Oxford University Gazette: 10 June 2004

Oxford University Gazette, Vol. 134, No. 4670: 10 June 2004

Note: due to the requirements of the Data Protection Act, some elements of the printed Gazette are not reproduced in the Web Gazette.


Register of Congregation

Mr Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Allan, J.M., Systems and Electronic Resources Service

Casemore, S.J., Personnel Services

Hammond, M.L., St John's

Kearney, P.M., Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Pfeiffer, J., St Cross

Robertson, G.A., Faculty of Clinical Medicine


For changes in regulations for examinations, to come into effect on 25 June 2004, see `Examinations and Boards' below.

[Note. An asterisk denotes a reference to a previously published or recurrent entry.]

    • *1 Encaenia
    • *2 Honorary Degrees
  • CONGREGATION 29 June 2004 2 p.m.
    • *1 Voting on Legislative Proposal: Harassment
    • *2 Approval of nomination of `external' member of the Council of the University
  • * List of forthcoming Degree Days
  • * List of forthcoming Matriculation Ceremonies



The Committee on Distinction Awards for Non-Clinical Professors and Readers has now completed the exercise to consider the making of new or enhanced awards payable from 1 October 2003.

Taking account of previous awards made, and of enhancements of existing awards, the current position is that one staff member holds an award of £43,167 per annum, ten hold awards of £26,929, seventeen hold awards of £21,584, forty-two hold awards of £16,188, forty-four hold awards of £10,791, forty hold awards of £7,198, and thirty-four hold awards of £2,628. All those who applied in the 2003 exercise have been notified direct of the outcome of their application. In addition, fifteen university lecturers and two keepers are in receipt of super-scale payments under the arrangements approved by Congregation in 2001.

A further exercise is envisaged in 2005 to consider the making of new or enhanced awards to non-clinical professors and readers payable from 1 October 2005.


Academic Computing Development Team: Call for Proposals

The Academic Computing Development Team is a centrally funded group which collaborates with individuals and departments to develop high-quality technology-based resources. Its approach is to enhance traditional teaching at the University through using IT, mixing the best of old and new methods.

In keeping with the University Teaching and Learning Strategy which strongly encourages staff to use IT in their teaching and learning `where it adds real value', the ACDT runs a biannual application process for staff and departments to propose their own ideas for development. Projects may range in size from provision of advice on planning an IT project to the design and development of a whole system, and they may involve more than one partner including academic, library, museum, and support staff. For this call the ACDT encourages applicants who wish to begin projects with a start date of October 2004 or January 2005.

Applications are invited for projects in the following areas:

Collaboration in Teaching and Learning: projects in this category are related to teaching and/or the support of teaching, and will address the needs of more than one academic department or division. They may be based in a cross-disciplinary academic area or involve transferable skills development. Alternatively, they may be about the creation or further development of a generic tool (including improvements to the VLE, WebLearn).

Local Teaching Innovation: individual staff and departments are encouraged to submit their ideas for teaching- and learning-related projects. These can be grounded in specific subject areas, or may have a more general focus.

Research and Outreach: projects to publish or facilitate research online are encouraged in this category. Projects with an outreach element such as museum and schools liaison work are also welcomed.

Successful applicants will receive full support from the team to enable the development of the proposed initiative or resource. Depending on the nature of the project, this support may include: programming/technical development of a digital resource; research and feasibility studies; graphic and interface design, investigation of appropriate technical solutions; evaluation, assistance with legal and infrastructure issues (e.g. copyright, accessibility, choice of server platforms), advice on e-learning pedagogy; and project management.

Full details of the Call and how to apply are available on the ACDT Web site, www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/acdt/. The closing date for proposals is 14 July.

Completed forms and general enquiries regarding the proposal process should be directed to Sophie Clarke, ACDT Project Manager, Academic Computing Development Team, OUCS, 13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN (telephone: Oxford (2)83428, e-mail: acdt@oucs.ox.ac.uk).

Any member of the University for whom the closing date may present difficulties, but who would still like to submit a proposal, should contact the ACDT to discuss the matter.


Rules made by Council

1. Ten or more members of Congregation may arrange to have a flysheet circulated with the University Gazette on matters before Congregation, or Convocation in regard to the election of the Professor of Poetry, or relating to matters of general interest to the University, subject to the following general conditions:

(1) no flysheet will be circulated which in the opinion of the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors might be defamatory or otherwise illegal;

(2) the right is reserved on behalf of the University and its employees, without prior consultation with the signatories, to publish an apology in respect of any statement in a flysheet which is complained of as defamatory or otherwise illegal (whether or not the statement can be shown to be true);

(3) the signatories shall jointly and individually indemnify the University and its employees against any costs or damages payable in respect of their flysheet and, unless a Queen's Counsel (to be mutually agreed on by the signatories and the University) advises within four months of the making of any claim in respect of a flysheet that any proceedings could be contested with the probability of success, such damages shall include any sum paid by the University in settlement of any claim arising out of the flysheet;

(4) the flysheet shall consist of one leaf only (though text may appear on both sides of the leaf), and the text shall include the name and college (or society, Permanent Private Hall, or other designated institution), faculty, or department of each of the signatories;

(5) a copy of the text of the flysheet shall be delivered to the Registrar before 10 a.m. on the Monday of the week in which circulation is desired; it shall be accompanied by an indemnity in accordance with condition (3) above drawn up on a form obtainable from the Registrar and signed by each of the signatories of the flysheet; the Registrar shall be informed at the same time which of the signatories is to be notified as to whether the Vice-Chancellor and Proctors have authorised circulation;

(6) the Registrar shall arrange for the production of copies of a flysheet the circulation of which has been duly authorised.

2. Though every effort will be made to circulate on the day desired flysheets so received, it must be understood that this cannot be guaranteed.

Matters before Congregation or Convocation

3. If the flysheet deals with a matter that is a formal item of business for Congregation, or for Convocation in regard to the election of the Professor of Poetry, or the subject of a report published in the University Gazette, the production costs will be met from university funds.

Matters of general interest to the University

4. If the flysheet deals with a matter that is not a formal item of business for Congregation, or for Convocation in regard to the election of the Professor of Poetry, or the subject of a report published in the University Gazette, the Vice-Chancellor will decide whether it is of sufficient general interest to warrant circulation with the University Gazette; the production costs for such a flysheet will be the responsibility of the signatories.

Oxford University Student Union

5. The Executive and the Graduate Committee of the Oxford University Student Union may have flysheets circulated with the University Gazette under the arrangements and subject both to the conditions set out in rules 1--4 above, and to the following further conditions:

(1) number of names to be included on the flysheet under rule 1 (4) shall be not less than a majority of the total number of members of the Executive or the Graduate Committee of OUSU, as the case may be, and each of the persons named shall sign the indemnity required under rule 1 (3);

(2) the maximum number of flysheets to be circulated as of right, whether on matters before Congregation or Convocation (to be paid for by the University) or on matters of general interest to the University (to be paid for by OUSU and to be subject to the Vice-Chancellor's decision as prescribed in rule 1 above) shall be three per term for each of these bodies, but the Vice-Chancellor shall have discretion to permit further flysheets.

6. Subject to rule 5 (1) above, the Executive and the Graduate Committee of OUSU may also support flysheets signed by not fewer than ten members of Congregation.


Rules made by the Vice-Chancellor

1. The Vice-Chancellor has, with the agreement of Council, approved the following arrangements for student members to speak in Congregation under the terms of regulation 1.15 of Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002.

2. The Chairman of Congregation will normally expect to call upon nominated representatives of the Oxford University Student Union if they wish to speak in debate, and will normally expect to call upon student members to speak only from among those who have given advance notice of their wish to be called.

3. If the Chairman considers that the number of student members who have given notice is excessive, he or she will have discretion to be selective in calling upon them.

4. (1) The Chairman will try to ensure a balanced debate in relation to the apparent spread and strength of views held by student members.

(2) If informed selection is to be possible, it is desirable that when giving notice of the wish to be called a student member should indicate:

(a) whether he or she intends to support or oppose the proposal before the House;

(b) whether he or she would speak on behalf of any club, committee, group, or association;

(c) whether he or she is supported by other student members (up to twelve of whom might sign his or her notice).

5. (1) If the number giving notice is small, they will all be admitted to the floor of the House although this does not ensure their being called.

(2) In other cases some selection may be necessary at the stage of both admission and calling of speakers.

6. (1) If there is to be time to tell applicants whether they will be admitted, notice will have to be received in good time, and student members should therefore send notice, in writing, to the Registrar to be received by him or her at the University Offices not later than 10 a.m. on the Monday preceding the debate in question.

(2) The name of any representative nominated by OUSU should also be communicated to the Registrar, in writing, through the President by that time.

7. A notice will then be posted in the University Offices and on the gate of the Clarendon Building not later than 10 a.m. on the morning of the debate, indicating whether all applicants will be admitted to the floor of the House or, if selection has had to take place, the names of those selected for admission to the floor.

8. Student members not admitted to the floor of the House will normally be permitted to listen to the debate from the gallery.

9. Student members on the floor of the House will be asked to remain in their places while a vote is being taken.


PROFESSOR ROBERT TJIAN, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of California, Berkeley, will deliver the Norman Heatley Lecture at 4.30 p.m. on Thursday, 17 June, in the Lecture Theatre, the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre.

Subject: `Deconstructing and reconstituting the Metazoan transcriptional apparatus.'


Default risk

PROFESSOR DARRELL DUFFIE, the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, will deliver the Clarendon Lectures in Finance at 5 p.m. on the following days in the Saïd Business School.

Mon. 14 June: `Bankruptcy probabilities.'

Tue. 15 June: `Default risk pricing.'

Wed. 16 June: `Default correlation.'


Dionysus recast

The following papers will be given at the seminar to be held at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 16 June, in the Fraenkel Room, Corpus Christi College.

D. HULTON, University of Exeter and Foursight Theatre: `Foursight Theatre's production of Agamemnon.'

A. BURKE, Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh: `The Oresteia and the British press'.


Romantic Realignments

The following papers will be given at the seminar to be held at 5.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 16 June, in Room 11, English Faculty, St Cross Building.

Convener: Leonard Epp.

D. FALLON: ` "What mov'd Milton?": Blake's Milton and eighteenth century Miltons.'

R. MARCH: `The (in)significance of Lady Caroline Lamb.'

D. O'SHAUGHNESSY: `Godwin and theatricality: radical self-censorship in the 1970s.'


The Bible in art, music, and literature

PROFESSOR S. PRICKETT, Margaret Root Brown Professor of English, Baylor University, will give a seminar at 5 p.m. on Monday, 14 June, in the Danson Room, Trinity College.

Conveners: Professor C. Rowland and Dr C. Joynes.

Subject: `Redrawing the boundaries of experience: biblical illustration from Rembrandt to Tiepolo.'


Philosophy and theory of the visual arts

DR JONATHAN FRIDAY, Kent, will give a seminar in this interdisciplinary series at 5 p.m. on Friday, 11 June, in the Danson Room, Trinity College.

Conveners: Dr J. Hymans, Queen's, and Dr K. Reed-Tsocha, Trinity.

Subject: `The ontology of the photographic image.'


Department of Plant Sciences: G.E. Blackman Lecture

PROFESSOR P.H. RAVEN, Director, Missouri Botanical Garden, will deliver the G.E. Blackman Lecture at 3 p.m. on Friday, 2 July, in the Large Lecture Theatre, the Department of Plant Sciences.

The lecture will be followed by the presentation of the Sibthorp Medal to Professor Raven, and the opening of the newly refurbished Fielding-Druce Herbarium.

Subject: `Plants, sustainability, and our common future.'


Integrative Biology Workshop

The workshop will be held on Friday, 11 June, 9 a.m.–4.30 p.m., in the Small Lecture Theatre, the Department of Physiology. The workshop will begin with an introduction by Professor Denis Noble.

Enquiries should be directed to Sarah Dennis (e-mail: sarah.dennis@physiol.ox.ac.uk).

Morning session: Biological modelling (Chairman: Peter Kohl)

G. SMITH, Glasgow
9.15 a.m.: `Spread of excitation mapping in norm and pathology: questions for modelling.'

10 a.m.: `Spread of excitation mapping in norm and pathology: (possible) answers from modelling.'

F. FENTON, Hofstra
11.15 a.m.: `Ten different physiological and structural mechanisms for spiral wave break-up (in 2D and 3D).'

12 noon: `A multiscale model for vascular cancer growth.'

Afternoon session: Computational/numerical techniques (Chairman: David Gavaghan)

E. CHERRY, Hofstra
1.30 p.m.: `Advanced computational methods for simulating cardiac tissue.'

N. TRAYANOVA, Tulane, New Orleans
2.15 p.m.: `Modelling realistically the electrical activity in the heart: tools, approaches, and insights.'

3 p.m.: `Computational steering and grid computing for complex systems and coupled models.'

3.45 p.m.: Concluding remarks.


Soft Matter, Biomaterials, and Interfaces

Unless otherwise indicated, the following seminars will be held at 4 p.m. on Tuesdays in the John Rowlinson Seminar Room.

Convener: Professor J. Klein.

PROFESSOR B. EISENBERG, Rush Medical College, Chicago, USA
Fri. 11 June, 2.15 p.m.: `Ion channels as devices: crowded charge model of selectivity.'

D.R. NELSON, Lyman Laboratory of Physics, Harvard
15 June: `Spherical crystallography: virus buckling and grain boundary scars.'


Astor Lecture

PROFESSOR J. ELMAN, University of California at San Diego, Astor Visiting Lecturer, will lecture at 4.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 15 June, in Lecture Theatre C, the Department of Experimental Psychology. The lecture will be open to the public.

Subject: `Generalisation beyond our experience: the poverty of the stimulus problem.'


East and East–Central Europe Seminar

NADA ALAICA will lecture at 2.15 p.m. on Friday, 18 June, in Oriel College.

Conveners: Robert Crampton, Robert Evans, and David Rechter.

Subject: `Shared identities: Orthodox and Catholic peasants in the Croatian military frontier.'


PAVEL TELICKA, European Commissioner (together with David Byrne) for Health and Consumer Protection, and formerly chief negotiator for the accession negotiations of the Czech Republic to the EU, will lecture at 12 noon on Friday, 11 June, in the Senior Common Room, the School of Geography and the Environment. The meeting will be chaired by Professor Gordon Clark.

Subject: `When East and West become Europe: entry negotiations and membership of the Czech Republic in the European Union.'


Overcoming social exclusion: Brazil in comparative perspective

This one-day conference will be held on Tuesday, 22 June, 9.15 a.m.–6 p.m., in St Antony's College.

Further details and the conference programme can be found on www.brazil.ox.ac.uk.

There is no conference fee, but advance registration is required (send name and affiliation to: enquiries@brazil.ox.ac.uk).

The speakers will be: Dr Ricardo Paes de Barros (Institute for Applied Economic Research, IPEA, Ministry of Planning, Rio de Janeiro), Dr Marcelo Medeiros (IPEA, Brasilia), Dr Marcio Pochmann (Secretary of State for Employment, SÆo Paulo Municipality), Dr Lauro Ramos (IPEA, Rio de Janeiro), Dr Luciana Mendes Servo (IPEA, Brasilia), Dr Ana Maria Fonseca (Executive Secretary, Ministry of Social Development, Brasilia), Dr Marcelo Cortes Neri (FundaçÆo Getúlio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro), Dr Guy Standing (ILO, Geneva), Dr Armando Barrientos (University of Manchester), Dr Louise Haagh (University of York), and Senator Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy (PT, SÆo Paulo).


Complex Adaptive Systems Group Seminars

DR A. BYDE, HP Laboratories UK, will lecture at 12.30 p.m. on Tuesday, 15 June, in Seminar Room A, the Saïd Business School.

Convener: F. Reed-Tsochas.

Subject: `Market-based control for utility data centres.'


PROFESSOR TARIQ RAMADAN, Geneva, will give a seminar at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 16 June, in the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies.

Subject: `Solidarity, loyalty, and co-citizenship with non-Muslims in Islamic sources.'


An examination will be held in the Examination Schools on Monday, 4 October 2004 and the following day at 9.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m., for Dean Ireland's and the Craven University Scholarships for the promotion of classical learning and taste. The examination will consist of four papers: Latin Unseen Translation, Greek Unseen Translation, Essays, and a choice of Latin Prose or Greek Prose or Critical Papers.

Dean Ireland's Scholarship, the value of which will be £400, is open to members of the University who have not exceeded the twelfth term from their matriculation. The person elected to be Dean Ireland's scholar, if not already elected to a Craven Scholarship, shall be elected at the same time to be first Craven Scholar.

The Craven Scholarships (three in number), the value of which will be £200 each, are open to members of the University who have not exceeded the twelfth term from their matriculation. No person may be elected twice to a Craven Scholarship.

Candidates must complete and send an entry form to Karen Brill, Classics Faculty Board Secretary and Administrator, by Friday, 3 September. Forms are available from Ms Brill at the Classics Centre, 65 St Giles' (e-mail: karen.brill@admin.ox.ac.uk).

Candidates must obtain the consent of the head of their college to enter for these scholarships.


The Board of the Faculty of Law announces that the Eldon Law Scholarship, value not less than £5,250 per annum, is awarded annually to be held for up to two years.

Candidates must be members of the University of Oxford who:

(a) have passed their examination for any Second Public Examination, or for the Degree of Bachelor of Civil Law or for the Degree of Magister Juris; and

(b) have either been placed in the First Class or been awarded a distinction in one or other of these examinations or in Honour Moderations or have gained one of the Chancellor's Prizes; and

(c) intend to follow the profession of the Law; and

(d) have applied for one of the scholarships either before, or within two years next following, the date of their call to the Bar.

Candidates will be required to sign a declaration that they intend to practise at the Bar in the United Kingdom.

Until they have been called to the Bar, scholars must produce proof that they have regularly kept their terms, unless prevented by illness, at one of the Inns of Court.

In general the policy of the awarding committee is to give preference to a candidate who has completed his or her Oxford education, and will, at the date of the interview, be undertaking the vocational stage of training prior to entry into pupillage.

Applications, accompanied by a curriculum vitae, must be sent to the Secretary to the Eldon Committee (on a form obtainable from him—e-mail ray.morris@law.ox.ac.uk), Law Faculty Office, St Cross Building, St Cross Road, Oxford OX1 3UL, not later than Friday, 29 October, in a sealed envelope marked `Eldon Scholarship Application'. The Eldon Law Scholarship Committee will summon those candidates they wish to interview in Oxford on Saturday, 5 February 2005.


The deadline for the submission of dissertations or theses for the British Brands Group Prize is now 31 July 2004. Dissertations and theses must have been marked by the relevant examiners prior to the papers being submitted for the prize.


Medical Sciences Division



Clinical Medicine

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM PUGH, BM, MA, D.PHIL. Fellow of Kellogg. In Nephrology. From 1 November 2006.


Clinical Neurology

CAMILLA JANE BUCKLEY, BM, B.CH., D.PHIL. In Clinical Neurology. From 1 May 2004 until 30 April 2008.

Clinical Medicine

CATHERINE ELIZABETH SWALES, MB, B.CH (B.SC., PH.D. London). In Rheumatology. From 1 May 2004 until 30 April 2010.



Cardiovascular Medicine

KEITH MICHAEL CHANNON, MA (B.SC., MD Manchester), Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall. In Cardiovascular Medicine. From 1 August 2004 until the retiring age.



ROBERT DAVID ROGERS, MA (BA, M.SC. London, PH.D. Cambridge), Fellow of Jesus. In Psychology. From 4 October 2004 until the retiring age.

Primary Health Care

PATRICIA YUDKIN, MA, D.PHIL., Fellow of St Hugh's. In Medical Statistics. From 1 January 2005 until the retiring age.



ZUBIN MINOO BHAGWAGAR (MS, BS, MD Delhi), M.R.C.PSYCH. In General Adult Psychiatry. From 1 January 2005 until 31 December 2007.


With the approval of the Educational Policy and Standards Committee of Council, the following changes in regulations made by the Mathematical and Physical Sciences Board will come into effect on 25 June 2004.

Mathematical and Physical Sciences Board

(a) M.S.c in Applied and Computational Mathematics

With effect from 1 October 2004 (for first examination in 2005)

In Examination Regulations, 2003, p. 695, l. 12, after `examiners', delete `two' and substitute `three'.

(b) M.Sc. in Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing

With effect from 1 October 2004 (for first examination in 2005)

In Examination Regulations, 2003, p. 743, l. 44, delete `Two' and substitute `Three'.

(c) M.Sc. in Mathematics and the Foundations of Computer Science

With effect from 1 October 2004 (for first examination in 2005)

In Examination Regulations, 2003, p. 745, l.30, after `four courses', insert `, at least one of which shall have been taken from Schedule II,'.

(d) M.Sc. in Theoretical Chemistry

With immediate effect

In Examination Regulations, 2003, p. 765, ll. 17--18, delete `by noon on the Monday of eleventh week of the relevant term' and substitute `the stated time according to the examination schedule in cl. 6 above'.


Corpus Christi College

JOHN WILLIAM PATRICK FERRIS, MA, 18 April 2004; scholar 1941–4. Aged 80.

DOUGLAS FREDERICK STRACHAN, MA, 13 May 2004; commoner 1953–6. Aged 70.

St Anne's College

MISS CONSTANCE MARY BEVAN, 10 April 2004; member of St Anne's Society 1943–6.

MISS KATHARINE MONICA DAVIES, 2003; Home Student 1929–32. Aged 84. MRS SYBIL FREUND, 25 October 2001; Home Student 1939–40.


MISS EDITH AGNES LEATHART, 18 March 2004; Home Student 1935–8. Aged 87.

MISS MARGARET ISABEL PULLAN, 16 March 2004; Home Student 1936–9. Aged 86.

Oxford University Newcomers' Club

The Club welcomes the wives, husbands, and partners of visiting scholars, graduates and members of the University who are new to Oxford. It aims to offer help, advice and information, and the opportunity to meet others socially. Informal coffee mornings are held at 13 Norham Gardens every Wednesday in term, also on the Wednesday before term starts, the Wednesday after the end of term and during the summer holidays. Newcomers with children (0- 4 years) meet every Friday in term from 10-15 a.m. to 12 midday. Other term time activities include a Book Group, informal Conversation Group, and tours to colleges, museums, and other places of interest, also country walks and garden trips. Secondhand items can be bought on Wed. mornings 10.30 a.m. to 12 midday from the equipment room---open all year except for 2 weeks at Christmas and Easter. Visit our Web site: www.ox.ac.uk/staff.

The Chairman and Committee invite newcomers, husbands, partners and children to a Strawberry and Wine Party, to be held in the Club Room on 17 June, 5.30 p.m.–7 p.m.


Summer evenings at the Ashmolean: Every Thurs. throughout June, July and Aug. the Museum is open until 7 p.m. Join us for an exciting programme of lectures and gallery talks, e.g.: Thur. 17 June, `Masterpieces of English Silver: an introduction to the Farrer Gallery' by T. Wilson; `Helen of Troy'—the face that launched a thousand ships' by K. McLaughlin; Thur. 24 June: `Introduction to the delights of the Print room' by K. Heard; `The Pre-Raphaelites'. For times and to book in advance: Tel.: 01865 278015.


St Giles' Thursday Lunchtime Talks, Trinity Term 2004---10/06/04: Debt and Poverty from an Islamic Perspective---Muhammad Imran; 17/06/04: Why Fair Trade?---Carol Wills. The talks will be held at St Giles' Church at 12.30p.m.. Everyone is welcome. In order to help us with our costs, a small donation would be appreciated. For more information visit: www.st-giles- church.org.


Oxford Chamber Music Festival. Russia +. 25 June--2 July 2004. Artistic Director: Priya Mitchell. Prokoviev, Schnittke, Rachmaninov, Gubaidulina, Rimsky-Korsakov, Stravinsky, and more. 15 concerts, 26 outstanding young musicians, Russian composers in residence, masterclass, Russian Brunch and Russian Folk Jam, plus Philip Pullman and Jeannette Winterson. Locations: Sheldonian Theatre, Holywell Music Room, Jacqueline du Pré Building, Freud Café. Book with Music at Oxford: www.musicatoxford.com. Tel.: 0870 750 0659, or with the Oxford Playhouse: www.ticketsoxford.com. Tel.: 01865 305305. Tickets also available at the door. Web site: www.oxfordfestival.com.

Oxford Chamber Music Society concert in Holywell Music Room. Sun., 13 June at 8 p.m. The Guillami String Quartet (commended by Levon Chilingirian) play Haydn in A op. 20 no. 6, Elgar op. 83 and Beethoven in A minor op. 132. Some tickets are free for 8--22 year-olds (Cavatina scheme). Tickets available at the door, from Oxford Playhouse (01865 305305) or www.ticketsoxford.com.

Antiques Bought and Sold

Antiques and decorative objects bought and sold: desks and library furniture always wanted, also garden stonework and large gilt picture frames---any condition. Please call: Greenway Antiques, 90 Corn Street, Witney, Oxon. Open Mon.--Fri., 9.30 a.m.--5 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.--4 p.m. Tel.: 01993 705026, mobile: 07831 585014.

Periodicals Bought and Sold

Back-issues of scholarly periodicals and journals bought and sold. Graham Jeffrey, Periodicals (est. 1967), 29 Cuddesdon Road, Horspath, Oxford OX33 1JD. Tel.: 01865 872528, fax: 776398. E-mail: gjeffreysatu@aol.com.

Restoration and Conservation of Antique Furniture

John Hulme undertakes all aspects of restoration: 30 years' experience; collection and delivery. For free advice, telephone or write to: The Workshop, 11A High Street, Chipping Norton, Oxon. OX7 5AD. Tel.: 01608 641692.

Services Offered

Big or small, we ship it all, plus free pick up anywhere in Oxford. Also 24-hour photocopying, private mailing addresses (24-hour access, and mail forwarding world-wide), binding, fax bureau, colour photocopying, mailing services, and much more. Contact or visit Mail Boxes Etc., 266 Banbury Rd., Oxford. Tel.: 01865 514655, fax: 514656, e-mail: summertown@020.mbe.uk.com, also at: 94 London Rd., Oxford. Tel.: 01865 741729, fax: 01865 742431, e-mail: staff@mbeheadington.co.uk.

Marshall and Galpin Solicitors, Family Department. We are an established Oxfordshire private client firm with offices in Oxford, Thame and Abingdon. We have seven specialist family lawyers who advise on a wide range of issues: divorce and separation, children, financial agreements on divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, cohabitee disputes, separation agreements and pensions. Our lawyers are members of the Solicitors Family Law Association. Two members of the team are Deputy District Judges and three are trained mediators. We offer a range of competitive rates and a short free initial interview. French, Spanish and Italian spoken. Other services provided by the firm include property adviceconveyancing, wills and probate, personal injury and medical negligence, employment and businesscommercial. For further information visit our Web site at: www.marshallgalpin.com or contact Mary Wakem on 01865 792300 (Oxford), Simon Bassett on 01235 555345 (Abingdon), James Stonham 01844 261966 (Thame).

Town and Country Trees: arboricultural contractors; modern arboricultural techniques; local authority approved; safeguarded by full Public Liability insurance. Free advice and quotations. Tel.: 0845 458 2980 or 07976 261850 (mobile).

Personal Training Services

One of the highest qualified exercise and nutritional consultant/personal trainers in the UK. 35 years' experience. MSc Biomechanics and Applied Human Movement; BSc (Hons 1st) Sports Nutrition; Adv. Dip in Clinical Stress Management; Adv. Dip in Clinical Sports Therapy. Member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences. Member of the International Society of Biomechanics. Expert attention for tone, weight loss, injury and rehabilitation and performance, from total novice levels to advanced, regardless of sex, age or physical limitations. Web site: www.alangordon-health.co.uk.

Domestic Services

Carpet/upholstery/curtain cleaning by Grimebusters, your local specialists. Quality work, competitive prices. Domestic, commercial, college. Also carpet/upholstery stain protection, pre-occupancy cleaning, flood cleaning/drying, oriental rug cleaning. For free estimates and friendly advice, call Grimebusters. Tel.: 01865 726983 or 01235 555533.

Situations Vacant

Magdalen College School requires a Technical Assistant to work in the Art Department from Sept. 2004. Would suit a preferably experienced man or woman to help frame pictures, glaze ceramics and fire kilns, contribute to the ordering and organisation of a wide range of materials, and help with administrative tasks in the department office. The post is available for two days a week, which might run consecutively, but would consider a number of half days. Closing date Fri. 18 June. Apply in writing to Mr D. Pearson, Head of Art, Magdalen College School, Oxford OX4 1DZ. Tel.: 01865 242191 or email dpearson@mcsoxford.org.

Magdalen College School requires an efficient and organised secretary from Sept. to work school term times only. Closing date Fri. 18 June. Please send your letter of application, full CV, and details of 2 referees to The Master, Magdalen College School, Oxford OX4 1DZ. Full details may be obtained from the Master's PA. Tel.: 01865 242191 or email master@mcsoxford.org.
Hertford College is recruiting EFL teachers, CELTA and experience essential. Please contact conferences@hertford.ox.ac.uk.
Housesitter wanted for family house in North Oxford to look after dog and cat. From 12 July for 2--4 weeks (dates flexible). Please email aby.bidwell@stcatz.ox.ac.uk or ring 01865 558034.
Law researcher urgently required for reference, administrative, tax, and human rights law. For further details, please call 07956 422142.
Full-time position (initially 6-month contract) supporting a range of research projects (incl. desk and field research, project management). The research focuses on young people/ engagement in education and training/literacy and numeracy skills. Applicants should be social sciences or education postgraduates. £25,000 p.a. The position is available as home based, reporting to a London office. Contact Jo Jamieson on 07803 245435 for an informal discussion or email jojamieson@aol.com.
We are seeking an historian with military, political, and international interests to participate in the production of an authoritative book (or TV documentary) about the remarkable contribution of an Anglo/Irish/Viking family to major events in British history (1690--2000). Well-documented research and a background synopsis available to applicants on request. To discuss financial and other details please contact Mr Johnson at 01993 776757.

Houses to Let

North Oxford (Jericho): fully furnished, recently redecorated house, secluded garden, available from 1 Sept. for 1 year or less. Charming, cosy, quiet, c.h., easy to maintain, 2 bedrooms, 2 ½ bathrooms, washing machine, dryer, telephone, linen, dishes; walk to University, train and coach stations, near best schools, parks. Two bedrooms £1,250 p.m.; 3 bedrooms £1,500 p.m. (inc. bedsit with separate kitchen and entrance). Tel. J. Mackrell in Oxford (evenings or 7--8 a.m.), on: 01865 775567. E-mail: mackrelj@btopenworld.com. Or contact A. Gaston in Canada: +613 745 1368, fax: +613 745 0299, e-mail: gaston@cyberus.ca.

Florence Park. Recently refurbished 1930s house with attractively designed garden. Close to local amenities, park and river. Easy access to central Oxford. Light and cosy; furnished with 2 large bedrooms and dressing room. Available from May for one year or less. Ideal for professional or family. £850 p.c.m. + bills. Ms Jo Dixon. Tel.: 01865 760907, mobile: 07932 724232.
An Englishman's home is his castle---so the saying goes. We cannot pretend that we have too many castles on offer but if you are seeking quality rental accommodation in Oxford or the surrounding area we may be able to help. QB Management is one of Oxford's foremost letting agents, specialising in lettings to academics, medical personnel, and other professionals. Our aim is to offer the friendliest and most helpful service in Oxford. Visit our Web site at: http://www.qbman.co.uk and view details of all the properties that we have currently available to let. Alternatively, telephone, fax, or e-mail us with details of your requirements and we will do whatever we can without obligation. Tel.: 01865 764533, fax: 764777, e-mail: info@qbman.co.uk.
Cowley. Fully furnished 3--4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms, gas c.h., extended fully- equipped kitchen. Small gardens, garage, and off-street parking. Suit family or graduate students. Available 1 July. £1,100 p.c.m. plus bills. Long lease available. References required. Email njwood@hotmail.com. Tel: 01865 464254 or 07929 003819.
Iffley Fields. Attractive unfurnished 4-bed family home. With accommodation over four floors this house comprises entrance hall with door to drawing room (10 by 4.2m) and stairs down to kitchen/dining area, further door to utility room and basement storage/playroom. 2 doubles and 1 single bedroom together with family bathroom on the first floor, stairs to master bedroom with ensuite bathroom. Gas c.h., secluded garden. Available from end Aug./Sept. for 1 year in the first instance and for at least 3 years if required. £1,450 p.c.m. info@collegeandcounty.biz or Tel.: 01865 722277.
Divinity Road. Large 4-bed family home, completely refurbished to high standard. 2 bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen, living room, and dining room. Small garden. Available 1 July for short let (until end Aug.). £2,000 p.c.m. incl. utilities. info@collegeandcounty.biz.
Headington, Kiln Lane. Furnished and newly renovated 2-3 bedroom semi-detached house with c.h., kitchen, bathroom, lounge, dining room, garden, etc. Easy access for bus/car routes to city centre, university departments and the M40 to London. Close to shops, hospitals. Would suit professional university or medical couple. Available for rent initially for 1 year, with renewal possible. No smokers or pets. References required. Available now. £800 p.c.m. plus bills. Contact: 01865 735540.
Temple Cowley area. 3-bedroom semi-detached Victorian house with lovely 100 ft. garden. Open fires, g.c.h., and stripped wooden floors. 2 reception rooms. Local amenities include library, swimming pool and sports centre, parks and primary school. Frequent city centre buses. £840 p.c.m. Available 6 Sept. 2004--14 Feb. 2005. Would suit couple or family. Contact Nic on 01865 776530 or nicbrim@nicbrim.fsnet.co.uk.
Milton, Oxfordshire. Modern detached house, 1 mile from A34 (excellent road to Oxford, links to M4 and M40). Sitting room, dining room/study, luxury fitted kitchen with all mod. cons., breakfast room, cloakroom, 1 en suite bedroom, 2 double/1 single bedrooms, family bathroom. Double garage, workshop, garden, patio, off-street parking and secure fencing. Fully furnished (incl. linen, china, pans, utensils). £1,300 p.c.m. Deposit £2,600. Available July. Contact Agent (+44 1235) 834740 or diamar@onetel.net.uk.
2-bedroom Victorian terrace house in cosmopolitan East Oxford available from Sept. to Christmas (dates negotiable). Newly renovated. Close to shops, 10 min. cycle or easy walk/bus link to city centre. Bikes provided. £750 p.m. negotiable. Tel.: 01865 275145 or email john.pannell@plants.ox.ac.uk.
North Oxford . Charming recently built semi-detached houses, fully furnished and equipped to high standard with a choice of 2 bedrooms + study and 4 bedrooms, all with master bedroom (en suite), family bathroom, cloakroom, lounge. Kitchen diner, landscaped garden and private parking. Located in an excellent residential area close to Summertown shopping and sporting amenities, with easy access to most hospital and university departments. Best suited to mature professional or visiting academics. £975/£1,195 p.c.m. Tel.: 01865 516144, Fax.: 01865 437996 or email a.fiorentino@ntlworld.com.
Central North Oxford. Very large family house with spectacular glazed open-plan living space. 3--4 reception rooms, 5--6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, shower room, well furnished, fully equipped, nice garden, off-street parking for 3 cars, use of small boat on the Thames. Available from Aug. for the 04/05 academic year. £3,750 p.c.m, cleaner and gardener/handyman included. Contact: 01865 316202 or email jj@jjteam.demon.co.uk for photos and further details.
Newly renovated house. Two available bedrooms, bath and en suite, patio and small garden, all appliances. Quiet neighbourhood, close to local shops, with easy bus access to centre. Professional couple preferred. No smoking. Available 21 Aug.--end Dec. £750 p.c.m. plus utilities. Tel.: 01865 779041 or email cardy@thphys.ox.ac.uk.
Three-bedroom house (one double, two singles) with large garden. Lovely location in North Oxford close to all amenities from end Sept. Suit visiting professional family. £1,500 p.c.m. (incl. some help with gardening.) Refs. essential. Tel.: 07789 361 977 or email ks231@hermes.cam.ac.uk.
Attractive terrace cottage in Upper Wolvercote. 2 bedrooms, g.c.h., w/machine, garden, furnished except for bedding and china. Frequent bus to central Oxford or 15 min. cycle ride down the canal towpath. Ideal for non-smoking single or couple of visiting academics/postdocs. Well-behaved pets considered. References and deposit required. Available from end Sept. until Easter, possible extension. £675 p.m. + bills. Tel.: 07890 758565 or email golbymbs@hotmail.com.
Iffley Fields. Surprisingly spacious 3-bedroom house in quiet street, just 15 min. walk from town centre. Double reception room and big kitchen/dining/family room leading out into leafy and quiet garden. Two double rooms, 1 single room. Family bathroom plus downstairs bathroom with sport shower. Semi furnished to suit. Available mid-Sept. for 12 months, extendable up to 3 years. £1,100 p.c.m. No pets/smokers. Contact Pippa: Tel.: 01865 434161 or email: pctrench@eggconnect.net.
St Clement's. Furnished 3-bedroom modern town house with gated parking. At end of quiet cul-de-sac by River Cherwell and Angel Meadow. Available mid-Aug. for 1 year. Email: Mclaren@doctors.org.uk.
Superb, modern, architect-designed house in residential north Oxford. Quiet location, very large kitchen/dining room, large living room upstairs (to take advantage of view over large green open space), modern furniture, fully equipped. Easy access to city centre (several bus routes, or walk along road or canal). Easily looked-after garden. Very much has the feeling of being out in the country. Available July and August 2004. Non-smokers preferred. Tel.: 01865 511825 (evenings or Sundays) or email: l.lyons@physics.ox.ac.uk.

Flats to Let

The Wharf House: a range of elegantly furnished 1, 2, and 3 bedroom canal side apartments within a secure gated development. A convenient city base for a short stay with serviced options available. Let Finders Keepers make your time in Oxford a pleasant one. Finders Keepers, 226 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7BY. Tel.: Oxford 311011. Web site: www.finders.co.uk.

Central North Oxford: 10 minutes' walk from city centre, all main university buildings and parks, also very close to the river: available now for short/long lets in extremely quiet, civilised, large Victorian house in this exclusive, leafy, residential Victorian suburb with large, light airy rooms: 2 luxury fully furnished flats, furnished to a very high standard; each has large double bedroom, drawing room, kitchen, bathroom; on first and second floors. Both available end June. Also: lovely ground floor flat, large double bedroom, large single bedroom, large drawing room, kitchen, bathroom. Available end Sept. Off-street parking, large secluded garden. Tel./fax: 01865 552400.
Upper Wolvercote. Self-contained comfortable modernised one bedroom flat on second floor of old family house overlooking Port Meadow in pretty location. Light and airy, all mod. cons., stunning views. Convenient for University and Oxford city, with rural surroundings. Bedroom with en suite shower, kitchen/dining room. Parking, cycling and/or bus ride 15--20 min. to city centre. Suit non-smoking academic/professional. £695 p.c.m. excl. telephone. Available July. Refs. required. wrldco@aol.com.
Central North Oxford. 1 and 2 bedroom spacious apartments in a charming grand and secure Victorian converted house, ample parking and within minutes' walk from most central university and hospital departments. Best suited to mature professional and visiting academics. 1-bedroom flats available from July and from mid-Sept. from £750 p.c.m., 2-bedroom flats available from early and late Sept. from £875 p.c.m. All available for the next academic year. Tel.: 01865 516144. Fax 01865 437996. a.fiorentino@ntlworld.com.
Granville Court. Adjacent to Brookes University and 15 min. walk to Oxford city centre. Very pleasant 2-bedroom flat with en suite to main bedroom, fully furnished and equipped. Suitable for a non-smoking couple or two professional or postdoc sharers. £800 p.c.m. excl. bills. Available from 15 July. Tel.: 01865 512149 or email dorothymyers@gn.apc.org.
North Oxford , Lovelace Square. 2 bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen and shared garden. Available immediately until June 2005. £875 p.c.m. + council tax + utilities. Contact julie.dearden@hertford.ox.ac.uk
London/Marylebone W1 (close Bond/Baker tube). Fully-furnished studio flat, separate bath/kitchen, long let. £750.00 p.c.m. No agency. Tel.: 01865 250 046 or 07876 260218.
Central North Oxford, Bardwell Road. Charming flat in converted Victorian house, south- facing over gardens. Living room with fully-equipped kitchen area (washer/dryer, dishwasher), double bedroom, single bedroom/study, excellent storage, attractively decorated and furnished, parking, gardens (communally cared for). Available for 1 year or more from mid-Sept. or earlier if wished. Contact doreen@mcbarnet.fsnet.co.uk.
Self-contained studio. Own entrance and courtyard garden, shower room and kitchenette. Newly decorated and furnished. Friendly family home. Suit non-smoking female. Parking available. Must like dogs. £350 p.c.m. Refs. and deposit required. Contact Christine: Tel.: 01865 372516 or 079767 13368. {106 AP ` wrong cheque]
Cumnor Hill (lower part), Botley. Annexe of large house available. Ground floor, completely self-contained, two double bedrooms, sitting room and kitchen you can eat in. Furnished, clean, warm, with parking. From Aug. or Sept. £675 excl., but negotiable for right people. Tel.: 01865 862034.
North Oxford , ½ mile from city centre/Summertown. 2-bedroom flat, L-shaped living room/kitchen, g.c.h./water, bathroom with shower, washer-dryer, furnished, separate entrance, no pets, no smoking. £750 p.c.m. Available for 6 months/1 year from mid-June. Tel.: 01865 556085.
Headington. Fully-furnished 2-bedroom flat with garage. Overlooking golf-course, 1 mile from city centre, close to hospitals. Non-smoking tenants only. Would suit visiting academics. £700 p.c.m. Available from early July. Tel.: 01865 279182 or 279180 or email christine.peters@queens.ox.ac.uk.

Vacation Lets

Central North Oxford. Light, spacious Edwardian family house overlooking picturesque college playing fields. 3 bedrooms (sleeps 5 + sofabed), 2 bathrooms, large kitchen with Aga, sitting room, garden with big trampoline. Close to city centre. Available 31 July--28 Aug. £500 p.w. Tel.: 01865 512397. mj@martinjennings.com.

Summertown, North Oxford. 3-bedroom terraced house in Middle Way available 15 July-- 30 Aug. Two min. from shops and main buses. £1,400 for whole period. Tel.: 07796 695036 or email p.ferreira1@physics.ox.ac.uk.
Beautifully refurbished and carpeted 2-bedroom flat in Kennington, 5 min. from city centre on bus route. Kept garden, g.c.h., off-street parking. Available 17 July–end Sept. £750 p.m. Contact s.gardner@brookes.ac.uk or ring 07956 977760.
Quiet accommodation in Headington in wonderful surroundings. One-and-a-half miles from Oxford city centre. An architect-designed, self-contained, split-level studio apartment. Light and airy with a French window to a tiny private garden. Fully furnished with cooking facilities and separate bathroom. Cast-iron wood burning stove. Available between mid-June and the end of Aug. £200 p.w. or £650 p.m. (incl. heat, light and cleaning). Tel.: 01865 762991 or email paulinehodson@supanet.com.
Off St Clement's. Room available July--Sept. in 4-person house-share with graduate students. New fixtures, very clean, washer/dryer, private garden, convenient to city, London, and airport buses. Students only. £320 p.c.m. Tel.: 01865 200707 or email daverts@hotmail.com.
Summer let. House in central Oxford available for Aug. (walking distance to libraries etc.). Would suit visiting academic (and family). Cat to be fed. £500 p.c.m. Tel.: 01865 559644 (evenings) or email simon.price@classics.ox.ac.uk.

Self-catering Apartments

Fully furnished and serviced 3 and 4-star self-catering apartments available in North Oxford; 15 minutes' from Oxford city centre. Suitbale for short lets for visiting academics or business people. From £330 p.w. all inclusive. Sleeps 2--5 people. Tel.: 07870 234725. Web site: http://www.weeklyhome.com. E-mail: info@weeklyhome.com.

Accommodation Offered

Little Garden B&B: `A home from home'. Single £38, double £50. Reduced monthly rates. Tel.: 01865 358578.

OxfordShortlets offers a portfolio of high quality self-catering short let properties as an excellent alternative to hotel/guesthouse and bed and breakfast accommodation in Oxford and the surrounding villages. We have a wide selection of quality homes available for short stay lets from 1 week up to several months. OxfordShortlets provides property rental on a short-term basis for professional individuals, groups or families requiring housing while visiting Oxford for holiday/vacation, business/academic, relocation purposes or temporary accommodation in between homes. For more information, please contact us on tel: 0870 1602325, fax: 0870 1602327, email: admin@oxfordshortlets.co.uk or visit our Web site at www.oxfordshortlets.co.uk.
Paying guests, visiting academics, welcomed for short or long stays in the comfortable home of a semi-retired academic couple, in exclusive, quiet, leafy central north Oxford, within walking distance of all main university buildings, town centre, parks, river, good shops, and restaurants. All rooms have colour TV, tea-/coffee-making facilities, microwave, and refrigerator and/or deep- freeze availability, c.h., and independent heating. Breakfast included in the very moderate terms. Tel./fax: 01865 557879.
Superb grade II listed Georgian house in excellent position in central North Oxford: 4 good- size bedrooms, bathroom with shower, fully-equipped kitchen, living room and dining conservatory, additional ground-floor w.c., small pretty garden. In unique setting. Recently refurbished to a high standard. Many original features. Furnished or unfurnished. Available shortly. Also available: (i) self-contained garden flat, 1 double bedroom, bathroom with shower, fully-fitted kitchen with washing-machine; for short or medium term. Available immediately; can let separately. (ii) Architect-designed flat with its own secure car space in St Clement's; living-room, bathroom with shower; fully furnished; for short or medium term. Tel./fax: 01865 311557, email: OxHomes@aol.com.

Room to Let

Spacious room available in Lime Walk—original fireplace, wooden floors and Internet/phone line. New fitted kitchen with all mod. cons. Double living room and conservatory looking out on to sunny south-west facing garden. New clean bathroom! Very quiet neighbourhood but 1 min. from Headington shops. Close to bus routes to central Oxford and London. Please contact louise.allen@oup.com. Tel.: 0777 623 0478.

Accommodation Sought

Going abroad? Or just thinking of letting your property? QB Management is one of Oxford's foremost letting agents and property managers. We specialise in lettings to both academic and professional individuals and their families, and have a constant flow of enquiries from good quality tenants seeking property in the Oxford area. If you would like details of our services, or if you simply need some informal help and advice without obligation, telephone us: 01865 764533, fax us: 764777, or e-mail us: info@qbman.co.uk. Alternatively, we would invite you to visit our Web site at: http://www.qbman.co.uk and see how we could be marketing your property.

Accommodation Exchange

Boston, Massachusetts. Home Exchange. Current Sr. Visiting Research Fellow at St John's is interested in home exchange, July and Aug. 2005 and/or Jan.--July 2006. Seeking flat or house near University suitable for academic couple. We have a wonderful, sunny, first-floor apartment in Brookline, Mass., one block from Boston proper; excellent access to all public transportation and all major universities. Quiet, tree-lined street, delightful shops and restaurants nearby. Entrance hall, dining room, living room, eat-in kitchen, 2 studies (one with couch that pulls out to become double bed), queen bed in master bedroom, heated sun porch, 2 bathrooms, parking, backyard, broadband internet access, cable TV, washer and dryer. I'm in Oxford until the end of July if you'd like to show me your place. nicolerafter@yahoo.com or 283191.

Fancy the Festival? Exchange with Edinburgh University Lecturer 1 Aug.–7 Sept. My place: furnished, large, bright, top-floor two-bedroom Victorian flat overlooking beautiful Water of Leith. Close to West End and Haymarket Railway Station. Princes Street, Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, Dean Gallery, Usher Hall and Traverse Theatre all easy walking distance. Shared pleasure garden with BBQ. Washer-dryer, g.h.c., cable TV. Contact Tim at Tim.Milnes@ed.ac.uk.
University of California, Santa Barbara. Academic visitor desires house/flat exchange with someone in Oxford for herself and spouse, approx. 11 Oct.–30 Dec. (Santa Barbara, 100 miles north of Los Angeles, 300 miles south of San Francisco, is known as 'American Riviera'.) Santa Barbara house: 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom, semi-detached, fully furnished; walking distance to shopping, restaurants, public transportation, 10 min. drive to the university and the ocean. Contact Professor Susan McLeod, Director of the Writing Programme, University of California, Santa Barbara (mcleod@writing.ucsb.edu) or our Oxford colleague, Viv Ellis, Department of Educational Studies (viv.ellis@educational-studies.oxford.ac.uk. Tel.: 01865 274009.

Holiday Lets

Andalucia (Gaucin): a uniquely designed villa, newly built as a series of cottages and apartments around a private courtyard and pool. It can be booked exclusively for large groups (up to 13) during the summer months or as individual units (2+) during the remainder of the year. Tel.: 01865 791999 or visit the Web site at www.thespanishvilla.com.

Naples, Florida: rent our beautiful 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom house, on the Gulf Coast, in southwest Florida. This spacious home is located on one of the best private golf courses in the area. The house sleeps up to 8 people, has a huge south-facing heated swimming pool, and comes fully furnished and equipped. The house is available all year round from £800 p.w. (minimum 2-week let, discount for longer lets), Tel. Mark on: 07802 754154. E-mail: mark@bayrock.co.uk. Web site: Web site: www.golf-in-naples.com.
Experience the Greek islands of Sporades with Thalpos Holidays. Local villa specialist offers lovely houses and villas in the beautiful islands of Skopelos and Alonissos in the Aegean Sea. Whether you are 2 or 20 persons in the party, and whether you wish to stay in the picturesque town, by the clear blue sea or in the breathtaking countryside, we have just what you are looking for. With more than 10 years of experience we are proud to offer high quality holidays and the very best service. See our programme for 2004 on: www.holidayislands.com, or contact us on e-mail: thalpos@otenet.gr. Tel.: 0030 24240 29036. Fax: 0030 24240 23057.
Live in comfort near the Thames, a short walk to the city centre. Beautiful Victorian house, 4 bedrooms, (two doubles), c/h, large split level living room, dining room, modern and fully equipped kitchen. Bathroom 1: large bath, bidet and WC; Bathroom 2: shower and WC. South facing garden. Possible use of bicycle(s). Available 7+ weeks, Tuesday 13 July ` Thursday 2 September 2004. Price negotiable. Tel.: +44(0) 01865 725193.
Heart of Tuscany: 20 min. from San Gimignano, 50 min. from Florence, Pisa and Siena. Beautifully restored farmhouse, 2 apartments, 1–2 bedrooms. Quiet, lovely views of countryside—vineyards and olive groves, woods and fields. Email: giglioli@dsc.unibo.it; Web site: www.poderesangiusto.com.
Recharge your batteries in Andalucia! Enchanting mill beside waterfall in foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Spectacular views, peace and inspiration amongst trees and birdsong. Ideal for walkers/writers/artists. 20 min. from fascinating city of Granada; 30 min. from sea. 2 double and 2 twin-bedded rooms, study, terraces, comfortable sitting rooms with log fires. £400--600 p.w. depending on season. Tel.: 01865 274103 or email bobygitha@terra.es.
Headington. 3-bedroom Victorian family house. Sleeps 6 (2 double, 1 twin). 2 bathrooms. Washing machine, fridge/freezer, TV/DVD, BBQ, bicycles. Enclosed garden. Resident cat. 10 min. walk to shops and London/Airport bus stops. 10 min. to Oxford centre. Available 24 July--14 Aug. £350 p.w. Tel.: 01865 226 910 or 01865 744 020. anthea.craven@dphpc.ox.ac.uk.
Barcelona. Beautiful flat available for weekends and breaks in central Barcelona. Sleeps 6. 3 bedrooms, fully-equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 balconies, large sitting room and stunning dining room. 16ft high ceilings, tiled floors throughout. Great for children: English videos, toys and bilingual babysitter (if needed). Please see www.barcelona-breaks.com or call Chris on 07855 323 934.
Costa del Sol. Available 3--17 July. 2 storey apartment, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. Sleeps 8. Main bedroom (en suite) leads to sun terrace, overlooking landscaped gardens and sea. Second bedroom (en suite). Third bedroom (separate bathroom). Fully-equipped kitchen. Living/dining room (ground floor) leads to patio overlooking gardens and sea. Apartment is air conditioned throughout with Sky TV, DVD, CD player. Facilities include communal pool, tennis court, gym, restaurant, bar, parking. 30 min. drive west of Malaga airport. Puerto Cabopino is a 2km walk along the beach. Marbella, Puerto Banus, Mijas are close by. £750 p.w. Tel.: 07971 098 690.
Cévennes: Ardèche/Gard/Lozère borders. 2 spacious, recently refurbished apartments in stone Cevenol `mas', on the periphery of Mont Lozère National Park. Set at about 1,000 ft, in over 2 acres of mature gardens and trees, the house is on the edge of a very quiet hamlet, near a village with shops. Dramatic mountain scenery, with attractive river-swimming, though Uzes, Nîmes, Pont du Gard, Avignon, Arles, Montpellier, Southern Rhône vineyards, and Gorges du Tarn are all within easy reach. Easy access via TGV or cheap flights. The larger flat has a vine-covered terrace, adjoining modern kitchen, salon, 3 double bedrooms (sleeps 8+), bathroom and 2 shower-rooms. The second, smaller flat has a large living area, shower-room, a cool covered terrace, and two bedrooms (sleeps 4 or 5). Though entirely separate from the larger flat---and available separately---this may be of particular interest to two families who enjoy holidays together but appreciate privacy and independence. Non-smokers only. Full c.h. available for autumn and winter lets. Prices from £210 p.w. Limited availability in June, July and Aug. Please contact 01527 541360.
Barga, Tuscany. Still availability in June and Sept.! Charming 2-bed, 2-bathroom cottage (sleeps 4) in hills overlooking Garfagnana Valley and Carara mountains, with panoramic views and surrounded by vines and olives. 5 min. from bustling market town of Barga, which offers cultural events, swimming, sports and shops. Comfortable accommodation with rustic charm. Sorry, no children under 12. Please contact Mrs J. Collett on 01672 541147 or jane@casacollett.fsnet.co.uk.
Rome, San Giovanni, less than 2 miles from centre. Near country park, delightful cosy period cottage in private garden, recently renovated to a very high standard. 1 bedroom, bathroom, lounge with kitchen area, veranda, roof terrace. Fully and tastefully furnished. Air conditioning, bills incl. Suit couple (non-smokers) with 1 child. Excellent transport links, bars, restaurants, shops nearby. 400 euro p.w./1,300 euro p.m. 0207 370 5794.
Limoux in South-west France---Cathar Country. Charming cottage in large shady terraced south-facing garden. 1 hour from Pyrenees and 1 hour from the Mediterranean coast. Sleeps 2 --4. 20 min. south of Carcassonne Airport, 60 min. to Toulouse Airport; local train station. Swimming, canoeing, tennis, restaurants, shops all nearby. Wonderful walking, cycling, wine, food, etc. Unsuitable for toddlers or wheelchair users. Email dorothymyers@gn.apc.org.
Southern France---Montagnes Ardèchoises. Take the best of wild Britain and shift it a long day's journey south to a corner of France high in the Cévennes Mountains. Eat French, drink French in a spectacular landscape. Vive la France profonde! The views from our beautifully converted barn stretch out for 100 miles. Walk or ride in the mountains. Canoe and swim in the lakes and rivers. Fish for fun or for the table. Shop in the great valley markets. Relax and sleep well. Sleeps 6. £475 pw. Tel.: 0207 722 6740 or email: ro.ver@which.net.
Clydesdale. Georgian conversion of stone tower house with large, bright rooms, log stove, c.h. and four oven Aga. Accommodation for 8+4. Peaceful countryside, ó hr. drive south from Glasgow and Edinburgh. (Special low Festival rate.) Garden, hill and forest walking, fishing and Icelandic pony trek. Fresh Scottish produce incl. venison available, and all imaginable fruit, vegetable, herbs at Lanark market. Robert Owen's 18th century utopian mill town at Falls of Clyde nearby. Available July, Aug., Sept. £1,200 p.w. Tel.: 01381 610496 or see www.lhhscotland.com/house24.asp.
Paris, in the heart of Montmartre. Charming and light studio flat on the second floor of 1850s building. Furnished, separate kitchen, shower room, comfortable new sofa bed, parquet flooring, fireplace. Next to shops and 50 yards from Place des Abbesses and Metro Abbesses. £250 p.w. (incl. utilities). Available now. Reduced rates for longer periods. Tel. 01865 427628.
Exquisite, private garden flat in Pollenca, Mallorca old town. Two large double bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large attractive living area and terrace with garden beyond. Tel.: 01865 513944 or 0786 6672722; email: tolly72@yahoo.co.uk.

Houses for Sale

Weston on the Green. Well appointed 4-bedroom family home in quiet part of village. 16 years old with new c.h., boiler, and good carpets throughout. Pretty, easily managed garden. No chain involved. £425,000. Tel.: 07802 177190.

Kidlington. Beautifully presented 2-bedroom, end of terrace house in quiet close. New bathroom, kitchen and carpets throughout. Lovely little garden. £185,000. Details and photos on www.house.ladder.co.uk (using the above information with their search facility) or contact sarah.proctor@sjc.ox.ac.uk.
Wheatley Village, Oxford. 3 bedroom semi-detached in sought after area. Excellent road and bus access to central Oxford. Approx. 115-ft rear garden and 50-ft front garden, off-street parking for 4 cars. New rewiring and new central heating throughout. Garage, car port and rear patio. Viewing recommended. £249,995. Contact: savera@onetel.net.uk.


Applications are invited for the above professorship, tenable from 1 September 2005, or such later date as may be arranged. The post will be held in the Department of Politics and International Relations, one of the largest departments in this field in the UK. A professorial fellowship at Nuffield College is attached to the professorship.

The professor will be an outstanding scholar with a distinguished research profile in Comparative Politics broadly defined, capable of providing leadership in the department and in the field of Comparative Politics. The person appointed must have a proven interest and reputation in this area and be prepared to share in the leadership of the department and in research in this field.

The successful candidate will lecture and provide graduate supervision in Comparative Politics, be expected to contribute to the development of teaching, have a proven capacity for team building and leadership, and have had demonstrable success in obtaining external funding for research.

Further particulars, including details of how to apply, are available from http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/fp/ or from the Registrar, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD (telephone: Oxford (2)70200). The closing date for applications is Monday, 23 August.


Lecturership in Roman Archaeology

In association with Wolfson College

Applications are invited for a Lecturership in Roman Archaeology with effect from 1 January 2005. The lecturer will belong to the Faculty of Classics but will also be a member of the School of Archaeology. The lecturer will be elected to a fellowship at Wolfson College.

The combined university and college salary will be according to age on a scale up to £44,376 per annum.

Consideration will be given to candidates with teaching experience and a research interest in any aspect of Roman Archaeology. Preference may be given to a specialist in the architecture, art and visual culture of Rome and its empire from c.300 bc to ad 400. A proven high standard of research ability and the ability to provide graduate supervision are necessary conditions for this appointment.

Further details, including details of how to apply, are available at http://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/faculty/jobs/ or from Ms K. Brill, Classics Faculty Board, 65 St Giles', Oxford OX1 3LU (telephone: Oxford (2)88385, e-mail: karen.brill@classics.ox.ac.uk).

The closing date for applications is 30 July. Interviews will be held on 27 September.

Appointment of Researcher (Imaging Papyri at Oxford)

Applications are invited for the full-time post of researcher to work on a project for a digital archive of literary papyri under the supervision of Dr D. Obbink. The post is funded by the AHRB, to the end of October 2004 in the first instance (continuing funding under review), and is tenable from July 2004.

The post will be on the academic-related research staff grade IA scale (salary £18,893–£28,279 per annum).

The successful candidate is likely to have a doctoral level research qualification in Classical Languages, Literature, or Papyrology, and have IT and programming skills.

Applications, consisting of a curriculum vitae and the names and addresses of two referees, should be sent to Ms Karen Brill, Classics Centre, 65 St Giles', Oxford OX1 3LU (telephone: Oxford (2)88385, e-mail: karen.brill@classics.ox.ac.uk). There is no application form. Applicants should arrange for their referees to write to Mrs Brill by the closing date. Further particulars are available on the Classics Faculty Web site at http://www.classics.ox.ac.uk/jobs/.

The closing date for applications is 25 June. Interviews will be held in early July.


Fixed-term Departmental Lecturership in English Literature (1740–1832)

In association with St Catherine's College

The Faculty of English proposes to appoint a Departmental Lecturer in English Literature, with effect from October 1 2004, for a two-year period, to cover for research leave. The lecturership will be held in conjunction with a Lecturership in English at St Catherine's College. The combined university and college salary is determined by the funding made available by the research council in question.

The successful candidate will be required to lecture and teach on English literature 1740–1832, and will have experience of doctoral level research in that period.

Further particulars, containing details of details of the application procedures and selection criteria, may be obtained from http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/fp/, or from Ms J. Arthur, Administrative Secretary, English Faculty Office, St Cross Building, Manor Road, Oxford OX1 3UQ (telephone: Oxford (2)71055, e-mail: joan.arthur@ell.ox.ac.uk). The closing date for applications is 1 July.


Six-hour Stipendiary Lecturership in French Literature

Balliol College proposes, if a suitable candidate applies, to appoint a six-hour Stipendiary Lecturer in French Literature for the academic year 2004–5.

The lecturer will be required to teach nineteenth- and twentieth-century French literature for Papers VIII and XI of the Final Honour School of Modern Languages and its associated Joint Schools. The successful applicant will be expected to teach an average of six hours a week over the academic year. He or she will receive a stipend of £8,920 and certain common room rights.

Applicants should provide a letter of application supported by a curriculum vitae, and should state which authors and topics within the above-mentioned papers they would be prepared to teach. (The syllabus is available online at http://www.mod- langs.ox.ac.uk/guides/03-04/FHS/French.pdf.) They should provide the names of two referees, whom they should ask to write directly to the Senior Tutor, Balliol College.

Applications and references must reach the Senior Tutor, Balliol College, Oxford OX1 3BJ, by 17 June. Any prospective applicants wishing to discuss details of the post should contact Dr Carol Clark (e-mail: carol.clark@balliol.ox.ac.uk).

Balliol College is an equal opportunities employer.


Stipendiary Lecturership in Biological Sciences

Brasenose College wishes to appoint a six-hour Stipendiary Lecturer for 1 year from 1 October 2004. The lecturer will be required to take responsibility for the tuition and academic welfare of the Biological Sciences undergraduates in the college. The person appointed will be required to organise appropriate tutorial teaching and also to provide tuition for an average of six hours per week during each term. The lecturer will be required to participate in entrance procedures, open days, and school outreach activities.

The salary, which is pensionable in USS, will be according to qualifications and experience within the range £8,919–£10,926 per annum.

Further particulars, including details of allowances and lunching and dining rights, may be obtained from the College Secretary, Brasenose College, Oxford OX1 4AJ (telephone: Oxford (2)77823, e-mail: college.office@brasenose.oxford.ac.uk ), to whom applications should be sent by Friday, 18 June. Applicants should ask two referees to write direct to the College Secretary by the closing date.

Brasenose College is an equal opportunities employer.


Appointment of Computing Officer

Corpus Christi College and Oriel College wish to appoint a Computing Officer to work with the joint Computing Manager. The Computing Officer will be expected to provide first-line support to users of the colleges' IT facilities and to assist in overseeing, maintaining, and upgrading the computing facilities in both colleges. Applications are encouraged from people with the ability to deal with a wide variety of IT users with varied skill levels and with a sound base in network/file-server applications, e.g. Microsoft 2000 and 2003 server operating systems, and Novell Netware. Experience of Web site design and maintenance would also be an advantage.

The colleges have a preference for a part-time appointment (twenty-five hours per week), but would be willing to consider a full-time appointment for the right candidate. Salary will be £18,265–£20,311, pro rata, per annum (pay award pending) and the appointment is for a fixed-term period of three years in the first instance.

An application form and further particulars may be obtained from either college's Web site, http://www.ccc.ox.ac.uk or http://www.oriel.ox.ac.uk, or from the College Secretary, Corpus Christi College, Oxford OX1 4JF. Completed applications should be sent to the College Secretary by Friday, 25 June. Interviews will be held in latter half of the week commencing 5 July.

The colleges are equal opportunities employers.


Appointment of part-time Access Officer

New College wishes to appoint a part-time Access Officer to work two days a week. The duties of the Access Officer will be to promote access, especially from under-represented groups, to New College and to the University as a whole. The Access Officer will be based in New College, but frequent and sometimes extended trips outside Oxford will be required.

Candidates should be graduates, possibly with experience of teaching or advising sixth- form students. They must be willing to develop existing activities, and initiate new ones and should have a thorough and detailed approach to organisation and administration. The Access Officer will be required to run college visits for prospective candidates from year nine to year twelve and for staff; to make presentations to groups of various sizes of prospective candidates and advisers; to visit schools and colleges and talk to parents as well as members of the institution. The successful candidate will therefore be flexible, enthusiastic, and able to work well with a wide range of people. A commitment both to widening participation to Oxford and broader schools liaison activities is also important.

The post is for two years from October 2004, or as soon as possible thereafter. The salary for two days a week will be £7,500. The college is willing to consider either one person to work for two days a week or two people each working for one day a week. Further particulars can be obtained from New College (telephone: Oxford (2)79548, e-mail: college.secretary@new.ox.ac.uk). Anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of the post after receiving the further particulars is invited to contact Dr Joy Boyce, Tutor for Admissions (Access) (telephone: Oxford (2)79594, e-mail: joy.boyce@new.ox.ac.uk).

Applications (original plus four copies) with a covering letter and full curriculum vitae, and naming two referees, should be sent to the College Secretary, New College, Oxford OX1 3BN, to arrive by 30 June. Applicants should ask their referees to write directly to the Academic Administrator at the same address by this date. Interviews will be held on 14 July.

New College is an equal opportunities employer.


Tutorship and Directorship of Studies in Physics

St Anne's College invites applications for a Tutor and Director of Studies in Physics, for a period of three years. The lecturer appointed will be required to teach all material from the first-year (Prelims) course in Physics, and Final Honour School material preferably in the areas of atomic, nuclear, and particle physics, statistical and quantum mechanics, astrophysics or cosmology (specific areas to be negotiated) and to act as Director of Studies for around twelve undergraduates in Physics at St Anne's. The lecturer will be expected to undertake up to six hours' teaching per week averaged over the academic year, and to work closely with the other fellow in the Physics School at St Anne's in administering the School and in the college admissions process. Appointment will be made for three years and is non- renewable.

The salary will be around £8,000 per annum and will carry an entitlement to join USS, and to some meals without charge during the university term.

Further particulars, including information about how to apply, can be obtained from the Senior Tutor's Secretary, St Anne's College, Oxford OX2 6HS (telephone: Oxford (2)74825, e-mail: heather.law@st- annes.ox.ac.uk).

The closing date for applications is Wednesday, 30 June. Applicants should also ask two referees to write directly to the Senior Tutor by the same date. It is intended to interview suitable candidates in the week beginning 5 July.

Stipendiary Lecturership in English

St Anne's College invites applications for a Stipendiary Lecturership in English. The lecturer appointed will be required to teach Old and Middle English language and literature (including Course 2), and to act as Personal Tutor/Director of Studies for around twelve undergraduates in English at St Anne's. The lecturer will be expected to undertake up to twelve hours' teaching per week averaged over the academic year, and to work closely with the other three fellows in the English School at St Anne's in administering the School and in the college admissions process. Appointment will be made for one year in the first instance.

The post will be paid on the stipendiary lecturers' scale, and will carry an entitlement to join USS and the college's health insurance scheme, together with research/book and entertainment allowances. There is an entitlement to meals without charge during the university term.

Further particulars, including information about how to apply, can be obtained from the Senior Tutor's Secretary, St Anne's College, Oxford OX2 6HS (telephone: Oxford (2)74825, e-mail: heather.law@st- annes.ox.ac.uk).

The closing date for applications is Wednesday, 30 June. Applicants should also ask two referees to write directly to the Senior Tutor by the same date. Interviews will be held in the week beginning 5 July.

Stipendiary Junior Research Fellowships

St Anne's College invites applications for the following Junior Research Fellowships, open to women or men and tenable for one or two years from 1 October 2005:

The Drapers' Company Junior Research Fellowship, this year offered in Physics, Mathematics, Computation, Chemistry;

The Kathleen Bourne Junior Research Fellowship in French Studies, including Language and Literature, Architecture, Art, History, Music, and Philosophy.

The posts are open to graduates in their second or subsequent year of research.

Further particulars can be found at http://www.stannes.ox.ac.uk. Those unable to access the WWW can obtain further particulars from the Tutor for Junior Research Fellowships' Secretary (telephone: Oxford (2)74825, e-mail: heather.law@st-annes.ox.ac.uk). The closing date for applications is 2 August.

St Anne's College is an equal opportunities employer.


Appointment of Junior Dean

St Hilda's College wishes to appoint a Junior Dean for the academic year 2004–5, with the possibility of renewal for a further year. The Junior Dean will be required to reside in college, free of charge, and will be entitled to free meals at high table and an honorarium of £2,500 per annum. Applicants must be graduates, and it is expected that they will be pursuing advanced study or research.

Further particulars may be obtained from the college's Web site at , or from Ms Robyn Percy, Academic Office, St Hilda's College, Oxford OX4 1DY (telephone: Oxford (2)86679), e-mail: college.office@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk), to whom four copies of applications, including a full curriculum vitae, should be sent by Friday, 18 June. Two referees should be asked to write direct by the same date. If the applicant is a registered graduate student, one of the referees must be the applicant's university supervisor. Interviews will be held during the week beginning 5 July.


Appointment of Database Officer

This is an opportunity to join one of Oxford's most successful fund-raising offices. A full- time position exists within the Development Office for a lively enthusiastic person who will primarily be responsible for the day-to-day management of the college's alumni and fund- raising database and will provide general assistance to the Director of Alumni Relations and Campaigns. The person appointed will be systematic and well organised and have a broad knowledge of office systems. He/she will be expected to enter data quickly and accurately and produce data queries and reports.

The appointment will reflect the university clerical and library staff scale, grade 5 (salary £18,015–£21,469).

Application details are available from Coleen Day, Director of Alumni Relations, Worcester College, Oxford OX1 2HB (telephone: Oxford (2)78346, e-mail: coleen.day@worc.ox.ac.uk), or may be downloaded from the college's Web site: hhtp://www.worcester.ox.ac.uk/notices">http://www.sthildas.ox.ac.uk/news, or from Ms Robyn Percy, Academic Office, St Hilda's College, Oxford OX4 1DY (telephone: Oxford (2)86679), e-mail: college.office@st-hildas.ox.ac.uk), to whom four copies of applications, including a full curriculum vitae, should be sent by Friday, 18 June. Two referees should be asked to write direct by the same date. If the applicant is a registered graduate student, one of the referees must be the applicant's university supervisor. Interviews will be held during the week beginning 5 July.


Appointment of Database Officer

This is an opportunity to join one of Oxford's most successful fund-raising offices. A full- time position exists within the Development Office for a lively enthusiastic person who will primarily be responsible for the day-to-day management of the college's alumni and fund- raising database and will provide general assistance to the Director of Alumni Relations and Campaigns. The person appointed will be systematic and well organised and have a broad knowledge of office systems. He/she will be expected to enter data quickly and accurately and produce data queries and reports.

The appointment will reflect the university clerical and library staff scale, grade 5 (salary £18,015–£21,469).

Application details are available from Coleen Day, Director of Alumni Relations, Worcester College, Oxford OX1 2HB (telephone: Oxford (2)78346, e-mail: coleen.day@worc.ox.ac.uk), or may be downloaded from the college's Web site: hhtp://www.worcester.ox.ac.uk/notices. The closing date for applications is Monday, 21 June.

Worcester College is an equal opportunities employer.


Lectureship and Official Fellowship in German

Emmanuel College hopes to appoint a College Teaching Officer and Fellow in German to take up post from 1 October 2004, or as soon as possible thereafter. The appointment will be on the teaching officer scale (£19,942– £24,097 for a resident fellow, or £21,852–£26,327 for a non-resident fellow) and will be tenable for five years. There is no restriction on subject but applicants will be expected to be able to contribute to the teaching of German papers offered in Part I and Part II of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos.

Applications, in triplicate, including a curriculum vitae and the names of three referees, should be addressed to the Senior Tutor, Emmanuel College, Cambridge CB2 3AP (telephone: 01223 334254, fax: 01223 762073). Further particulars are available from the Senior Tutor but may also be obtained from the college Web site
(http://www.emma.cam.ac.uk). The closing date for applications is 21 June. Short-listed candidates will be called for interview in the week beginning 5 July.

Friday 11 June

PAVEL TELICKA (European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection): `When East and West become Europe: entry negotiations and membership of the Czech Republic in the European Union' (lecture), Senior Common Room, School of Geography and the Environment, 12 noon.

DR SIMON J.D. GREEN: `Philosophers and Young Turks' (Chichele Lectures 2004: `In its pomp: All Souls 1914–15'), Old Library, All Souls, 5 p.m.

Saturday 12 June

ORGAN RECITAL: Pascal Reber, the chapel, Magdalen, 5.25 p.m. (admission free).

Sunday 13 June

THE REVD KATHARINE RUMENS preaches, St Mary's, 10 a.m.

Monday 14 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminars: `Recruitment and selection for all staff' (day 1), 9.30 a.m., and `Giving and receiving feedback', 12.45 p.m. (see information above).

PROFESSOR D. DUFFIE: `Bankruptcy probabilities' (Clarendon Lectures in Finance: `Default risk'), Saïd Business School, 5 p.m.

J.-L. LEUTRAT: `Alain Resnais: Mélo, L'Amour à mort' (lecture series: `Les cinéastes de la "modernité" en France'), Maison Française, 5 p.m.

PROFESSOR S. PRICKETT: `Redrawing the boundaries of experience: biblical illustration from Rembrandt to Tiepolo' (seminar series: `The Bible in art, music, and literature'), Danson Room, Trinity, 5 p.m.

Tuesday 15 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminars: `Career review and planning for contract research staff', 9.30 a.m., and `Recruitment and selection for all staff' (day 2), 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

PROFESSOR J. ELMAN (Astor Lecturer): `Generalisation beyond our experience: the poverty of the stimulus problem' (public lecture), Lecture Theatre C, Department of Experimental Psychology, 4.30 p.m.

PROFESSOR D. DUFFIE: `Default risk pricing' (Clarendon Lectures in Finance: `Default risk'), Saïd Business School, 5 p.m.

M.A. STUART: `Rossini, Salvatore Viganó, and the decline of the picturesque' (Graduate Students' Colloquia), Denis Arnold Hall, Music Faculty, 5.15 p.m.

Wednesday 16 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminars: `Working for the University: opportunities and benefits', 11 a.m., and `Introduction to the Bodleian Library', 2.30 p.m. (see information above).

IAIN QUINN: organ recital, the chapel, Queen's, 1.10 p.m. (admission free, with retiring collection).

PROFESSOR D. DUFFIE: `Default correlation' (Clarendon Lectures in Finance: `Default risk'), Saïd Business School, 5 p.m.

DR M. PELLING: `History of medicine' (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography seminars: `Problems and methods in biography'), Modern History Faculty Building, 5 p.m.

D. HULTON: `Foursight Theatre's production of Agamemnon', and A. BURKE: `The Oresteia and the British press' (seminar series: `Dionysus recast'), Fraenkel Room, Corpus Christi, 5 p.m.

GENEVIEVE DUGGAN: `Blossoms of the palm, seeds of history: textiles from Savu, Indonesia' (Oxford Asian Textile Group lecture), Pauling Centre (58 Banbury Road), 5.45 p.m. (admission for visitors £2).

PROFESSOR J.W. VAN HENTEN: `Contemporary martyrs and violence: victims and/or perpetrators' (David Patterson Seminars), Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Yarnton Manor, 7 p.m.

Thursday 17 June

DR S. LEDWITH: `Praxis in the gendering of trade union democracy' (International Gender Studies Centre seminars: `Research methodologies: theories—realities'), Library Wing Seminar Room, Queen Elizabeth House, 2 p.m.

D. SABRI: `Assumptive worlds of policy-makers in higher education: some preliminary findings' (Institute for the Advancement of University Learning: research seminars), History of Art Lecture Room, Level 2, Littlegate House, 4 p.m. (to attend, e-mail: harriet.dunbar-goddet@learning.ox.ac.uk).

PROFESSOR R. TIJAN: `Deconstructing and reconstituting the Metazoan transcriptional apparatus' (Norman Heatley Lecture), Lecture Theatre, Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, 4.30 p.m.

C. HARRISON: `What did Napoleon really do for Turner?' (lecture series: `Turner and Napoleon'), Headley Lecture Theatre, Ashmolean Museum, 5 p.m.

N. CRANE: `Mercator: the first modern scientific cartographer' (Oxford Seminars in Cartography), School of Geography and the Environment, 5 p.m.

Friday 18 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Springboard'—Programme 3, 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

DR SIMON J.D. GREEN: `Appeasers and anti-appeasers' (Chichele Lectures 2004: `In its pomp: All Souls 1914–15'), Old Library, All Souls, 5 p.m.

Saturday 19 June


STUDY-DAY: `Durkheim, suffering, and evil', Maison Française, 10.45 a.m.–4.30 p.m.

ORGAN RECITAL: Richard Pinel, the chapel, Magdalen, 5.25 p.m. (admission free).

Sunday 20 June

THE MOST REVD DR ROWAN WILLIAMS preaches the Commemoration Day Sermon, St Mary's, 10 a.m.

Monday 21 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminars: `Managing employee conduct and performance', 9.30 a.m.; `Running effective meetings', 12.45 p.m.; and `Assertiveness'—day 2, 2 p.m. (see information above).

STUDY-DAY: `Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French theatre', Maison Française, 11 a.m.–6.30 p.m.

Tuesday 22 June

STUDY-DAY: `Performances: archival research and electronic databases' (Calendrier électronique des spectacles sous l'Ancien Régime et sous la Révolution), Maison Française, 9.30 a.m.–4 p.m.

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Presentation skills'—day 2, 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

CLINICAL TRIAL SERVICE UNIT: open day (various speakers), Martin Wood Lecture Theatre, 10.30 a.m.–4.15 p.m. (attendance by prior registration only—see details at http://www.ctsu.ox.ac.uk/openday).

Wednesday 23 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Presentation skills'—day 2, 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

ENCAENIA, Sheldonian Theatre, 11.30 a.m. (holders of tickets to be in place by 11.15 a.m.).

Thursday 24 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Managing contract research staff—day 2, understanding and managing the performance of your staff', 9 a.m. (see information above).

Friday 25 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Leading and managing academics'—day one (for heads of academic departments and chairmen of boards), 9.30 a.m. (see information above).

Sunday 27 June

THE REVD DR MICHAEL PIRET preaches the St John Baptist's Day Sermon, Magdalen, 10 a.m.

Monday 28 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Active listening', 12.45 p.m. (see information above).

Wednesday 30 June

INSTITUTE FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LEARNING seminar: `Presentation skills practice', 9.30 a.m. (see information above).