Oxford University Gazette: 20 November 2003

Oxford University Gazette, Vol. 134, No. 4677: 20 November 2003

Note: due to the requirements of the Data Protection Act, some elements of the printed Gazette are not reproduced in the Web Gazette.

The following supplement was published with this Gazette:

  • University's Resource Allocation Method (RAM) (updated for 2003-4)

CONGREGATION 18 November 2003

Presentation of Vice-Chancellor's Oration

The Oration delivered by Mr Vice-Chancellor on 7 October 2003 was presented.


Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Atkins, R., University Surveyor's Office

Burn, D.J., BA, St John's

Gray, R.F., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Harmer, C.J., Magdalen

Marsh, K., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Voll, C., Linacre

Wall, A.D., Faculty of Modern History


For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 5 December, see `Examinations and Boards' below.

[Note. An asterisk denotes a reference to a previously published or recurrent entry.]

  • *CONGREGATION 21 November 2003 11.30 a.m.
    • *Honorary Degree Ceremony
  • * Note on procedures in Congregation
  • * List of forthcoming Degree Days
  • * List of forthcoming Matriculation Ceremonies


Arrangements concerning representations on any matter currently before Congregation are set out in `University Agenda'. Notices to which a response is invited may also be found under `General Notices' below.


On behalf of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council, the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) will chair a committee to review the Department of Social Policy and Social Work. the committee's terms of reference are:

(a) To review the educational policy and quality of learning and teaching in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work by reference to international standards of excellence, taking into account, in the context of the University's mission statement and corporate plan, all factors relevant to the department's practice and achievement in respect of: access and admissions; curriculum design and course structure; teaching, learning, and assessment and, in particular, the relationship between teaching and research; academic and pastoral support and guidance; the provision and use of learning resources (including staff resources); specific arrangements for the pursuit of graduate studies (including research degrees and research training) and part-time study; and relationships with colleges.

(b) To report and make recommendations to the Educational Policy and Standards Committee (EPSC) and the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee (PRAC) for consideration in consultation with the Divisional Board. the report, or relevant sections of it, will be sent to the Academic Committee of the Conference of Colleges for information and comment to EPSC/PRAC. The membership of the Review Committee is:

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic)—Dr W.D. Macmillan (Chairman)

Professor Jonathan Bradshaw, University of York

Professor Dr. Stephan Leibfried, University of Bremen

Professor Jane Millar, University of Bath

Mr Michael Noble, Green College

Professor Brian Sheldon, University of Exeter

The review committee would welcome written comments on matters falling within its terms of reference. These should be sent to the secretary to the review committee, Mr R.O. Hughes, University Offices, Wellington Square, by Friday, 5 December.




It is regretted that in the Vice-Chancellor's Oration, published as Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4671 (pp. 129–135), the name of Professor R.A. Cowley, Dr Lee's Professor of Experimental Philosophy, was erroneously included in the list of professors who have retired in the previous academic year.


English for Academic Studies: EFL Intensive Courses in Week 9 (8–12 December)

The Language Centre is offering two intensive courses in English for Academic Studies in Week 9. Key issues in academic writing is a fifteen-hour intensive course designed to enable those with busy schedules to take the academic writing course in a more convenient form. the programme covers the material given in the Michaelmas term-time course. Course fee: £95. Monday–Friday, 9.30 a.m.--12.45 p.m. Writing a research article in English is a ten-hour intensive course offering the opportunity to improve skills in writing a research article for publication in an academic journal. Course fee: £65. Monday–Friday, 2–4.15 p.m.

French, Italian, and Spanish: `catch up'—`brush up' courses in Week 9 (8–12 December)

The Language Centre is also offering a series of sixteen-hour intensive courses in French, Italian, and Spanish in week 9 for those still on waiting lists and for those who wish to refresh their language skills. Courses will be available for beginners in all three languages and at more than one level in French and Spanish. Please check the Centre's Web site for details of the times and levels on offer. Course fee: £35 students, £45 staff, £75 non-members of the University.

Note: for most courses participants will be expected to purchase the textbook currently in use. Further details of all courses and activities may be obtained from Angela Pinkney, Information Officer, at the Language Centre, 12 Woodstock Road, Oxford OX2 6HT (telephone: (2)83360, e-mail: admin@lang.ox.ac.uk, Web pages: http://www.lang.ox.ac.uk).


McDonnell Visiting Fellowships

The McDonnell Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience is closely integrated with the Medical Research Council Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience at Oxford and supports work on many aspects of brain research relevant to human cognition in several departments at Oxford University as well as at other institutions. The McDonnell Centre encourages work in all areas of cognitive neuroscience across all relevant disciplines and embraces research on experimental, theoretical, and clinical studies of perceptual analysis, memory, language, and motor control, including philosophical approaches to cognition. Current and fuller information on the Centre is available on the Web at http://www.cogneuro.ox.ac.uk. The Centre offers several forms of support including Visiting Fellowships for distinguished researchers from overseas or elsewhere in Britain who wish to work within the Oxford Centre for periods between a week and several months. A Visiting Fellowship can include a modest grant to help with costs of travel and accommodation (but not a stipend), and to pay a bench fee to the host department. Applications for Visiting Fellowships may be submitted either by a member of the Oxford Centre, or by the intended visitor. There is no special form for applications but they should include the following information: name, address, and status of applicant (in the form of a very brief curriculum vitae); names and addresses of collaborators in Oxford; a brief description (a page or two) of the proposed research; a list of any publications that have already resulted from the area of research; an outline plan of visit/s and expenditure, with total estimated budget, other sources of funding and the amount requested Applications can be submitted at any time (e-mail is acceptable) to Sally Harte (Administrative Secretary), McDonnell Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience, University Laboratory of Physiology, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PT (telephone: Oxford (2)72497, fax: (2)72488, e-mail: admin@cogneuro.ox.ac.uk).


Technology Transfer

Ewert House, Ewert Place, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7SG

Isis Innovation Ltd is the technology transfer company of the University of Oxford, commercialising the research generated within and owned by the University. Established in 1988, Isis is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the University, founded to evaluate, protect, and market the University's intellectual property (where there are no pre-existing exploitation arrangements). In 2002, Oxford University Consulting became part of Isis, matching business consulting needs with University researchers. Isis provides researchers with commercial advice, funds patent applications and legal costs, negotiates exploitation and spin-out company agreements, and identifies and manages consultancy opportunities for University researchers. Isis works on projects from all areas of the University's research activities including the life sciences, physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Isis welcomes contact from any researcher interested in technology transfer and consultancy opportunities. Visit www.isis-innovation.com to learn more about Isis' activities, including its portfolio of technologies and spin-out companies, and to see the `Information for Oxford Researchers' resource. For more information contact one of Isis' Group Heads: Linda Naylor, Life Sciences (telephone: (2)80910, e-mail: linda.naylor@isis.ox.ac.uk); David Baghurst, Physical Sciences (telephone: (2)80858, e-mail: david.baghurst@isis.ox.ac.uk); or Mark Taylor, Business Innovation and Consulting (telephone: (2)80824, e-mail: mark.taylor@isis.ox.ac.uk).



JEAN-LOUIS LEUTRAT, Professor at the University of Paris III and Director of the Centre de Recherche sur les Images et leurs Relations (CRIR), has been appointed to the Visiting Professorship of French for the academic years 2003–5. Professor Leutrat will be a fellow of Wadham College.


The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Public Health Epidemiology on K. MCPHERSON (BA Cambridge, PH.D. London), recently retired from the Professorship of Public Health Epidemiology, University of Bristol, and now providing non-stipendiary support to the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, for a period of three years from 1 December 2003. The Medical Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Cancer Prevention Control on P. BOYLE (B.SC., PH.D. Glasgow), currently Director, World Health Organisation Collaborative Disease Centre for Statistical Modelling in the Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases, for a period of three years from 1 December 2003.


DR SUSAN E.C. WALKER, BA, M.PHIL. (PH.D. London), FSA, Deputy Keeper, Department of Greek and Roman Antiquities, the British Museum, has been appointed to the Keepership with effect from 1 April 2004.


Chichele Professor of the History of War

PROFESSOR HEW STRACHAN will deliver his inaugural lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 4 December, in the Examination Schools.

Subject: `The meaning of strategy: historical reflections.'


SIR TIM RICE will lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 27 November, in the Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre, St Catherine's College. All members of the University are welcome to attend.

Subject: `It's only words.'


PROFESSOR WARREN J. EWENS, University of Pennsylvania, winner of the Weldon Memorial Prize 2002, will lecture at 4.30 p.m. on Friday, 28 November, in the Lecture Theatre, the Zoology/Psychology Building, South Parks Road.

Note: the lecture will be given at 4.30 p.m., and not, as stated in the Michaelmas Term Special Lecture List, at 5 p.m.

Subject: `Backwards and forwards in population genetics theory.'


Dennis Sciama Memorial Lecture

PROFESSOR G.F.R. ELLIS, Cape Town, will deliver the second Dennis Sciama Memorial Lecture at 4.15 p.m. on Friday, 21 November, in the Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, the Clarendon Laboratory. Further information may be obtained from Fiona Bywater (telephone: Oxford (2)73303).

Subject: `Cosmology and local physics.'

Department of Earth Sciences

The following seminars will be held at 4.30 p.m. on Mondays in the Lecture Theatre, the Department of Earth Sciences. PROFESSOR D. VAUGHAN, Manchester
24 Nov.: `Minerals, metals, and molecules: ore and environmental mineralogy in the twenty-first century.' DR J. ANDREWS, East Anglia
1 Dec.: `Building microbial bioherms in the Pleistocene Gulf of Corinth.'


PROFESSOR R. BEEMAN, Harmsworth Professor of American History, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 26 November, in the Examination Schools.

Subject: `The uncertain history of American democracy: a view from the eighteenth century (with some concluding speculations on the twenty-first).'

Modern European History Research Centre

PROFESSOR S.A. STEHLIN, New York University, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Friday, 28 November, in the Examination Schools.

Subject: `Papal diplomacy, Pius XII, the Second World War, and the Jews.'


DR M. ROBBEETS, Leiden, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 25 November, in Lecture Room 1, the Oriental Institute.

Subject: `Is Japanese related to the Altaic languages?'


Centre for Political Ideologies: guest lecture

PROFESSOR M. BEVIR, Berkeley, will lecture at 2.15 p.m. on Friday, 5 December, in Seminar Room B, the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Subject: `Ideology and technique: the case of New Labour.'


Joseph Beuys Lectures 2003

A place for art

EDDIE BERG, Foundation for Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool, ALAN HAYDON, De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill, and JENNI LOMAX, Camden Arts Centre, will deliver the Joseph Beuys Lectures from 4 p.m. on Tuesday, 25 November, in the Auditorium, Magdalen College. The lectures will be introduced by Andrew Nairne, Director, Modern Art Oxford. The Joseph Beuys Lectures are presented by The Laboratory at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art with the support of the Arts Council England and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.


DR MAJID TAFRESHI, Royal Holloway College, London, will present a seminar at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 26 November, in the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.

Subject: `The rise and fall of religious schools in Khorasan Iran between the two wars: 1918–39.'


International Gender Studies Centre

Globally mobile professional families: distance, time, age, and gender

A workshop on this subject will be held from 9 a.m. on Friday, 21 November, in the Friends Meeting House, 43 St Giles'. Speakers will include academics, writers, and practitioners. The programme may be found on the Web site http://www.qeh.ox.ac.uk/cccrw/. As there are few remaining places, anyone interested in attending is asked to inform Anne Coles (e- mail: anne.coles@qeh.ox.ac.uk).


LOUISE CHRISTIAN, the human rights lawyer who made the applications to the High Court and the Court of Appeal on behalf of the British prisoners held at Guantanamo Bay (`Abbasi and others'), will lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 20 November, in the Buttery, Wolfson College. This is the first of three seminars sponsored by the Centre as part of the Public Interest Law programme. All members of the University are welcome to attend.

Subject: `Guantanamo Bay: a legal black hole?'

Islamic law and human rights: an ethnographic approach

The Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, in association with Research Analysts, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the Institute for the Transregional Study of the Contemporary Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, Princeton University, will hold a conference on this subject on 5 and 6 December in Wolfson College. The conference will bring together a number of international scholars working on issues relating to Islamic law (Shari'a, fiqh, state law) and touching upon human rights concerns. Some focus on places which have typically been seen as Islamic heartlands (Arab states, Iran), others on regions which, despite their numerical strength, have been viewed as peripheral (India, Indonesia, Bosnia), still others on diasporas (France, the UK). All share an ethnographic approach, examining the ways in which practices or texts are used, interpreted and lived by Muslims. Speakers: Fariba Adelkhah, John Bowen, Fikret Karcic, John Kelsay, Werner Menski, Ziba Mir Husseini, Christian Moe, Martha Mundy, Lawrence Rosen, and Mohammad Talib. Further information and details of the registration procedure may be obtained from the Administrator, the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College, Oxford OX2 6UD (telephone: Oxford (2)84220, e-mail: tania.boyt@csls.ox.ac.uk).


PROFESSOR PETER BURKE, Professor of Cultural History, Cambridge, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Saturday, 22 November, in the Council Room, Mansfield College. The lecture will be followed by a discussion and reception. All members of the University are welcome to attend.

Subject: `Performing cultural history.'


PRESIDENT ABDOULAYE WADE OF SENEGAL will lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 27 November, in the Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College. Admission will be by ticket only, available from the Development Office, St Antony's (telephone: Oxford (2)74496, e-mail: dev.office@sant.ox.ac.uk). The title of the lecture is not available at the time of going to press.


Alan Tayler Lecture

PROFESSOR L. MAHADEVAN will deliver the Alan Tayler Lecture at 5 p.m. on Monday, 24 November, in the Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre, St Catherine's College.

Subject: `Packing problems: from DNA to origami.'


Research Centre

DR R. OCKENDEN and PROFESSOR T.J. REED will present a series of readings at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 27 November, in the St John's College Research Centre (16 St Giles').

Subject: `Love and other difficulties—Goethe and Arabic poetry' (readings in Arabic, German, and English).


Chatham Lecture

LORD (MELVYN) BRAGG will deliver the Chatham Lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 27 November, in the Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre, the St Cross Building.

Subject: `What are the Arts now?'


CATHERINE SANGSTER, BBC, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 2 December, in Rewley House. This replaces the meeting planned for 25 November.

Subject: `Pronunciation and the BBC.'


DR GARY SAMORE, formerly Special Assistant to President Clinton and formerly Senior Director for Non-proliferation and Export Controls at the National Security Council, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Friday, 28 November, in the Examination Schools.

Subject: `The North Korean nuclear crisis: a path to war?'


Applications are invited for the Varley-Gradwell Travelling Fellowship in Insect Ecology. A travelling fellowship, which may be of up to £2,000 in value, will be awarded for the support of fieldwork, travel, and other activity in the field of insect ecology. Applications are judged on their practicality and on their potential to make a contribution to insect ecology. Preference will be given to those in their early postdoctoral years. The fellowship will be tenable for one year commencing on a date to be agreed. It will not be renewable. Applications, including a curriculum vitae and a research proposal, should be sent to Mrs Judith Brown, Secretary to the Board of Management for the Varley-Gradwell Travelling Fellowship in Insect Ecology, Life and Environmental Sciences Divisional Office, 2 South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3UB (telephone: Oxford (2)82464, e-mail: Judith.Brown@admin.ox.ac.uk), by 31 March 2004. The research proposal should include a budget and should not exceed two sides of A4 in length.

Applicants should give the names and addresses of two referees. In the case of graduate students, one of the referees should be the supervisor. Applicants are asked to note that, if large numbers of specimens would result from the work, the cost of follow-up work should be shown in the budget, and details given of how, and by whom, they would be identified.


The Vice-Chancellor desires to call the attention of all examiners to the provisions of Ch. VI, Sect. ii.c, § 1, regulations 1--3 (Examination Regulations, 2003, p. 1014), which require examiners in all university examinations to appoint one of their number to act as Chairman, to notify the appointment to the Vice-Chancellor, and to publish it in the University Gazette.

He desires that these appointments shall be notified to the Clerk of the Schools who will inform the Vice-Chancellor and see that notice of them is duly published in the University Gazette.


Accommodation for lectures

Professors, Readers, and University Lecturers who wish to lecture in the Schools next term are asked to make a booking by the end of the current term at the latest. When booking, please indicate the number of students expected to attend the lecture; this information is essential if the total is expected to exceed 100. All lectures should start on the hour, and afternoon lectures should finish by 6 p.m. To allow room for changeovers, lecturers should arrange to complete their lecture by five minutes to the hour. Owing to examination requirements in Hilary Term, lecture rooms in eighth week may be restricted, and in Trinity Term are not fully available in first, second, and third weeks. Overhead and 35-mm projectors and a limited number of video and LCD projectors are available if booked twenty-four hours in advance. Microphones are provided in the Writing Schools. Short equipment familiarisation sessions (of ten to fifteen minutes' duration) can be arranged at convenient times. Please contact the Schools (details below) if you wish to arrange a familiarisation session. All enquiries in respect of lecture bookings, facilities, and equipment should be addressed in the first instance to Martin Batchan (telephone: (2)76901, e-mail: martin.batchan@admin.ox.ac.uk).


With the approval of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council, and of the Humanities Board, the following change in regulations made by boards of faculties will come into effect on 5 December.

Boards of the Faculties of Medieval and Modern Languages and Oriental Studies

Honour School of European and Middle Eastern Languages

With immediate effect

1 In Examination Regulations, 2003, p. 207, l. 9, delete `Until 1 October 2004' and substitute `From 1 October 2004'.

2 Ibid., l. 21, delete `From 1 October 2004' and substitute `Until 1 October 2004'.


Christ Church

COLIN GRAHAM FREDERICK HAYES, RA, 1 November 2003; commoner 1938. Aged 83. PROFESSOR ROGER JAMES ROBINSON, 12 October 2003; Tutor in Physiology 1954. Aged 71. CHARLES FREDERICK EARDLEY SHAKERLEY, 19 October 2003; commoner 1953. Aged 69.


Wadham College

A Commemoration of JOHN STANTON FLEMMING, CBE, MA, FBA, formerly Warden and Honorary Fellow, will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, 24 January, in the University Church of St Mary the Virgin. Refreshments will be served afterwards in Wadham College.


St John's College

St John's College intends to open to the public its collection of medieval vestments on Saturday, 29 November, 2–5 p.m. The collection is displayed in the Garden Quadrangle and entrance, free of charge, will be via the Parks Road Lodge or the Main Lodge.

Camp Energy

Christmas Holiday Activities with Camp Energy, 15–19 Dec. A fun based activity and sports course for children aged 5–12. Drop off 8 a.m.–9 a.m., pick up 4.30–5.30 p.m. All Oxford University Staff are entitled to a 10 per cent discount. Limited places are available for weekly, daily and half daily sessions at our fantastic holiday camp, including excursions to Sulgrave Manor and the Jordan Grand Prix Factory. Call 01865 292072 or visit www.campenergy.com for more information.

Trinity College, Cambridge

Nehru Memorial Lecture: HRH The Prince Hassan of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan will give the twenty-sixth Nehru Memorial Lecture at 6.30 p.m., Wed., 26 Nov., in the Winstanley Lecture Theatre, Trinity College. The title of the lecture will be announced shortly. The lecture is open to all.

St Giles' Thursday Lunchtime Talks

Oxford Authors: 27 Nov., Cruelty in crime fiction, Jane Jakeman; 4 Dec., An Alternative Oxford, Philip Pullman. The talks will be held in St Giles' Church at 12.30 p.m. Everyone is welcome. In order to help us with our costs, a small donation would be appreciated. Web site: http://www.st-giles-church.org.

Emmaus Oxford

Helping the homeless to help themselves: second user home and office furniture at very reasonable prices. Free delivery. Tel.: 01865 402073. E-mail: emmausoxon@netscape.net. Registered charity no: 1066618.

Summer Fields School

The Maclaren Trust Scholarship: a scholarship, up to full fees, is awarded to a boy of outstanding ability between the ages of 8 and 11 who, without this financial support, would not be able to come to Summer Fields. For an application form please write to or telephone: The Headmaster, Summer Fields, Oxford OX2 7EN. Tel.: 01865 454433. E-mail: hmsec@summerfields.org.uk

Oxford University Newcomers' Club

The Club welcomes the wives, husbands, and partners of visiting scholars, graduates and members of the University who are new to Oxford. It aims to offer help, advice and information, and the opportunity to meet others socially. Informal coffee mornings are held at 13 Norham Gardens every Wed. 10.30 a.m. to 12 midday, except for 2 weeks at Christmas and Easter. Newcomers with children (0-4 years) meet every Friday in term from 10.15 a.m. to 12 midday. Other term-time activities include a Book Group, informal Conversation Group, and tours to colleges, museums, and other places of interest, as well as country walks and garden trips. Second-hand items can be bought on Wed. mornings 10.30 a.m. to 12 midday from the equipment room. A Christmas Fair will be held in the club rooms on Wed., 26 Nov., starting 10.30 a.m. Please support this event and bring your friends. Visit our Web site: www.ox.ac.uk/staff.


The Oxford Harmonic Society and the Orchestra of Stowe Opera (conductor: Robert Secret) will perform Bach's Christmas Oratorio(parts 1, 2, 4, and 6) at 7.30 p.m. on Sat., 29 Nov., in Oxford Town Hall. Soloists: Kimberley Myers, Linda Hubberd, Paul Badley, William Peel, and David Murphy. Tickets £12 and £10; concessions £10 and £8. Available from Oxford Playhouse Box Office, tel. 01865 305305, or at the door.

The Oxford Millennium Orchestra plays Tchaikovsky 1812Overture; Bruch Violin Concerto No 1 (soloist Stuart Baran), and Brahms Symphony No.3. Conductor Nicholas Mumby. Wed., 3 Dec., 8 p.m., Sheldonian Theatre. Tickets £12/£10, £5 available from the Oxford Playhouse on 01865 305305 or www.ticketsoxford.com.
Thursday, 4 Dec., 8 p.m., Sheldonian Theatre: Piano recital by Marios Papadopoulos. Schubert, Drei Klavierstucke; Beethoven, Sonata in A major, Op. 101; Chopin, Four Scherzi. Tickets: £30, £24, £17, £10. Book online at www.oxfordphil.com, Box Office 01865 305305.

Handmade Vietnamese products for sale

Handmade in Vietnam: reasonably priced, high-quality, handmade Vietnamese products, carefully chosen for their unique beauty and style by Vietnamese owner Hoang and his wife Charlotte (Administrator at Maths). Products include traditionally crafted lacquerware and pressed bamboo (plates, boxes, vases, coasters, trays, photo albums), hand embroidered bedding, silk cushions and silk lamps and lanterns. University card holders are offered 10 per cent discount. 10 Oxford Street, Woodstock.

Books Bought and Sold

Books Bought: 01865 727928–we buy any quantity of books, from single items of importance to entire libraries on history and the humanities. Unsworth's Booksellers (ABA). Shops at 15 Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DQ and 12 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QA. Open every day. E-mail: books@unsworths.com. Web site: www.unsworths.com.

Periodicals Bought and Sold

Back-issues of scholarly periodicals and journals bought and sold. Graham Jeffrey, Periodicals (est. 1967), 29 Cuddesdon Road, Horspath, Oxford, OX33 1JD. Tel.: 01865 872528, fax: 776398. E-mail: gjeffreysatu@aol.com.

Restoration and Conservation of Antique Furniture

John Hulme undertakes all aspects of restoration: 30 years experience; collection and delivery. For free advice, telephone or write to: The Workshop, 11A High Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon. OX7 5AD. Tel.: 01608 641692.

Services Offered

Sugarpepper Cooks are available to prepare creative food in your home or chosen venue, leaving your free to truly enjoy the day. From canape receptions to Christmas and New Year celebrations. For sample menus call 01865 791136 or visit : www.sugarpeppercooks.co.uk.
Big or small, we ship it all, plus free pick up anywhere in Oxford. Also 24-hour photocopying, private mailing addresses (24-hour access, and mail forwarding world-wide), binding, fax bureau, colour photocopying, mailing services, and much more. Contact or visit Mail Boxes Etc., 266 Banbury Rd., Oxford. Tel.: 01865 514655, fax: 514656, e-mail: summertown@020.mbe.uk.com, also at: 94 London Rd., Oxford. Tel.: 01865 741729, fax: 01865 742431, e-mail: staff@mbeheadington.co.uk.
Town and Country Trees: arboricultural contractors; modern arboricultural techniques; local authority approved; safeguarded by full Public Liability insurance. Free advice and quotations. Tel.: 0845 458 2980 or 07976 261850 (mobile).

Domestic Services

Carpet/upholstery/curtain cleaning by Grimebusters, your local specialists. Quality work, competitive prices. Domestic, commercial, college. Also carpet/upholstery stain protection, pre-occupancy cleaning, flood cleaning/drying, oriental rug cleaning. For free estimates and friendly advice, call Grimebusters. Tel.: 01865 726983 or 01235 555533.

Egg Donation Line

We are a caring and loving couple who long to have a baby. Due to fertility problems we have been told that our only chance is to find a kind woman willing to donate some of her eggs anonymously. Could you help us? To receive such a gift would mean more than words can say. Do you need IVF? If you need IVF treatment you could also help us. By sharing some of your eggs you could receive standard IVF treatment at a significantly reduced cost at a top private London hospital. If you are aged 21--35 and would like further information, contact the Egg Donation Line, quoting ref. X0740321. Tel.: 0800 8497036, or e-mail: donorrecruitment@dial.pipex.com.

Situations Vacant

Part-time Project Administrator/Secretary required for the Science and Religion in Schools project. Approx. 25 hours p.w. (working times by arrangement), from 6 Jan. £16,000--£18,000 p.a. pro rata. Administrative experience and IT skills essential. Central Oxford, short walk from railway station. If you are interested or would like further information contact admin@srsp.net attaching a full CV and the names and addresses of two referees. Further information from: www.srsp.net.

Houses to Let

To let furnished: 2-bedroom, modern, c.h. house at Iffley Turn; quiet, leafy, cul-de-sac location, with parking off road. Six-month let initially, but longer available. Sorry no pets, smokers, or children. £700 p.m. plus council tax. Available from approx. 10 Dec. Tel.: 01865 361494, fax: 01865 368192, e-mail: southend104@hotmail.com.

House to rent over Christmas and New Year: 4-bedroom, detached family home to rent in Oxford 10 Dec.--6 Jan. inc. Five minutes' walk from Summertown shops and main city buses, on quiet side road. £1,500 for whole period (or £1,250 if willing to house-sit resident cat and rabbit!). May be possible to negotiate shorter period. Tel.: 01865 554058 evenings/weekends.

Marriott Close, North Oxford: un/part-furnished, 2-bedroom modern house in quiet location. Garden, garage, off-street parking. Updated kitchen and bathroom. Five minutes' walk from bus route directly to city centre. No smokers or pets. Available Dec. £750 p.c.m. Tel.: 01865 559518, e-mail: peterjonathanclarke@hotmail.com.

Completely refurbished FF&E house in quiet, residential area near city centre. Two double bedrooms, spacious kitchen diner, reception room, bathroom, large garden, off street parking. Available Jan. to an academic/professional couple, individual, or two sharers. No smokers; no pets. £800 p.c.m. Tel.: 0790 0496506, e-mail:felicityclench@hotmail.com.

Spacious family home: an excellently presented modern town house, situated in the popular village of Wheatley. Easy access to A40/M40. Living/dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, 3 bedrooms (1 en-suite), fourth bedroom/study, family bathroom, private garden and garage. Available in Nov. unfurnished at only £1,200 p.m. For more information please contact Anna Turner at Finders Keepers, 27 St Clement's, Oxford OX4 1AB. Tel.: Oxford 200012 or e-mail: annat@finders.co.uk (or visit our Web site: www.finders.co.uk).
Short let, Dec.--Apr.: newly decorated, spacious, comfortable town house (Hilltop Road); large garden onto parkland; very big kitchen/dining/sitting-room, plus second sitting-room; small study, double and single bedroom each with shower/w.c. Close hospitals, Brookes, London and airport buses, golf course, shops, etc. £950 p.c.m. plus own bills. Tel.: Oxford 247150.

Central Oxford: 2-bedroom unfurnished house available for immediate rent in the heart of the city. £850 p.c.m. Min. 6-month let. E-mail: estates.secretary@jesus.ox.ac.uk, tel.: 01865 (2)79713.

Two-bedroom modern terrace house with garden: fully furnished and fitted in excellent condition; gas c.h.; washer-drier; ample storage space in attic with ladder access. Situated in quiet cul-de-sac in Rewley Park, next to Saïd Business School and train station. Reserved parking space. Available for 6–12 months from Dec. £900 p.c.m., deposit required. Ian and Josephine Macdonald. Tel.: 01865 421234 or e-mail: macdonaldreynell@ntlworld.com.
Charming, cosy, quiet, easy to maintain, fully furnished house in Jericho/north Oxford. Walk to university, train and coach stations, near best schools, parks, c.h., recently re-decorated, secluded garden, 2½ bathrooms, washing machine, drier, telephone, linen, dishes; 2 bedrooms £1,250 p.m. or 3 bedrooms £1,500 p.m (includes bedsit with separate kitchen and entrance). Contact: Oxford: J.Mackrell (eves. or 7-8 a.m.), 01865 775567, e-mail: mackrelj@btopenworld.com; Canada: A. Gaston, tel.: 001 613 745 1368, fax: 001 613 745 0299, e-mail: gaston@cyberus.ca.
Normandy: Village au Brun, Notre Dame de Cenilly: old farm house, newly tiled roof, all mod cons, and set in approx. 13½ acres of farmland. Peaceful yet within 4 kms from Cerisy la Salle (local village; Saint-Lo, Coutance approx. 20 kms; Cherbourg, Bayeux, Mont St Michel and Caen within 100 kms. Ground floor: kitchen/dining room; gas cooker; separate electric oven; microwave; large fridge with separate freezer; gas c.h.; bathroom with toilet; sitting room. First floor: music room (with Grand piano), 2 bedrooms (1 with small office). Second floor: large bedroom; shower room with toilet; gallery (suitable for office) which overlooks music room below. Open fire in sitting room. Ideal retreat for writer or musician seeking peace and quiet to work. £40 per night; £250 p.w. £900 p.m., longer lets negotiable. Price includes heating, linen and crockery but excludes telephone and electricity. For further details please contact Alexander Kok on tel.: 00 33 2 33 45 52 16, fax: 00 33 2 33 17 22 96.
An Englishman's home is his castle---so the saying goes. We cannot pretend that we have too many castles on offer but if you are seeking quality rental accommodation in Oxford or the surrounding area we may be able to help. QB Management is one of Oxford's foremost letting agents, specialising in lettings to academics, medical personnel, and other professionals. Our aim is to offer the friendliest and most helpful service in Oxford. Visit our Web site at: http://www.qbman.co.uk and view details of all the properties that we have currently available to let. Alternatively, telephone, fax, or e-mail us with details of your requirements and we will do whatever we can without obligation. Tel.: 01865 764533, fax: 764777, e-mail: info@qbman.co.uk.

Waterways, central north Oxford: selection of brand new luxury 4-/5- bedroom, and 3-bathroom houses in prestigious location. Master bedroom with spacious en suite; family bathroom with separate shower. Landscaped garden, some with conservatory. Elegantly furnished. Secure parking, some with own garage. High-quality applicances and fittings. All properties owned, let and managed by Chase. No tenant administration fees charged. Immediately available. Tel.: Chase-the property people-01865 516060 or 07808 477850.

Flats to Let

Rustic 1-bedroom flat in Jericho, near church. You will have the whole of the open-plan second floor; large study-room. Victorian suburb, near to railway station and Port Meadow, and restaurants. Local shops, and ten minutes to most university departments. For one person only. Tel.: 07766 187036.

Woodstock Close, North Oxford: sunny, spacious 2-bedroom second-floor flat in quiet location overlooking communal gardens; hall, living/dining-room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower, lift; allocated parking. Available 1 Jan. £750 p.c.m. Tel.: 01865 515089.

Central Headington, available Dec./Jan., close to hospitals, beautifully converted, spacious, 2-bedroom flat. Tastefully furnished; fully fitted kitchen; large sitting room; bathroom with bath and separate pumped shower; gas c.h.; d.g. Off-street parking. Professionals and academics only. Rent £700 p.c.m. Phone 01865 768504 or 07904 152803.
Central Oxford: newly furnished first-floor flat within church premises available for tenancy early Jan. 2004; 3 bedrooms, newly fitted kitchen and bathroom. £1,200 p.c.m. Tel.: Oxford 515547.
Two-room furnished apartment (with own bathroom and shared kitchen) in quiet country house south of Oxford. Good access to bus routes and Didcot station. Use of Garden, swimming pool. Tel.: 01235 848356.
Available now: sunny and refurbished first-floor flat in quiet cul-de-sac in north Oxford; 2 bedrooms; sitting room with kitchen facilities; shower/toilet. £800 p.m. to incl. all bills excluding tel. Contact Dr C.E. Phelps, tel: 01865 515290.
Central North Oxford: 10 minutes' walk from city centre, all main university buildings and parks, also very close to the river: available now for short/long lets in extremely quiet, civilised, large Victorian house in this exclusive, leafy, residential Victorian suburb with large light airy rooms: furnished ground-floor flat, double and single bedrooms, drawing-room, kitchen, bathroom. Off-street parking, large secluded garden. Tel.:/fax: 01865 552400.

Self-catering Apartments

Fully furnished and serviced 3 and 4-star self-catering apartments available in North Oxford; 15 minutes' from Oxford city centre. Suitbale for short lets for visiting academics or business people. From £330 per week all inclusive. Sleeps 2–5 people. Tel.: 07870 234725. Web site: http://www.weeklyhome.com. E-mail: info@weeklyhome.com.

Accommodation Offered

Mature person (preferably professional), to share lovely spacious flat in Headington; fantastic bus route, 8 minutes into Oxford; available immediately. Rent £450 p.c.m. inc. of all bills except BT. For further details contact Michelle. Tel.: 01865 308698, mobile: 0789 0346363, e-mail: jepsonruby@aol.com.

Studio, Eastleach Downs; ground-floor living-room and kitchen, first-floor gallery double bedroom and bathroom. Self contained, renovated stone and green oak building around a paved courtyard and patio garden. Rural location, Eastleach village 2 miles, Burford 3 miles, Oxford 20 miles. Rent inc. of bills £465 p.c.m. No pets. Furnished. Tel.: 01367 850181.

House share available for staff or mature student–non- smoking–Abingdon, near Radley Station. £350 p.m. inc. bills. Parking and bike store available. Please call Colleen Rothwell on 07776 160240.
College & County have a range of quality properties to let in Oxford. Contact: info@collegeandcounty.biz to see how we can meet your accommodation needs.
Paying guests, visiting academics, welcomed for short or long stays in the comfortable home of a semi-retired academic couple, in exclusive, quiet, leafy central north Oxford, within walking distance of all main university buildings, town centre, parks, river, good shops, and restaurants. All rooms have colour TV, tea-/coffee-making facilities, microwave, and refrigerator and/or deep-freeze availability, c.h., and independent heating. Breakfast included in the very moderate terms. Tel./fax: 01865 557879.
Oxford B & B: attractive, quiet and convenient home from home. Per night, single £38, double £50. Weekly rate less 20 per cent. Monthly rates negotiable. Tel.: 01865 770501, e-mail: charmaine.cole@cliffordchance.com
Let Finders Keepers award winning North Oxford office make you at home in Oxfordshire. Over thirty years experience, a dedicated 24-hour management service and a comprehensive marketing profile ensure Finders Keepers ' reputation for making renting a pleasure is endorsed by both landlords and tenants. Whether you are looking for a short term sabbatical base in the city or a more permanent home we have a range of quality properties to match your requirements. With a dedicated team of property managers, letting negotiators, and an interior design and buildings division we offer landlords sound advice on all aspects of the residential market, providing security in the knowledge that your home is in skilled and capable hands. For further information on availability and landlord services please contact Finders Keepers, 226 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7BY. Tel.: 01865 311011 or visit our Web site: www.finders.co.uk.
Delightful rooms in North Oxford available now. Short let (up to 6 weeks). £55 p.w. Book by telephone or fax: 01865 511657 or e-mail: coulsonm@btconnect.com.

Accommodation Sought

College & County is seeking to increase their portfolio of high-quality Oxford property suitable for post graduate and academic lets. Ethical letting Works! A high level of personalised service and a less adversarial approach is in the interest of all. Would you like us to let and manage your house for you? Contact: mark@collegeandcounty.biz.
Going abroad? Or just thinking of letting your property? QB Management is one of Oxford's foremost letting agents and property managers. We specialise in lettings to both academic and professional individuals and their families, and have a constant flow of enquiries from good quality tenants seeking property in the Oxford area. If you would like details of our services, or if you simply need some informal help and advice without obligation, telephone us: 01865 764533, fax us: 764777, or e-mail us: info@qbman.co.uk. Alternatively, we would invite you to visit our Web site at: http://www.qbman.co.uk and see how we could be marketing your property.

Accommodation Sought to Exchange

Two older women have a house in Juneau, Alaska, to exchange for house or flat near Oxford University for 2 months, June–Aug. 2004. Alaska house on tidelands with 3+ bedrooms, 2 baths, hot tub on deck with view of glacier, 2 pianos, 2 bikes, kayak. Three miles from UAS campus. Use of cars negotiable. E-mail: bhaywood@gci.net.

Holiday Lets

Cottage for Christmas/winter breaks: charming Cotswold cottage in quiet cul-de-sac at Westcott Barton; beams, inglenook fire (plus c.h.), attractively furnished with country antiques, fully equipped, walled garden, garage. Two bedrooms. Sleeps 3--4. Available for holidays or short let till end Feb. E-mail: doreen.mcbarnet@csls.ox.ac.uk.

Caribbean–Bequia, The Grenadines: 2-bedroom villas on Bequia Island, include unique beach front 'Anthony Eden House'; 4-bedroom villas–`New Eden' set in palm groves on Friendship Beach, `Star Dust' perched on a hill with watchtower and swimming pool. Prices from approx. £200–£700 per person per week. Beaches/activities–Bequia has 7 pristine white sand beaches, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving, hobie cats, snorkelling, fishing, shopping, sightseeing. Web site villa and yacht brochures: www.grenadine-escape.com. Please contact Lara Cowan Hadley, The Old Farm House, Weald, Bampton, OX18 2HW. Tel.: 01993 850285. E-mail: lara@grenadine-escape.com.
Tuscany: Fattoria Corzano e Paterno, family owned and run award winning wine and cheese producing farm, half an hour from Florence, offers faithfully restored houses and apartments for short and longer term rentals. Web site: corzanoepaterno.it. Please contact Sibilla Gelpke (Wadham, 2000), e-mail: corzpaterno@libero.it.
Experience the Greek islands of Sporades with Thalpos Holidays. Local villa specialist offers lovely houses and villas in the beautiful islands of Skopelos and Alonissos in the Aegean Sea. Whether you are 2 or 20 persons in the party , and whether you wish to stay in the picturesque town, by the clear blue sea or in the breathtaking countryside, we have just what you are looking for. With more than 10 years of experience we are proud to offer high-quality holidays and the very best service. See our programme for 2004 on: www.holidayislands.com, or contact us on e-mail: thalpos@otenet.gr. Tel.: 0030 24240 29036. Fax: 0030 24240 23057.
Southern France: 27 miles from Perpignon Airport. Tastefully restored traditional village house with character in the heart of 'Cathar Country'; 5 double bedrooms (3 en suite) plus family bathroom; 2 living rooms; large fully equipped kitchen. Large roof terrace. Other airports: Carcassone, Montpelier, Barcelona. Local swimming, rivers and lakes, beaches within 30 miles, and hiking. Available from 4 Nov., onwards. Call Tony Venables on 01491 825035, or 01865 557767 evening. E-mail: janevenab@aol.com.
Deepest SW France. Relax in a luxuriously renovated farmhouse with large seculded grounds in a stunning rural area. Generous facilities include en suite accommodation, heated pool, satellite TV. Suitable for great holidays or sabbatical breaks. Tel.: Marion on 01865 554122 or e-mail via Web site: www.hidden-sw-france.com.

House for Sale

Marston: pretty 2-bedroom period house within walking distance of city centre; living room; dining room; kitchen; 2 bedrooms; first-floor bathroom; small secluded west-facing garden; gas c.h. Period features, open fireplace, sash windows. On a good bus route/cycle route throuh parks to city centre. Close to Oxford Brookes, local hospitals and the University Science Area. Price £224,950 (offers considered for quick sale). For details tel. Julia Cross on 07932 006744.


University Lecturership in Biological Physics

In association with St Cross College

The Department of Physics proposes to appoint a University Lecturer in Biological Physics from 1 October 2004 or as soon as possible thereafter. The successful candidate will be offered an Official Fellowship in Physics by St Cross College. Salary will be on the age-related scale for university lecturers without tutorial fellowships of £22,191--£42,900 per annum.

Preference will be given to applicants with a strong background in experimental molecular biophysics with interests in single molecule techniques or scanning probe microscopy. The University is the lead institution in a new Bionanotechnology IRC funded jointly by the UK Research Councils. The research fields covered by the IRC include molecular motors and nanomechanics, functional membrane proteins, biological nanoelectronics, and nanophotonics. Further details of the IRC are available from the Director, Professor J.F. Ryan, Department of Physics, Clarendon Laboratory, Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PU (telephone: Oxford (2)72226, e-mail: j.ryan1@physics.ox.ac.uk). The successful candidate will be expected to lecture to undergraduates and graduate students, and to give instruction in the undergraduate practical laboratories. The college will expect the fellow to participate in its administrative and pastoral work. Further particulars of the post are available on http://www.physics.ox.ac.uk/jobs/cm.asp< /a>, or from Professor R.J. Nicholas at the above address (telephone: Oxford (2)72225, e-mail: r.nicholas1@physics.ox.ac.uk).

Applicants should submit nine copies (one in the case of applicants based overseas) of a letter of application supported by a curriculum vitae and statement of research interests, together with the names of three referees (not more than two from the same institution). The application should be sent to Professor Nicholas at the above address to arrive no later than 1 March. Applicants should arrange for their references to be sent directly to the above address by the same date.


Appointment of Director of Development

This new post is being created by the Law Faculty to maximise its development potential. The Director will be responsible for establishing a professional fund-raising office within the Law Faculty, to raise gifts from corporate, trust, and individual sources to further the aims of the faculty. The Director will work closely with senior Law Faculty officers and the University's Development Office.

A proven record of successful fund-raising will be expected. The successful candidate will demonstrate clear leadership and managerial skills, as well as being a team player. S/he will show the ability to forge effective relationships with key people in a short period of time. S/he will demonstrate creative flair and excellence in presenting Oxford Law, but will also be able to focus on delivering projects successfully on time. Experience of team management and management of budgets is essential.

The appointment will be for three years in the first instance, starting on 1 January 2004 or as soon as possible after that date. The post is on grade 4 of the University's academic-related scale, with a basic salary scale between £30,660 and £36,712 per annum and a discretionary range to £41,876 per annum.

The faculty is prepared to consider part-time or flexible working for a suitable candidate (but some evening work will be expected).

Further particulars, including details of the application process, are available on the Web at http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/fp/ or from the Faculty Office, Faculty of Law, St Cross Building, St Cross Road, Oxford OX1 3UL (telephone: Oxford (2)71491, e-mail: lawfac@law.ox.ac.uk).

The closing date for applications is Wednesday, 3 December.


Appointment of Finance and IT Manager

The Facilities and Site Services Group provides a full facilities service in support of the Division of Public Health and Primary Health Care and other University and NHS departments located on the Old Road Campus in Headington. The Group is looking for an experienced, commercially minded, Finance and IT Manager, who will enjoy the challenge of this high-level and multi-faceted role.

The post requires a high level of accounting expertise, skill in systems and financial administration, an ability to take management responsibility for profitability, a willingness to respond to any work needs within the Group, and an enjoyment of team working.

At the heart of this post is the provision of efficient accounting and other systems to enable the Group to meet the requirements of its large and diverse client base.

The post is on the academic-related grade 2 scale (salary £21,125--£27,339, with a discretionary range to £33,679 per annum---under review).

Further written information is available from Jane Caswell, Division of Public Health and Primary Health Care, Institute of Health Sciences, Headington, Oxford OX3 7LF (telephone: Oxford 227088) or by e-mail (e-mail: personnel@dphpc.ox.ac.uk). A letter of application together with a curriculum vitae and the names and contact details of three referees (three copies of each) should be sent to Ms Caswell, quoting reference BY03031. Closing date: 28 November.


Leslie Kirkley Fellowship

The Leslie Kirkley Fellowship, sponsored by HelpAge International, is awarded annually to individuals, from the less developed world, who have demonstrated great potential or even proven excellence, and who would not normally have the opportunity of working from within the University of Oxford. The fellowship is intended to provide financial support to enable them to undertake a period of study and work of intellectual, scientific, social, or environmental value, and to share knowledge and experience within the field of ageing research, policy or practice, at the Oxford Institute of Ageing.

The funding allows for flights, accommodation, and subsistence, and the Institute provides host accommodation, Internet access, and supervision from the Director, Dr Sarah Harper, supporting the preparation of the fellow's paper. There is also opportunity to work with colleagues in similar fields.

The Leslie Kirkley Fellow should interact with, and benefit from, the network of centres and institutes at the University working in areas related to the research interests of the fellow. Visits may also be arranged to centres outside Oxford, including HelpAge International in London.

As the fellowship is limited to one term (April--June), it is essential that the fellow has a clearly defined research aim, within a realistic time-frame. It should be a clear aim that the fellowship concludes with publication of work in the Institute's series of Working Papers. Where possible, links between the Institute and the fellow will be maintained after termination of the fellowship.

Further details and an application form are available from the Institute Web site, http://www.ageing.ox.ac.uk. Completed applications should be forwarded to the Administrator, Oxford Institute of Ageing, Littlegate House, St Ebbe's, Oxford OX1 1PS, as soon as possible, and no later than 30 November.


Junior Research Fellowships

Linacre College proposes to make elections to not more than three Junior Research Fellowships, tenable for one year in the first instance from 1 October 2004 and renewable for a second year. Junior Research Fellows will receive a book allowance of £250 per annum and enjoy dining rights in college. The fellowships are open to men and women graduates of any university; there is no restriction of subject, but candidates should be intending to engage in research at postdoctoral level.

Applicants will normally be expected to have submitted for a higher research degree before taking up a Junior Research Fellowship, and to be assured of adequate funding for the duration of a Junior Research Fellowship.

EPA Cephalosporin Junior Research Fellowships

Linacre College proposes to make elections to not more than three EPA Cephalosporin Junior Research Fellowships, tenable for one year in the first instance from 1 October 2004 and renewable for a second year. Junior Research Fellows will receive a book allowance of £250 per annum and enjoy dining rights in college. The fellowships are open to men and women graduates of any university, but candidates should be intending to engage in research at postdoctoral level in the fields of the medical, biological, or chemical sciences.

Applicants will normally be expected to have submitted for a higher research degree before taking up a Junior Research Fellowship, and to be assured of adequate funding for the duration of a Junior Research Fellowship.

Application for either of the Junior Research Fellowships detailed above, on a form available from the Principal's Secretary or electronically
(http://www.linacre.ox.ac .uk/college/scholarships/jrfsapp.doc), should be made to the Senior Tutor, Linacre College, Oxford OX1 3JA, giving details of the applicant's academic record and proposed course of research. Nine copies of the full application (UK applicants only) should be submitted by the closing date and applicants should request two referees to write directly to the Senior Tutor. Closing date for applications and references: 31 January.


Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowship in Nonlinear Mathematics

Pembroke College proposes to elect a Stipendiary Junior Research Fellow in Nonlinear Mathematics. The fellow will work closely with Dr Leonard Smith on the formation, application, and interpretation of nonlinear forecast methods applied to large dynamical systems. Proven experience in nonlinear dynamics, modelling, and data analysis is required, and experience with a variety of computational platforms is an advantage.

The fellowship will commence on 1 January 2004, or as soon as possible thereafter for a maximum period of one year in the first instance, with a possible extension for an additional year.

Further details can be obtained from the Academic Registrar, Pembroke College, Oxford OX 1DW (telephone: Oxford (2)76411, e-mail: jackie.lewis@pmb.ox.ac.uk). The closing date for applications is Friday, 28 November.

Pembroke College is an equal opportunities employer.


Appointment of Development Officer

The St Catherine's College Development team is looking for a bright, motivated recent graduate to join them. Applicants should be flexible, keen to learn, and intending to pursue a career in fund-raising and alumni relations.

The post-holder will organise development events in Oxford and elsewhere, research fund- raising prospects, maintain accurate alumni and gift records, help with the production and mailing of college publications, and generally support Development projects.

An eye for detail, and good organisational, administrative, communication, and interpersonal skills are essential, plus the ability to work to deadlines. Experience of event co-ordination, databases, spreadsheets, and the Internet would also be helpful. Some work experience in a related area is desirable, but an enthusiasm for the work, and the ability to work in a team, are as important. The nature of this role means that the Development Officer will be required to work outside of normal working hours from time to time.

In return the college offers a competitive salary (in the range £16,700--£19,902), excellent benefits, and a broad, stimulating role in an Oxford college with an open, contemporary culture.

Further details are available on the Vacancies page of the college Web site at http://www.stcatz.ox.ac.uk, or by post from the Home Bursar, St Catherine's College, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UJ. Closing date: Thursday, 4 December.


Elizabeth Wordsworth Junior Research Fellowship 2004

St Hugh's College offers an Elizabeth Wordsworth Junior Research Fellowship, tenable for two years in the first instance (but extendable for a third year), from 1 October 2004, for research in the Social Sciences. The current stipend is £11,296 if the hold is resident in college, or £13,028 if the holder is non-resident (in both cases subject to review).

Further particulars and an application form may be obtained from the Academic Administrator, St Hugh's College, Oxford OX2 6LE (e-mail: marie.mcallister@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk). The closing date for applications is 9 January.

Graduate Scholarships 2004

St Hugh's College is offering up to eight scholarships to graduates for research with effect from October 2004, each of £2,000 per annum, for a period not extending beyond their fee-paying status, and subject to satisfactory progress.

The scholarships may be held by graduates of any nationality working for a D.Phil degree. Former undergraduates of St Hugh's may apply for the Fulford Scholarship, which is tenable for one year only, in any degree by research including the one-year M.St. and M.Res. courses.

Each graduate scholar will be entitled to a room in St Hugh's graduate accommodation at the standard charge for up to the remaining fee-paying period of their degree.

Awards to applicants not already reading for a higher degree at Oxford will be conditional on their being accepted to do so by the relevant university faculty board. Awards to applicants currently reading for a higher degree at Oxford will be conditional on permission being granted by their present college for migration to St Hugh's.

Applications for the scholarships must reach the Academic Administrator, St Hugh's College, Oxford OX2 6LE, by 9 January, together with the names and addresses of two referees, who should be asked to write direct to the Academic Administrator by the same date. Referees are welcome to send references by e-mail (e-mail: marie.mcallister@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk).


Research Fellowships in Arts

Applications are invited for Research Fellowships tenable from 1 October 2004 for three years, to be held in any arts subject. The college normally awards an Arts Fellowship each year. This is open to graduates of any university with no age limit, but is intended to support those at an early stage in their academic careers, and will normally be awarded to a candidate who has recently completed a doctorate or is close to completion. The competition involves assessment of candidates' submitted work and interview. Those interested should note that the standard needed to progress to the later stages of the competition is extremely high. Overseas candidates should also note that the college cannot be responsible for payment of air fares should they be short-listed for interview.

The emoluments of a fellowship are reviewed annually. The present stipend is £13,105 a year for a fellow who has not proceeded to the Ph.D. degree (or equivalent) and £15,129 a year, rising by two annual increments to £16,150 a year, for a postdoctoral fellow. Additional benefits include residence at moderate charge or a living-out allowance of £2,000. Research expenses up to a total of £2,500 over the three years of the fellowship may be paid.

The closing date for applications is Monday, 12 January. Short-listed candidates will be invited to submit work at the end of January, and final interviews will take place on Tuesday, 16 March.

Margaret Smith Research Fellowship

The Margaret Smith Research Fellowship, tenable for three years from 1 October 2004, is offered for research to a graduate student whose field of research lies in eastern and western religions (including comparative religion and mysticism) or alternatively for research based on either Arabic or Persian literature (or both).

The emoluments and conditions are equivalent to the main competition (see above). The closing date for applications is Monday, 12 January. Short-listed candidates will be invited to submit work at the end of January, and final interviews will take place on Tuesday, 16 March.

Further particulars and application forms for both competitions are available from the Administrator to the Research Fellowship Committee, Girton College, Cambridge CB3 0JG, requested via e-mail: jrfs@girton.cam.ac.uk, or downloaded from http://www.girton.cam.ac.uk /vacancies/research/arts.pdf.

Note: applications must be submitted by post only.

Friday 21 November

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Leading teams'—day 2, 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

HONORARY DEGREE conferments: ceremony to mark the start of the period of office of the new Chancellor of the University, Sheldonian, 11.30 a.m. (Admission by ticket only. Audience to be in place by 11.15 a.m.) (See further details in `University Agenda' above.)

A. LEWIS: `Animal-assisted therapy and the power of touch' (Ethnicity and Identity Seminar: `The identity of animals'), Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 11 a.m.

THE ALLEGRI QUARTET: Mozart, Oboe quartet in F major and String quintet in C major, with Benjamin Skipp and Harriet Mesher, Holywell Music Room, 1 p.m. (tickets £5/£3 from In Oxford Shop, 12 Golden Cross Walk, The Covered Market, Oxford OX1 2EU (telephone: Oxford 248774) and on the door).

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Shakespeare's world', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.) DR R. HALL: `The Washington consensus versus the Asian development model' (seminar series: `Making globalisation work for developing countries'), Goodhart Seminar Room, University College, 2 p.m.

CONFERENCE: `L'Entente cordiale ou l'improbable rapprochement', Maison Française, 2–6.30 p.m. (continues tomorrow, 9.30 a.m.–12.30 p.m.).

A. RUSSELL: `Writing travelling culture: the Nepalese diaspora in north-east India' (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology seminars), ISCA, 4 p.m.

SIR PETER STOTHARD: `After Hutton: Downing Street and the media' (Philip Geddes Memorial Lecture), Schools, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR R. KLEIN: `Public accountability—how do we report?' (lecture series: `Contemporary UK government and policy-making: the death, rebirth, or re-invention of democratic politics?'), Old Library, All Souls, 5 p.m.

L. COUSINS: `The Buddha of light and life: the origins of the cult of the Buddha Amitabha/Amitayus' (Interdisciplinary seminars in the study of religions), Council Room, Mansfield, 5 p.m.

Saturday 22 November

BATE COLLECTION OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: a Bate Collection open day and concert for Saint Cecilia. There will be various activities, including performances and hands-on music sessions to celebrate this special day in the musical calendar. (Further information: tel. Oxford (2)76139.)

OXFORD PHILOMUSICA Violin Masterclass with Maurice Hassons, Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty, 10 a.m. (free of charge and open to the public).

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Treasures of the Ashmolean', 11 a.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

PROFESSOR PETER BURKE: `Performing cultural history' (lecture), Council Room, Mansfield, 5 p.m.

ORGAN RECITAL: Ryan Leonard, the chapel, Magdalen, 5.25 p.m. (admission free).

PASCAL DEVOYON (piano recital): works by Mozart, Schumann, and Franck, the Auditorium, St John's, 8.30 p.m. (admission by free programme, available from the porters' lodge; reserved for members of the college until ten days before the event).

Sunday 23 November

PROFESSOR ROGER AINSWORTH preaches the Sermon on the Sin of Pride, St Mary's, 10 a.m.

Monday 24 November

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Managing employee conduct and performance', 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

DR R. SIMPSON: `Buddhism, bioethics, and science in contemporary Sri Lanka: localising a brave new world' (Fertility and Reproduction seminars: `Reproduction, religion, and law'), Seminar Room, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 11 a.m.

N. DAVIDOVITCH: `Public health and Zionist ideology: medical selection of Jewish immigrants to Palestine' (Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine seminars: `Segregation and exclusion in public health and disease control'), Wellcome Unit, 2.15 p.m.

PROFESSOR V. BOGDANOR and PROFESSOR D. MARQUAND: `The constitution and the party system' (seminar series: `Are Labour's constitutional changes working?'), Summer Common Room, Magdalen, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR L. MAHADEVAN: `Packing problems: from DNA to origami' (Alan Tayler Lecture), Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre, St Catherine's, 5 p.m.

Tuesday 25 November

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Oriental lacquerware', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

EDDIE BERG, ALAN HAYDON, and JENNI LOMAX deliver the Joseph Beuys Lectures on the subject of `A place for art', the Auditorium, Magdalen, 4 p.m.

DR M. LOUGHRY: `Well-being in the face of adversity: resilience of detainee children in camps' (seminar series: `Child well-being against the odds'), Violet Butler Seminar Room, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR P. COLEMAN: `Living the questions: spirituality in later life' (public lecture series: `Fruits of winter: well-being in an ageing society'), Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, Regent's Park College, 5 p.m.

I. TAYLOR: ` "A period of orchestral starvation"? Concert life in London 1795–1813' (Graduate Students' Colloquia), Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty, 5.15 p.m.

Wednesday 26 November

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Recruitment and selection—follow-up sessions', 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

ORGAN RECITAL: Matthew O'Donovan, the chapel, Queen's, 1.10 p.m. (admission free; retiring collection).

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Introduction to Rome', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

OPUS COMMUNITY WORKSHOP III---Running Dalcroze based music sessions for the under-fives, Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty, 2 p.m. (open to university members only).

DR PANTELIS MICHELAKIS: `Greek tragedy in silent cinema' (Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama lecture), Auditorium, Magdalen, 2.15 p.m.

PROFESSOR R. BEEMAN (Harmsworth Professor of American History): `The uncertain history of American democracy: a view from the eighteenth century (with some concluding speculations on the twenty-first)' (lecture), Schools, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR P. REYNOLDS: `Young people and the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission: the difficulties in documenting harm' (Refugee Studies Centre public seminars: `Adolescents, armed conflict, and forced migration'), Thatcher Conference Centre, Somerville, 5 p.m.

RUTH BARNES: `Textiles and dragon snakes: the Ernst Vatter collection in E. Indonesia' (Oxford Asian Textile Group lecture), Pauling Centre, 58 Banbury Road, 5.45 p.m. (admission for visitors £2).

Thursday 27 November

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING all-day seminar: `Voice coaching' (see information above).

LORD (MELVYN) BRAGG: `What are the Arts now?' (Trinity College Chatham Lecture), Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre, St Cross Building, 5 p.m.

DR J. OKELY: `Revisiting sequestered Gypsy narratives' (International Gender Studies Centre seminars: `Fieldwork and fieldnotes revisited: the local in a globalised world'), Blackhall Seminar Room, Queen Elizabeth House, 2 p.m.

SIR TIM RICE (Cameron Mackintosh Visiting Professor of Contemporary Theatre): `It's only words' (lecture), Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre, St Catherine's, 5 p.m.

DR R. OCKENDEN and PROFESSOR T.J. REED: `Love and other difficulties—Goethe and Arabic poetry' (readings in Arabic, German, and English), St John's College Research Centre (16 St Giles'), 5 p.m.

PRESIDENT ABDOULAYE WADE OF SENEGAL: lecture, Lecture Theatre, St Antony's, 5 p.m. (admission by ticket only, from the Development Office, St Antony's: tel. (2)74496, e-mail: dev.office@sant.ox.ac.uk).

C. POULOUIN: `Les paradoxes de la publication des textes de Fontenelle: discrétion, dissimulation, affirmation de soi' (Early Modern French Seminar), Maison Française, 5.15 p.m.

Friday 28 November

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `The jeweller's craft', 1.15 p.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

DR K. VARTY: `Euro-foxes: from the Middle Ages to today' (Ethnicity and Identity Seminar: `The identity of animals'), Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 11 a.m.

DR YUEN FOONG KHONG: `Using regional institutions to mitigate strategic uncertainty: the case of south-east Asia' (seminar series: `Making globalisation work for developing countries'), Goodhart Seminar Room, University College, 2 p.m.

DR D. HUNTER: `Bragging on Rinaldo: ten ways writers have trumpeted Handel's coming to Britain' (public lecture), Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty, 4 p.m. (free of charge and open to the public).

I. HARPER: ` "Nerve disease", depression, and emerging discourses of mental health in Nepal' (Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology seminars), ISCA, 4 p.m.

PROFESSOR W.J. EWENS: `Backwards and forwards in population genetics theory' (lecture), Lecture Theatre, Zoology/Psychology Building, 4.30 p.m.

PROFESSOR S.A. STEHLIN: `Papal diplomacy, Pius XII, the Second World War, and the Jews' (Modern European History Research Centre: special lecture), Schools, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR C. HOOD: `Strategies for risk: how politicians pass the buck?' (lecture series: `Contemporary UK government and policy-making: the death, rebirth, or re-invention of democratic politics?'), Old Library, All Souls, 5 p.m.

DR GARY SAMORE: `The North Korean nuclear crisis: a path to war?' (Oxford Lyceum lecture), Schools, 5 p.m.

P. COLOMBANI: `World trade patterns in the twenty-first century' (lecture), Maison Française, 5.15 p.m.

Saturday 29 November

ASHMOLEAN MUSEUM gallery talk: `Treasures of the Ashmolean', 11 a.m. (Cost: £1.50. Tel. for bookings: (2)78015, 9 a.m.–1 p.m., or e-mail: education.service@ashmus.ox.ac.uk.)

ORGAN RECITAL: Andrew Gunning and Richard Pinel, the chapel, Magdalen, 5.25 p.m. (admission free).

Sunday 30 November

PROFESSOR R.L. GARDNER preaches the Sermon for Advent Sunday, Cathedral, 10 a.m.

Monday 1 December

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Managing employee absence', 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

DR J. EDWARDS: TO BE ANNOUNCED (Fertility and Reproduction seminars: `Reproduction, religion, and law'), Seminar Room, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, 11 a.m.

K. TAYLOR: `Shanghai, segregation, and disease control: dealing with an outbreak of cholera in the Chinese quarter (August 1947)' (Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine seminars: `Segregation and exclusion in public health and disease control'), Wellcome Unit, 2.15 p.m.

DR P. VENDRIX: `The ricercar project of Renaissance music at the CESR, Tours' (public lecture), Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty, 3 p.m. (free of charge and open to the public).

Tuesday 2 December

DR A. BUCHANAN: `Are there some key messages? Bringing the research together' (seminar series: `Child well-being against the odds'), Violet Butler Seminar Room, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, 5 p.m.

P. WILCOCK: `Harvesting a lifetime' (public lecture series: `Fruits of winter: well-being in an ageing society'), Centre for the Study of Christianity and Culture, Regent's Park College, 5 p.m.

CATHERINE SANGSTER: `Pronunciation and the BBC' (OED Forum meeting), Rewley House, 5 p.m.

C. BASHFORD: `The Britishness of the nineteenth-century programme note' (Graduate Students' Colloquia), Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty, 5.15 p.m.

Wednesday 3 December

ORGAN RECITAL (duet): Malcolm Archer and David Bednall, the chapel, Queen's, 1.10 p.m. (admission free; retiring collection).

G. MANN: ` "We are not here": conducting research with young Congolese and Burundian refugees and their families in Dar es Salaam' (Refugee Studies Centre public seminars: `Adolescents, armed conflict, and forced migration'), Thatcher Conference Centre, Somerville, 5 p.m.

Thursday 4 December

DR J. DAVIES: `From shanty town clinic to peri-urban teaching hospital in Bolivia' (International Gender Studies Centre seminars: `Fieldwork and fieldnotes revisited: the local in a globalised world'), Blackhall Seminar Room, Queen Elizabeth House, 2 p.m.

PROFESSOR H. STRACHAN (Chichele Professor for the Study of the History of War): `The meaning of strategy: historical reflections' (inaugural lecture), Schools, 5 p.m.

THE BRENTANO STRING QUARTET performs `Bach Perspectives': ten contrapuncti from Bach's Art of Fugue, BWV 1080, interlaced with ten specially commissioned compositions, the Auditorium, St John's, 8.30 p.m. (admission by free programme, available from the porters' lodge; reserved for members of the college until ten days before the event).