Oxford University Gazette: 13 May 2004

Oxford University Gazette, Vol. 134, No. 4696: 13 May 2004

Note: due to the requirements of the Data Protection Act, some elements of the printed Gazette are not reproduced in the Web Gazette.


Changes in Regulations

The Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council has made the following changes in regulations, to come into effect on 28 May 2004.

Establishment of a Professorship of Materials Engineering

1 In SCHEDULE A to Sect. I, § 5.B of Council Regulations 24 of 2002, concerning professorships (Statutes, 2000, p. 379, as amended by Decree (2) of 8 March 2001, and redesignated as regulations by Decree (5) of 11 July 2002, Gazette, Vol. 131, p. 716; Vol. 132, p. 1146), after `BP Professor of Information Engineering' insert:

`Professor of Materials Engineering'.

2 Ibid., Sect III concerning particular professorships (p. 419, as renumbered by the former decree, and as redesignated), insert new § 73 as follows and renumber existing §§ 73–85 as §§ 74–86:

`§ 73. Professor of Materials Engineering

1. The Professor of Materials Engineering shall undertake research in Materials Engineering and lecture and give instruction in that subject and generally promote its study in the University.

2. The professor shall be elected by an electoral board consisting of:

(1) the Vice-Chancellor, or, if the head of the college specified in (2) of this clause is Vice-Chancellor, a person appointed by Council;

(2) the head of the college to which the professorship shall be for the time being allocated by Council under any regulation in that behalf, or if the head is unable or unwilling to act, a person appointed by the governing body of the college;

(3) a person appointed by the governing body of the college specified in (2) of this clause;

(4), (5) two persons appointed by Council;

(6)–(9) four persons appointed by the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Board.

4. The professor shall be subject to the General Provisions of the regulation concerning the duties of professors and to those Particular Provisions of the same regulation which are applicable to this chair.'

[These changes, made on the recommendation of the Planning and Resource Allocation Committee of Council, establish a Professorship in Materials Engineering in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division. The Professor will teach and undertake research in materials engineering and will be on the establishment of the Department of Engineering Science in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Division.]


Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Buck, D.P., St Cross

Buckley, C.J., D.Phil., Green College

Cheeseman, N.D., University Security Services

Hutton, C.L., M.St., D. Phil., Greyfriars

Lurie, P.G., Keble

Noble Wood, O.J., BA, M.St., St Catherine's

Ruhs, M., Social and Cultural Anthropology


For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 28 May 2004, see `Examinations and Boards' below.

[Note. An asterisk denotes a reference to a previously published or recurrent entry.]

  • CONGREGATION 13 May 2004
    • Election (Public Orator)
  • CONGREGATION 18 May 2004
    • Notice of cancellation
    • Declaration of approval of Legislative Proposal: Proctors' Disciplinary Powers
  • CONGREGATION 22 May 2.30 p.m.
    • Conferment of Honorary Degrees
  • CONGREGATION 27 May 2004
    • Elections
  • CONGREGATION 1 June 2004 2 p.m.
    • Voting on Resolution approving the conferment of an Honorary Degree
  • CONVOCATION 15 May 2004
    • Election of Professor of Poetry
  • DEGREE DAYS 2005–6
  • * List of forthcoming Degree Days
  • * List of forthcoming Matriculation Ceremonies



The meeting of Congregation is cancelled. The sole business comprises questions to which no opposition has been notified and in respect of which no request for an adjournment has been received, and Mr Vice-Chancellor will accordingly declare the legislative proposal approved without a meeting under the provisions of Sect. 7 (1) of Statute IV (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, Vol. 132, p. 100).

Declaration of approval of Legislative Proposal: Proctors' Disciplinary Powers

WHEREAS it is expedient to discourage unacceptable behaviour by student members, particularly after examinations, NOW THE UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD, in exercise of the powers in that behalf conferred upon it by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923, and of all other powers enabling it, enacts as follows.

In Statute XI (Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4633, 9 October 2002, and amended with effect from 21 January 2003 (Gazette, Vol. 133, p. 633, 23 January 2003):

1 Delete section 10 and substitute:

`10. The function of the Court of Summary Jurisdiction shall be to hear and determine, in accordance with procedure set out in regulations made under section 29 of this statute, complaints made to it by the Proctors that a student member has committed a breach of the provisions of section 2, 6, or 7 of this statute, appeals against immediate fines imposed under section 32 (3) of this statute, and applications made by the Proctors under sections 42 (1) and 46 (3) of this statute.'

2 After section 32 (2) insert:

`(3) If a Proctor or any member of the university staff who is authorised by the Proctors for the purposes of this sub-section has reasonable grounds for believing that a student member has committed a breach of the Regulations of the Rules Committee relating to behaviour after examinations he or she may impose a fine on that student member (called `an immediate fine') immediately on becoming aware of the breach in question.

(4) The procedure to be followed in the imposition of immediate fines, the amount of the fine, and a student member's right of appeal from an immediate fine shall be prescribed in regulations.'

3 Delete section 45 (1) and substitute:

`45. (1) Where a fine is imposed upon a student member, or an order is made requiring a student member to pay compensation, under the provisions of this statute, the fine or compensation shall be paid within seven days (or two days, in the case of fines imposed under section 32 (1)) whether or not an appeal is pending, unless the person or body which imposed the fine or compensation, or the Court to which any appeal is made, makes an order, in accordance with procedure set out in regulations made under section 29 of this statute, suspending or deferring payment.'

CONGREGATION 22 May 2.30 p.m.

Conferment of Honorary Degrees

The Degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, approved by Resolution of Congregation on 23 March 2004, will be conferred upon the following.

(1) IVON ASQUITH, MA (PH.D. London), formerly Managing Director, Academic Division, Oxford University Press.

(2) PETER MOTHERSOLE, MA status (B.SC. (ECON.) London), formerly Managing Director, English Language Teaching Division, Oxford University Press.

CONGREGATION 1 June 2004 2 p.m.

¶ Members of Congregation are reminded that written notice of any intention to vote against the following resolution, signed in by at least two members of Congregation, must be given to the Registrar by noon on Monday, 24 May 2004 (see the Guide to Procedures in Congregation cited in the note at the end of `University Agenda').

Voting on Resolution approving the conferment of an Honorary Degree

That the conferment of the Degree of Doctor of Music, honoris causa, upon SIR PETER MAXWELL DAVIES, KT, CBE, composer and conductor, be approved.

¶ If the resolution is approved, the honorary degree will be conferred on 16 July 2005.


Ceremonies will be held in the Sheldonian Theatre for the purpose of granting graces and conferring degrees on the days shown below. Unless indicated otherwise, ceremonies will be held on Saturdays and will be divided, the first part beginning at 11.30 a.m., and the second part at 2.30 p.m.

Trinity Term and Long Vacation 2005

Saturday, 7 May (college specific) (11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 21 May (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 11 June (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 16 July (11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 30 July (11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4.30 p.m.)

Thursday, 29 September (limited college) (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Friday, 30 September (college specific) (11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4.30 p.m.)

Michaelmas Term 2005

Saturday, 1 October (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 22 October (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Saturday 5 November (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Saturday 26 November (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Hilary Term 2006

Saturday, 21 January (in absence only)

Saturday, 4 March (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Trinity Term and Long Vacation 2006

Saturday, 6 May (college specific) (11 a.m., 2 p.m.,, and 4.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 20 May (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 10 June (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 15 July (11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 29 July (11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4.30 p.m.)

Thursday, 28 September (limited college) (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Friday, 29 September (college specific) (11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 4.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 30 September (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Michaelmas Term 2006

Saturday, 21 October (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 4 November (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Saturday, 25 November (11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m.)

Names of candidates must be entered, through the authorities of a college or other society, with the Student Records and Degree Conferrals Office, University Offices, Wellington Square, not later than 12 noon on the Wednesday ten days before the ceremony.

The doors of the Sheldonian Theatre will normally be open to visitors one hour before the start of the ceremony.

Tickets will be required by visitors, and will be issued through the authorities of the colleges and other societies.

A degree day will be deemed to have been held on 21 January 2006 for the purpose of conferring degrees in absence. Names of candidates should be entered in accordance with the usual provisions for degree ceremonies.



The Social Sciences Board is undertaking a review of the Faculty of Law as part of its programme of regular rolling reviews of units under its aegis. The Head of Division, Mr D.A. Hay, will chair the review committee, the terms of reference of which are:

(i) To review the quality of teaching and research in the Faculty of Law by reference to international standards of excellence, and having regard to the University's Mission Statement and Corporate Plan and to the divisional plan.

(ii) To review the organisational and management structures in Law including such matters as academic and non-academic planning and recruitment; accommodation and future space needs; and the relationship between the sub-units within the unit, and between the unit and cognate subject areas and colleges with which it is involved in teaching and/or research.

(iii) To review progress made in response to the last review and to identify any further action required in the light of changed circumstances during the period since that review.

(iv) To make recommendations to the divisional board, bearing in mind where there are financial implications the level of resources likely to be available within the University and possible alternative ways of raising funds to implement them.

(v) To refer the recommendations to the Planning and Resources Committee and the Educational Policy and Standards Committee as appropriate.

The membership of the committee is as follows:

Mr Donald Hay, Head of the Social Sciences Division

Professor Ewan McKendrick, Lady Margaret Hall

Professor David Robertson, St Hugh's College

Professor Andrew Goudie, Master of St Cross College

Professor John Phillips, King's College London

Professor David Feldman, University of Cambridge

Professor Jane Stapleton, ANU

The review committee would welcome written comments on matters falling within its terms of reference. These should be sent to the secretary of the review committee, Ms M.A. Robertson, Social Sciences Division, 34 St Giles', by 11 June 2004.


Ashmolean Museum

Vivien Leigh Prize

A prize of £300 is offered by the Ashmolean Museum from the Vivien Leigh Fund for a two-dimensional work of art on paper, not exceeding 55 by 40 centimetres, by an undergraduate member of the University. The work will be chosen, if a work of sufficient merit is submitted, by the Keeper of Western Art in the Ashmolean Museum, from work submitted to the Print Room by Wednesday, 16 June, or work exhibited at the annual degree show at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art. It is a condition of the award that the winning work be given to the Ashmolean.

St John's College and the Centre for Portuguese Language/Instituto Camoes

Cancellation of concert

The organisers regret to announce that, for reasons outside their control, the concert of Portuguese music scheduled for Saturday, 5 June, has had to be cancelled.



DOUGLAS B. HOLT (AB Stanford, MBA Chicago, PH.D. Northwestern), Associate Professor, Harvard Business School, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 July 2004.

Professor Holt will be a fellow of Worcester College.


MICHAEL HUGH TEMPEST SHERINGHAM (BA, PH.D. Kent at Canterbury), Professor of French, Royal Holloway, University of London, has been appointed to the professorship with effect from 1 October 2004.

Professor Sheringham will be a fellow of All Souls College.


Rhodes Professor of American History

PROFESSOR R. CARWARDINE will deliver his inaugural lecture at 5 p.m. on Monday, 17 May, in the Examination Schools.

Subject: `Abraham Lincoln, God, and the American Civil War.'

Regius Professor of Greek

PROFESSOR CHRISTOPHER PELLING will deliver his inaugural lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 20 May, in the Garden Quadrangle Auditorium, St John's College.

Subject: `Greek lives.'


Notice of cancellation

It is regretted that the Rodney Porter Memorial Lecture, due to have been given by Dr S. Brenner at 4.30 p.m. on Thursday, 20 May, in the University Museum of Natural History, has been cancelled.


From pure will to unbounded love

Amended notice

PROFESSOR P. FORREST, University of New England, New South Wales, Australia, will conclude his series of Wilde Lectures at 5 p.m. on the following days in the Examination Schools. The dates of the lectures differ from those previously announced.

Mon. 17 May: `De Trinitate.' (Formerly announced for Tuesday, 18 May)

Thur. 20 May: `The kenotic account of the Incarnation.'(Formerly announced for Wednesday, 19 May)


PROFESSOR ROBERT TJIAN, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, Berkeley, will deliver the Norman Heatley Lecture at 4.30 p.m. on Thursday, 17 June, in the Lecture Theatre, the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre.

Subject: `Deconstructing and reconstituting the Metazoan transcriptional apparatus.'


The tempation of the impossible: Victor Hugo's Les Misérables

MARIO VARGAS LLOSA, Weidenfeld Visiting Professor of European Comparative Literature 2003–4, will continue his series of lectures at 5 p.m. on the following days in the Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre, the Saïd Business School.

Wed. 19 May: `The great theatre of the world.'

Wed. 26 May: `Rich, poor, leisured, idle, and marginal.'

Wed. 2 June: `Civilised barbarians.'

Fri. 4 June: `From heaven above.'

Wed. 9 June: `The temptation of the impossible.'


The Cameron Mackintosh Lecture, which will take place at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 19 May, in the Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre, St Catherine's College, will take the form of a conversation between JOHN PETERS, Drama Critic, The Sunday Times, MICHAEL GEARIN-TOSH, and others.

Subject: `Creativity and criticism in theatre.'


Books from Ireland, fifth to ninth century

PROFESSOR R. SHARPE will deliver the O'Donnell Lectures at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 20 May, and Friday, 21 May, in Lecture Theatre 2, the St Cross Building.


DR A. VLACHOPOULOS, University of the Peloponnese, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 8 June, in the Headley Lecture Theatre, the Ashmolean Museum. Further information may be obtained from Dr Sue Sherratt, Ashmolean Museum, or Dr Maria Stamatopoulou, Lincoln College.

Subject: `The wall paintings from the Xeste 3 building at Akrotiri, Thera. Towards an interpretation of its iconographic programme.'


Pharmacology and anatomical neuropharmacology seminars

The following seminars will be given at 1 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Lecture Theatre, the Department of Pharmacology.

18 May: `Why pain gets worse—the molecular basis of sensitisation.'

25 May: `Neuronal activity in basal ganglia of movement disorder patients—is firing rate important?'

1 June: `Comparative genomics and drug discovery.'

DR M. LUDWIG, Edinburgh
8 June: `Talking back: mechanisms and consequences of dendritic neuropeptide release.'

15 June: `Intracellular ion channels and the control of pancreatic hormone secretion.'


Oxford Life Science Modelling Colloquia

The following colloquia will be held at 5 p.m. on Tuesdays in St John's College.

Convener: Professor Philip Maini.

18 May: `Mathematics of the heart.'

1 June: `Modelling infectious diseases in livestock.'

15 June: `Natural justice.'

Soft Matter, Biomaterials, and Interfaces

Unless otherwise indicated, the following seminars will be held at 4 p.m. on Tuesdays in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room.

Convener: Professor J. Klein.

25 May: `Non-covalent and covalent chemistry with protein nanopores.'

1 June: `High resolution electrochemical imaging of interfacial processes.'

PROFESSOR F. DE SCHRYVER, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Holland
8 June: `Visualisation and study of single molecules.'

PROFESSOR B. EISENBERG, Rush Medical College, Chicago, USA
Fri. 11 June, 2.15 p.m.: `Ion channels as devices: crowded charge model of selectivity.'


DR MARY CREWE, Pretoria, will give a seminar at 4 p.m. on Monday, 17 May, in the EPA Seminar Room, the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology.

Convener: Professor S. Gordon.

Subject: `Mbeki and beyond: AIDS in South Africa.'


Russian Graduate Seminar

PROFESSOR NANCY CONDEE, Professor of Slavonic Languages and Literatures, University of Pittsburgh, will speak at the seminar to be held on Thursday, 20 May. Professor Condee's Visiting Professorship at Oxford is supported by the British Academy.

Conveners: Dr Philip Bullock and Dr Julie Curtis.

Subject: `Empire and nation: the muddle of contemporaneity.'

Russian Film Festival

The following contemporary films will be shown. Each film will be followed by comment from, among others, Nancy Condee of the University of Pittsburgh, Ian Christie from Birkbeck College, London, and Julian Graffy of the SSEES, London. Organised by William Brown (graduate student), Magdalen College.

Fri. 28 May, 10 a.m.: Magnetic Storms (Vadim Abdrashitov).

Fri. 28 May, 2 p.m.: Russian Ark (Alexander Sokurov).

Sat. 29 May, 10 a.m.: Chekov's Motifs (Kira Muratova).

Sat. 29 May, 2 p.m.: Khrustalyov, My Car! (Aleksei German).


Modern European History Research Centre

PROFESSOR J. COOKSON, Canterbury, New Zealand, will lecture at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 25 May, in the Margaret Thatcher Centre, Somerville College.

Subject: `From predator to paragon: creating the myth of the Scottish soldier in the early nineteenth century.'


Applied ethics: human enhancement, artificial beings, and the future of humanity

PROFESSOR J. SAVULESCU and DR N. BOSTROM will lecture at 2 p.m. on the following Tuesdays in the Lecture Room, the Philosophy Centre, 10 Merton Street.

18 May: `Human dignity and the natural order of things.'

25 May: `Intelligence and memory enhancement.'

1 June: `Mood, personality, and desire modification.'

8 June: `Radical life extension.'

15 June: `Existential risks.'


DR P. PINZAUTI, Florence, will lecture at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, 19 May, in the Wharton Room, All Souls College.

Conveners: Professor G.A. Cohen and Dr P.M.S. Hacker.

Subject: `Marx's commodity fetishism and Wittgenstein's grammatical confusion.'


Oxford Finance Symposium

The third Oxford Finance Symposium will be held between 8 and 17 June inclusive in the Saïd Business School.

Convener: Dr Peg Katrizky, Saïd Business School.

C. PARLOUR, Carnegie Mellon
Tue. 8 June, 9 a.m.: `Information acquisition in a limit order market.'

A. RÖELL, Princeton
Tue. 8 June, 5 p.m.: `Corporate governance and economic performance.' (Deutsche Bank Lecture)

Wed. 9 June, 9 a.m.: `Intertemporal optimality.'

Wed. 9 June, 5 p.m.: `Knowledge disclosure patents and optimal organisation of research and development.'

Thur. 10 June, 9 a.m.: `A bird's-eye view of hedge-fund flows.'

P. BOLTON, Princeton
Thur. 10 June, 5 p.m.: `Bounded rationality and incomplete contracts.'

J. CAMPBELL, Harvard
Fri. 11 June, 9 a.m.: `Bad beta, good beta.'

Fri. 11 June, 5 p.m.: `Liquidity, default, and crashes: endogenous contracts in general equilibrium.'

Mon. 14 June, 9 a.m.: `Does anonymity matter in electronic limit order markets?'

D. DUFFIE, James I. Miller Professor of Finance, Stanford
Mon. 14 June, 5 p.m.: `Bankruptcy probabilities.' (Clarendon Lectures: `Default risk: measurement and pricing'—Lecture I)

M. PETERSEN, Northwestern
Tue. 15 June, 9 a.m.: `Does the source of capital affect capital structure?'

Tue. 15 June, 5 p.m.: `Default risk pricing.' (Clarendon Lectures II)

Wed. 16 June, 9 a.m.: `Knowing thy neighbour: social interaction and rational expectations in financial markets.'

Wed. 16 June, 5 p.m.: `Default correlation.' (Clarendon Lectures III)

Thur. 17 June, 9 a.m.: `Underwriting relationships.'

Finance Seminars

The following seminars will be held at 5 p.m. on Thursdays in Lecture Theatre 5, West Wing, the Saïd Business School. Enquiries should be directed to Christine Seal (telephone: Oxford (2)88902, e-mail: professorial.secretary@sbs.ox.ac.uk).

Convener: D.P. Tsomocos.

H. SABOURIAN, Cambridge
13 May: `herding in efficient markets with monotonic signals.'

A. KESWANI, Cass Business School
20 May: `Determinants of mutual fund performance persistence: a cross sector analysis.'

27 May: `Executive pay, earnings manipulation and shareholder litigation.'

R.G. TOMKINS, Hochschule für Bankwirtschaft
3 June: `Estimating default probabilities using the unconditional disturbances approach.'


Hindu–Jewish Seminar

MADHAVI NEVADER will lecture at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 18 May, in Campion Hall. The seminar is organised in association with the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

Conveners: F.X. Clooney and M. Freud-Kandel.

Subject: `A Jewish understanding of monotheism in the Hebrew Bible: in conversation with Hindu perspectives.'


Unless otherwise indicated, the following seminars will be held at 5 p.m. on Wednesdays in the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.

19 May: `The education of Muslim children in liberal democratic societies.'

THE RT. HON. CHRISTOPHER PATTEN, CH, European Commissioner for External Affairs and Chancellor of the University
Mon. 24 May, 5 p.m., Sheldonian Theatre: `Islam and the West—at the crossroads.'

26 May: `Addressing religious discrimination and Islamophobia: Muslims and liberal democracies. The case of the United Kingdom.'

PROFESSOR J. CESARI, Harvard and CNRS, Paris
2 June: `Imam wanted: global Islam and the crisis in religious authority.'

9 June: `Are Muslims a "Fifth Column" in the United States?'

16 June: `Solidarity, loyalty, and co-citizenship with non-Muslims in Islamic sources.'


International Gender Studies Centre

Barbara Ward Commemorative Lecture

PROFESSOR ELIZABETH SINN, University of Hong Kong, will deliver the Barbara Ward Commemorative Lecture at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 19 May, in the Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College.

Subject: `Women at work: nineteenth-century brothel- keepers in Hong Kong.'


Interdisciplinary conversations

DR FEDERICO VARESE will give the third seminar in this series at 4 p.m. on Monday, 17 May, in the Seminar Room, the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College.

Subject: `Corruption.'


Attention: Phenomenology, Hemispheric Specialisation and Psychiatric Disorders

This conference will be held on Friday, 28 May, and Saturday, 29 May, in All Souls College. Those interested in attending should contact the Fellows' Secretary, Humaira Erfan Ahmed (telephone: Oxford (2)89109, e-mail: humaira.erfan-ahmed@all-souls.ox.ac.uk).

Convener: Dr I. McGilchrist.

Friday, 28 May

PROFESSOR L. SASS, Rutgers, New Jersey, USA
9.30 a.m.: `Attention, engagement and emotion in schizophrenia: a phenomenological account.'

11 a.m.: `Being in a world on one's own: Merleau-Ponty and schizophrenia.'

DR M. WYLLIE, Aberdeen
12 noon: `Lived time and psychopathology: depression and eternal suffering.'

M. BRENNER, author of Faces and Vanishing Points
2 p.m.: To be announced.

PROFESSOR N. NIKOLAENKO, St Petersberg, Russia
3 p.m.: To be announced.

Saturday, 29 May

9.30 a.m.: To be announced.

DR J. CUTTING, Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospital, Institute of Psychiatry
11 a.m.: `Apollo and Dionysus: the hemispheres and the phenomenological reductions in schizophrenia and depressive illness.'

12 noon: `Ceci n'est pas un délire: Husserl, Scheler, and the phenomenological reduction.'

2 p.m.: `Attention, laterality, and lipids in developmental and psychiatric disorders: a new approach to some old questions.'

DR G. GLAS, Consultant Psychiatrist and Professor, Utrecht, Holland
3 p.m.: `Concepts of attention in phenomenology and cognitive neuroscience: are what we experience and what we measure the same thing?'


Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lecture

FR. TIMOTHY RADCLIFFE, OP, will deliver the Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lecture at 5.30 p.m. on Friday, 28 May, in the chapel, Keble College.

Subject: `The crisis of truth-telling in our society.'


Hands Lecture

SIR NIGEL WICKS, Chairman of the Committee on Standards in Public Life 2001–4, will deliver the fourth annual Hands Lecture at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, 25 May, in the chapel, Mansfield College.

Subject: `Muddle, muddle, toil, and trouble: some challenges for our democratic process.'


Asian Studies Centre

PROFESSOR HIDEAKI MIYAJIMA, Waseda University, will give a seminar at 3 p.m. on Tuesday, 1 June, in the Dahrendorf Room, the Founder's Building, St Antony's College.

The seminar will begin at 3 p.m., and not at 5 p.m., as previously announced.

Convener: Dr Mark Rebick.

Subject: `The state of the Japanese economy.'

European Studies Centre

History and memory in interwar Italy

This workshop will be held on Wednesday, 26 May, 2–5 p.m., in the Seminar Room, the European Studies Centre. Further details may be obtained from Ulli Parkinson (telephone: Oxford (2)74470, e-mail: european.studies@sant.ox.ac.uk).

C. BALDOLI: `The necessary tragedies: from Caporetto to Rome 1943.'

P. DIPAOLA, Goldsmiths' College, London: `Italian Anarchism and the outbreak of the Great War.'

M. TRUDELL, Birkbeck College, London: `Caporetto, history, and memory of the defeat.'

M. CAREW: `Fascism and women: the regime's demographic policies.'

R. CLIFFORD: `The memory of deportation in the Second World War.'


PROFESSOR H. HUBEL, Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, and PROFESSOR A. MENON, Birmingham, will debate at 5 p.m. on Friday, 14 May, in the Seminar Room, European Studies Centre, St Antony's College.

Subject: `Is enlargement good for Europe?'


Unless othewise indicated, the following lectures will take place at 5 p.m. on the days shown in the European Studies Centre.

PROFESSOR HANS MOMMSEN, Emeritus Professor of Modern History, Bochum
Mon. 17 May: `The dissolution of the Third Reich 1943 to 1945.' (Chair: Jane Caplan)

JOHN MONKS, General Secretary, European TUC
Fri. 4 June, Lecture Theatre: `Is Europe still the workers' best friend?'

Sub-state entities and co-sovereignty within the EU

This workshop will be held on Thursday, 20 May, in the European Studies Centre, St Antony's College. The conference will start with an introduction by Professor Ezeizabarrena at 9.15 a.m. and will end with an open debate at 7 p.m. Further details may be found at http://www.sant.ox.ac.uk/areastudies/esc-workshop.shtml.

Convener: Professor Xabier Ezeizabarrena, St Antony's College.

Morning session (chaired by Kalypso Nikolaidis)

M. KEATING, European Institute, Florence
9.30 a.m.: `General overview towards the EU constitution.'

10.15 a.m.: `Basque historical titles at the EU, and a comparative approach with Germany, Austria, and Belgium.'

11.30 a.m.: `A comparative approach with the eastern EU enlargement.'

12.15 p.m.: `A historical and constitutional analysis of Bavaria.'

Afternoon session

M. QUINN, Welsh Government
3.30 p.m.: `Contribution from the UK–Welsh case.'

L. BAS, Flemish Government
4.15 p.m.: `The Flemish perspective and activity at the UN and EU.'

J. BENGOETXEA, University of the Basque Country/CJEC
5.30 p.m.: `The Basque case in the current situation.'

M. HERRERO DE MIÑÓN, Royal Academy of Political Sciences, Spain
6.15 p.m.: Sub-state entities and co-sovereignty at the Council of Europe.'

South-east European Studies Programme: workshop

The workshop will be held on Friday, 28 May, 9 a.m.–4 p.m., in the Maplethorpe Conference Room, St Hugh's College. For further details or to register, contact Mrs Janet Pearson (telephone: Oxford (2)74537, e-mail: seesp@sant.ox.ac.uk).

Subject: `The continued rapprochement between Greece and Turkey: still genuine?'


Henry Rowlatt Bickley Memorial Lecture

PROFESSOR G. VATTIMO, Professor of Philosophy, University of Turin, will deliver the Henry Rowlatt Bickley Memorial Lecture at 5.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 18 May, in the Maplethorpe Building, St Hugh's College.

Subject: `A farewell to truth: veritas from modernity to postmodernity.'

Becket Institute

The publicity of reasons, normative authority, and religious liberty

This meeting will be held on Saturday, 29 May, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., in the Wordsworth Room, St Hugh's College.

DR R. AUDI, Notre Dame
9.30 a.m.: `Moral foundations of democracy, secular reasons, and liberal neutrality toward the good.'

11.15 a.m.: `Having reasons and not giving reasons.'

2 p.m.: `A rhetorician's view on religious speech in deliberative democracies.'

DR D. ROBINSON, Oxford and Columbia
3.45 p.m.: ` "Essentialism" (again) and fitness for the rule of law.'


DR ARMIN ADAM will lecture at 5 p.m. on the following days in the Becket Institute, St Hugh's College.

Tue. 1 June: `Postsecularisation: a new evaluation of religion in Western societies.'
Thur. 3 June: `The scarf and the cross: current trends in Continental constitutional debates on religious liberties.'


St John's College Research Centre

CORINNA RIVA, Junior Research Fellow in Archaeology, St John's College, will lecture at 5.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 26 May, in the Seminar Room of the Centre.

The meeting is open to all, but space is limited. Those wishing to attend are asked to e-mail: research.centre@sjc.ox.ac.uk.

Subject: `Fragmented landscapes in eastern–central Italy: the Upper Esino Valley Survey.'

European and Comparative Law Programme

PROFESSOR MARK FREEDLAND, PROFESSOR PAUL CRAIG, DR SIMON WHITTAKER, DR LIZ FISHER, DR CATHERINE JACQUESON, and NICOLA CONTOURIS will speak at a European and Comparative Law Programme meeting to be held at 5.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 19 May, in the St John's College Research Centre.

Subject: `A three-year research project in the areas of "personal debt in Europe" and "public services in Europe: the case of employment services".'

Programme in Arabic Poetry and Comparative Poetics

GHIYAS ALJUNDI, ROBERT HAHN, and NADIA JAMIL will give readings in Arabic and English at 5 p.m. on Monday, 17 May, in the Auditorium, St John's College. The meeting will be introduced by Jeremy Johns, and will include images from the painted ceiling of the palace chapel of King Roger.

Subject: `Boon companions: Arabic poetry and Norman Sicily.'


Margaret Howard Lecture

SIR CHARLES GRAY, Judge of the High Court, will deliver the Margaret Howard Lecture at 5.45 p.m. on Thursday, 27 May, in the Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre, the St Cross Building.

Subject: `Freedom of expression—checking the balances.'


Public lecture

DR JEREMY JOHNS will deliver a public lecture at 5 p.m. on Thursday, 27 May, in the Buttery, Wolfson College.

Subject: `The Book of Curiosities: some answers and many more questions.'

Note: The Book of Curiosities, the unique complete manuscript of a hitherto unknown Arabic cosmographical treatise, was acquired by the Bodleian in June 2002. The manuscript, a copy of a work which was probably compiled in the eleventh century, contains an unparalleled series of diagrams of the heavens and maps of the Earth. Many of its illustrations can be seen in the Bodleian exhibition `Medieval views of the cosmos' (Exhibition Room, 7 June–30 October).


150 Anniversary Festival

The past, present, and future of theological education

This conference will be held on Tuesday, 25 May, 9.30 a.m.–6 p.m., in Ripon College, Cuddesdon. Speakers will include Mark Chapman, Andrew Atherstone, Alastair Redfern, Michael Brierley, and Robert Jeffrey.

THE RT. REVD STEPHEN PLATTEN, Bishop of Wakefield, will deliver the keynote lecture at 4.15 p.m.

Subject: `Cuddesdon, theological education, and the changing Church.'

Other events

The following events will also be held as part of the Anniversary Festival. Further details of all events may be obtained from Mrs Sophie Farrant, Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Oxford OX44 9EX (telephone: Oxford 874404, e-mail: sfarrant@ripon-cuddesdon@ac.uk).


Note: places are very limited for the Friday events.

Wed. 26 May, 7.30 p.m.: Concert of sacred music in All Saints Church, Cuddesdon, with the choir of St Mary Magdalen.

Thur. 27 May, 5.30–7 p.m.: Tour of the old Ripon Hall buildings in Boar's Hill, and unveiling of blue plaque.

Fri. 28 May, 11.30 a.m.: Festival Eucharist. Celebrant: The Rt. Revd Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury; preacher: The Rt. Revd Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford and Visitor to the college.

Fri. 28 May, 2.30 p.m. THE RT. REVD DR ROWAN WILLIAMS, Archbishop of Canterbury: `The Christian priest today.' (Festival Lecture)


DR R. DARWALL-SMITH and MR M. RIORDAN will lecture at 5.15 p.m. on Thursday, 20 May, in the Taylor Institution.

Subject: `Archives for administrators or archives for antiquarians? Early archive catalogues from four Oxford colleges.'


Rowe Memorial Lecture

PROFESSOR PIERO BOITANI, FBA, Professor of English, University of Rome, `La Sapienza', will deliver the Dorothy Rowe Memorial Lecture at 5 p.m. on Friday, 28 May, in the Grove Auditorium, Magdalen College (entrance through Longwall).

Subject: `Dante, Milton, and the poetry of Christian Europe.'


Honour School of English Language and Literature

The syndicated Special Topics for Course I, Paper 8 (i) and Course II, Paper B7 ( h) for examination in 2005 will be:

(i) Language and Gender

(ii) Postcolonial Literature

(iii) Anglo-American Film

(iv) E-lit: IT and English literature.

The Board of the Faculty of English may cancel by the end of Trinity term 2004 any syndicated option which is undersubscribed or for which teaching becomes unavailable.


With the approval of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council, and of the Humanities Board, the following changes in regulations made by the Board of the Faculty of Modern History will come into effect on 28 May 2004.

Board of the Faculty of Modern History

Honour School of Modern History

With effect from 1 October 2005 (for first examination in 2006)

In Examination Regulations, 2003, p. 314, l. 43, insert `25. A Short-Term Special Subject, as approved by the Board of the Faculty of Modern History and publicised in the list of available subjects posted in the Hilary Term of the preceding year.'

No content


Christ Church

MICHAEL JOHN BALFOUR, JP, 13 April 2004; commoner 1944. Aged 78.

NIGEL PALIN GREENWOOD, 14 April 2004; commoner 1959.

JOHN MICHAEL JACKSON, 22 December 2003; commoner 1973.

BRIG. CHARLES MICHAEL ANDREW MAYES, 2003; commoner 1945. Aged 78.

Magdalen College

ALBERT ALFRED DE GRUYTHER, 20 December 2002; commoner 1946–7. Aged 88.

REGINALD CURTEIS GARMAN, 2003; demy 1925–8. Aged 96.

CHARLES HERBERT STANLEY GARTON, MBE, 1 March 2004; commoner 1939–40. Aged 84.

LORD (RICHARD) PATRICK (TALLENTYRE) GIBSON, 20 April 2004; commoner 1934–7, Honorary Fellow. Aged 88.

ROBERT WILLIAM RAY KERSEY, 11 July 2003; exhibitioner 1922–6. Aged 98.

GORDON JAMES RENWICK, 27 May 2002; commoner 1945–8. Aged 74.

LIONEL BERTRAND SACKVILLE-WEST (the Rt. Hon. the Lord Sackville), 27 March 2004; commoner 1931–4. Aged 89.

RICHARD ALDRED LUMLEY SCARBOROUGH (the Earl of Scarborough), 23 March 2004; commoner 1952–5. Aged 71.

Oxford University Newcomers' Club

Would you be willing to take part in our studies on diet and blood fats? We are studying the links between diet and heart disease. If you are healthy and aged 18–65 years, we would like to hear from you. Contact Alex or Mary at OCDEM, the Churchill Hospital. Tel.: 01865 857262, e-mail: enquiries@oxlip.ox.ac.uk.


St Giles' Thursday Lunchtime Talks, Trinity Term 2004—18/05/04 (Tuesday): A Jewish reaction to The Passion of the Christ—Jonathan Gorsky; 20/05/04: The Wall in Israel/Palestine—Husam Zomlot; 27/05/04: Keeping the Peace: the essential soldier—Roy Giles; 03/06/04: Iraq: the aftermath—Andrew White; 10/06/04: Debt and Poverty from an Islamic Perspective—Muhammad Imran; 17/06/04: Why Fair Trade?—Carol Wills. (The titles of some of the talks are to be confirmed.) The talks will be held at St Giles' Church at 12.30pm. Everyone is welcome. In order to help us with our costs, a small donation would be appreciated. For more information visit: www.st-giles-church.org.

Antiques Bought and Sold

Antiques and decorative objects bought and sold: desks and library furniture always wanted, also garden stonework and large gilt picture frames—any condition. Please call: Greenway Antiques, 90 Corn Street, Witney, Oxon. Open Mon.–Fri., 9.30 a.m.–5 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Tel.: 01993 705026, mobile: 07831 585014.

Periodicals Bought and Sold

Back-issues of scholarly periodicals and journals bought and sold. Graham Jeffrey, Periodicals (est. 1967), 29 Cuddesdon Road, Horspath, Oxford OX33 1JD. Tel.: 01865 872528, fax: 776398. E-mail: gjeffreysatu@aol.com.

Restoration and Conservation of Antique Furniture

John Hulme undertakes all aspects of restoration: 30 years' experience; collection and delivery. For free advice, telephone or write to: The Workshop, 11A High Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon. OX7 5AD. Tel.: 01608 641692.

Services Offered

Big or small, we ship it all, plus free pick up anywhere in Oxford. Also 24-hour photocopying, private mailing addresses (24-hour access, and mail forwarding world-wide), binding, fax bureau, colour photocopying, mailing services, and much more. Contact or visit Mail Boxes Etc., 266 Banbury Rd., Oxford. Tel.: 01865 514655, fax: 514656, e-mail: summertown@020.mbe.uk.com, also at: 94 London Rd., Oxford. Tel.: 01865 741729, fax: 01865 742431, e-mail: staff@mbeheadington.co.uk.
Jeanne Bliss: landscape designer and lecturer at Oxford and in California. Structure planting and pruning of shrubs and climbers. A tailor-made summer pruning programme for your garden. A two-hour garden. Please telephone 01865 515379 for a leaflet or email: jeannebliss@yahoo.com.
`Fritillaria'. Planting and gardening organically. Planting consultancy; town gardening to encourage wildlife; advice on native species; general maintenance and pruning; flowers by design—bouquets from your garden. Contact Clare Donovan (RHS qualified) on 01865 793703/07818 693952.
Typing service. Manuscript typing (not thesis typing): £10 per hour/4 sides A4. Fast and accurate. Contact Louise Pim on Oxford 721582.

Marshall & Galpin Solicitors, Family Department. We are an established Oxfordshire private client firm with offices in Oxford, Thame and Abingdon. We have seven specialist family lawyers who advise on a wide range of issues: divorce and separation, children, financial agreements on divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, cohabitee disputes, separation agreements and pensions. Our lawyers are members of the Solicitors Family Law Association. Two members of the team are Deputy District Judges and three are trained mediators. We offer a range of competitive rates and a short free initial interview. French, Spanish and Italian spoken. Other services provided by the firm include property adviceconveyancing, wills & probate, personal injury & medical negligence, employment and businesscommercial. For further information visit our website at: www.marshallgalpin.com or contact Mary Wakem on 01865 792300 (Oxford), Simon Bassett on 01235 555345 (Abingdon), James Stonham 01844 261966 (Thame).
Town and Country Trees: arboricultural contractors; modern arboricultural techniques; local authority approved; safeguarded by full Public Liability insurance. Free advice and quotations. Tel.: 0845 458 2980 or 07976 261850 (mobile).

Domestic Services

Carpet/upholstery/curtain cleaning by Grimebusters, your local specialists. Quality work, competitive prices. Domestic, commercial, college. Also carpet/upholstery stain protection, pre-occupancy cleaning, flood cleaning/drying, oriental rug cleaning. For free estimates and friendly advice, call Grimebusters. Tel.: 01865 726983 or 01235 555533.

Situations Vacant

Magdalen College School wishes to appoint a lunchtime supervisor, to work 1–2.30 p.m. on at least three days per week in university term time, £12 per session. Closing date 28 May. Please apply in writing to The Usher, Magdalen College School, Oxford OX4 1DZ or call 01865 242191 for further information.
Shop Manager. The University Church of St Mary the Virgin, High Street, seeks a person with excellent management skills and presentational flair, IT skills, and preferably with some experience in retail. 37 hours per week, some weekend work. Salary £17,500 or part-time pro rata. Write to The Vicar, University Church, High Street, OX1 4AH or email: university.church@ox.ac.uk or telephone 01865 279111.
Assistant for academic (10 hours per week). Busy academic requires a reliable part-time assistant for admin tasks, preparing course materials, etc. A high standard of written English and good IT literacy skills are required. Some previous office experience would be an advantage. Salary £100 per week (inc. holidays). Might suit graduate student. Applications in the form of CV to the Home Bursar's Secretary, Queen's College, Oxford, OX1 4AW or e-mail: anne.bevan@queens.ox.ac.uk.
Linguists required for our customer care centre in Oxford for foreign children attending courses in the UK. Must have good level of English and French. £6 ph, shifts to suit, evenings and weekends, July and August. Email: ylsrecruit@oise.com.
Starting in September 2004, Christ Church Cathedral School require a playground supervisor and part-time matron. To work circa 15 hours per week mostly with 4–7 year olds and also assisting with matron duties. Further information is available from Christ Church Cathedral School, 3 Brewer Street, Oxford OX1 1QW, tel: 01865 242561, email: schooloffice@cccs.org.uk. Applications with CV and the address and telephone details of 2 referees to be sent as soon as possible.
Oxford based academic publisher requires publicity assistant. Please send CV, application and salary expectations to salesuk@berghahnbooks.com.

Houses to Let

Headington, Kiln Lane. Furnished and newly renovated 2-3 bedroom semi-detached house with c.h., kitchen, bathroom, lounge, dining room, garden, etc. Easy access for bus/car routes to city centre, University departments and the M40 to London. Close to shops, hospitals. Would suit professional University or medical couple. Available for rent initially for 1 year, with renewal possible. No smokers or pets. References required. Available now. £800 pcm. plus bills. Contact: 01865 735540.
Central North Oxford, between Jericho and Summertown. Victorian Terrace, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen/diner, study, living room, garden, on-street parking. Beautiful condition and fully- equipped. Ideal for non-smoking visiting academics. Available mid-August 2004 to mid-July 2005 (some flexibility). £1,300 pcm, exc. bills. Email oxfordhouse@gmx.net for full details and pictures.
Don't live on a housing estate, live on a country estate! Medieval 2 bedroom Dowerhouse with original features including open fireplace and oak beams. Set in rolling countryside yet within close proximity to Summertown. A quiet location, ideal for a visiting academic. Telephone 01865 302304.
Central North Oxford. 4/5 bedroom house on 3 floors in a stunning location between the canal and Port Meadow. Walking distance to city centre, near playgrounds and schools. Excellent condition, less than 2 years' old, 3 bathrooms, 2 showers, fully fitted kitchen. Would suit family. No smokers or pets please. Available from 16 July 2004 for 1 year. £1,940 pcm. Contact: Oxford 513569 / 07900 988150 or e- mail irini.skaliora@physiol.ox.uk.

Cumnor. Beautiful house situated in a side street of Cumnor Hill. 5 bedrooms. 3½ bathrooms, 3 large reception rooms, exceptional and secluded garden. Unfurnished, but furnishing may be possible. Rent will depend on length of tenancy and requirements. For further information, contact: Oxford 438422 or e-mail yellowsocks@ntlworld.com.
Central North Oxford. Very large family house with spectacular glazed open-plan living space. 3/4 reception rooms, 5/6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, shower room, well furnished, fully equipped, nice garden, off street parking for 3 cars, use of small boat on the Thames. Available from August for the 04/05 academic year. £3,750 pcm, cleaner and gardener/handyman included. Contact: Oxford 316202 or e- mail jj@jjteam.demon.co.uk for photos and further details.
East Oxford. Spacious new 3/4 bedroom townhouse with garage. 2 en-suite bedrooms, bathroom, lounge, kitchen/diner. Unfurnished, all appliances included. Frequent bus service, near public park and sports facilities. £1,250 pcm (negotiable). Deposit required. Contact: V. Salmon on e-mail: salmonvyr@aol.com.
Eynsham. Newly refurbished Victorian terrace cottage to let in central old Eynsham, 2 minutes walk from shops, pub, church. Excellent bus service to Oxford; riverside walks. 1 bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, sitting room and walled garden. Suit professional person and non-smoker, as 2 other rooms are used for part time counselling. £550 pcm (inc. gas and electricity). References required. Contact: Dr Forrest on 01993 812651 or Dr Kirk on 772004.
Attractive, fully-furnished, quiet, well-maintained 2-bedroom, 2-study house (could sleep 3) with long garden and garden work-room, gas c.h, near park, shops, bus route, 10 minutes from city centre, available from 1 Sept 2004 to July 2005, £900 per month. Tel.: 01865 725577.
North Oxford . Charming recently built properties, fully furnished and equipped to a high standard with a choice of 2 bedrooms + study, and 4 bedrooms all with master bedroom en suite, family bathroom, cloakroom, lounge, kitchendiner, landscape garden and private parking. Located in one of the best residential areas and close to Summertown shops and sporting amenity and with easy access to most hospital and most University departments. Best suited to professional or visiting academics with no pets and non smokers. The 2 bedroom + study are available from various dates (early August and mid-September) at £975 pcm. The 4 bedroom is available from late September at £1,195 pcm. Telephone: 01865 516144 or fax: 01865 437996 or email: a.fiorentino@ntlworld.com.
Large, attractive 3–4 bedroom detached house, just minutes walk from John Radcliffe, Churchill, and Nuffield hospitals. Close to good schools. Fully furnished, c.h., all appliances, off-street parking and rear garden. Suit professional family or responsible graduates. Long lease available. £1,500 p.c.m. (inc. council tax). Contact: fidewan@yahoo.co.uk or telephone 07711 377921.
Superb, modern, architect-designed house in residential north Oxford. Quiet location, very large kitchen/dining room, large living room upstairs (to take advantage of view over large green open space), modern furniture, fully equipped. Easy access to city centre (several bus routes, or walk along road or canal). Easily looked-after garden. Very much has the feeling of being out in the country. Available July and August 2004. Non-smokers and no children preferred. Telephone: 01865 511825 (evenings or Sundays) or email: l.lyons@physics.ox.ac.uk.
Comfortable, 2 bedroom terrace house with c.h. and pleasant garden in central North Oxford to let for next academic year. Large living room, small study, cloakroom, and well-equipped kitchen. Would suit visiting academics. No more than 2 people sharing. Available from beginning of September 2004 to mid-July 2005. Telephone: Mrs Ockenden 01865 512747 or email rosaleen@community.co.uk.
Comfortable family house in Lonsdale Road, North Oxford. Two minutes' walk from the Summertown shops and easy bus access to the University. Fully furnished with a quiet garden. Excellent local schools. Spacious, semi-detached; 3 bedrooms, study, large living- room, kitchen, bathroom, gas c.h. Street parking for car. Ideal for a visiting academic and his/her family. Available 1 Aug. for 12 months. £1,100 p.m. (inc. water rates, exc. council tax). Dr Max Peberdy. Tel.: 020-869 02442, e-mail: maxpeberdy@aol.com.
Central North Oxford Edwardian family home overlooking picturesque college playing fields; pretty garden going down to Oxford canal. Easy walking distance to city centre. 4 bedrooms (sleeps 8), 2 reception rooms, music room/study. Rowing boat and bicycles available for use. Non-smokers only, no pets. Available mid-July to end August. £500 p.w. Telephone: Oxford 559440 or e-mail tlamb@dial.pipex.com.
An Englishman's home is his castle---so the saying goes. We cannot pretend that we have too many castles on offer but if you are seeking quality rental accommodation in Oxford or the surrounding area we may be able to help. QB Management is one of Oxford's foremost letting agents, specialising in lettings to academics, medical personnel, and other professionals. Our aim is to offer the friendliest and most helpful service in Oxford. Visit our Web site at: http://www.qbman.co.uk and view details of all the properties that we have currently available to let. Alternatively, telephone, fax, or e-mail us with details of your requirements and we will do whatever we can without obligation. Tel.: 01865 764533, fax: 764777, e-mail: info@qbman.co.uk.

Flats to Let

Inspirational space to do your research/write book. Summertown, North Oxford, light, airy, Scandinavian style house on 2 floors with idyllic romantic garden. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with good quality fittings, 2 reception rooms, large, light study, g.c.h, and a piano. Fully equipped, including linen, off-street parking. Lovely walks nearby. Available to non-smoking academic couple from 1 September 2004 for 1 academic year. £1,100 pcm (plus 6 week deposit). Contact: 01865 558166 or email karmunia@hotmail.com.
Central Oxford. 1 bedroom flat available for short term let. Fully furnished and equipped, very central (Christchurch 2 mins. walk, Carfax 5 mins. walk). From £850 pcm (inc.) based on 2 month minimum let. Phone calls/broadband/cleaning services extra. Telephone: 07812 156799.
North Oxford . Responsible person or couple wanted for beautiful loft conversion in quiet road just north of Summertown. 2 large sunny rooms (1 inc. kitchenette), and shower/WC room. Frequent bus service to city centre, on-street parking. £650 pcm, incl. heating, water and electricity. Possibility to include third large room (at extra cost). No smoking or pets. Telephone 01865 552648/07812 086060 or email cbaxter12000@yahoo.co.uk.
The Wharf House: a range of elegantly furnished 1, 2, and 3 bedroom canal side apartments within a secure gated development. A convenient city base for a short stay with serviced options available. Let Finders Keepers make your time in Oxford a pleasant one. Finders Keepers, 226 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7BY. Telephone: Oxford 311011. Web site: www.finders.co.uk.
Central North Oxford (Rawlinson Road). Attractive 1 bedroom self-contained flat with patio and parking. Lets of 3 months or more considered. £995 p.c.m. all inclusive. Tel.: 01865 556372 or 07771 802582; email: pjy@btinternet.com.

Headington. 1.5 miles from Oxford city centre, close to Headington hospitals. A wonderful architect designed, self-contatined, split-level studio apartment. Light and airy with a French window to a tiny private garden. Cooking facilities, cast iron wood burning stove, separate bathroom. Would suit a single person, post graduate, research student or visiting professor. Available for long or short lets. £650 pcm (inc. heating, lighting and cleaning). Telephone: 01865 762991 or email: paulinehodson@supanet.com.
North Oxford . 1 & 2 bedroom apartments adjacent to Summertown shops and sporting amenity. Easy access to University and hospital departments. The 1 bedroom flat is available from August at £675 pcm. The 2 bedroom flat (1 double, 1 singlestudy) is available from various dates (early June, early July, early to late August) at £775 pcm and £795 pcm. Best suited to professionals or visiting academics with no pets and non smokers. Telephone: 01865 516144 or fax: 01865 437996 or email: a.fiorentino@ntlworld.com.
Central North Oxford: 10 minutes' walk from city centre, all main university buildings and parks, also very close to the river: available now for short/long lets in extremely quiet, civilised, large Victorian house in this exclusive, leafy, residential Victorian suburb with large, light airy rooms: 2 luxury fully furnished flats, furnished to a very high standard; each has large double bedroom, dining-room, kitchen, bathroom; on first and second floors. Off-street parking, large secluded garden. Both available end June. Tel./fax: 01865 552400.

Self-catering Apartments

Fully furnished and serviced 3 and 4-star self- catering apartments available in North Oxford; 15 minutes' from Oxford city centre. Suitbale for short lets for visiting academics or business people. From £330 p.w. all inclusive. Sleeps 2–5 people. Tel.: 07870 234725. Web site: http://www.weeklyhome.com. E-mail: info@weeklyhome.com.

Accommodation Offered

OxfordShortlets offers a portfolio of high quality self-catering short let properties as an excellent alternative to hotel/guesthouse and bed and breakfast accommodation in Oxford and the surrounding villages. We have a wide selection of quality homes available for short stay lets from 1 week up to several months. OxfordShortlets provides property rental on a short-term basis for professional individuals, groups or families requiring housing while visiting Oxford for holiday/vacation, business/academic, relocation purposes or temporary accommodation in between homes. For more information, please contact us on tel: 0870 1602325, fax: 0870 1602327, email: admin@oxfordshortlets.co.uk or visit our website at www.oxfordshortlets.co.uk.
Wanted: short let—furnished three- or four-bed property, whilst own undergoes renovation; mid-May–end July; north and east Oxford/west Bucks border. Tel.: 0208 947 8236 or 07778 398349.
Paying guests, visiting academics, welcomed for short or long stays in the comfortable home of a semi-retired academic couple, in exclusive, quiet, leafy central north Oxford, within walking distance of all main university buildings, town centre, parks, river, good shops, and restaurants. All rooms have colour TV, tea-/coffee-making facilities, microwave, and refrigerator and/or deep-freeze availability, c.h., and independent heating. Breakfast included in the very moderate terms. Tel./fax: 01865 557879.

Accommodation Sought

Family (2 teachers, 3 children) seek furnished rented accommodation with a minimum of 3 bedrooms from July/August 2004 for 1 academic year. Non-smokers, no pets, no parking needed. Please contact Jim Neumann at: jim.neumann@edu.falkenberg.se or telephone 00 46 346 12309.
Visiting academic couple from Germany with 5 year old daughter seek furnished house/flat in Oxford from 1 August 2004 to 31 January 2005. Non-smokers, no pets. Could offer furnished flat near Basel, Switzerland. Contact Thomas Mueller at e-mail: thomas.mueller@uni-bonn.de or telephone: 00 49 7623 965654.

Going abroad? Or just thinking of letting your property? QB Management is one of Oxford's foremost letting agents and property managers. We specialise in lettings to both academic and professional individuals and their families, and have a constant flow of enquiries from good quality tenants seeking property in the Oxford area. If you would like details of our services, or if you simply need some informal help and advice without obligation, telephone us: 01865 764533, fax us: 764777, or e-mail us: info@qbman.co.uk. Alternatively, we would invite you to visit our Web site at: http://www.qbman.co.uk and see how we could be marketing your property.

Accommodation Exchange

Australia. Home Exchange. Orthopaedic surgeon and family looking for accommodation in Oxford from July 2004 for 12 months. Seeking 3 bedroom house close to University for family of four (2 boys, aged 2 and 3 years). Will exchange for charming 3 bedroom "Queenslander", fully air conditioned, large front and back decks, huge garden and located minutes from downtown Brisbane. BMW 318i vehicle also included in exchange. For more information, please email: gallaghers_abroad@hotmail.com.

Holiday Lets

Ireland, Kerry. Tastefully restored farmhouse in peaceful rural area. 4 double bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen and living room with open fire. Wonderful local walks and short easy drives to a selection of beaches, Killarney National Park, Ring of Kerry and Tralee. Euros 250 pw. For more details and photos, see http://vulkan.worc.ox.ac.uk/kerry.htm or telephone Oxford 557961.

Tuscany. 18th century stone house in classic Tuscan hilltop village. 2 bedrooms, superb views and hiking around Monte Amiata. Florence, Sienna, Perugia within easy reach. £350 pw. Contact: Mal on tel. 07831 868992 or email jude.green@btopenworld.com.
West Dorset. Newly converted stables set in outstandingly beautiful countryside, close to the sea. 2 bedrooms (1 with double bed, 1 with single bed), wheelchair access, large double height living room, patio, well-equipped kitchen with wood stove and dishwasher. Contact: 01308 482762/020 7637 2141.
South Devon, nr Kingsbridge. Old stone cottage with gardens on a brook in a quiet village. Spacious, can accommodate up to 8 people in 4 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms, all electric kitchen, sitting room with colour TV, g.c.h., ample parking. Available for periods between mid-May and mid-September. £200-£500 pw. Contact 01865 730749 (evenings only) for further information, photographs and a leaflet.
Oxford: exceptional Edwardian home; 3 bedrooms (attached studies); 3 reception rooms; beautiful large kitchen/dining; charming summerhouse with veranda in garden. One further large bedroom in our second home next door. In all sleeping 5–8. Piano, table tennis; three-quarters of a mile to city centre. Any time between 28 July and 17 Aug.; 17 Dec.–8 Jan. £650 p.w. Tel.: 01865 247851.
Old Tuscany: two charming apartments with shaded terraces and orchard, on edge of small hill town near Siena. Short walk to restaurant and shops. Glorious countryside. Flat A (sleeps 4) £350 p.w. Flat B (sleeps 2), £260 p.w. Flats A and B together, £525 p.w. For more information and a brochure, telephone: 01428 714363 or: +39 333 123 6091. E-mail: uliviera@hotmail.com.
Sardinia—Costa Smeralda. Tasteful villa in the rural village of San Pantaleo on the north-eastern coast of Sardinia, suitable for 2–6 people. Beautiful mountain views over the "Roche Sarde" from the house and garden. 3 double bedrooms (2 with double beds and 1 twin). Balcony and large terrazzo for al fresco dining. Deckchairs both on terrace and in the garden. Kitchen and spacious living room with television. Only 10 mins by car from Porto Cervo, the world renowned Pevero golf course and all the major beaches. Close also to a wide range of activities, from the village market, restaurants and mountain trails to tennis, diving, riding, sailing and wind surfing schools. For more information, email: maggan_krim@yahoo.com.
Dordogne. Timeless and beautiful 17th century stone house in the Vézère valley. Former cPavillon de Chasse\ now lovingly restored, with traditional lauzesroof and many original features. Stands in its own peaceful and partly wooded grounds of some 3 acres. 5 minutes from village with local shops, 15 minutes from the historic market town of Montignac. Spacious lounge with wood burner, large fully fitted kitchendining area. Sleeps 6 in comfort in 2 double bedrooms (1 en-suite) and 1 twin. Can accommodate 2 more on convertible settee if required. Dining terrace with barbecueþand boules. Own 10m x 4m pool with glorious views; garage. A few weeks remaining both in high season and autumn. From £350 pw. Telephone: 07778 633848 or email: PJWNet@aol.com.
Cyprus—Pegeia. 10 minutes to Coral Bay, 20 minutes to Paphos harbour. Detached luxury villa with own 8m x 4m pool in spectacular location, with views over the Mediterranean. Sleeps 6 in comfort, 2 double (1 en-suite), 1 twin and further occasional beds if required. Each bedroom has own access to pool terrace. Peaceful area but close to local amenities and beach. Fully equipped and air conditioned throughout, TVDVD. From £425 pw. Also, an apartment available in Paphos, 5 minutes. from the picturesque old harbour, terraced house with uninterrupted sea views, sleeps 4. Bedroom balcony for breakfast overlooking the sea; patio and small garden. Fully equipped with air conditioning, TV/DVD, own shaded parking. Use of large communal pool. From £295 pw. Telephone: 07778 633848 or email: PJWNet@aol.com.
Paris: small studio, sleeps 2, Paris 12ème between Nation and Bastille, very near Marché Beauvau, Marché Aligre, `Coulée Verte' and the Gare de Lyon. Well equipped with bathroom, kitchen area, digicode and interphone, lift. No smokers. £140 pw, £260 for 2 weeks, £500 for 4 weeks (inc. bills). Available from 1 May to 30 September 2004. Also available: cottage in small village in Lot, near Figeac/Cahors, sleeps 6 in 2 independent units (2, 1+1; 2). £300 for June 2004. For further information and pictures, please email johnellis46@yahoo.co.uk.
Italy: luxury villas, country houses, apartments for convenient rental in Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia (Emerald Coast), Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Naples. Available at any time of the year and for any length of time. Cars also available for hire at competitive rates. Range of optional services available on demand. Contact: tuscany.countries@libero.it or telephone 00 39 328 713 3951.
Naples, Florida: rent our beautiful 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house, on the Gulf Coast, in southwest Florida. This spacious home is located on one of the best private golf courses in the area. The house sleeps up to 8 people, has a huge south-facing heated swimming pool, and comes fully furnished and equipped. The house is available all year round from £800 p.w. (minimum 2-week let, discount for longer lets), Tel. Mark on: 07802 754154. E-mail: mark@bayrock.co.uk. Web site: website: www.golf-in-naples.com.
Experience the Greek islands of Sporades with Thalpos Holidays. Local villa specialist offers lovely houses and villas in the beautiful islands of Skopelos and Alonissos in the Aegean Sea. Whether you are 2 or 20 persons in the party, and whether you wish to stay in the picturesque town, by the clear blue sea or in the breathtaking countryside, we have just what you are looking for. With more than 10 years of experience we are proud to offer high quality holidays and the very best service. See our programme for 2004 on: www.holidayislands.com, or contact us on e-mail: thalpos@otenet.gr. Tel.: 0030 24240 29036. Fax: 0030 24240 23057.

Houses for Sale

Central North Oxford. 6 bedroom semi-detached home in Bainton Road, adjacent to canal and St John's Sports Ground. For details contact David or Clare on 01865 863712 or email: david.wenham@wycliffe.ox.ac.uk.
Kidlington. Beautifully presented 2 bedroom, end of terrace house in quiet close. New bathroom, kitchen and carpets throughout. Lovely little garden. £185,000. Details and photos can be found on www.house.ladder.co.uk (using the above information with their search facility) or contact Sarah Proctor on e-mail at sarah.proctor@sjc.ox.ac.uk.

Old Headington: early 1920s three-bedroom detached cottage, carefully restored. Small, pretty walled garden. No chain. £325,000 o.n.o. Tel.: 01865 751861.


Applications are invited for the above new professorship, tenable from 1 January 2005, or such later date as may be arranged. A non-stipendiary fellowship at St John's College is attached to the professorship.

The Professorship of Mathematical Biology is a new chair to be held in the Mathematical Institute of the University. The University seeks to appoint a scientist of international distinction who will encourage the pursuit of excellence in this rapidly expanding field through teaching and through his or her own research. It is expected that the new professor will stimulate new interactions between Mathematics and the Biological and Medical Science departments at the University. Candidates should have a research record at the highest international level.

Further particulars, including details of how to apply, are available from http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/fp/ or from the Registrar, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (telephone: Oxford (2)70200). The closing date for applications is Monday, 5 July.


Visiting Fellowships 2005–6

All Souls College proposes to elect a number of Visiting Fellows, for periods of one, two, or three terms in the academic year October 2005 to June 2006. These fellowships are intended to enable their holders to carry out study and research in Oxford, and to participate in the academic life of the University. Visiting Fellowships are open in all subjects, and to both men and women from all countries.

Preference will be given to candidates who will be between the ages of thirty-five and sixty-five during the relevant academic year. Applications will be considered from staff of any university or other institution of higher learning, and from other persons who wish to carry out scholarly work in Oxford. In making its final choice, the college will give weight to intellectual quality, the interest and feasibility of the research project, and to the relevance for it of residence in Oxford. It is not the college's policy to offer Visiting Fellowships to persons already in or near Oxford.

Visiting Fellows will be entitled to accommodation, a study in college, and lunches and dinners without charge. Limited financial subvention may also be offered in exceptional circumstances. In certain cases (not expected to exceed one in each year) such assistance may be extended to include the cost of replacement teaching for a Visiting Fellow from an institution in the UK. Any candidate desiring to take advantage of this provision should indicate this at the time of application.

Application forms and further particulars may be obtained from the college Web site
(http://www.all-souls.ox.ac.uk) or from the Secretary to the Dean of Visiting Fellows, All Souls College, Oxford OX1 4AL, to whom all applications should be addressed. Applications must be received by 10 September.


Fellowship in Biomedical Sciences

Balliol College proposes to appoint to a fellowship in Biomedical Sciences. The fellow will provide up to six hours' teaching per week (averaged over the academic year) and will assist Dr Piers Nye (Tutor in Physiological Sciences) with admissions and in arranging tuition and providing pastoral guidance for the undergraduates reading for the First Bachelor of Medicine qualification and for the FHS in Physiological Sciences.

It is expected that candidates will already be supported through a research or teaching post in Oxford.

The fellowship will be tenable from 1 October 2004. The stipend will be between £8,000 and £11,500 per annum, and there will, in addition, be an annual housing allowance of £4,213. There are also allowances for research (£800 per annum) and entertainment. The fellow will have a teaching room in college, and will be entitled to lunch and dinner at common table. He or she will be a member of the governing body.

Further particulars and application forms (which must be filled in, since they are used for administrative purposes) may be obtained from the College Secretary, Balliol College, Oxford OX1 3BJ (telephone: Oxford (2)77738, e-mail: college.secretary@balliol.ox.ac.uk).

Informal enquiries may be made to Dr Nye (e-mail: piers.nye@balliol.ox.ac.uk). Applications in the form of a letter of application and curriculum vitae, plus two references, should reach the College Secretary no later than 4 June.

Balliol College is an equal opportunities employer.


Domestic Bursarship

Brasenose College invites applications for the above post. Experience at a senior administrative level in fields such as hotel and facilities management, or the domestic side of university or college administration, is likely to be an advantage.

The Domestic Bursar is responsible for the `hotel' side of the college. An ability to work harmoniously with fellows, students, and staff of the college is essential.

The salary will be within the university academic-related (administrative) grade 3 Scale (£29,478–£34,838, with a discretionary range to £41,333). The preferred starting date is 1 October 2004. The successful candidate will be elected to a supernumerary fellowship.

Further particulars may be obtained from the Principal's Secretary, Brasenose College, Oxford OX1 4AJ (e-mail: pat.spight@bnc.ox.ac.uk, telephone: Oxford (2)77821. The closing date for applications is 28 May.

Brasenose College is an equal opportunities employer.


Fixed-term College and Faculty Lecturership in Classical Literature

In association with the Faculty of Classics

Christ Church, in collaboration with the Faculty of Classics, hopes to make an election to a fixed-term College and Faculty Lecturership in Classical Literature for three years from 1 October 2004, to cover Dr Dirk Obbink's Special Leave. The lecturer will be required to give tutorial teaching of up to six hours per week each term for or on behalf of Christ Church, and to give eight hours of lectures or classes during the year for the Classics Faculty. The lecturer will be appointed on an incremental scale starting at £11,439 per annum (currently under review), together with additional benefits. Applicants should be prepared to teach a number of the mainstream papers and more popular options in Classical Mods, in the Literature syllabus for the Honour School of Literae Humaniores, and in Classics and Modern Languages. Willingness to play a part in language teaching as well as literature is essential.

Further particulars may be obtained from the Censors' Administrator, Christ Church, Oxford OX1 1DP, and may be viewed on the college's Web site, http://www.chch.ox.ac.uk/jobs/classics.h tml. The closing date for applications is Friday, 4 June.

Christ Church is an equal opportunities employer.


CUF Lecturership and Tutorial Fellowship in Law

St Hilda's College proposes to elect an Official Fellow and Tutor in Law, to take up post from 1 October 2004 or 1 January 2005. This appointment will be made in collaboration with the Faculty of Law in the University, and the successful candidate will simultaneously be appointed to a University (CUF) Lecturership in Law. Only women are eligible to hold Fellowships at St Hilda's College. This is a provision of the College Statutes made under the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge Act, 1923, and remains lawful by virtue of section 5 (3) of the Employment Act 1989. This is intended to be a permanent appointment.

The Board of the Faculty of Law welcomes applications from candidates able to teach for it in any of the subjects falling within its BA and BCL/M.Jur. curricula. The college requires teaching in at least one subject for Law Moderations, and preferably two subjects in the Final Honour School of Jurisprudence.

This post is in an area currently designated by the Higher Education Funding Council as a shortage subject under its `Golden Hello' Scheme. The appointee may therefore be eligible for a three year salary supplement if she fulfils certain conditions and if funds are available in the limited budget for the scheme.

Further particulars and an application cover sheet should be obtained from the Web site, http://www.sthildas.ox.ac.ak, or from the Academic Office, St Hilda's College, Oxford OX4 1DY (telephone: Oxford (2)76815, fax: (2)76816, e-mail: college.office@st-hildas.oxford.ac.uk).

The closing date for the receipt of applications and references is 9 June.

Appointment of Domestic Bursar

St Hilda's College invites applications for the post of Domestic Bursar, with responsibility for daily operational matters in support of the Bursar. This senior management/administrative position will suit those with experience of accommodation and facilities management, health and safety, the supervision of annual budgets, and an interest in the higher education sector and conference business.

St Hilda's College is a progressive college situated on the river Cherwell in Oxford. It has a community of 490 students and 100 fellows, lecturers, and administrative staff, and a growing residential conference trade. The post offers an attractive salary, thirty-eight days' annual leave including bank holidays, meals provided, contributory pension and a choice of self-contributory healthcare scheme, and membership of the senior common room.

Further particulars are available on the college Web site
(http://www.sthildas.ox.ac.uk) or from Mrs Anne Allan, St Hilda's College, Oxford OX4 1DY (e-mail: anne.allan@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk, telephone: Oxford (2)76809), to whom applications should be sent by Monday, 24 May.

St Hilda's College is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applications from minority groups.


Fixed-term Stipendiary Lecturership in English

Applications are invited for a Stipendiary Lecturership in English Literature, for one year starting on 1 October 2004. The average teaching expected will be eight hours per week, made up of tutorials and classes. The person appointed will be expected to teach Paper 2 (Shakespeare), Paper 5 (1642–1740), and either Paper 4 (1509–1642), or Paper 6 (1740–1832), and also to share in the teaching of Special Authors and Special Topics as appropriate.

The successful candidate will also be expected to share responsibility for the organisation of undergraduate English teaching in the college and to participate in undergraduate admissions procedures.

The lecturer will be paid on the stipendiary lecturers' scale (currently equivalent to £13,430 for an eight-hour post—under review). The lecturer will have senior common room rights, including some meal entitlement.

Letters of application, together with a curriculum vitae and the names and contact details of two referees, should be sent by post to the Academic Administrator, St Hugh's College, Oxford OX1 2DL, by Thursday, 27 May (e-mail: marie.mcallister@st-hughs.ox.ac.uk, telephone: Oxford (2)74918, fax: (2)74912). Candidates should state in their applications which undergraduate papers they are able to teach (details of the papers are available on the English Faculty Web site at http://www.english.ox. ac.uk/private/undergra/schools2002.pdf). They should ask their referees to write to the Academic Administrator by the closing date (references may be sent by e-mail or fax).

St Hugh's College is an equal opportunities employer.


Appointment of full-time Senior Tutor

University College is seeking a full-time Senior Tutor for appointment from 1 October or as soon as possible thereafter.

The Senior Tutor will be a fellow of the college but will not be required to undertake teaching or research duties. However, he or she will need to have academic sympathies and an academic background will be an advantage. Reporting to the Tutorial Committee and the governing body, the appointee will have responsibility for academic policy, interface with the university and academic departments, the appointment and employment of fellows and other academic staff, administering and monitoring the tutorial budget, admissions, and general arrangements for supervision and teaching of graduate and undergraduate students.

The Senior Tutor manages and is supported by the College Office consisting of a College Secretary, Admissions Secretary, Tutorial Secretary, and Fellows' Secretary. The College Office also provides support for other academic officers of the college, principally the Dean and Dean of Graduates.

Salary will be in the order of £50,000 depending on age and experience, plus meals within college and inclusion in the college's health insurance scheme. The latest retirement date is as for other university academic staff.

Interviews will be held on Friday, 25 June, and Wednesday, 30 June, at the college.

Further particulars may be obtained from the Master's Secretary, University College, Oxford OX1 4BH (telephone: Oxford (2)76600, e-mail: marion.hawtree@univ.ox.ac.uk), to whom applications should be sent in writing, with a full curriculum vitae and citing three referees, not later than 4 June 2004. Applicants are asked to send four copies of their application and curriculum vitae.


The Mastership

The term of office of the Master of Gonville and Caius College, Mr Neil McKendrick, ends on 30 September 2005. Fellows of the college would welcome enquiries from and suggestions of men and women suitably qualified for the Mastership.

The Master presides over the bodies entrusted with the control and management of all the affairs of the college. Candidates should have wide experience of academic life or some other relevant field of activity. They must be capable of providing leadership of a democratic, self-governing institution, and welcome the opportunity of representing and promoting the college to the outside world.

Further information is available from the President, Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge CB2 1TA.

Friday 14 May

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Induction seminar for new contract researchers', 12.30 p.m. (see information above).

PROFESSOR A. AHMAD: `Secularism, anti-secularism, and the question of religion in Indian politics' (Radhakrishnan Memorial Lectures: `Nationalism and secularism in modern India'), Schools, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR HELEN VENDLER: `Yeats at sonnets' (Clarendon Lectures in English: `Yeats and Lyric Form'), Lecture Theatre 2, St Cross Building, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR H. HUBEL and PROFESSOR A. MENON: `Is enlargement good for Europe?' (debate), Seminar Room, European Studies Centre, St Antony's, 5 p.m.

A. MCELVOY lectures in the Reuters Foundation Programme lecture series `Media and Politics', Nuffield, 5 p.m.

Saturday 15 May

LORD RODGER OF EARLSFERRY: `A time to every thing under the law: some reflections on retrospectivity' (Blackstone Lecture), Gulbenkian Lecture Theatre, St Cross Building, 11.30 a.m.

ORGAN RECITAL: Philip Scriven, the chapel, Magdalen, 5.25 p.m. (admission free).

Sunday 16 May

THE VEN. SHEILA WATSON preaches, St Mary's, 10 a.m.

CARLOS ARDILA (piano): programme of traditional South American music, with students from Balliol College, the hall, Balliol, 9 p.m.

Monday 17 May

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminars: `Managing employee absence', 9.30 a.m., and `Performance management', 12.45 p.m. (see information above).

DR MARY CREWE: `Mbeki and beyond: AIDS in South Africa' (seminar), EPA Seminar Room, Dunn School, 4 p.m.

PROFESSOR J. CARWARDINE (Rhodes Professor of American History): `Abraham Lincoln, God, and the American Civil War' (inaugural lecture), Schools, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR P. FORREST: `De Trinitate' (Wilde Lectures in Natural and Comparative Religion: `From pure will to unbounded love'), Schools, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR HELEN VENDLER: `Yeats's nationalistic measure: "Easter 1916" and other poems' (Clarendon Lectures in English: `Yeats and Lyric Form'), Lecture Theatre 2, St Cross Building, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR HANS MOMMSEN: `The dissolution of the Third Reich 1943 to 1945' (lecture), European Studies Centre, St Antony's, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR R. CRAWFORD: `The poetry of England' (Oliver Smithies Lectures: `Sound systems: poetry, nations, and listening'), Lecture Room 23, Balliol, 5 p.m.

DR J. ROBERTS: `Wordsworth: the apocalypse of language' (seminar series: `The Bible in art, music, and literature'), Danson Room, Trinity, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR D. CAMERON: `Verbal hygiene: another look at "political correctness" ' (OED Forum), Rewley House, 5 p.m.

Tuesday 18 May

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminars: `Job search and interview skills for contract research staff', 9.30 a.m., and `Assertiveness'—day 2, 2 p.m. (see information above).

M. PURCELL: `The library at Tyntesfield' (Friends of the Bodleian thirty-minute lecture), Cecil Jackson Room, Sheldonian, 1 p.m. (admission free).

ORGAN RECITAL, the chapel, Brasenose, 1.15 p.m.

DR K. SCOTT: `A Gothish episode in the Renaissance: BL Additional 21974' (Lyell Lectures in Bibliography: `Suppleatur per ymaginacionem: exceptional images in later medieval English manuscripts'), Schools, 5 p.m.

DR P. GLASZOU: `Evidence-based practice—seven steps from research to practice' (seminar series: `Evidence-based practice'), Violet Butler Seminar Room, Department of Social Policy and Social Work, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR R. SENNETT: `Consumer' (lecture series: `The new culture of capitalism'), Rothermere American Institute, 5 p.m.

B. HARVEY, F. HEAL, AND B. HARRISON: `Thoughts on the new dictionary content: medieval, early modern, and modern' (Pre-publication seminars: `The Dictionary of National Biography past, present, and future'), Rainolds Room, Corpus Christi, 5 p.m.

N. O'REGAN: `Palestrina and papal politics: the secular motet Laetus hyperboream' (Graduate Students' Colloquia), Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty, 5.15 p.m.

PROFESSOR G. VATTIMO: `A farewell to truth: veritas from modernity to postmodernity' (Henry Rowlatt Bickley Memorial Lecture), Maplethorpe Building, St Hugh's, 5.30 p.m.

Wednesday 19 May

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminars: `Managing change', 9.30 a.m., and `Recruitment and selection for all staff' (day 1), 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

HENRY FAIRS: organ recital, the chapel, Queen's, 1.10 p.m. (admission free, with retiring collection).

DR P. PINZAUTI: `Marx's commodity fetishism and Wittgenstein's grammatical confusion' (lecture), Wharton Room, All Souls, 4 p.m.

MARIO VARGAS LLOSA (Weidenfeld Visiting Professor of European Comparative Literature): `The great theatre of the world' (lecture series: `The tempation of the impossible: Victor Hugo's Les Misérables'), Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre, Saïd Business School, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR A. AHMAD: `The liberal tradition, the left, and the offensives of the far right' (Radhakrishnan Memorial Lectures: `Nationalism and secularism in modern India'), Schools, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR HELEN VENDLER: `The sequence again: supernatural songs' (Clarendon Lectures in English: `Yeats and Lyric Form'), Lecture Theatre 2, St Cross Building, 5 p.m.

JOHN PETER, MICHAEL GEARIN-TOSH, and others: `Creativity and criticism in theatre' (Cameron Mackintosh Lecture), Bernard Sunley Lecture Theatre, St Catherine's, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR ELIZABETH SINN: `Women at work: nineteenth-century brothel-keepers in Hong Kong' (Barbara Ward Commemorative Lecture), Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's 5 p.m.

DR N. VAN HEAR: `I went as far as my money would take me: conflict, forced migration, and class' (Refugee Studies Centre public seminars), Library Wing Seminar Room, Queen Elizabeth House, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR R. CRAWFORD: `Nearer than the eye' (Oliver Smithies Lectures: `Sound systems: poetry, nations, and listening'), Lecture Room 23, Balliol, 5 p.m.

DR K. KEATS-ROHAN: `Prosopography' (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography seminars: `Problems and methods in biography'), Modern History Faculty Building, 5 p.m.

DR U. EHRLICH: `New research on the liturgy: how the Amidah Prayer was created' (David Patterson Seminars), Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Yarnton Manor, 7 p.m.

Thursday 20 May

THE CHOIR OF QUEEN'S COLLEGE: a service with music for Ascension Day, Back Quad, Queen's, 8 a.m.

WORKSHOP: `Sub-state entities and co-sovereignty within the EU', Seminar Room, European Studies Centre, St Antony's, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (details at: www.sant.ox.ac.uk/areastudies/esc-workshop.shtml).

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminars: `Skills development workshop for heads of department and chairmen of boards: further techniques', 9 a.m.; `Listening skills'—day 2, 9.30 a.m.; and `Welcome to the University', 2 p.m. (see information above).

PROFESSOR A. JENKINS: `Teaching–research relations: what do we know? What are the implications for policy and practice? What are now the important research questions?' (Institute for the Advancement of University Learning: research seminars), History of Art Lecture Room, Level 2, Littlegate House, 4 p.m. (to attend, e-mail: harriet.dunbar- goddet@learning.ox.ac.uk).

PROFESSOR C. PELLING (Regius Professor of Greek): `Greek lives' (inaugural lecture), Garden Quadrangle Auditorium, St John's, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR P. FORREST: `The kenotic account of the Incarnation' (Wilde Lectures in Natural and Comparative Religion: `From pure will to unbounded love'), Schools, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR PETER SLUGLETT: `Whose sacred trust? Some reflections on the implementation and legacy of the British and French Mandates in the Middle East' (second of two Leonard Stein Lectures), Lecture Theatre, St Antony's, 5 p.m.

A. LICHTMAN: `Who will be the next President of the United States?', Rothermere American Institute, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR R. SHARPE: `Books from Ireland, fifth to ninth century' (first of two O'Donnell Lectures in Celtic Studies), Lecture Theatre 2, St Cross Building, 5 p.m.

M. LEISERACH: `The artist and the Emperor: Turner puts Napoleon into his new perspectives—Part II' (lecture series: `Turner and Napoleon'), Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, 5 p.m.

SCOTT MANDELBROTE: `Vindicated by Christ and the Apostles: the Septuagint and the New Testament in early modern study' (Grinfield Lectures on the Septuagint: `Critics and controversies: early modern debates about the meaning of the Septuagint'), Schools, 5 p.m.

DR R. DARWALL-SMITH and MR M. RIORDAN: `Archives for administrators or archives for antiquarians? Early archive catalogues from four Oxford colleges' (Oxford Bibliographical Society lecture), Taylor Institution, 5.15 p.m.

PROFESSOR A. BRADLEY: `Contemporary approaches to extract function from the mouse genome' (Nuffield Trust Green College Lectures: `The new genomics: genetics and human health'), Witts Lecture Theatre, Radcliffe Infirmary, 6 p.m.

Friday 21 May

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminars: `Springboard'—Programme 3, 9.30 a.m., and `Recruitment and selection for all staff' (day 2), 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

DR J. I. CATTO: `The Oriel manuscripts and the medieval college' (Lee Seng Tee Lecture), Senior Library, Oriel, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR R. SHARPE: `Books from Ireland, fifth to ninth century' (second of two O'Donnell Lectures in Celtic Studies), Lecture Theatre 2, St Cross Building, 5 p.m.

Saturday 22 May

DAVID OWEN NORRIS performs works by Beethoven, Brahms, Tippett, and Elgar, the O'Reilly Theatre, Keble, 2.30 p.m. (tickets £5 on the door, or in advance from: trish.long@keb.ox.ac.uk).

ORGAN RECITAL: Stephen Farr, the chapel, Magdalen, 5.25 p.m. (admission free).

Sunday 23 May

THE REVD DR GRAHAM TOMLIN preaches, St Mary's, 10 a.m.