
Hughson, L., Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Hull, J., BA, BM, DM, Lincoln
Humphries, K.J., MA, All Souls
Humphries, S.N., MA, M.St., D.Phil., Trinity
Hunt, A.B., B.Litt., MA, St Peter's
Hunt, A.C., International Development Centre
Hunt, F.A., MA status, University Offices
Hunt, J., Department of Social Policy and Social Work
Hunt, J.D., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Hunt, S.V., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Hunter, D.C., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Hunter, S.M., University Offices
Hurd, J.E., MA, Magdalen
Hurley, P.A., MA status, Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Hurley, S.L., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Hurrell, A.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Nuffield
Hurst, C., MA, St Catherine's
Hurst, J.A., Genetics Laboratories
Hurst, M.C., MA, St John's
Huson, S.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Hussey, E.L., MA, All Souls
Hutchinson, G.O., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Hutchison, J.L., MA, Wolfson
Hyatt, N.D., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Hyde, S.C., Queen's
Hyman, J.D., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Hyman, N.M., MA status, Department of Clinical Neurology
Ierodiakonou, K., MA, St Hugh's
Iles, J.F., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Impey, A.W.R., MA, Templeton
Impey, O.R., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., Green College
Ingram, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Innes, J.M., MA, Somerville
Inwood, M.J., MA, Trinity
Ireland, P.T., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Irwin, P.G.J., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Isaacson, D.R., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Islei, G., MA, Templeton
Iversen, S.D., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Magdalen
Ives, C.J.G., MA, Magdalen
Ives, N.K., MA status, Neonatal Unit
Jack, B.E., MA status, D.Phil., Christ Church
Jack, J.J.B., BM, MA, University
Jackson, A.J.W., MA, M.St., D.Phil., Mansfield
Jackson, C.A., MA status, Kellogg
Jackson, M.L., MA, St Anne's
Jacob, R.P., Department of Engineering Science
Jacobs, J.N., MA, Jesus
Jacobs, O.L.R., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Jacoby, R.J., MA, Linacre
Jacomb, Sir Martin, MA, Worcester
Jacqueson, C., St John's
Jakobsen, B.K., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
Jaksch, D., Keble
James, A.C.D., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
James, I.M., MA, D.Phil., New College
James, S.F., Merton
James, W.R., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
James, W.S., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Jamil, N.M., St Cross
Jarick, J.W., St Stephen's House
Jaworski, B., MA, Worcester
Jay, E.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., St Anne's
Jayatilaka, R.A., D.Phil., Pembroke
Jeavons, P.G., MA, St Anne's
Jedwab, J., Worcester
Jefferson, A.M., MA, D.Phil., New College
Jeffery, C.E., University Development Office
Jeffreys, E.M., B.Litt., MA, Exeter
Jeffreys, P.W., MA, Keble
Jelley, N.A., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Jenkins, J.M., MA status, Computing Services
Jenkins, M.L., MA status, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Jenkinson, C.P., MA status, D.Phil., Green College
Jenkinson, T.J., MA, Keble
Jenkyns, H.C., MA, St Edmund Hall
Jenkyns, P.J., MA status, St Edmund Hall
Jenkyns, R.H.A., MA, M.Litt., Lady Margaret Hall
Jennings, C., MA, Templeton
Jennings, C.C., Queen's
Jephcoat, A.P., MA, Brasenose
Jewell, D.P., BM, MA, D.Phil., Green College
Jewitt, I.D., Nuffield
Jezzard, P.H., MA, University
Jirotka, M.D.A., MA status, St Cross
Jockusch, R.A., Linacre
Johansen-Berg, H., BA, St Edmund Hall
Johns, J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Johnson, D.F., MA, St Antony's
Johnson, G.A., MA status, Christ Church
Johnson, J.L., MA, M.Phil., Exeter
Johnson, J.M., St Anne's
Johnson, Dame Louise, MA, Corpus Christi
Johnson, N., MA, Nuffield
Johnson, N.F., MA, Lincoln
Johnson, P., MA status, Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Johnson, P., MA, Exeter
Johnson, P.R.V., St Edmund Hall
Johnson, R.D., Magdalen
Johnston, M.B., MA, Corpus Christi
Johnston, P.S., MA, D.Phil., Wycliffe Hall
Johnston, S.A., MA status, Museum of the History of Science
Johnstone, H.D., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Johnstone, P.C., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Jones, A., MA, Pembroke
Jones, A.C., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Jones, C.M., MA, St Peter's
Jones, D.P.H., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Jones, E.L., MA, New College
Jones, G., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Jones, H., MA status, Department of Physics
Jones, H.K., Department of Engineering Science
Jones, H.W., MA status, Clinical Geratology Unit
Jones, J.A., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Jones, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Jones, N.D., D.Phil., Trinity
Jones, P.B., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Jones, S, MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Jones, S.M., MA, Merton
Jones, T.V., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Jordan, C., MA, Somerville
Joshi, V.R., MA, Merton
Joyce, D.D., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Joyce, P.M., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Joynes, C.E., MA, M.St., Trinity
Judd, R.C., MA, M.Phil., Keble
Judge, S.J., MA, St Anne's
Judson, R.L., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Juniper, B.E., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Jurado, E.M., M.Phil.,D.Phil., Oriel
Juskaitis, R., MA status, St Peter's
Kacelnik, A., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Kahn, A.S., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Kaika, M., MA status, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Kaizer, T., D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Kaji, H., MA status, Oriental Institute
Kambouroglou, G., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Kan, S.-Y., MA status, Institute for Chinese Studies
Kana'an, R., M.Phil., D.Phil., Linacre
Kara, H., Oriental Institute
Karpe, F., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Kathirithamby, J., MA, St Hugh's
Kauffmann, M.R., MA, Merton
Kay, J.D.S., MA, M.Sc., Balliol
Kaye, C.J., MA status, University Development Office
Kaye, J.S., St Catherine's
Kayser, M.A., MA, Nuffield
Kean, M., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Keane, E.L., BA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Kearns, E.G.D., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Kearsey, S.E., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Keats-Rohan, K.S.B., MA status, Linacre
Keeble, S., MA status, Nuffield Department of Surgery
Keeling, D.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Keen, M.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Keene, A.E., MA, M.Sc., Linacre
Kehoe, S.T., St Peter's
Kelemen, R.D., MA, Lincoln
Keller, A.D., University Library Services
Keller, R.G., Hertford
Kelly, C.H.M., MA, D.Phil., New College
Kelly, J.S., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Kemp, M.J., MA, Trinity
Kemp, S.R., MA, St John's
Kemp, T.S., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Kempshall, M.S., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Kendall, A.C., MA status, University Safety Office
Kennedy, A.S., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Kennedy, B.A., MA, St Hugh's
Kennedy, I.A., Diabetes Trials Unit
Kennedy, P.A.M., MA status, Mansfield
Kennedy, P.J.C., Harris Manchester
Kennedy, S.H., MA, Green College
Kennedy, W.J., MA, D.Sc., Kellogg
Kennett, R.P., MA status, Department of Clinical Neurology
Kenny, Sir Anthony, MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., St John's
Kenny, Lady Nancy, Oxford University Society
Kenworthy-Browne, J.M., BM, MA, Oriel
Kenwright, J., BM, MA, Worcester
Kenyon, J.D., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Ker, I.T., MA, Campion Hall
Kerr, D.J., Corpus Christi
Kerr, F.G., MA, Blackfriars
Kerr, R.S.C., MA, Green College
Kerslake, C.J., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Kessler, I.J., MA, Templeton
Kewes, P., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Kewley, S.J., Department for Continuing Education
Keymer, T.E., MA, St Anne's
Keys, N., Taylor Institution
Khong, Y.F., MA, Nuffield
Kidd, R.S., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Kilburn, M.C., BA, D.Phil., St John's
Killeen, M.C., New College
Killoran, S.A., Harris Manchester
Kim, H.S., MA status, M.Phil., Lincoln
Kimel, D., D.Phil., New College
Kinahan, R.W., MA status, University Offices
King, A.J., MA status, Merton
King, A.N.O., MA, M.Phil., Campion Hall
King, D.S., MA, Nuffield
Kinlen, L.J., MA status, D.Phil., Department of Public Health
Kirchheim, B., MA, Trinity
Kirkland, A.I., Linacre
Kirwan, C.A., MA, Exeter
Kirwan, F.C., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Kirwan, J.P.A., MA, Greyfriars
Kissick, Y.S., MA status, Bodleian Japanese Library
Kittsteiner, T., MA, Nuffield
Kitzinger, U., MA, M.Litt., Nuffield
Klein, J., MA, Exeter
Klein, M., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Klemperer, P.D., MA, Nuffield
Klepping, A.H., Isis Innovation Ltd
Knight, A.S., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Knight, J.B., MA, St Edmund Hall
Knight, M.R., MA status, St Catherine's
Knight, P.H., MA status, Department of Plant Sciences
Knight, R.F.M., MA, Templeton
Knight, R.W., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Knight, S.J.L., Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Knowland, A.M., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre
Knowland, J.S., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Knowles, C.J., MA status, Linacre
Knowles, T.M., MA, Lincoln
Kohl, K.M., MA, Jesus
Kohl, P., MA status, Keble
Koninckx, P.R.M.W.G., MA status, Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Konnova, V.F., MA status, M.Litt., Taylor Institution
Korsunsky, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Kostovicova, D., Linacre
Kouvaritakis, B., MA, St Edmund Hall
Kowalzig, B., MA, M.St., D.Phil., University
Kramer, R., Bodleian Oriental Collections
Kraus, C.S., MA, Oriel
Kraus, H., MA, Corpus Christi
Krebs, Sir John, MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Krebs, T., BCL, MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Kreitzer, L.J., MA status, Regent's Park
Kreuzer, G.K., MA, M.St., Merton
Kringelbach, M.L., D.Phil., Queen's
Krishnaswamy, S., BCL, Pembroke
Kristensen, J., MA, Magdalen
Krug, K., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Kruger, N.J., MA, St Cross
Kuhn, T.M., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Kurinczuk, J.J., National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit
Kurkchiyan, M., Wolfson
Kurtz, D., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Kurwa, H.A., Department of Dermatology
Kwiatkowski, D.P., MA, Department of Paediatrics
Kwint, M.S., MA status, D.Phil., Magdalen
La Masurier, M.D., BM, B.Ch., MA, Somerville
La Rue, H.T., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Lackenby, M., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Laczik, Z.J., D.Phil., MA status, St Anne's
Ladle, R.J., D.Phil., Wolfson
Lakhani, P.K., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Lakhoo, K.K., Nuffield Department of Surgery
Lakin, N.D., St Peter's
Lall, S., B.Phil., MA, Green College
Lalljee, M.G., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Lalvani, A., MA, Balliol
Lamb, S.H., MA, St Cross
Lambert, R., MA, Templeton
Lambert, T.W., MA status, Department of Public Health
Lamond, G.I., MA, D.Phil., BCL, Balliol
Lancaster, T.R., MA, Corpus Christi
Landau, D., MA, Worcester
Landers, J.M., MA, All Souls
Landis, E.C., MA, All Souls
Lane Fox, R.J., MA, New College
Lang, B., MA status, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Lang, G., B.Phil., University
Langdale, J., MA, Queen's
Langford, P., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Langley, H.M.L., MA status, Bodleian Library
Langton, J., MA, St John's
Lankester, Sir Timothy, MA, Corpus Christi
Lannon, F., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Larminie, V.M., MA status, New Dictionary of National Biography
Larrington, C.A., MA, St John's
Lau, W.W., Sub-department of Particle Physics
Lauder, A.G.B., MA, Hertford
Lawes, R., MA, D.Phil., Greyfriars
Lawrence, V.J., History Faculty Library
Laws, C.N., MA, Somerville
Lawton Smith, R.H., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Lazarus, L., MA status, St Anne's
Lea, S.M., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Leal, D., MA status, Brasenose
Lear, P.V., MA status, Corpus Christi
Leaver, C.J., MA, St John's
Leaver, C.L., MA, Nuffield
Leaver, L.B., BM, MA, Green College
Lechene, V.M., MA, Wadham
Ledingham, J.G.G., DM, New College
Lee, H., MA, M.Phil., New College
Lee, J.A., School of Geography and the Environment
Lee, S.D., MA status, Computing Services
Lee, V., MA, Exeter
Leece, R.B., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Leeder, K.J., MA, D.Phil., New College
Lees-Baxter, C., MA status, University Offices
Leese, R.A., MA status, St Catherine's
Leeson, G.W., MA, M.Sc., St Peter's
Leftow, B., Oriel
Legg, J.R., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Lehane, J.R., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Leigh, C.R., University Development Office
Leigh, M.G.L., MA, St Anne's
Leigh, P.A., MA status, Department of Engineering Science
Lemon, A., MA, Mansfield
Lennox, J.C., MA, D.Phil., Green College
Leonard, C.S., MA, St Antony's
Leone, A., Institute of Archaeology
Leopold, D.C., MA, Christ Church
Lescott, G.B., MA status, Computing Services
L'Estrange Fawcett, L., MA status, M.Phil., D.Phil., St Catherine's
Letki, N., MA, Nuffield
Lever, Sir Jeremy, MA, All Souls
Levick, B., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Levin, D., MA
Lewis, C.A., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Lewis, H.A., Kellogg
Lewis, J.B., MA, Wolfson
Lewis, J.E., MA, St Cross
Lewis, K.A., MA status, Computing Services
Lewis, P.S., MA, All Souls
Lewis, P.S.C., MA, Wolfson
Lewis, R., BA, M.St., D.Phil., Wolfson
Lewis, R.G., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Lewis, S.R., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Leyser, H.L.V., MA, M.Litt., St Peter's
Libertiny, G.G., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Lightfoot, J.L., MA, D.Phil., New College
Ligoxygakis, P., St Cross
Lin, H.H, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
Lindsell, D.R.M., MA status, Department of Radiology
Lintern-Ball, M., MA, St Hilda's
Linton, A., MA, M.St., D.Phil., Christ Church
Linton, E.A., MA status, Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Lintott, A.W., MA, D.Litt., Worcester
Linzey, A., MA status, Mansfield
Lippiat, J.D., Linacre
Litchfield, G.W., MA status, Computing Services
Littlehales, J.M., MA status, Computing Services
Littlewood, T.J., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Liu, T.T., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Liverman, D.M., MA, Linacre
Liwicki, R.J.D., MA status, University Offices
Llewellyn, S.P., Harris Manchester
Lloyd, C.M.S., MA status, International Development Centre
Lloyd, G.J., MA status, Land Agent's and Accommodation Office
Lloyd, H.R.F., MA, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Lloyd, M.F., D.Phil., St Stephen's House
Loach, A.B., MA, Brasenose
Lock, G.E., MA status, D.Phil., Queen's
Lock, G.R., MA status, Kellogg
Lockhart, R., MA status, Kellogg
Locock, M.L., MA, M.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Lodge, P.A., BA, Mansfield
Lofthouse, R.A., BA, Corpus Christi
Loftus, G.R., MA status, Language Centre
Logan, D.E., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Loh, L., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Loken, J.G., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Long, N.J., MA status, Computing Services
Longrigg, E.V., MA, Faculty of English Language and Literature
Lonsdale, R.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Lord, R.G., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Loughlin, J.A., MA status, Musculoskeletal Sciences Institute
Loughlin-Chow, M.C., M.Phil., Worcester
Loughry, M., MA status, Campion Hall
Louth, C.B., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Loveridge, R., Faculty of Management
Lovesey, S.W., MA status, D.Phil., D.Sc., Linacre
Lovett, K.J., MA, Keble
Lovibond, S.M., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Lowe, A.V., MA, All Souls
Lowe, G., MA, St Catherine's
Lowry, D., MA status, Greyfriars
Lowry, M.E., MA status, Greyfriars
Lucas, Sir Colin, MA, D.Phil., Hon. DCL, All Souls
Lucas, J.R., MA, Merton
Ludlow, M.A., BA, MA, Wolfson
Luke, G.L., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Lunn, A.D., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Lunn, M., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Lyden, T., MA status, Careers Service
Lynas-Gray, A.E., MA status, Sub-department of Astrophysics
Lyne, R.O.A.M., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Lyons, L., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Lyons, T.J., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Ma, J.T.C., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Mabro, R.E., MA, St Antony's
Macaro, E., MA, Worcester
Macaulay, V.M., Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
MacCulloch, D.N.J., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
MacDonald, A.C., All Souls
MacDonald, A.N.C., MA status, University Offices
Macdonald, D.W., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Macdonald, K.I., B.Phil., MA, Nuffield
Macdonald, M.C.A., MA, Wolfson
MacFarlane, S.N., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., St Anne's
MacFaul, T.W., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
MacGregor, A.G., MA, St Cross
Macintosh, F., MA status, St Cross
MacKenzie, I.Z., MA, D.Sc., St Hugh's
Mackinnon, C.F., MA, Pembroke
Mackridge, P.A., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
MacLaren, R.E., D.Phil., Merton
Maclean, I.W.F., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Maclean, M.T., MA, Wolfson
Macmillan, W.D., MA, Hertford
Macnair, M.R.T., BCL, MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
MacPhail, Sir Bruce, MA, Templeton
MacPherson, G.G., BM, MA, D.Phil., Oriel
MacRobert, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Madden, P.A., MA, Queen's
Maddicott, J.R.L., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Madelung, W.F., MA, St John's
Magill, P.J., D.Phil., Magdalen
Maguire, L.E., MA, Magdalen
Mahadevan, L.C., MA, Trinity
Maiden, M.C.J., MA status, Department of Zoology
Maiden, M.D., MA, Trinity
Maini, P.K., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Malcolm, N., All Souls
Malcomson, J.M., MA, All Souls
Málek, J., MA status, Ashmolean Museum (Griffith Institute)
Mallinson, G.J., MA, Trinity
Malowany, M.J., Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine
Malpas, M., B.Litt., MA, Hertford
Maltby, J.D., MA, Corpus Christi
Mandelbrote, S.H., MA, All Souls
Mander, W.J., B.Phil., MA status, D.Phil., Harris Manchester
Manek, S., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Mango, C.A., MA, Exeter
Mannack, T.C., MA status, Cast Gallery
Manolopoulos, D.E., MA, St Edmund Hall
Mant, D.C., MA, Kellogg
Mapstone, S.L., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Mardon, H.J., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Marquand, D.I., MA, Mansfield
Marsh, J.B.N., MA status, New College
Marsh, K., Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
Marshall, A.C., Computing Services
Marshall, F.N., MA, University
Marshall, J., MA status, University Safety Office
Marshall, J.C., MA, Green College
Marshall, S.P., M.Math., D.Phil., Wadham
Marston, E., MA status, Taylor Institution
Martin, A.P., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg
Martin, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Martin, E., MA, Nuffield
Martin, J.M., MA, M.St., D.Phil., Lincoln
Martin, P.E., MA, St Edmund Hall
Martin, P.J., MA, Wadham
Martin, R.M.A., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Martineau, R.P., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Martinec, T., MA, Lincoln
Martinez-Pomares, L., MA status, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
Martyn, J.R., MA, Trinity
Marven, L., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Mash, R.T.B., MA, New College
Maskell, D.W., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Mason, D.G., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Mason, D.J., MA status, Language Centre
Mason, D.W., BM, MA status, St John's
Mason, D.Y., DM, Pembroke
Mason, E.J., Corpus Christi
Mason, G.J., MA status, Department of Zoology
Mason, L.J., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Mason, P.D., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Mathews, F.J., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Matthews, D.R., BM, MA, D.Phil., Harris Manchester
Matthews, E., MA, St Hilda's
Matthews, M.H., BCL, MA, University
Matthews, M.R., MA, DM, Lady Margaret Hall
Matthews, P.B.C., D.Sc., DM, Christ Church
Matthews, P.M., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Mattli, W., St John's
Maughan, G.N., MA, Wycliffe Hall
Maw, D.N., MA, Oriel
Mawson, C.S., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Mawson, T.J., MA, St Peter's
Maxwell, V.J., Medical School Office
May, A.C., MA, D.Phil., St John's
May, Sir Robert, MA, Merton
Mayer, C.P., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Mayer, H., MA status, D.Phil., St Peter's
Mayers, D.F., MA, New College
Mayhew, K., MA, Pembroke
Mayhew, N.J., MA, D.Litt., St Cross
Mayou, R.A., BM, MA, M.Sc., Nuffield
Mayr-Harting, H.M.R.E., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Mazey, S.P., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Mazzarino, G., MA, Department of Economics
McBarnet, D.J., MA status, Wolfson
McCabe, R.A., MA, Merton
McCann, L.J., MA, Somerville
McCarthy, M.I., MA, Green College
McCarthy, N.D., Department of Zoology
McCleery, R.H., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
McClelland, E.A., MA status, Jesus
McColl, W.F., MA, Wadham
McCombie, E.A.A., BA, M.St., St John's
McConnell, J.D.C., MA, St Hugh's
McCormick, K.P.B., Neonatal Unit
McCrudden, J.C., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
McCulloch, M.D., MA, Christ Church
McCullough, P.E., MA, Lincoln
McDermott, D., D.Phil., Keble
McDiarmid, C.J.H., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Corpus Christi
McDonagh, J., MA, Linacre
McDonald, P.D., MA status, D.Phil., St Hugh's
McDonnell, J.M., MA, Somerville
McDonnell, R.A., D.Phil, St John's
McFadden, P.D., MA, Jesus
McFarlane, B., St Peter's
McGavin, G.C., MA status, Oxford University Museum of Natural History
McGee, J.O'D., MA, Linacre
McGilchrist, I.K., MA, All Souls
McGladdery, K.D., Department of Zoology
McGrath, A.E., MA, D.Phil., Wycliffe Hall
McGuinness, P.R.A., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
McHenry, R.E., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
McIlhinney, R.A.J., MA status, Pembroke
McKee, C.A., MA, St John's
McKeever, S., Kellogg
McKendrick, A.R., Careers Service
McKendrick, E.G., BCL, MA, Lady Margaret Hall
McKenna, B., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
McKenna, C.D., MA, Brasenose
Mckenzie, J., Sub-faculty of Archaeology
McKenzie, P.J., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
McKibbin, R.I., MA, D.Phil., St John's
McLardy Smith, P.D., MA, Wadham
McLaren, A.J., BA, BM, B.Ch., DM, Magdalen
McLatchie, R.C.F., MA, St Cross
McLauchlan, K.A., MA, Hertford
McLaughlin, M.L., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
McLean, A.R., MA, St Catherine's
McLean, I.S., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield
McLean, M.J., Institute for the Advancement of University Learning
McLeary, K., St Antony's
Mcleod, P.D., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
McMichael, A.J., MA, Corpus Christi
McMillan, A., MA, Nuffield
McMillan, R.M., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
McMullen, I.J., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
McNally, E.G., MA status, Department of Radiology
McNally, M., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
McNamee, R.V., D.Phil., Lincoln
McNay, L., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
McNeil, R.A., MA, Oriel
McPherson, A., MA, Green College
McQuay, H.J., DM, Balliol
McShane, M.A., MA status, Department of Paediatrics
McShane, R.H., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
McVean, G.A.T., MA, Linacre
McWilliam, J., MA status, Department of Public Health
Meager, R.E., BCL, New College
Meakins, J.L., MA, Balliol
Mee, J.A., MA, University
Melchert, C., MA, Pembroke
Melham, T.F., MA, Balliol
Mellanby, J., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Mellor, E.J.C., MA, Queen's
Menotti, F., D.Phil., St Cross
Merchant, A.C., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Meredith, D., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Merrett, G.E., MA status
Meston, N., Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Metcalf, D.M., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., Wolfson
Methven, J.C., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Meyer, M.A., MA, Nuffield
Michael, I.D.L., MA, Exeter
Michot, Y.M., MA status, Islamic Studies Centre
Micklem, K.J., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Middleton, N.J., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Miles, S., MA status, Bodleian Library
Milford, C.A., MA status, Department of Otolaryngology
Millar, F.G.B., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., Brasenose
Millar, J.M., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Millard, D.W., MA, Green College
Millard, P.R., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Millea, N.A., Bodleian Maps
Miller, D.J., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Miller, D.L., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield
Miller, L., MA, St Catherine's
Miller, M.G., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Milliken, S., MA status, D.Phil., St Cross
Mills, C., MA, Nuffield
Mills, D., Trinity
Mills, R.A., MA, Magdalen
Milmo, M., MA status, Law Faculty Office
Milne, R.R., MA, Wolfson
Milner, A., MA, Trinity
Milton, A.L., Ripon College
Mingos, D.M.P., MA, St Edmund Hall
Minns, D.P., MA status, Blackfriars
Minto, J.A., MA status, Oxford Colleges Admissions Office
Minton, M.J., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Minty, M.J., MA, Christ Church
Minty, W.L.F., MA status, Bodleian Library
Mirfield, P.N., BCL, MA, Jesus
Misbah, S.A., Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Misra, A.M., MA, Keble
Mitchell, C.D., Department of Paediatrics
Mitchell, E., University Offices
Mitchell, L.G., MA, D.Phil., University
Mitchell, P.J., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Mitter, R.S.R., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Moar, V.A., MA status, Department of Pharmacology
Moffett, J.C., MA status, Ashmolean Museum
Mogg, J.N.B., MA status, Sub-department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
Molnár, Z., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Moloney, M.G., MA, St Peter's
Molyneux, A.J., MA, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Mommer, B., MA status, St Antony's
Monaco, A.P., MA status, Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
Monks, S.S., New College
Montagu, J.P.S., MA, Wadham
Montgomery, J.A., MA, St John's
Montgomery, P., M.Sc., D.Phil., St Cross
Moorbath, S., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Linacre
Moore, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Regent's Park
Moore, A.R., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Moore, A.W., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Moore, H.D., MA, Corpus Christi
Moore, N.R., MA, Green College
Moore, S.J., MA, M.Sc., Keble
Moore, W.R., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Moorey, P.R.S., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Moran, D.P., BA, Christ Church
Moreno, A.E., MA, Magdalen
Morgan, B.A.C., BA, D.Phil., Worcester
Morgan, B.M., MA, Wadham
Morgan, K.O., MA, D.Phil., D.Litt., Queen's
Morgan, L.W.G., MA, Brasenose
Morgan, T.J., MA, University
Morgan, W.M., MA status, Mansfield
Morgan-Giles, J.A.D., MA, MBA, Templeton
Morison, B.C.A., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Moroz, I.M., MA, St Hilda's
Morpurgo Davies, A.E., MA, Somerville
Morris, Sir Derek, MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Morris, D.M., MA status, University Development Office
Morris, J.F., MA, St Hugh's
Morris, J.H., BM, B.Ch., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Morris, K.J., MA status, D.Phil., Mansfield
Morris, M.A., MA status, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Morris, Sir Peter, MA, Balliol
Morris, T.J., MA, Templeton
Morrison, A.D., Merton
Morrison, A.S., BA, All Souls
Morriss-Kay, G.M., MA, Balliol
Morse, Sir Jeremy, MA, All Souls
Mortensen, N.J., MA status, Green College
Morton, H.F., MA., Somerville
Morton, J.P., MA status, University Offices
Morton, K.W., MA, Balliol
Morwood, J.H.W., MA, Wadham
Mothersole, P., MA status, University Press
Mott, R.F., Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
Mountford, B., MA, Oriel
Mountford, P., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Mouron, A.E., M.Phil., D.Phil., Lincoln
Mowat, A.G., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Moxon, E.R., MA, Jesus
Muddiman, J.B., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Muellbauer, J.N.J., MA, Nuffield
Mugglestone, L.C., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Mukerji, S., MA, University
Mukherjee, A., Wadham
Muldoon, P., MA status, Faculty of English Language and Literature
Mulhall, S.J., MA, D.Phil., New College
Muller, B., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Müller, J.W., MA, M.Phil., All Souls
Mulvey, J.H., MA, Wolfson
Muncaster, M.N.C., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Mundell Mango, M.C., MA status, D.Phil., St John's
Munro, V.E., MA, St Hilda's
Murawski, A.S., D.Phil., St John's
Murphy, M.A., Nuffield Department of Surgery
Murphy, M.F., Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Murphy, S., MA status, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
Murray, A., B.Phil., MA, University
Murray, B.J., Research Services
Murray, D., Nuffield Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Murray, D.W., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Murray, J.D., MA, D.Sc., Corpus Christi
Murray, O., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Muskett, J.A., MA status, University Offices
Mustapha, A.R., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Mutton, T.A., MA status, Department of Educational Studies
Myatt, D.P., MA, St Catherine's
Myerson, S.G., Department of Cardiovascular Medicine
Nabulsi, K., MA status, M.Phil., D.Phil., Nuffield
Nahapiet, J.E., MA, Templeton
Narlikar, A., M.Phil., D.Phil., St John's
Nash, E.M., Oriel
Nation, K.A., MA, St John's
Naughton, J.D., MA, St Edmund Hall
Neate, G.P., MA, Christ Church
Neil, H.A.W., MA, Wolfson
Nelson, G.A., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Nemeth, A.H., D.Phil., Pembroke
Nestor, R.J., MA status, Institute for the Advancement of University Learning
Netting, G.P., MA status, Radcliffe Science Library
Nettler, R.L., MA, Mansfield
Neubauer, S.K., MA, Christ Church
Neumann, P.M., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Queen's
New, M.G., School of Geography and the Environment
New, S.J., MA, Hertford
Newbold, C.I., MA, D.Phil., Green College
Newbury, C.W., MA, Linacre
Newbury, G.T., MA, Pembroke
Newbury, S.F., MA status, St John's
Newby, L.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., St Hilda's
Newell, P.C., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., St Peter's
Newlyn, L.A., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Newman, J.A., MA, St Peter's
Newsom-Davis, J.M., DM, St Edmund Hall
Newton, J.N., MA, Trinity
Newton-Smith, W.H., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Nicholas, R.J., MA, D.Phil., University
Nicholls, A.J., B.Phil., MA, St Antony's
Nicholls, J.S.D., Oxford PGMDE
Nicholson, E.W., DD, Oriel
Nicholson, J., MA status, Pitt Rivers Museum
Nicholson, M.A., MA, D.Phil., University
Nicholson, P.R., University Offices
Nicholson, S.J., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Nickerson, R.B., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Nicolaïdis, K.A., St Antony's
Niederkorn, M., Exeter
Nielsen, B., MA, Nuffield
Nightingale, J.B.W., MA, Magdalen
Nightingale, P., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Nikitenko, L.L., Linacre
Nisbet, J.J., MA, Harris Manchester
Nishizawa, K., Oriental Institute
Nix, J.A., MA status, University Offices
Nixon, L.F., MA status, Magdalen
Nizami, F.A., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Noble, D., MA, Balliol
Noble, J.A., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Noble, J.G., MA status, Department of Urology
Noble, M.E.M., MA, Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics
Nobre, A.C. de O., MA, New College
Nolan, D.P., MA, Worcester
Noon, J.M., MA status, University Offices
Norbrook, D.G.E., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Norbury, C.J., MA, Queen's
Norbury, J., MA, Lincoln
Norman, T.W.L., BA, All Souls
North, Sir Peter, DCL, Jesus
Northover, J.P., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Northrop, P.J., MA status, Department of Statistics
Nowell, D., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Nowell, T.E., BA, Green College
Nunziata, L., MA, M.Phil., Nuffield
Nuttall, A.D., B.Litt., MA, New College
Nuttall, J.A., BA, M.St., D.Phil., Merton
Nuttall, P.A., MA, Wolfson
Nye, E.M.J., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Nye, P.C.G., MA, Balliol
Oakes, C.M., MA, Kellogg
Obbink, D., MA, Christ Church
O'Brien, D.C., MA, Balliol
O'Cinneide, M.E., M.Phil., Keble
Ockenden, R.C., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Ockendon, H., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Ockendon, J.R., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
O'Connell, T.C., MA, D.Phil., St John's
O'Connor, P.L., MA, Harris Manchester
O'Day, A.E, Greyfriars
Odling-Smee, F.J., Mansfield
O'Donnell, C.A-M., MA status, University Occupational Health Service
O'Donnell, J., Central Administration
O'Donoghue, H., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Linacre
O'Donoghue, J.B., B.Phil., MA, Wadham
O'Donovan, O.M.T., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
O'Driscoll, D.J., MA status, Department of Biochemistry
Offen, J.F., MA, Oriel
Offer, A., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Ogg, G.S., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
O'Hanlon, M.D.P., MA, Linacre
O'Hara, G., BA, M.Sc., New College
O'Hare, D.M., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Old, J.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Old, N.J., Public Relations Office
Oldfield, M.L.G., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Oldham, N.J., Jesus
O'Leary, D.A.P., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Oliver, H.R., MA, Harris Manchester
Oliver, S.A., BA, MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Oliveri, G., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Olleson, D.E., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Olliver, J.G., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
O'Neill, R.J., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Ong, C.H.L., MA, Merton
Ong, P.C.-K., Mansfield
O'Nions, Sir Keith, MA, St Hugh's
Oppenheimer, C.V.R.P., BM, MA, Somerville
Oppenheimer, P.M., MA, Christ Church
Orchard, A.F., MA, University
Orchard, T.R., MA, DM, St Cross
O'Reilly, K.A.Q., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Orford, B.A., St Cross
Ormerod, O.J.M., MA, DM, St Peter's
Ortenberg, V.N., MA status, D.Phil., Brasenose
Osborne, N.N., MA, Green College
O'Shaughnessy, T.J., MA, St Anne's
Osmond, R.H.A., MA, Christ Church
Ostle, R.C., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Ostlere, S.J.G., MA status, Department of Radiology
Östman-Smith, I., MA status, Department of Paediatrics
Ottolenghi, E., MA status, St Antony's
Ovenden, R., MA, St Hugh's
Owen, N.J., MA, Queen's


Paige, E.G.S., MA, St John's
Palace, J., MA status, Department of Clinical Neurology
Palade, V., Computing Laboratory
Palfreyman, D., MA, New College
Pallot, J., MA, Christ Church
Palmer, A.M., MA, St Catherine's
Palmer, C.W.P., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Palmer, J.M.P., MA, Keble
Palmer, N.F., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Pandher, K.S., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Pandit, J.J., BM, B.Ch., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Pannell, J.R., MA status, Wolfson
Pannick, D.P., BCL, MA, All Souls
Papadopoulos, M., Faculty of Music
Parekh, A.B., MA, Exeter
Parfit, D.A., MA, All Souls
Parish, R.J., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Parish, S.E., MA status, M.Sc., D.Phil., Wolfson
Parker, A.J., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Parker, M.J., MA, St Cross
Parker, R.C.T., MA, D.Phil., New College
Parker, S.C., University Surveyor's Office
Parkes, K.R., MA, M.Sc., Green College
Parkes, M.B., B.Litt., MA, D.Litt., Keble
Parkin, D.J., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Parkin, R.J., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Parkinson, B., MA, Christ Church
Parkinson, S.R., MA, Linacre
Parrington, J., MA, Worcester
Parrott, D.A., MA, D.Phil., New College
Parry, W.E., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Parsons, B.E., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Parsons, P.J., MA, Christ Church
Paseta, S., MA, St Hugh's
Pasquini, N., MA status, Brasenose
Passingham, R.E., MA, Wadham
Pasternak Slater, E.A.I., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Paterson, D.J., MA, Merton
Patten, C.F. Rt. Hon., MA, DCL, Balliol
Patterson, L.J., MA, M.St., Mansfield
Pattison, D.G., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Pattison, G.L., Christ Church
Paulin, T.N., MA, Hertford
Paulsen, O., MA, Keble
Paxton, C., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Payne, C.D., MA, Nuffield
Payne, F.P., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Payne, J.S., Merton
Pazos Alonso, C., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Peach, A.J., MA status, New Dictionary of National Biography
Peach, G.C.K., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Peach, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Pearce, M.-J., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Pears, C.J., MA, University
Pearson, R.A.G., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Peberdy, R.B., MA, Merton
Peedle, I.R., MA status, University Offices
Peel, W.E., MA, Keble
Peele, G.R., MA, M.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Peers, L.L., MA, Linacre
Pekkarinen, T., MA, Nuffield
Pelling, C.B.R., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Pelling, M.H., MA status, M.Litt., Linacre
Pendry, A.E., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Penney, J.H.W., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Penrose, Sir Roger, MA, Wadham
Pensom, R.M., MA, Hertford
Percy, A.C., Counselling Service
Percy, C.E., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Pereiro, J.S., Faculty of Modern History
Perkins, J., BA, All Souls
Perkins, J.M.T., Nuffield Department of Surgery
Perrins, C.M., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Perrow, D.E., MA, Templeton
Perry, S.P., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Peskett, G.D., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Peterlin, D., Regent's Park
Peters, A.G., St Cross
Peters, A.J., MA status, Taylor Institution Library
Peters, C., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Petford, A.D., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Petford-Long, A.K., MA status, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Pethica, J.B., MA, St Cross
Peto, Sir Richard, MA, Green College
Peto, T.E.A., BM, MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Petrie, C.A., Somerville
Petrinic, N., MA, Exeter
Petrou, S., MA status, National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit
Petrovich, O., D.Phil., Wolfson
Pettifor, D.G., MA, St Edmund Hall
Pettitt, P.B., MA status, Keble
Pezzella, F., Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Phelan, A., MA, Keble
Phelps, C.E., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Phillips, D.G., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Phillips, R.E., MA, Wolfson
Phillips-Hughes, J., MA status, Department of Radiology
Philp, M.F.E., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Oriel
Philpott, M., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Phoca-Cosmetatou, N., Wolfson
Pickard, H., MA, All Souls
Pickering, W.S.F., MA status, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Piddock, G.J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Pieke, F.N., MA, St Cross
Pike, M.G., MA, St Edmund Hall
Pike, P.G., University Surveyor's Office
Pilkington, A.E., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Pillai, G.J., St John's
Pillai, R., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Pinfold, J.R., MA, St Catherine's
Piret, M.J., MA, M.Litt., Magdalen
Piris, J., Wolfson
Piscatori, J.P., MA status, Wadham
Pitcher, J.C.G., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Pitkethly, R.H., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Pitt-Francis, J.M., MA status, Wadham
Platt, F.M., MA status, Department of Biochemistry
Plugge, E.H., Wolfson
Plummer, I.R., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Plummer, R.M., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Plunkett, K.R., MA, St Hugh's
Pobjoy, M.P., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Podsiadlowski, P., MA, St Edmund Hall
Pogge Von Strandmann, H.J.O., MA, D.Phil., University
Polik, L., University Offices
Pollard, A.J., Department of Paediatrics
Pollini, N., D.Phil., Merton
Pollmann, J.S., MA status, Somerville
Pooley, O.E.E., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Popat, M.T., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Pope, A.E., Department of Public Health
Popham, M.G., MA status, Computing Services
Popplewell, D.A., MA status, Department of Experimental Psychology
Porcelli, D.R., MA, St Anne's
Pormann, P.E., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Posner, R.R., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Pottle, M.C., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Potts, J.R., MA status, Wolfson
Pountney, R., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Powell, B.W.F., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Powell, H.P., MA, Oriel
Powell, S.J., University Offices
Powell, S.M., MA status, Department of Dermatology
Powell, T., MA, D.Sc., New College
Powrie, F.M., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre
Poynting, S.K., MA status, Linacre
Pravda, A., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Prentice, D.D., MA, Pembroke
Prest, J.M., MA, Balliol
Preston, J.M., MA, St Anne's
Pretto, A., MA, M.St., D.Phil., Brasenose
Price, C.D., MA status, Medical School Office
Price, D.J., MA status, Linacre
Price, J.R., BA, BM, B.Ch., Queen's
Price, M.T., MA status, Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Price, S.R.F., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Priestland, D.R., MA, St Edmund Hall
Priestley, H.A., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Priestman, D.A., MA status, Glycobiology Institute
Priestman, J.A., MA status, Brasenose
Prince, J.A., Student Administration
Pring, R.A., MA, Green College
Prior, C.R., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Pritchard, G., MA, Templeton
Probert, P., MA, M.Phil., Wolfson
Probert Smith, P.J., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Proks, P., MA status, D.Phil., St Cross
Prosser, P.D., Exeter
Proudfoot, N.J., MA, Lincoln
Pugh, C.W., MA, BM, D.Phil., Green College
Pulford, K.A.F., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Laboratory Sciences
Pulman, S.G., MA, Somerville
Pulzer, P.G.J., MA, All Souls
Purbrick, S., MA status, Medical School Office
Purcell, N., MA, St John's
Purcell, S., MA status, University Offices
Purkiss, D.M., MA, Keble
Pusey, J.G., MA, D.Phil., New College
Putney, J.W., MA, Lincoln
Pybus, O.G., D.Phil., Linacre
Pyper, C.M.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Quaghebeur, G., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Quah, J.K.H., MA, St Hugh's
Quant, P.A., Trinity
Quattrone, P., MA, Christ Church
Quigley, M.A., Linacre
Quillen, D.G., MA, Magdalen
Quinn, C.W., MA status, University Offices
Radda, G.K., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Radford, H.M., MA, Exeter
Radley-Gardner, O., BA, Pembroke
Radojicic, D., MA, Magdalen
Raeburn, A.R.G., MA, Templeton
Ragge, N.K., BM, B.Ch., New College
Rahtz, S., MA, Computing Services
Raine, C.A., MA, New College
Rainey, P.B., MA, St Cross
Rainford, L., MA, St Hugh's
Raitt, A.W., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Rajagopalan, B., BM, MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Ramadorai, T., MA, St Catherine's
Rambaut, A.E., MA status, D.Phil., Brasenose
Ramble, C.A.E., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Ramchand, G.C., MA, Linacre
Ramirez, R., MA, Templeton
Ramsey, C.B., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Randall, A.A.S., MA, St Catherine's
Randolph, S.E., MA, St Anne's
Rapisarda, G., University
Ratcliffe, R.G., MA, D.Phil., New College
Ratcliffe, S.L., Jesus
Rattray, A.J., MA, Exeter
Raven, J.R., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Raven, S., MA status, Department for Continuing Education
Rawlings, S.G., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Rawlins, J.N.P., MA, D.Phil., University
Rawlinson, T.J., MA, M.Litt., University
Rawson, Dame Jessica, MA, D.Litt., Merton
Rayner, M.E., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Rayner, N.W., Diabetes Research Laboratories
Rayner, S.F., MA, Keble
Raynes, E.P., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Raz, J., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Read, P.L., MA status, Trinity
Reading, J.A., MA status, Department of Educational Studies
Rebick, M.E., MA, St Antony's
Rechter, D., MA status, Oriental Institute
Redfield, C., MA, Wolfson
Redman, C.W.G., BM, MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Redwood, J.A., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Reece, H.M., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Reece, S., Corpus Christi
Reed, G.M., MA, St Edmund Hall
Reed, T.J., MA, Queen's
Reed-Tsocha, K., MA, M.Litt., D.Phil., Trinity
Rees, C.M.P., MA status, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Rees, O.L., MA, Queen's
Reichold, A., MA, Balliol
Reid, A.A., MA, Linacre
Reid, F.C., BA, Magdalen
Reid, I.D., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Reid, K.B.M., MA, Green College
Reinhardt, T. R., D.Phil., Somerville
Reiss, K., Oriel
Remedios, J.J., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Renton, P.B., MA status, Sub-department of Particle Physics
Repp, C.R., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Repp, R.C., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Reston, A.N., MA, M.St., All Souls
Revermann, M., D.Phil., Merton
Reynolds, C.E., Greyfriars
Reynolds, D.J.M., BM, MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Reynolds, F.M.B., BCL, MA, DCL, Worcester
Reynolds, J., MA, Templeton
Reynolds, L.C.C., B.Litt., MA, St Catherine's
Reynolds, M.O.R., MA, St Anne's
Reynolds, V., MA, Magdalen
Rezvani, M., MA status, Research Institute
Rhoades, P.G., MA status, Christ Church
Rice, D.H., B.Phil., MA, Christ Church
Rice, E.E., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Rice, Sir Tim, St Catherine's
Richards, D.S., MA, St Cross
Richards, P.G., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Richards, W.G., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Brasenose
Richardson, H.F., MA, Christ Church
Richardson, J.J., MA, Nuffield
Richardson, N.J., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Rickaby, R., Hertford
Rickett, P., New College
Riggs, C.J., Queen's
Rimmer, C., Mathematical Institute
Ringen, S., MA, Green College
Ripley, B.D., MA, St Peter's
Rischmiller, D.W., MA, Computing Services
Rittberger, B., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield
Riva, C., St John's
Rival, L.M., MA, Linacre
Rivers, I., MA, St Hugh's
Rivière, P.G., B.Litt., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Rix, T.J., MA status
Roaf, D.J., MA, Exeter
Robb, M.G., MA, Linacre
Robbins, P.A., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Robbins, R.H., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Roberts, A.D.S., MA, M.Litt., St Cross
Roberts, C.M., Department of Social Policy and Social Work
Roberts, D.B., MA, Magdalen
Roberts, D.J., MA status, Trinity
Roberts, Professor Sir Adam, MA, Balliol
Roberts, Sir Gareth, MA, Wolfson
Roberts, J., M.St., D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Roberts, J.H., MA status, Nuffield
Roberts, K.W.S., MA, D.Phil., Nuffield
Roberts, R.J., MA, Wolfson
Roberts, S.G., MA, St Edmund Hall
Roberts, S.J., MA, Somerville
Robertson, D.B., MA, St Hugh's
Robertson, J., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Robertson, J.C., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Robertson, M.A., MA status, University Offices
Robertson, R.N.N., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Robins, P.J., MA, St Antony's
Robinson, C.F., MA, Wolfson
Robinson, C.F., MA, Christ Church
Robinson, D., MA, Magdalen
Robinson, D.N.M., Linacre
Robinson, E.J.Z., BA, St Hugh's
Robinson, G.C., MA status
Robinson, M.A., MA, St John's
Robinson, M.J.T., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Robson, E., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Robson, M.H., MA, M.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Robson, P.J., MA status, Department of Psychiatry
Roche, J.J., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Roche, P.F., MA status, Hertford
Rodger, S.M., MA, St Hugh's
Rodgers, C.D., MA, Jesus
Rodin, D.E., B.Phil., MA status, D.Phil., Faculty of Psychological Studies
Rodriguez-Pereyra, G., MA, Hertford
Roe, D.A., MA, D.Litt., St Cross
Rogan, E.L., MA, St Antony's
Rogers, A.P., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Rogers, B.J., MA, Pembroke
Rogers, D.J., MA, D.Phil., Green College
Rogers, M.L., MA, Harris Manchester
Rogers, R.D., MA status, Jesus
Rogers, T.D., MA, Bodleian Library
Rolls, E.T., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Romaine, S., MA, Merton
Romero-Morales, M.D., St Cross
Rood, T.C.B., MA, St Hugh's
Rook, J.R., MA, Pembroke
Roper, L.A., MA, Balliol
Rorsman, P., Harris Manchester
Roscoe, A.W., MA, D.Phil., University
Rose, C.E., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Rose, N.D.B., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Rose, S., Health Care Libraries Unit
Rosen, M.E., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Rosen, P.H., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Ross, G., D.Phil., Wolfson
Ross, G.G., MA, Wadham
Ross, V.K., Somerville
Rosser, A.G., MA, St Catherine's
Rossotti, H.S., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Rothwell, P.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Rousseau, G.S., Magdalen
Rowett, J.S., MA, D.Phil., Brasenose
Rowland, C.C., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Rowland, Sir David, MA, Templeton
Rowland-Jones, S.L., MA, DM, Christ Church
Rowley, R.T., MA, M.Litt., Kellogg
Roycroft, J., MA status, University Sports Department
Rubenstein, D.I., MA, Balliol
Ruck-Keene, B.C., MA, Corpus Christi
Rudd, P.M., MA status, Department of Biochemistry
Rudden, B., DCL, Brasenose
Ruddle, K., MA, D.Phil., Templeton
Rudenko, G., MA status, Department of Zoology
Rudgewick-Brown, N., Clinical School
Ruiz, C., MA, Exeter
Rumelin, C., Ashmolean Museum
Rumfitt, I.P., MA, D.Phil., University
Rumsey, L., MA status, Mansfield
Rundle, B.B., B.Phil., MA, Trinity
Rundle, D.G., MA, Corpus Christi
Russ, A.P., MA, Magdalen
Russell, R.G.G., MA, DM, St Peter's
Russell, R.M., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Rutherford, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Rutherford, R.B., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Rutson, E.M., B.Litt., MA, St Anne's
Rutter, L.E., BA, Green College
Ryan, A.J., MA, D.Litt., New College
Ryan, J.F., MA, Christ Church
Ryan, M.J., All Souls
Ryan, T.J., DM, Green College
Ryde, C.A., MA status, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
Sabri, D., MA status, Institute for the Advancement of University Learning
Sako, M., MA, Templeton
Salman, B., MA status, St Antony's
Salmon, G.L., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Salmon, J.F., Green College
Salter, C.J., MA, Trinity
Salvesen, A.G., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Samet-Porat, I., Exeter
Samuelson, S.E., MA status, Law Faculty Office
Sandars, P.G.H., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Sander, C.R., BM, B.Ch., Lincoln
Sanders, J., BA, Templeton
Sanders, J.W., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Sanderson, A.G.J.S., MA, All Souls
Sandham, J.G., MA status, Trinity
Sandler, D.J., MA, Wolfson
Sansom, M.S.P., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Santini, D., St Hilda's
Saprai, P., Mansfield
Sargent, I.L., MA status, Mansfield
Sarkar, S., MA status, Linacre
Sarooshi, D., Queen's
Sarosi, M.A., MA, Keble
Sarris, P.A.V., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Sattentau, Q.J., MA, Magdalen
Sattig, T.B., B.Phil., D.Phil., Brasenose
Sauer, C., BA, Templeton
Sauer, E.W, M.St., D.Phil., Keble
Saunders, R.S., MA, St Anne's
Saunders, S.W., MA, Linacre
Sauvage, M.P., MA, Wadham
Savage-Smith, E., MA status, St Cross
Savill, P.S., MA, Linacre
Savulescu, J., MA, St Cross
Saward, J.N., MA, Greyfriars
Sawyer, W., MA status, University Parks
Saxton, R.I., MA status, Computing Services
Saxton, R.L.A., B.Mus., D.Mus., MA, Worcester
Scarfe, D.R., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Scargill, D.I., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Schironi, F., Somerville
Schleiter, P., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil, St Hilda's
Schmidt, A.V.C., MA, Balliol
Schnupp, J.W.H., MA status, St Peter's
Schofield, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Schofield, N.M., BM, MA, Balliol
Schofield, T.P.C., BM, MA, Green College
Scholar, Sir Michael, MA, D.Phil., St John's
Scholar, R.W., D.Phil., New College
Schreiber, F., MA, Wadham
Schroeder, S., Lady Margaret Hall
Sciama, L.D., MA status, M.Litt., D.Phil., Wolfson
Scotcher, C.J., MA status, Department of Engineering Science
Scotland, R.W., MA, Linacre
Scott, A.J., MA, All Souls
Scott, B., MA, Christ Church
Scott, F.A., MA, Corpus Christi
Scott, H.J., BCL, MA, Trinity
Scott, K., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Scott, R.H., Department of Engineering Science
Scott-Jackson, J.E., MA status, D.Phil., St Cross
Screaton, G.R., MA, University
Screech, M.A., MA, D.Litt., All Souls
Scullion, J.S., MA, Worcester
Seagroatt, V.A., MA status, Unit of Health-Care Epidemiology
Seaman, T.W., MA, All Souls
Sear, J.W., MA, Green College
Searle, M., MA status, Radcliffe Science Library
Searle, M.P., MA status, Worcester
Secker, J., MA status, University Offices
Sedlmaier, R.A., MA, Wadham
Segal, D., MA, All Souls
Segal, G.B., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Segar, A.M., MA, Oriel
Seghers, B.H., MA status, St Hilda's
Seidel, V.F.P., MA, Trinity
Senici, E., MA, St Hugh's
Senior, J.E., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre
Seres, S., MA, Magdalen
Series, H.G., MA, DM, St John's
Service, R.J., MA, St Antony's
Seymour, L.W., Wolfson
Shacknove, A., MA, Kellogg
Shakespeare, B., Computing Services
Shamaa, N., MA status, Linacre
Shapiro, B.A., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Sharp, J.F., MA status, University Offices
Sharp, T., MA status, Department of Pharmacology
Sharpe, C., MA status, University Development Office
Sharpe, L.J., MA, Nuffield
Sharpe, P.D.M., MA status
Sharpe, R., MA, Wadham
Shaw, A.J.R., BA, B.Phil., Wolfson
Shaw, C.M.M., MA status, Humanities Division
Shaw, J., MA, Merton
Shaw, J.A., MA, New College
Shaw, J.A., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Shaw, T.E., Clinical School
Shaw, W.T., BA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Shea, N.J., BA, Somerville
Sheard, S.J., MA, Trinity
Sheehy, J.P., MA, D.Phil., St Stephen's House
Shefler, A.G., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Sheikholeslami, A.R., MA, Wadham
Shellard, B.W., MA, St Hilda's
Shephard, N., MA, Nuffield
Shepherd, W., Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Sheppard, R.W., MA, Magdalen
Shepperd, S., D.Phil., Green College
Shepstone, B.J., BM, MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Sherman, J., St Cross
Sherr, J.G., MA status, Lincoln
Sherratt, A.G., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Sherratt, D.J., MA, Linacre
Sherratt, E.S., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Sherrington, D., MA, New College
Sherwood, J.E., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Shipway, D.J., MA status, University Offices
Shlaim, A., MA, St Antony's
Shlugman, D., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Shortland, A.J., MA, M.St., D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Shotton, D.M., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Shrimpton, N.G., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Shubik, P., D.Phil., DM, Green College
Shue, H., MA, Merton
Shue, V.B., B.Litt., MA, St Antony's
Shukman, H., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Sibly, M.D., MA, Corpus Christi
Sieber, V.K., Department of Experimental Psychology
Silins, N., Hertford
Silk, J.I., MA, New College
Silk, J.M., MA status, University Offices
Sillence, D.J., Department of Biochemistry
Sillero-Zubiri, C., D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Sills, G.C., MA, St Catherine's
Silver, J.D., MA, D.Phil., New College
Silverman, B.W., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., St Peter's
Sim, E., MA, D.Phil., St Peter's
Sim, R.B., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Simborowski, N.M., MA, Hertford
Simmons, S.A., MA status, University Offices
Simons, J.P., MA, D.Phil., D.Sc., Exeter
Simpson, A.C., M.Sc., D.Phil., Kellogg
Simpson, C.J.S.M., B.Sc., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Simpson, E.J.F., BCL, MA, Christ Church
Simpson, J.A., MA status, Kellogg
Simpson, R.S., MA, D.Phil., Oriental Institute
Simpson, S.J., MA, Jesus
Sims, J.W., University Offices
Sims, L., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
Sinclair, M.E., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Siveter, D.J., MA status, Oxford University Museum of Natural History
Sivia, D.S., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Skaliora, I., MA status, University Laboratory of Physiology
Skinner, D.G., MA status, D.Phil., Christ Church
Skinner, S.A., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Balliol
Slack, P.A., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Slater, A., MA, St Edmund Hall
Slater, M.D.E., MA, M.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Sleight, P., DM, Exeter
Sloan, J., MA, Harris Manchester
Smail, R.C., MA, Brasenose
Small, H.W., MA, Pembroke
Smallman, M., MA status, Hertford
Smart, E.A., BCL, MA, St Hugh's
Smethurst, R.G., MA, Worcester
Smith, A.D., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Smith, A.D., MA, Magdalen
Smith, A.D., M.Chem., Sub-department of Organic Chemistry
Smith, Sir David, MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Smith, D.F., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Smith, D.T., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., Linacre
Smith, E.J., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Smith, G.A.N., B.Phil., MA, St Edmund Hall
Smith, G.D.W., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Smith, G.S., MA, D.Litt, New College
Smith, H.E., MA status, University Offices
Smith, H.W., MA, M.Phil., Keble
Smith, J.A.C., MA, Magdalen
Smith, J.C., MA, St Catherine's
Smith, L.A., MA status, Pembroke
Smith, L.J., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Smith, L.J., MA, D.Phil., Harris Manchester
Smith, M., University Offices
Smith, M.J., MA, University
Smith, P.J., MA status, University Offices
Smith, P.W., MA, Pembroke
Smith, R.J., MA, Magdalen
Smith, R.R.R., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Lincoln
Smith, S.M., MA, D.Phil., Keble
Smith, T., MA, St Hilda's
Smithson, M., MA, Magdalen
Snicker, J.G.C., MA, Exeter
Snoek, L.C., Corpus Christi
Sobey, I.J., MA, St John's
Softley, T.P., MA, Merton
Soin, B., Nuffield Department of Surgery
Solomon, N., MA status, Oriental Institute
Solymar, L., MA, Hertford
Somogyi, P.P., MA status, Department of Pharmacology
Song, Y., MA status, Institute for Chinese Studies
Sorabji, R.R.K., B.Phil., MA, Wolfson
Soteriou, M., Magdalen
Southern, Sir Edwin, MA, Trinity
Southwell, P.J.M., MA, Queen's
Southwood, Sir Richard, MA, D.Sc., Merton
Southworth, E.A., MA, St Peter's
Soutsane, K., Oriental Institute
Spady, R.H., MA, Nuffield
Speight, M.R., MA, St Anne's
Spence, C.J., MA, Somerville
Spence, M.J., MA, St Catherine's
Spencer, H.L., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Spencer Smith, D., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Spensley, M.F., MA status, Department of Experimental Psychology
Spiers, A.J., Department of Plant Sciences
Spivey, J.M., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Spriddell, P.H., MA, Templeton
Squier, W.M.V., Green College
Squier, W.M.V., Green College
Stableford, M.T., MA status, Bodleian Library
Stacey, D.N., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Stacey, R.J., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Stacey, V., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Stafford, F.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Somerville
Stallworthy, J.H., B.Litt., MA, Wolfson
Stamatopoulou, M., M.St., D.Phil., Lincoln
Stanley, L.J., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Stapleton, B.J., D.Phil., Balliol
Stargardt, E.N.R., Magdalen
Stavropoulos, N.E., MA status, D.Phil., Law Faculty Office
Stayt, C.W., MA status, Department of Engineering Science
Steane, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Stedall, J.A., Queen's
Stedman, E.A., MA status, Department of Plant Sciences
Stein, A.L., Linacre
Stein, J.F., BM, MA, Magdalen
Steinby, E.M., MA, All Souls
Stellardi, G.A., MA, St Hugh's
Stephens, M.J.F., MA, Oriel
Sterling, D., M.Sc., Linacre
Stern, D.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Stevens, C.J., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Stevens, J.E., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Stevens, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Stevens, R.B., DCL, Pembroke
Stevens, R.H., BCL, MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Stevenson, J., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Stevenson, J.M., MA status, University Safety Office
Steward, H.C., MA, D.Phil., Balliol
Stewart, F.J., D.Phil., Somerville
Stewart, J.L., MA status, Oxford Forestry Institute
Stewart, P.J., MA, University
Stewart, W.B., MA, D.Phil., Exeter
Stirzaker, D., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Stockwin, J.A.A., MA, St Antony's
Stokes, S., MA status, St Catherine's
Stone, C.R., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Stone, G.C., MA, Hertford
Stone, J.R., MA status, St Edmund Hall
Stone, N.J., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Stone Sweet, A., MA, Nuffield
Stoneham, M.D., Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Stoodley, C.J., MA, University
Stores, G., MA status, Linacre
Storkey, E., Wycliffe Hall
Stoy, G.A., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Strachan, H.F.A., MA, All Souls
Stradling, J.R., MA status, Osler Chest Unit
Stratton, I.M., MA status, Diabetes Research Laboratories
Strohm, R., MA, Wadham
Strudwick, V.N.H., MA status, Kellogg
Stuart, D.I., MA, Hertford
Sturley, F.H., Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division
Styles, P., MA status, D.Phil., Merton
Suarez, M.F., MA, English Faculty Office
Subrahmanyam, S., St Cross
Suerbaum, A.M.V., MA, Somerville
Sufrin, B.A., MA, Worcester
Sukumar, C.V., MA status, Mansfield
Süli, E.E., MA, Linacre
Sullivan, J., MA status, University Offices
Sullivan, P.B., MA, Magdalen
Summers, M.K., MA status, University
Summerson, H., MA status, University Press
Sunderrajan, R., MA, Wolfson
Surender, R.M., MA status, M.Sc., St Edmund Hall
Sussman, O., MA, Wadham
Sutherland, A.L., D.Phil., Somerville
Sutherland, K., MA, St Anne's
Sutton, A.P., MA, Linacre
Suzuki, T., MA, Hertford
Swadling, W.J., MA, Brasenose
Swain, S.C.R., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
Swan, M.C., Trinity
Swift, A.R.G., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Balliol
Swinburne, R.G., B.Phil., MA, Oriel
Swyngedouw, E.A.M., MA, St Peter's
Sykes, B.C., MA, Wolfson
Sykes, D.A., MA, D.Phil., Mansfield
Sykes, J.M., MA, Mansfield
Sykes, W.G.D., MA, University
Sylva, K.D., MA, Jesus
Tadié, A., St Catherine's
Taggart, D.P., MA status, Medical Sciences Division
Talbot, D.C., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Talbot, I.A., Balliol
Talbot, K., D.Phil., Wadham
Talbot, M., B.Phil., Corpus Christi
Talib, M., Islamic Studies Centre
Talmon, S.A.G., St Anne's
Tandello, E.M.C., M.Phil., D.Phil., Christ Church
Tankard, S.W.T., MA status, Careers Service
Tanner, N.W., MA, Hertford
Taplin, O.P., MA, Magdalen
Tapper, C.F.H., BCL, MA, Magdalen
Tarassenko, L., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Tasioulas, J., MA, Corpus Christi
Taylor, A.G., BM, MA, St Edmund Hall
Taylor, A.O., Department of Materials
Taylor, A.O., St Antony's
Taylor, C.C.W., B.Phil., MA, Corpus Christi
Taylor, D.G.K., Wolfson
Taylor, E.G., B.Phil., MA, St Anne's
Taylor, E.W., MA status, Computing Services
Taylor, F.W., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Taylor, G., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Taylor, J.S., MA, Pembroke
Taylor, J.W., MA, St Cross
Taylor, M., MA, St Cross
Taylor, M.E., MA, Exeter
Taylor, P.H., MA, Keble
Taylor, R.A., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Taylor, R.E., BA, BCL, Christ Church
Taylor, S.J., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Taylor-Terlecka, N.O.J, MA, St Anne's
Teal, F.J., MA status, St John's
Teddy, P.J., BM, MA status, D.Phil., St Peter's
Teichmann, R.P.L., MA status, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Templeton, J.B., Mansfield
Templeton, J.M., MA, Templeton
Teper, M., MA, All Souls
Terrar, D.A., MA, Worcester
Thacker, J.W., Merton
Thakker, R.V., Somerville
Theodossopoulos, D., St Peter's
Theologis, T., M.Sc., Worcester
Thirlwell, A.S., BA, All Souls
Thomas, A.L.R., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Thomas, C.M.A., MA, M.Litt., New College
Thomas, D.H., MA status, Taylor Institution Library
Thomas, G.P., MA, Kellogg
Thomas, Sir Keith, MA, All Souls
Thomas, R.K., MA, D.Phil., University
Thomason, J.T., MA, Jesus
Thompson, B.J., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Thompson, C.P., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Thompson, I.D., MA, Christ Church
Thompson, M., MA, Templeton
Thompson, M.J., Wolfson
Thompson, N.S., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Thompson, P.J., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., Regent's Park
Thompson, P.J., MA status, St Cross
Thomson, A.H., MA status, Department of Paediatrics
Thomson, D.C., MA status, Kellogg
Thomson, K.S., MA, Kellogg
Thomson, R.W., MA, Pembroke
Thonemann, P.J., BA, All Souls
Thorp, T.R., MA, St Antony's
Thrift, M.J., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Thrift, N.J., MA, Christ Church
Tiffany, J.M., MA, St Cross
Tiller, K., MA status, Kellogg
Tilley, J.R., BA, Nuffield
Tillmann, U.L., MA, Merton
Timmel, C.R., MA, St Hilda's
Titchmarsh, J.M., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Tite, M.S., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Tod, K.P., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., St John's
Todd, R.I., MA status, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Toews, D., St Hilda's
Tolley, B.R., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Tomlin, G.S., MA, Wycliffe Hall
Tomlin, R.S.O., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Tomlinson, I.P.M., BM, B.Ch., MA, D.Phil., University
Toner, H.F., MA, D.Phil., Queen's
Tooke, A.J., MA, Somerville
Topsfield, A.S., MA, D.Phil, New College
Totterdell, S., MA status, Department of Pharmacology
Townley, S.C., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Townsend, A.R.M., MA, Linacre
Tracey, I.M.C., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Tracey, P.J., School of Geography and the Environment
Traill, Z.C., MA, Keble
Tranfield, C.C., MA status, Computing Laboratory
Travis, S.P.L., D.Phil., Linacre
Treadwell, W.L., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Trefethen, L.N., MA, Balliol
Treisman, M., MA, D.Phil., New College
Treitel, Sir Guenter, DCL, All Souls
Tremayne, S., MA status, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Treweek, R.F., MA status, Computing Services
Treweek, S.E., MA status, Computing Services
Trifogli, C., MA, All Souls
Trigwell, K.R., Institute for the Advancement of University Learning
Trowell, B.L., MA, Wadham
Trowell, J.M., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
Truman, R.W., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Tsang, S.Y.S., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Tseng, J.C.L., St Edmund Hall
Tsiantis, M.S., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Tsomocos, D., MA, St Edmund Hall
Tsou, S.T., MA, Corpus Christi
Tuck, S.G.N., Pembroke
Tucker, A.D., MA, Mansfield
Tucker, M.E., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Tucker, S.J., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Tuckett, C.M., MA, Pembroke
Tunbridge, W.M.G., MA, DM, Wadham
Tunstall, K.E., MA, Worcester
Tur, R.H.S., MA, Oriel
Turberfield, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Turnbull, S.R., MA, St Peter's
Turner, K., Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Turner, K.S.H., MA, Exeter
Turner, M.E., Magdalen
Turner, R.J., MA status, Department of Dermatology
Turney, B.W., BM, B.Ch., M.Sc., Balliol
Tyack, G.C., MA, Kellogg
Tyerman, C.J., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Tyler, G.J., MA, St Cross
Tyler-Smith, C., Queen's
Tyson, C.J., MA, Nuffield
Tytler, I.K., MA status, Bodleian Japanese Library
U, E., Institute for Chinese Studies
Udalova, I., Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics
Ulijaszek, S.J., MA, St Cross
Ulmschneider, K.U., D.Phil., Worcester
Undy, R., MA, Templeton
Urban, J.P.G., MA status, University Laboratory of Physiology
Ursell, P.E., MA, St Cross
Usher, S.E., MA status, English Faculty Library
Utete, S.W., MA status, St Hugh's
Uysal, Z., Oriental Institute
Vainker, S.J., MA, St Hugh's
Vale, M.G.A., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Vallance, C., MA status, Hertford
Van Boxel, P., Oriental Institute
van der Merwe, P.A., MA status, Sir William Dunn School of Pathology
van der Veen, M., MA, Balliol
van Gelder, G.J.H., MA, St John's
Van Hear, N.J., Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
van Lint, T.M., MA, Pembroke
Van Noorden, R.J., MA, Hertford
Vanderplank, R.N., MA status, Kellogg
Varese, F., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Vaughan-Jones, R.D., MA, Exeter
Vaughan-Lee, M.R., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Vaux, D.J.T., BM, MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Vaver, D., MA, St Peter's
Veitch, I., MA status, University Offices
Venables, K.M., MA status, Department of Public Health
Venning, V.A., BA, BM, B.Ch., DM, St Anne's
Ventikos, Y., MA, Wadham
Vermeersch, C.M.J., MA, Nuffield
Vertovec, S.A., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Vessey, M.P., MA, St Cross
Viala, A.B.J., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Vickers, J.S., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., All Souls
Vickers, M.J., MA, Jesus
Victoir, N., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Viles, H.A., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Vincent, A.C., MA, Somerville
Vincent, K.A., MA, Wadham
Vincent-Smith, G.F., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Vines, D.A., MA, Balliol
Virgincar, A.K., St Edmund Hall
Vogenauer, S., MA, M.Jur., Brasenose
Voiculescu, I.D., MA status, Computing Laboratory
Volfing, A.M., MA, D.Phil., Oriel
Voll, C., Linacre
von der Heyden, C.J., Brasenose
Vulkan, N., Worcester
Wace, P.M., MA status, D.Phil., St Anne's
Wade, D.T., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Wade-Gery, Sir Robert, MA, All Souls
Wadhams, G.H., M.Biochem., Lincoln
Wagner, E.W., MA status, M.Litt., Linacre
Wagstaff, D.J., MA status, Faculty of Music
Wainscoat, J.S., MA status, Green College
Wainwright, J.E., MA, M.Litt., Exeter
Wait, C.M., BM, B.Ch., MA, Pembroke
Wait, H.A., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Waite, G.C., MA status, University Offices
Wakefield, C., MA status, Bodleian Library
Walczak, R., MA, Somerville
Waldegrave of North Hill, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA, All Souls
Walden, L.M., University Library Services
Waldmann, H., BM, MA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Waldren, J., MA status, D.Phil., Linacre
Walford, D.M., MA, Mansfield
Walford, G., MA, M.Phil., Green College
Walker, D.J., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., St Hugh's
Walker, K.V.R., MA status, University Safety Office
Walker, P.W.L., MA, D.Phil., Wycliffe Hall
Walker, R.C.S., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Walker, S.K., MA, All Souls
Walker, T., MA, University
Wall, A.D., Faculty of Modern History
Wall, S.A., MA status, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Wall, S. de R., MA, Keble
Wallace, C.C., MA, Trinity
Wallace, M.J., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Waller, P.J., MA, Merton
Waller, R., MA status, Harris Manchester
Wallis, R.J., MA status, Glycobiology Institute
Walmsley, I.A., MA, St Hugh's
Walmsley, J.O., MA, All Souls
Walters, S., MA status, Saïd Business School
Walton, A.A., MA status, University Surveyor's Office
Walton, R.T., MA status, Department of Clinical Pharmacology
Walworth, J.C., Merton
Wannenwetsch, B., Harris Manchester
Wansbrough, J.H., MA, St Benet's Hall
Ward, B., MA status, D.Phil., Harris Manchester
Ward, J.S.K., B.Litt., MA, Christ Church
Ward Jones, P.A., MA, St Cross
Ward, M.E., MA status, Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics
Ward, R.C.C., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Ward-Perkins, B.R., MA, Trinity
Ware, A.J., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Ware, K.T.R., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Wark, J.S., MA, Trinity
Warman, C.J., Exeter
Warner, F.R.le P., MA, St Peter's
Warner, J.T., Department of Paediatrics
Warrell, D.A., MA, D.Sc., DM, St Cross
Warren, B.F., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Warren, P.J.S., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Washbrook, D.A., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Washington, R., MA status, Keble
Wass, J.A.H., MA, Green College
Waswo, A., MA, St Antony's
Watanabe-O'Kelly, H., MA, Exeter
Waterman, S.R., MA, Mansfield
Waters, D.J., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Wathen, A., MA, New College
Watkin, D.J., MA status, Chemical Crystallography Laboratory
Watkins, H.C., MA, Exeter
Watkins, J.P., MA status,D.Phil., Exeter
Watkinson, S.C., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Watson, A., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Watson, C.J.H., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Watson, I.M.C., MA status, Christ Church
Watson, M.M., MA, Wadham
Watson, P.D.F., MA, Lady Margaret Hall
Watson, S.P., MA status, St Edmund Hall
Watt, T.A., MA, D.Phil., Trinity
Watts, A., MA, St Hugh's
Watts, A.B., MA, D.Sc., Wolfson
Watts, J.L., MA, Corpus Christi
Watt-Smith, S.R., MA status, Nuffield Department of Surgery
Waxman, Z.V, D.Phil., Mansfield
Wayne, R.P., MA, Christ Church
Weale, A.P., MA, Worcester
Weatherall, Sir David, MA, DM, Christ Church
Weatherill, S.R., MA, Somerville
Webb, C.E., MA, D.Phil., Jesus
Webb, C.R., MA, Merton
Webber, J.M., MA status, D.Phil., Wolfson
Webber, P.R.H., MA, Worcester
Webster, C., MA, All Souls
Webster, D.P., Magdalen
Webster, P.N., MA status, Department of Public Health
Wedgwood, R.N., MA, Merton
Wee, B.L., Harris Manchester
Weidberg, A.R., MA, D.Phil., St John's
Weidenfeld of Chelsea, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA status, St Anne's
Weinandy, T.G., MA, Greyfriars
Weinberg, J., Oriental Institute
Weiner, E.S.C., MA, Kellogg
Weller, S., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Wells, C.J., MA, St Edmund Hall
Wells, J., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Wells, R.D., MA status, St Edmund Hall
Wells, T.K., Careers Service
Welsford, T.A.M., BA, All Souls
Welsh, J.A.D., MA, D.Phil., Merton
Welsh, J.M., M.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Wenham, D., MA, Wycliffe Hall
Wentworth, R., MA, St Edmund Hall
West, M.L., MA, D.Phil., All Souls
West, P.G., Somerville
West, S.R., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Westaby, S., MA status, Brasenose
Westbrook, R.K., MA, St Hugh's
Westerhoff, J.C., Philosophy Faculty Centre
Whalley, S.R., MA, Keble
Wheater, J.F., MA, D.Phil., University
Wheatley, P.R., MA status, D.Phil., University
Wheeler-Booth, Sir Michael, MA, Magdalen
Whelan, M.J., MA, D.Phil., Linacre
Whistler, C.T., MA, St John's
Whitby, M.C., MA status, Department of Biochemistry
White, A.I., MA, New College
White, C.B., MA, St Hugh's
White, Sir Christopher, MA, Worcester
White, N.J., MA status, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine
Whitefield, S.D., MA, Pembroke
Whitehead, L.A., MA, Nuffield
Whitehouse, H.V.D., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Whitehouse, M.A. de S., MA status, Land Agent's and Accommodation Office
Whiteley, J.D., MA, D.Phil., Somerville
Whiteley, J.J.L., MA, D.Phil., Pembroke
Whiteley, L., MA, St Anne's
Whittaker, R.J., MA, St Edmund Hall
Whittaker, S.J., BCL, MA, D.Phil., St John's
Whittingham, M.J., Department of Zoology
Whittington, R.C., MA, New College
Whittow, M., MA, St Peter's
Whyte, W.H., BA, M.St., St John's
Wigg, M.C., University Surveyor's Office
Wiggins, D.R.P., MA, New College
Wild, D.G., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Wild, L.S., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Wilde, G.P., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Wilk, J., MA, M.Sc., St Edmund Hall
Wilkie, A.J., MA, Wolfson
Wilkie, A.O.M., BM, B.Ch., MA, DM, Merton
Wilkins, R.J., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Wilkinson, A.R., MA, All Souls
Wilkinson, A.R., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Wilkinson, D.A., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Wilkinson, G.R., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Wilkinson, P.B., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Wilkinson, S.C.A., MA, All Souls
Willcox, H.N.A., MA status, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Willett, K.M., MA status, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Williams, A.A., D.Phil., St Peter's
Williams, C.W.C., MA, New College
Williams, G.P., B.Phil., MA, St Peter's
Williams, J.H., D.Phil., Keble
Williams, J.M., MA status, University Offices
Williams, J.M.G., MA, M.Sc., D.Phil., D.Sc., Linacre
Williams, M., MA, Oriel
Williams, M.S., MA, New College
Williams, R.E.M., MA status, St Hilda's
Williams, S.C., BA, D.Phil., Lincoln
Williams, S.G., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Williams, T.S.M., MA, Trinity
Williams, V., MA, St Peter's
Williams, W.S.C., MA, St Edmund Hall
Williamson, E.H., Exeter
Williamson, E.J., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Williamson, H.G.M., DD, Christ Church
Williamson, K.N.B., BM, MA, Oriel
Williamson, T., MA, D.Phil., New College
Willis, B.T.M., MA, Chemical Crystallography Laboratory
Willis, K.J., MA, Jesus
Willman, P., Balliol
Wills, K.P., MA, Magdalen
Wilshaw, P.R., MA, D.Phil., St Anne's
Wilson, A.I., MA, D.Phil., Wolfson
Wilson, A.M., Worcester
Wilson, B.A., Faculty of Clinical Medicine
Wilson, C., St Hugh's
Wilson, D.J., MA status, Department of Radiology
Wilson, E.P., B.Litt., MA, Worcester
Wilson, J., Mathematical Institute
Wilson, R.J., MA, Keble
Wilson, T., MA, D.Phil., Hertford
Wilson, T.H., MA, Balliol
Winchester, V., MA status, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Windlesham, Rt. Hon. Lord, MA, D.Litt, Brasenose
Winearls, C.G., MA status, D.Phil., Keble
Wingate, U.C., Department of Educational Studies
Winner, S.J., MA status, Clinical Geratology Unit
Wint, G.R.W., MA, D.Phil., Magdalen
Winton, V.S., MA, D Phil., St Cross
Wiseman, P.J., MA, D.Phil., New College
Withers, S.F., MA status, University Offices
Witt, D.C., MA, Merton
Wlezien, C., Nuffield
Wojnarowska, F.T., BM, M.Sc., MA, Somerville
Wolfensohn, S.E., MA status, University Laboratory of Physiology
Wollenberg, S.L.F., MA, D.Phil., Lady Margaret Hall
Wolton, S.A., MA, D.Phil., Regent's Park
Womersley, D.J., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Wong, L.L., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Wood, C.J., MA, Worcester
Wood, D.A., BCL, MA, University
Wood, J.G., University Surveyor's Office
Wood, K.J., MA status, D.Phil., University
Wood, M.J.A., MA, Somerville
Wood, N.J., MA status, Regent's Park
Wood, S.J., BM, MA, Trinity
Wood, S.M., MA, Magdalen
Wood, V.M., MA status, University Offices
Wood, W.G., MA status, Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine
Woodhouse, J.H., MA, D.Phil., Worcester
Woodhouse, J.R., MA, D.Litt., Magdalen
Woodhouse, N.M.J., MA, Wadham
Woodin, M.E., MA status, D.Phil., Balliol
Woods, C.S., University Library Services
Woods, N.T., MA, M.Phil., D.Phil., University
Woolfe, P.J., BA, All Souls
Woolfenden, G., MA status, Ripon College
Woolgar, S.W., MA, Green College
Woollard, A.C.S., Hertford
Worden, A.B., Pembroke
Wordsworth, B.P., MA, Green College
Wormald, C.P., MA, Faculty of Modern History
Wormald, J.M., MA, St Hilda's
Wormald, M.R., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Wright, J.R.C., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Wright, N.J.G., MA, D.Phil., Christ Church
Wrigley, Sir Tony, MA, D.Litt., All Souls
Wu, D., MA, D.Phil., St Catherine's
Wu, J., St Hilda's
Wyatt, D.A., BCL, MA, St Edmund Hall
Wyatt, J.G., Institute for the Advancement of University Learning
Wyatt, R.J., MA status, Radcliffe Science Library
Wyatt, T.D., MA, Kellogg
Wybrew, H.M., MA, Queen's
Yannakakis, E., MA status, Faculty of Modern Languages
Yeates, D.G.R., Unit of Health-Care Epidemiology
Yee, M.M., MA status, D.Phil., Nuffield
Yeomans, J.M., MA, D.Phil., St Hilda's
Yeung, K., MA, St Anne's
Yi, S.K., Linacre
Yocum, J.P., Greyfriars
You, Z., MA, Magdalen
Young, A.L., BCL, MA, Hertford
Young, B.W., MA, Christ Church
Young, C.G., MA, Magdalen
Young, J.D., MA, Worcester
Young, M.D., MA, Templeton
Young, R.J.C., MA, D.Phil., Wadham
Young, R.P., MA, Pembroke
Yudkin, M.D., MA, D.Phil., Kellogg
Yudkin, P.L.N., MA, D.Phil., St Hugh's
Yueh, L.Y., D.Phil., Pembroke
Zancani, D., MA, Balliol
Zangwill, N.P., St Anne's
Zavatsky, A.B., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Zedner, L.H., MA, D.Phil., Corpus Christi
Zeldin, T., MA, D.Phil., St Antony's
Zeman, Z.A.B., MA, D.Phil., St Edmund Hall
Ziegler, K.S., Trinity
Zilber, B., MA, Merton
Zimmermann, F.W., B.Phil., MA, D.Phil., St Cross
Zisserman, A.P., MA status, Brasenose
Zitzmann, N., MA status, Linacre
Zizzo, D.J., M.Phil., D.Phil., Christ Church
Zuckerman, A., MA, University