Oxford University Gazette: 3 July 2003

Oxford University Gazette, Vol. 133, No. 4666: 3 July 2003

Gazette publication arrangements

The remaining Gazettes of this year will be published on 17 July and 31 July. Publication for 2003--4 will begin on 25 September. The usual deadlines will apply throughout.


Note: due to the requirements of the Data Protection Act, some elements of the printed Gazette are not reproduced in the Web Gazette.

University Acts


Declaration of approval of Resolution approving the deprivation of a candidate of a degree

That this House: 1 (a) take note of the finding of the Disciplinary Court that a candidate for the Degree of Master of Studies in Trinity Term 2000 intentionally committed a breach of the Proctors' Disciplinary Regulations for Candidates in Examinations;

(b) accept the Court's conclusion that one of the appropriate penalties in this case is deprivation of the degree;

2 therefore agree to deprive the candidate concerned of the Degree of Master of Studies; and

3 take note of Council's determination that the procedure to be followed in this case should be for a notice to be published in the University Gazette, which should consist of this resolution, and for a copy of this resolution to be posted in the Examination Schools.


Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation: Andrews, T.M., Faculty of Clinical Medicine Chapman, M.A., MA, Oriel Grayling, A.C., MA status, D.Phil., St Anne's Patten, The Rt. Hon. C.F., MA, DCL, Balliol


For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 18 July, see `Examinations and Boards' below.

University Agenda



The meeting of Congregation is cancelled. The sole business comprises questions to which no opposition has been notified and in respect of which no request for an adjournment has been received, and Mr Vice-Chancellor will accordingly declare the appointment of the Vice-Chancellor and the nomination of an `external' member of Council approved, and the resolutions carried, without a meeting under the provisions of Sect. 7 (1) of Statute IV (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, p. 100).



Her Majesty The Queen has appointed MARILYN MCCORD ADAMS (AB Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, PH.D. Cornell, TH.M. Princeton Theological Seminary), Horace Pitkin Chair of Historical Theology, Yale Divinity School and Department of Religious Studies, to the Regius Professorship of Divinity with effect from 1 January 2004. Professor McCord Adams will be a Canon of Christ Church.

Note: this replaces the notice published in the Gazette of 27 June (p. 1470), which incorrectly stated that Professor McCord Adams would be a Student of Christ Church.


GEORGE LINSLEY PATTISON (MA, BD Edinburgh, PH.D. Durham), Associate Professor of Practical Theology, University of Aarhus, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 January 2004. Professor Pattison will be a Canon of Christ Church.


The title of Professor of Probability has been conferred on A.M. ETHERIDGE, MA, D.PHIL., Fellow of Magdalen College and University Lecturer (CUF) in Mathematics, with effect from 1 October 2003.


The Joint UK Higher Education Funding Bodies (HEFCE etc.) have conducted a review of research assessment following the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2001. The review was overseen by a steering group chaired by Sir Gareth Roberts, President of Wolfson, and is available on the Web at http://www.ra-review.ac.uk. It should be noted that a number of significant changes are being proposed to the way research was assessed in the 2001 RAE. The next assessment process would take place in 2007--8 and continue thereafter on a six-year cycle with mid-point monitoring halfway through the cycle. There would be several methods of research assessment, depending on the degree of research intensity in an institution/department. For research intensive institutions/departments, the process would remain one of expert peer review, to be known as Research Quality Assessment (RQA). The rule that each researcher may submit up to four items of research would be abolished, and panels would have the freedom to define their own limits. There would be an increased emphasis on the production of a research strategy statement by each subject unit as part of the assessment process. The current grading scale of 1–5* would be abandoned in favour of a `quality profile' for each subject submission, indicating the quantum of `one star', `two star', and `three star' research in each submission, with three star being the highest. In terms of the timetable for preparation for assessment, in 2004--5 the assessment panels would be appointed and they would set and publish their assessment criteria (it should be noted that the number of panels would be reduced from sixty to some twenty to twenty- five, supported by around sixty sub-panels). Two years before the full assessment, in 2005-- 6, there would be an institution-level assessment of research competencies, to include institutional research strategy, development of researchers, equal opportunities, and dissemination beyond the peer group. One year before the assessment, in 2006--7, a set of discipline-specific performance indicators would be developed to produce indicative bandings, designed to guide institutions and departments in their choice of assessment route the following year (depending on how research intensive they are). The joint funding bodies have set up a consultation exercise to assess the review's findings, which may be found at http://www.hefce.ac.uk/pubs/hefce/2003/03_22.htm. A university response to this consultation exercise is being co-ordinated under the auspices of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee, and the views of the divisions and the Department for Continuing Education are currently being sought. If any individuals would like to contribute their views to the response, please would they send them by 12 September to Mr Michael Sibly, Head of the Planning and Resource Allocation Section, University Offices, Wellington Square (e-mail: michael.sibly@admin.ox.ac.uk). In particular, responses are invited to the first ten recommendations of the review and four further cross-cutting questions.




Ian Ramsey Centre Seminars

Science and Religion

The following seminars will be held at 8.15 for 8.30 p.m. on Thursdays in the Hood Room, St Cross College. Details of the 27 November seminar will be published later.

Conveners: Professor J. Hedley Brooke and Dr M. Yee. PROFESSOR M. FINOCCHIARO, Las Vegas
16 Oct.: `The Galileo affair.' PROFESSOR W. DEMBSKI
30 Oct.: `Issues arising from intelligent design theory.' PROFESSOR N. CARTWRIGHT, LSE
13 Nov.: `Economics and political science.'

Examinations and Boards


M.Sc. in Management Research and M.Sc. in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management

Advanced Specialist Papers 2004

The M.Sc. Course Director has approved the following list of courses for the M.Sc. in Management Research and M.Sc. in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management Advanced Specialist Papers. Candidates for the M.Sc. in Management Research must select two papers from the following: —Knowledge Management —Strategic Management —Social Studies in Science and Technology —Principles of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management —Leadership —Management Strategies and Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management —Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining —Labour Economics for Management —Marketing —Intellectual Property Rights —Organisation Theory Candidates for the M.Sc. in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management must select two papers from the following: —Principles of Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management —Leadership —Management Strategies and Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management —Trade Unions and Collective Bargaining —Labour Economics for Management


M.Sc. in Pharmacology 2003–4

The following advanced pharmacology modules will be taught during Hilary Term 2004 as part of the M.Sc. in Pharmacology. The scope of the course covered by these modules will be from the molecule to the whole animal/patient. The five modules scheduled are:

1. Drug Receptors and Cell Signalling

—Agonist and antagonist action (affinity, efficacy, spare receptors, Schild plots) —Signal transduction mechanisms (cAMP, IP3 and DAG, cGMP/NO, Calcium and Tyrosine kinase) —Molecular biology of drug receptors —Structure/function relationships of receptors —Molecular biology of ion channels

2. Pharmacology of Smooth Muscle and its autonomic input

—Mechanisms causing contraction in smooth muscle —Transmitter release from autonomic nerves —Drugs and Ganglia —Mechanisms causing relaxation of smooth muscle —Clinical uses of drugs acting on smooth muscle

3. Cardiovascular Pharmacology

—Autonomic control of pacemaking and contractility in cardiac muscle —Inotropic agents—cellular and whole body effects —Antidysrhythmic drugs —Drugs acting on smooth muscle of blood vessels —Drugs acting via neuronal control of blood vessels

4. Neuropharmacology

—Neuromuscular junction (motor nerve/skeletal muscle) pre- and postjunctional aspects —Synaptic mechanisms in the CNS —Long Term Potentiation and Long Term Depression —Drugs, Anxiety, Depression and Schizophrenia —Drugs and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease)

5. Pharmacogenetics and Drug Metabolism

In vitro and in vivo drug metabolism —Induction of drug metabolising enzymes including Ah response —SNP analysis in relation to therapeutic efficacy and toxicity —Role of drug metabolism in drug discovery —Gene Therapy—identification of drug targets and post-genomic functional pharmacology


With the approval of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council, and of the Humanities Board, the following changes in regulations made by the Board of the Faculty of Classics will come into effect on 18 July.

Board of the Faculty of Classics

Honour Moderations in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

With effect from 1 October 2003 (for first examination in 2004)

1 In Examination Regulations, 2002, p. 35, l. 37, after `VI' insert `and VII'.

2 Ibid., ll. 38--9, delete `Thucydides VII and'.

Colleges, Halls, and Societies


Christ Church

JOHN MICHAEL WILKINSON, 2003; commoner 1947. Aged 73 or 74.

Corpus Christi College

JOHN LOVE STRATHEARN ALLAN, MA, CA, 31 May 2003; commoner 1941–4. Aged 80. GRAHAM BINNS, MA, FRSA, 12 May 2003; commoner 1943–4 and 1947–50. Aged 77. JOHN EVERARD DIGBY, MA, CERT.ED., 19 April 2003; scholar 1942 and 1946–9. Aged 76. PROFESSOR SIR BERNARD ARTHUR OWEN WILLIAMS, KT., MA, HON. LITT.D. Dublin, HON. D.LITT. Aberdeen, Keele, FBA, 12 June 2003; Fellow and White's Professor of Moral Philosophy 1990–5, Emeritus Fellow 1995–6, Honorary Fellow 1997–2003. Aged 73.


Blood Donor Session

Calling all university staff–a blood donor session will be held at the Assembly Rooms, Town Hall, for Oxford University staff on Tues., 29 July between 10 a.m.–12.25 p.m., and 2 p.m.–4.25 p.m. To give blood you must be aged between 17 and 60, weigh over 7st 11lb (50 kg) and be in good health. The whole process should take no more than an hour, and once you've given your life-saving pint you can rest and enjoy the famous National Blood Service tea and biscuits. For further information on becoming a blood donor please call the National Blood Service helpline on 08457 711711.

Cafe Zouk

Mughal Indian cuisine. First floor, 135 High Street, Oxford. Food individually blended, with a distinctive range of unique dishes. No artificial ingredients in the food. Restful backdrop to high-quality food and service. Tel.: 01865 251600. Open: daily 12 p.m.–2.30 p.m, and 6 p.m.–11.30 p.m. Website: http://www.cafezouk.co.uk.

Oxford University Newcomers' Club

The Club welcomes the wives and partners of visiting scholars, graduate students, and members of the University who are new to Oxford. It aims to offer help, advice, information, andthe opportunity to meet each other socially. Informal coffee mornings are held at 13, Norham Gardens every Wed., 10.30–12 noon. Other activities in the club room include the Craft Group, Book Group, and informal Conversation Group. Newcomers with children (0--4 years) meet every Fri. in term, 10.15 a.m.--12 noon. We organise tours of colleges and museums, visits to places of interest, country walks, and outings to gardens and antique shops. Secondhand items can be bought on Wed. mornings from the basement. Visit our Web site on www.ox.ac.uk/staff.

Oxford University Research Staff Society

The Research Staff Society (RSS) membership consists of Post- doctoral/Junior Research Fellows and Research Assistants who work for the University of Oxford. As most Research Staff are not attached to a college and may be new to Oxford our social events provide a unique opportunity to meet researchers outside your group or department. We aim to provide an interesting and varying social setting in which to mix and to become a voice for research staff within the University. We run social events each month to suit all tastes. Please visit our Web site http://users.ox.ac.uk/~rss/, which provides information on how to join the society as well as details on events which we will be running in the near future. We hope you will decide to join us and very much look forward to meeting you at one of our events this year.

Antiques Bought and Sold

Antiques and decorative objects bought and sold: desks and library furniture always wanted, also garden stonework. Please call: Greenway Antiques, 90 Corn Street, Witney, Oxon. Open Mon.,–Fri., 9.30 a.m.–5 p.m., Sat., 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Tel.: 01993 705026, mobile: 07831 585014.

Restoration and Conservation of Antique Furniture

John Hulme undertakes all aspects of restoration: 30 years experience; collection and delivery. For free advice, telephone or write to: The Workshop, 11A High Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon. OX7 5AD. Tel.: 01608 641692.


Periodicals Bought and Sold

Back-issues of scholarly periodicals and journals bought and sold. Graham Jeffrey, Periodicals (est. 1967), 29 Cuddesdon Road, Horspath, Oxford, OX33 1JD. Tel.: 01865 872528, fax: 776398. E-mail: gjeffreysatu@aol.com.

Services Offered

Midsummer Landscape Design and pruning advice: a tailor-made pruning programme for shrubs and climbers. Tools provided. A 3-year plan for your garden. Jeanne Bliss, Rewley House gardener 1985-90. Please tel.: 01865 515379 for leaflet. E-mail: jeannebliss@yahoo.com.

Big or small, we ship it all, plus free pick up anywhere in Oxford. Also 24-hour photocopying, private mailing addresses (24-hour access, and mail forwarding world-wide), binding, fax bureau, colour photocopying, mailing services, and much more. Contact or visit Mail Boxes Etc., 266 Banbury Rd., Oxford. Tel.: 01865 514655, fax: 514656, e-mail: summertown@020.mbe.uk.com, also at: 94 London Rd., Oxford. Tel.: 01865 741729, fax: 01865 742431, e-mail: staff@mbeheadington.co.uk.

Town and Country Trees: arboricultural contractors; modern arboricultural techniques; local authority approved; safeguarded by full Public Liability insurance. Free advice and quotations. Tel.: 0845 458 2980 or 07976 261850 (mobile).

Indexing: Oxford Academic Services; indexing, project management, history research projects. Details of all services: judith@history.u-net.com, or Judith Loades, P.O.Box 323, Burford, Oxon. OX18 4XN.

Camp Energy

Located in the beautiful setting of The Dragon School the camp's aims are to offer exciting and rewarding opportunities to children during their school holidays, and to emphasise the importance of physical activity, taught by professional coaches in our daily schedule. A typical days also includes arts and crafts in a new purpose built art studio together with excursions to places of local interest. Camp Energy is a registered provider of childcare and all staff are police checked and vetted. For further information please call 01865 292072 or visit our Web site: www.campenergy.com. All university staff will receive a 10% discount (please supply your University Identity Card number when booking).

Domestic Services

Austrian academic is looking for a companion for 10 year old son, almost bilingual (German to English). Although based in Vienna we spend 5–6 weeks in Oxford (St Hugh's), 27 July to 23 Aug., and would ideally like to find a 10-to-12 year old boy to play with my son, and would be most happy to offer the opportunity to come and stay with us, and experience life in Vienna. Please contact Beatrix Suppan-Raab, St Hugh's or by e-mail: bxsupra@isis.wu-wien.ac.uk, not later than 24 July.

Carpet/upholstery/curtain cleaning by Grimebusters, your local specialists. Quality work, competitive prices. Domestic, commercial, college. Also carpet/upholstery stain protection, pre-occupancy cleaning, flood cleaning/drying, oriental rug cleaning. For free estimates and friendly advice, call Grimebusters. Tel.: 01865 726983 or 01235 555533.


Tuition Offered

Piano lessons: experienced teacher; adults and children; all grades. Beginners welcome. contact Miss P. Read BA (Hons) L.R.A.M., near Kidlington, Oxford. Tel.: 01865 331147

Situations Vacant

Editorial Assistant: a leading integrative social science journal, published monthly, and with an international readership, Human Relations, seeks a new editorial assistant to replace its outgoing Managing Editor. The successful applicant should have a degree in social sciences, understanding of the parameters of the peer review system, production experience, including proof reading. Human Relations is one of the first social science journals to use the Manuscript Central system of online manuscript management. An Online Database Manager handles the day-to-day administration of this system and the successful applicant will be trained in its use. Experience of wordprocessing, e-mail and database usage is essential, as is the ability to work in a slef motivated manner to tight deadlines, as part of a busy international team. Attendance at international conferences will also be required. Please contact Tamar Jeffers, Managing Editor, Human Relations, e-mail: t.jeffers@humanrelationsjournal.org for further information, and details of how to apply. Closing date for applications: 14 July. Interviews will be held in mid-July in Oxford.

Funded Research post: domestic violence in West Oxfordshire. Post- graduate position to examine the levels, needs and services available for suvivors and perpetrators of domestic violence. Contact : Bill Oddy, West Oxfordshire District Council, Council Offices, Woodgreen, Witney OX28 1NB.

Summer Lets

Victorian terrace cottage, between station and George Street (OX1 2EZ on Multimap.co.uk): 3 bedrooms, sleeps 5 + sofa bed. Large sitting/dining room; bathroom. Garden backs on to stream. Available July onwards. £400 p.w. or less for longer period. Also possible to negotiate longer term let for academic year (to June 2004). Contact Pandora on 01491 651247 or e-mail: maxfam@btinternet.com for further information.

Houses to Let

Waterways, central north Oxford: selection of brand new luxury 4-/5- bedroom, and 3-bathroom houses in prestigious location. Master bedroom with spacious en suite; family bathroom with separate shower. Landscaped garden, some with conservatory. Elegantly furnished. Secure parking, some with own garage. High quality applicances and fittings. All properties owned, let and managed by Chase. No tenant administration fess charged. Immediately available. Tel.: Chase-the property people-01865 516060 or 07808 477850.

A delightful, fully-furnished 4-bedroom (3 double and 1 single) house in Marston, within walking/biking distance to both universities and city centre, and on the bus route, is available from the beginning of Sept., for 1 year or longer. Modern kitchen, newly fitted double glazed windows and doors; new bathroom with power shower; nice gardens and a big garden studio furnished for additional sitting/study or playroom. £850 p.c.m. plus bills. Tel.: +44 (0) 1865 404836 (day), 437227 (eves.). E-mail: yiping.chen@ctsu.ox.ac.uk. Pictures of the rooms can be requested via e-mail.

Four-bedroom house to let from Aug.; lovely, fully-furnished 4- bedroom house in residential north Oxford, close to schools, Summertown shops, and recreation centres. Twenty minutes' walk, or 5 minutes' bike ride from city centre (frequent bus route). Master bedroom with en suitebathroom on second floor, 2 further double bedrooms, and single bedroom, family bathroom, and shower room with bidet. Open-plan sitting room with sunny south-facing dining area. Fully fitted kitchen with built-in fridge-freezer, dishwasher, gas hob, and electric oven. Utility room with washing machine. Further reception on first floor (currently sitting room with mini kitchen bu flexible). Off-street parking. Attractive easy gardens. See: http://www.novembergames.co.uk/forlet. £1,875 p.c.m. plus bills. Tel.: +44 (0) 1865 554142.

North Oxford : 3-bedroom furnished house available for 1 year or longer from late Aug. On bus route to city; lounge; dining room; modern kitchen and bathroom. Gas c.h. Front and rear (60 ft) gardens. Garage. Non-smokers only. £1,150 p.c.m. Tel.: 01865 515547 or e-mail: hsg@picots.fsnet.co.uk.

Canal Walk: superior 4-bedroom furnished townhouse situated within easy reach of local amenities and schools. Available 6 Sept. £1,500 p.c.m. Contact: Sarah Richardson, Lettings Manager, Scott Fraser Lifestyle, 205a Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7HQ. Tel.: 01865 554577, fax: 01865 554578. Web site: www.letitbetter.co.uk.

Beautifully modernised house to let, East Oxford, 8 or 9 months from Sept. Two double bedrooms; 2 studies; sitting room; dining room; 1½ bathrooms; c.h.; appliances. Tweny minutes' walk Bodleian, near London bus. Walled garden. £1,000 monthly. Tel.: 01865 242966.

Detached, furnished, 4-bedroom house off Iffley Road: close to shopping etc.; quiet neighbourhood. Would suit visiting family or 4 professionals. Double glazing, c.h., washing machine and drier, garage plus off-street parking. £1,200 p.c.m. References and deposit required. 12 months lease. Tel.: 01865 766032 or e-mail: crescent@highstream.net.

Hayfield Road, central North Oxford: 30 metre garden with roses and quince tree backing onto Oxford Canal, with trap grounds and reed beds beyond. This is an idyllic spot for a non-smoking couple seeking rural tranquillity within easy walking distance of the University and city centre; open plan living and dining room, with piano; fully fitted kitchen; 2 bedrooms, bathroom and WC upstairs. £1,000 p.c.m. Available from 1 Sept. View at : www.portholland.com/Hayfield, and then e-mail: Gabriel.Amherst@ntlworld.com.

Charming cottage, Westcott Barton, 12 miles north-west of Oxford, in a quiet corner of village. (Bus to Oxford or short drive to Charlbury station). Attractively furnished and equipped. Two bedrooms (1 double bedroom, 1 spare bedroom/study). Beams, inglenook fireplace, woodburning stove, gas c.h., country antiques, washer/drier, fridge/freezer, bath/shower, small walled south-facing garden, garage. Available from late Sept. E-mail: doreen.mcbarnet@csls.ox.ac.uk.

Quiet terrace house, furnished, available Sept. for up to 1 year. Situated in West Oxford near meadows and river. One double bedroom; large kitchen with washing machine, gas cooker, fridge and freezer; dining room; lounge and sitting room; 40 ft garden and patio; gas c.h.; bathroom with power shower. Newly decorated. Very convenient for train station. Fifteen minutes' walk from town . £800 p.m.. exc. E- mail: jonardon@liv.ac.uk. Tel.: jonardon@liv.ac.uk. Tel.: 01865 423345.

Superb furnished 3-bedroom detached house in nearer Headington, available mid-Aug. to mid-Apr. Spacious floor plan with living room, dining room, family room, fully fitted kitchen with washer and drier. Charming secluded garden with greenhouse and shed. Off-street parking. Walk to John Radcliffe hospital, shops, country walks, with easy access to city and colleges. £1,100 p.c.m. Tel.: 01865 741 024.

An Englishman's home is his castle---so the saying goes. We cannot pretend that we have too many castles on offer but if you are seeking quality rental accommodation in Oxford or the surrounding area we may be able to help. QB Management is one of Oxford's foremost letting agents, specialising in lettings to academics, medical personnel, and other professionals. Our aim is to offer the friendliest and most helpful service in Oxford. Visit our Web site at: http://www.qbman.co.uk and view details of all the properties that we have currently available to let. Alternatively, telephone, fax, or e-mail us with details of your requirements and we will do whatever we can without obligation. Tel.: 01865 764533, fax: 764777, e-mail: info@qbman.co.uk.

North Oxford: 2 bright fully and tastefully furnished family houses with a choice of 2 bedrooms plus study, or 4 bedrooms, master bedrooms with en suite, family bathroom, cloakroom, lounge/diner, kitchen/breakfast, small landscaped garden, private parking. Just available. Best suited to professionals or visiting academics seeking excellent standard accommodation in a good residential location just north of Summertown parade, with easy access to the centre of Oxford, university and hospital departments. Rents from £1,075 and £1,350 p.c.m. Tel.: 01865 516144. Fax: 01865 437996.

Flats to Let

Comfortable furnished flat with own entrance in quiet rural surroundgins 6 miles south-west of Oxford. Sitting room, study area, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen with washing machine. Own telephone, ample parking space, car essential. Free use of private squash court. Available from Aug., for 1 academic year (or more). £450 p.c.m. inc. hot water and c.h. Tel.: 01865 390535.

London: room in shared, spacious, 2-bedroom flat; fully furnished, central and convenient. Long or short term let. Tel.: 01865 558034 or e-mail: aby.bidwell@stcatz.ox.ac.uk.

Beautiful, tastefully furnished ground-floor of Victorian house. One bedroom, large kitchen, light, garden access. Superb north Oxford locationnear parks/shops. Best for student/professional couple. Available Aug.'03 to June 2004. £825 p.c.m. Contact: 01865 513813 or e-mail: kenneth.bauer@linacre.oxford.ac.uk.

North Oxford flat to let: 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom in Waterways development. Good for Summertown/Jericho/hospital. Furnished or unfurnished. £1,100 p.m. Available from Sept. E-mail: ffpalazzo@aol.com or tel.: 01865 557401.

A spacious and airy 2-bedroom, top (second) floor flat to let in Waterways (Frenchay road), a few minutes walk from Summertown and close to city centre. The property is in excellent condition and has high ceilings. Fully furnished and equipped, elevator, secure video entry system, and alarm. Light and airy lounge/dining room. Large double bedroom with fitted wardrobes and en suiteshower room; smaller double bedroom with fitted wardrobes and desk. Views of the Oxford canal and Port Meadow. Tiled bathroom. Well equipped kitchen: gas hob, electric oven, microwave oven, dishwasher and automatic washing machine. Gas c.h., and designated parking space. £1,150 p.c.m. Available immediately. Ideal for visiting academics.Tel./fax: 01865 880018. Mobile: 07788562300. E-mail: stephen.lord2@ntlworld.com.

Thackley End, central north Oxford: well-presented 1-bedroom furnished ground-floor apartment within easy reach of the city centre. Available 20 Sept. £775 p.c.m. Contact: Sarah Richardson, Lettings Manager, Scott Fraser Lifestyle, 205a Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7HQ. Tel.: 01865 554577, fax: 01865 554578, web site: www.letitbetter.co.uk.

Temple Cowley: 1-bedroom furnished modern apartment to let. Non- smoking. Allocated parking. £650 p.c.m. Close to swimming pool, library, and bus route to city centre. Tel.: 01844 279416.

Fantastic luxury 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom (1 en suite) apartment on top floor of modern development. Boasts own private west-facing balcony and wooden flooring throughout. Generous storage space. Fully fitted kitchen. Secure, gated parking and access to communal garden. Short walk to city centre. Unfurnished. Available: Aug. Rent: £1,050 p.c.m. Contact: 01865 200981 or 07762 131711.

We have a limited number of 3-bedroom flats still available for academic year 2003/2004, ideally situated for students wanting to live in `Quality' accommodation. These newly built, luxury flats have been extremely popular with a variety of students from different colleges, and are well known as some of the best student accommodation in Oxford. In addition to this we have 4, 5 and 6-bedroom properties available. All equipped to the highest standard. To see details of these properties please visit our Web site: http://www.north-oxford-property.co.uk. Tel.: 01865 318533, North Oxford Property Services Ltd., 47 Walton Street, Jericho, Oxford OX2 6AD.

Granville Court: adjacent Brookes University, pleasant furnished 2- bedroom ground-floor flat; en suiteshower room to main bedroom. Twenty minutes' walk to city centre. Suit non-smoking professional or post-doc single or couple, or 2 sharers. £850 p.c.m. exc. utilities. Available from 1 July. Tel.: 01865 512149, or e-mail: dorothymyers@gn.apc.org.

Elegant 1-bedroom ground-floor flat in St Margaret's Road, central north Oxford. Double bedroom, large sitting room, kitchen and bathroom. Fully furnished and equipped, washing machine and gas c.h. Use of charming shared garden. £815 p.c.m. plus utility bills and council tax. Available from Aug. Let of 6 months or longer preferred. Tel.: 01865 343384, e-mail: diana@vincenza.demon.co.uk.

Central Oxford, Folly Bridge, 5 minutes' walk from Carfax Tower, in a quiet residential area, with private garden, and a few yards from the river: bedsitter, with large kitchen, washing machine, bathroom with bath and shower. Fully furnished. Suit single person or couple. Available from 1 Sept.–31 Jan., 2004. £550 p.c.m., plus bills. Tel.: 01865 722343 (eves., or leave a message), cell: 07762 945831, e-mail: piero.pinza@virgin.net.

Central North Oxford: 10 minutes' walk from city centre, all main university buildings and parks, also very close to the river: 4 exceptionally well-furnished flats available for short/long lets in extremely quiet, civilised, large Victorian house in this exclusive, leafy, residential Victorian suburb with large light airy rooms. Available now and Sept., 2 ground-floor flats, each with double and single bedrooms, drawing-room, kitchen, bathroom. Available July: second-floor flat, with double bedroom, drawing-room, kitchen, bathroom. Available 1 Oct.,: first-floor flat with double bedroom, drawing-room, kitchen, bathroom. Off-street parking, large secluded garden. Tel.:/fax: 01865 552400.

North Oxford, 1- and 2-bedroom apartments (1 double, 1 single) in the centre of Summertown, a stone's throw from all amenities, and with easy access to the centre of Oxford, university, business, hospital and sports complex. Bright, secure, purpose built with private parking. Available from various dates at rents of £650 to £775 p.c.m. Best suited to professionals or visiting academics seeking good standard accommodation. Tel.: 01865 516144, fax: 01865 437996.

Serviced Accommodation

North Oxford : the luxury alternative to a hotel or letting, brand new high quality serviced accommodation, secure parking, elegantly appointed, located within prestigious Waterways development in central location 5 minutes' from city centre: fully landscaped garden for own use, maid service to suit, other facilities provided upon request. Short or long term stay to meet your needs. For further details please contact Chase-the property people-01865 516060 or 07808 477850.

Short stay and serviced apartments: luxury canal-side apartments in a secure gated development. These 1-/2-/and 3-bedroom suites can be taken for a short or extended stay with the option of a regular maid service. High specification interiors and private balconies make The Wharf House a home from home ideal for a short sabbatical or base to relocate from. For further information on availability please contact Finders Keepers on 01865 311011, 226 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7BP, or visit our Web site: www.finders.co.uk.

Finally! the luxurious and economical alternative to 5-star luxury hotels, in central Oxford. Ambassador's Oxford offers clients short-stay 2-bedroom, 2 bathroom–1 en suite–5-star apartments in the centre of Oxford with allocated parking. Only 3 minutes' walk from the railway station and the Saïd Business School. Furnished to a very high standard to include well-equipped kitchen and lounge, computer, printer, internet access, and weekly Maid Service. From £118 per apartment per night, to accommodate up to 4/5 guests. Contact: www.ambassadorsoxford.co.uk, or tel.: 07876 203378.

Accommodation Offered

Room in comfortable house with all mod cons available this Sept.: Iffley Road area. Sharing with 2 other people. £270 p.c.m. includes all bills. Tel.: 01865 452243.

North Oxford : short let. Independent male graduate wanted to share quiet house facing Port Meadow. Spacious room, share of kitchen. Rent £55 p.w. inc. fuel. Please tel.: 01865 515379.

Large study bedroom to let in shared Old Boars Hill cottage. Stunning country view. Ideal for visiting researcher or D.Phil. student. Large garden, modern appliances, fireplace. Close to Oxford bus. £425 p.c.m., incl. utilities, except telephone. Available Michaelmas Term 2003 (1 Sept.–31 Dec.) or for 1 year from 1 Sept. Contact: James Milner, e-mail: james.milner@sant.ox.ac.uk, or tel.: 07813 959174.

Oxford B & B. A home from home. £55 double/£35 single. Tel.: 01865 770501, e-mail: charmaine.cole@cliffordchance.com.

Let Finders Keepers award winning North Oxford office make you at home in Oxfordshire. Over thirty years experience, a dedicated 24-hour management service and a comprehensive marketing profile ensure Finders Keepers ' reputation for making renting a pleasure is endorsed by both landlords and tenants. Whether you are looking for a short term sabbatical base in the city or a more permanent home we have a range of quality properties to match your requirements. With a dedicated team of property managers, letting negotiators, and an interior design and buildings division we offer landlords sound advice on all aspects of the residential market, providing security in the knowledge that your home is in skilled and capable hands. For further information on availability and landlord services please contact Finders Keepers, 226 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7BY. Tel.: 01865 311011 or visit our Web site: www.finders.co.uk.

Paying guests, visiting academics, welcomed for short or long stays in the comfortable home of a semi-retired academic couple, in exclusive, quiet, leafy central north Oxford, within walking distance of all main university buildings, town centre, parks, river, good shops, and restaurants. All rooms have colour TV, tea-/coffee-making facilities, microwave, and refrigerator and/or deep-freeze availability, c.h., and independent heating. Breakfast included in the very moderate terms. Tel./fax: 01865 557879.

Delightful rooms in North Oxford available now. £55 p.w. Book by telephone or fax: 01865 511657 or e-mail: coulsonm@btconnect.com.


Available by the week for visitors to Oxford: self-contained, fully-furnished studio flat, centrally located in Kingston Road. En suiteshower, toilet and washbasin, and fully-equipped kitchen area. Sleeps 2. £315 p.w. all inc. British Tourist Board approved 3 Stars. For further information tel.: 01865 516913 or visit: http://www.oxfordcity.co.uk/accom/studioflat.


Finders Keepers has a range of short term accommodation in Oxford and surrounding areas with immediate availability. From a luxuriously appointed 3-bedroom terrace house in cosmopolitan Jericho to a 1-bedroom converted Butchers Ice House with a hidden patio garden, we are able to provide individual quality properties as a hotel alternative. Ideal for a short sabbatical or longer holiday. For further details on these and other short term options please call Finders Keepers on 01865 311011 or visit our Web site: www.finders.co.uk.

Accommodation Sought

Professional, academic married couple seeking 1-bedroom flat or house for the duration of the coming academic year. Qualified to house-sit for University staff on sabbatical or teaching abroad. Contact: Dr Philippa Broadfoot, tel.: 07779 118803, e-mail: pb@comlab.ox.ac.uk.

Going abroad? Or just thinking of letting your property? QB Management is one of Oxford's foremost letting agents and property managers. We specialise in lettings to both academic and professional individuals and their families, and have a constant flow of enquiries from good quality tenants seeking property in the Oxford area. If you would like details of our services, or if you simply need some informal help and advice without obligation, telephone us: 01865 764533, fax us: 764777, or e-mail us: info@qbman.co.uk. Alternatively, we would invite you to visit our Web site at: http://www.qbman.co.uk and see how we could be marketing your property.

Holiday Lets

Holiday apartments in Sicily: 40 sq m. apartments, 400 metres from the beach with balcony or terrace in Patti, a friendly town on the coast. Easy access to the Aolian islands, Messina, Taormina. Contact: annette.haberstock@magd.ox.ac.uk, or info@nausicaaclub.it.

Luxury flat on a golf course, for rent in Alicante, Spain. Available from July. Fantastic location, close to beach (15 minute walk), and airport (14 km). Two bedrooms; 2 shower/bathrooms; exquisitely finished, and fully equipped (TV, washing machine, drier, overn, microwave). Amenities inc., tennis, squash, jacuzzi, steam bath, pool etc. Contact: rosana.lopez@admin.ox.ac.uk for info and pictures.

Paris 12ème between Nation and Bastille, small studio, sleeps 2, Rue de Cotte, very near Marché Beauvau, Marché Aligré, `Coulée Verte', near the Gare de Lyon. Well equipped; bathroom; kitchen area; digicode and interphone; lift. Non-smokers only. £150 p.w., £280 fortnight, £500 four weeks, no bills. Available 1 July to 30 Aug. For pictures, more details: Studio, 3 Hill Top Road, Oxford OX4 1PB, or tel.: 01865 728603 until 3 July, or e-mail: johnellis46@yahoo.co.uk.

Edinburgh. Lovely light spacious Victorian flat, in quiet cul-de-sac in central Edinburgh (Bruntsfield). Walk across Bruntsfield Links and the Meadows to the royal Mile, Festival Theatre etc. Just off Bruntsfield Place with its excellent restaurants, and food shops. Three bedrooms and sofabed, sleeps up to 6. Unrestricted parking, garden. Available July and Aug. E-mail: doreen.mcbarnet@csls.ox.ac.uk.

Southwest France, between Albi/Cordes: farmhouse with 6 acres; swimming pool; 3 bedrooms; 2 bathrooms; 2 living rooms; large kitchen. Sleeps 8. Several airports within easy reach, available to 5 July, 2 to 16 Aug., 31 Aug. onwards. Call 01608 8120818 or e-mail: barrymsimpson@hotmail.com for brochure.

Cottage with shared pool (5 adjoining cottages–a beautiful barn conversion) on the border of the Dordogne and Charente. Sleeps 6. One king-size bed, 2 twin, plus futon for extra guest if required. Fully fitted kitchen, wood burning stove in open plan living room. 1 June to 14 July, and 31 Aug. to mid-Sept. £500 p.w. 15 July to 30 Aug. £650 p.w. All other weeks throughout the year £200 p.w. Prices include electricity and water, also weekly cleaner and bedlinen. You will need to bring your own towels. On arrival, bread, milk, butter, and cheese will be provided. For further details look at Web site: www.escapeholidays.co.uk/16.16html. Contact Maggie Faulkner on 01865 512098 or e-mail: maggie.faulkner@whsmithnet.co.uk.

Dordogne and Rome holiday rentals: stone house in an acre of garden in the Dordogne, France, with a fabulous 270 degree panorama (sleeps 8/10). Also gites sleeping 4/6. Also 19th-century Italian farmhouse with lovely views, Rome 45 minutes, Florence 2 hours. Sleeps 4 with downstairs rooms available to sleep 4 more. Prices £250–£625 p.w. Private owner. Contact 01223 353603 or e-mail: hugobowles@tiscalinet.it.

Venice: large flat in the heart of Venice, near Palazzo Grassi, in the heart of Venice, with large traditional sitting-room, and separate dining room, well-appointed kitchen, 1 double bedroom with en suitebathroom, second bedroom with twin beds, third bedroom with 1 bed (+ 1), and a second bathroom. The flat is ideal for a family, in pristine condition, and available for short periods on a weekly basis at £600 per week. Tel.: + 39 0423 723582, e-mail: tagariello@libero.it.

Crete. A traditional Cretan house in old town Rethimno, superbly renovated to provide space and comfort in beautifully furnished surroundings. Elevated, vine- covered, sitting area with brick barbecue—perfect for alfresco dining. It is in a quiet area, and close to long, sandy beach, taverns, shops, and the many interesting sights in and around this historic area. Sleeps 4 (1 double, 1 twin). Available all year round. All linen, electricity and cleaning inc. 2002 rates on request. Tel./fax: Nikolaos Glinias, 0030 831 56525, e-mail: nglynias@ret.forthnet.gr.



University Lecturership in Epithelial Physiology

In association with a Tutorial Fellowship at St Edmund Hall

Applications are invited for the above post tenable from October 2003 or as soon as possible afterwards. The successful candidate will be expected to have a competitive research programme and ability to teach in the area of the physiology of epithelia. This post is tenable after five years to the retirement age, subject to review.

The salary will be on a combined university and college scale up to a maximum of £42,900 per annum. The successful candidate may be offered a tutorial fellowship by St Edmund Hall, in which case the university salary would be augmented. Additional college allowances may be available.

Further particulars may be obtained from Mrs Elizabeth Blight, University Laboratory of Physiology, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PT (telephone: Oxford (2)72468, fax: (2)72468, e- mail: elizabeth.blight@physiol.ox.ac.uk). Closing date: 10 July.

The department's Web page is at http://www.physiol.ox.ac.uk.


Election to Fellowships by Examination

1. There will be an election at All Souls on Saturday, 1 November 2003 to not more than two Fellowships by Examination, if candidates of sufficient merit present themselves.

2. The examination is open to any candidate (male or female) who either
(a) has passed all the examinations required by the University for the degree of BA or
(b) has been duly registered for, or been awarded, a higher degree in the University (including BCL). The college will not normally admit to the Examination, however, candidates who will have passed their twenty-sixth birthday at the time of election, or who will then have completed ten or more terms since they qualified for the degree of BA, or first registered for a higher degree in the University. Candidates who are short-listed may be required to verify their date of birth.

3. The fellowships are for seven years and cannot be extended. They are open to those who intend to pursue an academic career, and the college pays the university fees of fellows registered for a higher degree. They are also open to those who, while intending to take up non-academic work (such as the practice of the law, politics, diplomacy, etc.), nevertheless wish to maintain and strengthen their links with academic life. In the case of the latter category it is possible for those pursuing a non-academic career to comply with the college's residential convention in the first year of fellowship by, for example, spending the weekends during term in college and the weekdays working in London.

4. During the first two years fellows receive a stipend, which they may supplement, of £11,564* per annum, and may be eligible for a housing allowance of £3,672. At the end of that period the fellowship will (with the approval of the college) be extended for a further five years, during which
(a) a fellow who decides to take up or continue non-academic work will receive a stipend of £2,230* per annum;
(b) a fellow who decides to take up or continue academic work will receive a stipend of £16,007* per annum, rising to £20,396* per annum if a certain amount of lecturing is undertaken; otherwise the stipend will be £14,566* per annum rising to £18,560* per annum, plus in each case a housing allowance of £4,205 per annum, if eligible.

5. A Fellow by Examination will be a member of the governing body and will be entitled to rooms, dinners, and lunches without charge. A fellow is conventionally required to reside (or dine) in college for at least twenty-eight days in each academical term of the first year of tenure; but the college is prepared to consider deferment of this residence in exceptional cases.

6. Prospective candidates should apply to the Warden's Secretary for an application form and further particulars, including a statement of the college's policy on equality of treatment of candidates. See also the college's Web site: http://www.all-souls.ox.ac.uk. Completed forms together with a curriculum vitae should be sent to the Warden not later than 5 September 2003. Candidates must enclose with their application form a letter from the candidate's college---from the Head of House or Senior Tutor---certifying that the applicant is a suitable candidate to sit the Examination. Candidates who wish to be admitted to the Examination notwithstanding non-compliance with the rules as to age and standing should communicate with the Warden. All correspondence should be marked `Fellowship Examination'.

7. The Warden and Chairman of Assistant Examiners will meet candidates, whose applications have been accepted, on Wednesday, 24 September at 4 p.m. and will answer any queries raised by them.

8. The examination will be held in the college hall, starting on 25 September at 9.30 a.m. and ending on 27 September at 12.30 p.m. (except for candidates who take the Classical Studies papers---see para.10 below).

9. The examination will consist of five papers of three hours each:

Two papers in Law, History,** Philosophy, Economics, Politics, English Literature, or Classical Studies;**

Two General Papers;

An Essay.

10. Candidates who take the Classical Studies papers will be required to take a Translation paper at 2 p.m. on Saturday, 27 September.

Specimen papers from previous years may be seen in college on application to the Warden's Secretary or Fellows' Secretary.

11. A viva of short-listed candidates will be held in the presence of fellows of the college on Saturday, 25 October, commencing at 10 a.m. All short- listed candidates will be expected to dine in college that night.

* Reviewed each August.

** The History papers will cover:

Paper I---political, constitutional, and ecclesiastical history;

Paper II---social, economic, and cultural history.

Each paper will contain a section of questions on History of the Ancient World. The two papers on Classical Studies will contain questions on Ancient History and Classical Literature.


Stipendiary Lecturership in Engineering

Pembroke College wishes to appoint a four-hour Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering for two years from 1 October 2003. The successful candidate will be required to teach Mathematical and Computational Methods, Electrical and Digital Systems, and Electricity and Electronics in 2003-- and Mathematical and Computational Methods, Structures and Mechanics, and Mathematical Methods in 2004--5. In addition to the four hours of tutorial teaching, the lecturer will be required to work in conjunction with the fellows in Engineering and other tutors in arranging teaching, in the admissions process, and in the setting and marking of college collections.

The stipend for this post will be £6,088--£6,426, and the lecturer will be provided with shared use of a teaching room. In addition, the successful applicant will be entitled to two free lunches and two free dinners per week.

In the event that no candidate comes forward with teaching expertise across all the papers required, the college will separate the post into two positions.

Applicants should submit four copies of their application and of their curriculum vitae to the Senior Tutor, Pembroke College, Oxford OX1 1DW, by 11 July. They should also ask two referees to send references to the Senior Tutor by the same deadline. It is hoped that interviews will be held on 18 July.

Pembroke College is an equal opportunities employer.


Nine-hour Stipendiary Lecturership in American and Twentieth-Century English Literature

Somerville College invites applications for the post of Stipendiary Lecturer in American and Twentieth-Century English Literature for one year, starting in October 2003. An ability to teach Critical Theory is also desirable.

The lecturer will be required to provide an annual average of nine hours' teaching a week during the three full terms (each lasting eight weeks) of the academic year, although teaching may not be divided equally among the three terms. (Further information about the syllabus can be found at http://www.english.ox.ac.uk.) The appointment will be on point one (currently £17,246) or point two (currently £18,265) for a twelve-hour appointment pro rata of an incremental scale, depending on experience.

The lecturer will share the use of a teaching room in college and will be a member of the senior common room. He or she will be entitled to a number of meals in college during full term.

Further particulars are available from the College Secretary, Somerville College, Oxford OX2 6HD (telephone: Oxford (2)70619, fax: (2)70620, e- mail: secretariat@somerville.ox.ac.uk).

The closing date for applications is Tuesday, 8 July. Short-listed candidates are likely to be invited for interview in the week beginning 14 July. Candidates invited for interview will be asked to give a five- to ten-minute presentation as if to an audience of first-year undergraduates.

Somerville College is committed to achieving equal opportunities.


Tutorial Fellowship in Classics

University College proposes to appoint a Tutorial Fellow in Classics with effect from 1 January 2004 or as soon as possible thereafter. The fellowship will be held in conjunction with a titular University Lecturership (CUF), for which no separate application is required.

The college and the University seek to appoint a person of high ability as a teacher and researcher in Greek and/or Latin Literature. The faculty has particular needs in Greek poetry (including drama) and Latin prose, but candidates with interests in any area of Greek and/or Latin Literature are encouraged to apply.

The joint salary for the post will be on an age-related scale up to a maximum of £42,900. Additional college allowances are available.

Further particulars and application coversheets may be obtained from the College Secretary, University College, Oxford OX1 4BH (e-mail: jane.vicat@univ.ox.ac.uk) or from the college Web site

Applications (eight copies) should be sent by 26 August to the Senior Tutor. Each application should specify the names and addresses of three referees, who should be asked to send references directly to the Senior Tutor by the closing date.

University College is an equal opportunities employer.


Appointment of Chaplain

Worcester College invites applications from men and women in Priest's orders in the Church of England or the wider Anglican Communion to serve as Chaplain with effect from 1 September 2003 or as soon as possible thereafter. It is expected that the post would be for a period of a maximum of three years; the first year is probationary. It is likely that the successful candidate will be in the age range twenty-five to thirty-five.

The person appointed will be responsible for the conduct of services in chapel and for the administration of chapel affairs, and will be expected to have a strong interest in the musical life of the chapel. The Chaplain is expected to be available to all members of the college for consultation on any pastoral matter, and will be a member of the college's welfare committees. For appropriately qualified candidates there will be opportunities for teaching or research.

The Chaplain will be paid on the diocesan curates' scale. The person appointed will be entitled to free accommodation, or the appropriate housing allowance, and to free meals in college.

Applications must be made on a form obtainable from the Provost's Secretary, Worcester College, Oxford OX1 2HB, from whom further particulars may also be obtained (telephone: Oxford (2)78362, fax: 793106, e-mail: jill.drake@worcester.ox.ac.uk). Reference CHPL/05/03 should be quoted in correspondence. Applications should include a curriculum vitae, and the names of two referees who should be asked by the applicant to send their references to the Provost's Secretary so as to arrive by the closing date, which is 18 July.

Appointment of Chapel Music Consultant

Worcester College invites applications from men and women for the post of Chapel Music Consultant with effect from 1 September 2003 or as soon as possible thereafter. It is expected that the post will be for a period of a maximum of three years; the first year will be probationary.

The principal duties are: to give conducting lessons to the two Organ Scholars; to attend services and choir rehearsals; to monitor and advise on the quality of music in chapel; to direct the music of at least one sung service per term; to liaise with the Chaplain and Organ Scholars over the choice of music for the services each term; to assist the Fellow and Tutor in Music at the voice trials for Choral Scholars held in September, and to advise on selection of Choral Scholars; to work closely with the Headmaster of Christ Church Cathedral School in matters relating to the boy choristers from the school.

The stipend will be £5,000 per annum. The post-holder is entitled to dine in college free of charge five evenings per term; reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Applications must be made on a form obtainable from the Provost's Secretary, Worcester College, Oxford OX1 2HB, from whom further particulars may also be obtained (telephone: Oxford (2)78362, fax: 793106, e-mail: jill.drake@worcester.ox.ac.uk). Reference CHMC/06/03 should be quoted in correspondence. Applications should include a curriculum vitae, and the names of two referees who should be asked by the applicant to send their references to the Provost's Secretary so as to arrive by the closing date, which is 25 July.

Worcester College is an equal opportunities employer.


Institute for the Advancement of University Learning Seminars: places should be booked in advance through the IAUL (telephone: (2)86808, e-mail: services@learning.ox.ac.uk, Internet: http://www.learning.ox.ac.uk).

Friday 4 July

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Scrolls and patterns', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

COLLOQUIUM: `La déviance sociale en Angleterre et en France au XIXe siècle (1830–1900)', Maison Française, 4–7.15 p.m. (continues tomorrow).

Tuesday 8 July

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Managing employee conduct and performance', 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Egyptian jewels and amulets', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

Wednesday 9 July

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `An introduction to glass', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

Friday 11 July

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Chinese painting' (special exhibition), 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

Monday 14 July

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Managing contract research staff' (day 3), 12.30 p.m. (see information above).

Tuesday 15 July

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `A breath of French air', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

CONGREGATION meeting, 2 p.m. (approval of appointment of next Vice-Chancellor).

Wednesday 16 July

MAGDALEN COLLEGE EXHIBITION opens: `In praise of women'—Shona stone sculpture, with work by and of Zimbabwean women (until 3 August, open 12 noon–6 p.m. daily).

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `An introduction to Greek pots', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

Friday 18 July

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Japanese export ware', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Springboard, Programme 1' (follow-up day) [NO TIME] (see information above).

Saturday 19 July

FIORI MUSICALI, with Katerina Fürstová (solo soprano), Kerstin Linder-Dewan (solo violin), Gail Hennessy (solo oboe), chamber orchestra and harpsichord, perform Mozart Exsultate Jubilate and works by Kozaluch, Leo, and Zach, University Church, 8 p.m. (tickets from Tickets Oxford, tel. 305305, from Classic Concerts, tel. 01327 360931, or at the door).

Tuesday 22 July

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Managing contract research staff' (day 4), 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `The Pre-Raphaelites', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

Wednesday 23 July

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `An introduction to landscape painting', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

Friday 25 July

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Impressionism and before', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

Saturday 26 July

FIORI MUSICALI, with Emma Kirkby (solo soprano), Katy Bircher (flute), string ensemble and harpsichord, perform works by Handel and Vivaldi, University Church, 8 p.m. (tickets from Tickets Oxford, tel. 305305, from Classic Concerts, tel. 01327 360931, or at the door).