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Oxford University Development Office Programme

Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4392

Monday, 26 February 1996

Contents of the supplement:

To Gazette No.
4392 (29
February 1996)

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The Development Office's fund-raising programme for the University
has been
approved by Council, and an outline of it (as at 1 January 1996) is
set out
below. It may of course be necessary to make changes in the content
of the
programme from time to time as new needs or opportunities emerge; any
proposals for significant changes will be reported to the Committee
for the
Co-ordination of University and College Fund-raising. The programme

  • to complete, as far as possible, the core projects left over
    from the
  • to fulfil responsibility for further academic projects
    undertaken during
    the later stages of the Campaign
  • to respond to general pressure for help for the Bodleian Library
  • to respond to certain needs identified through the consultation
    faculties undertaken by the General Board last year
  • to undertake long-term `good housekeeping' activity aimed at
    relatively unrestricted income for the University.

The fund-raising programme

I Core capital projects

In keeping with its three-site strategy, designed to create new
disciplinary centres for research and teaching, the University plans
to build
on the work done during the Campaign by completing all or part of
four new
centres: the School of Management Studies; the Ashmolean Humanities
the St Cross Site Centre; and the Oxford Institute for American

The School of Management Studies project requires funding
for a
variety of academic programmes, with academic posts, scholarships, a
and operational support.

Requirement: £20M. Still to raise: £12M.

The Ashmolean Humanities Centre, part of the University's
will provide library, teaching, exhibition and social space, together
academic posts, for faculties concerned with ancient and modern
languages and
the material and visual culture of European and Asian civilisations.
involves the faculties of Literae Humaniores, Modern Languages,
Modern History
and Oriental Studies, and the Ashmolean Museum. The whole project,
on a site
behind the Ashmolean Museum, will cost some £32 million but is
planned in stages.

Requirement for Phase I: £12M. Still to raise: £5M.

The St Cross Site Centre, another part of the three-site
will be
built on land adjacent to the existing St Cross Building and will
provide a
state-of-the art library, teaching rooms and dedicated facilities for
postgraduate students. It will bring together members of the Social
English, and Law faculties. It is planned to use the £6.9
raised for the construction of Phase I of the Centre, providing
facilities for
the Institute of Economics and Statistics and the Economics
Sub-faculty, and,
by using space thereby released, making additional provision for
English and
Law. Subsequent phases of this project, costing a further sum of the
order of
£17 million, while still on the long-term agenda of the
Office, currently take lower priority than other activities.

The Oxford Institute for American Studies will bring together
academics in the
faculties of History and Social Studies in the study of the
history, politics, government, and foreign affairs of the United
States and the
colonial territories that preceded it. Visiting staff will include
Americans in public life as well as international scholars. Housed in
a newly-
designed building between Rhodes House and Mansfield College, it will
library, teaching, and research facilities.

Requirement: £12.5M. Still to raise: £7.2M.

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II Other academic projects

The University is committed to the completion of various major
projects begun
during the Campaign. First, it has commitments as part of the
Europaeum programme, which fosters links with its European partner
institutions (the Universities of Leiden, Bologna, and Bonn, and the
Graduate Institute for International Studies). In particular, it is
funding for key posts within the Centre for European Politics,
Economics, and
Society. In addition there are on-going commitments to the
Change Unit's
programmes, to the Socio-Legal Studies
, to
the Oxford
Project to Investigate Memory and Ageing
(OPTIMA) and to the
Orthopaedic Centre
(a biomedical programme).

The requirements are:

European Studies:             £1.5M  
Environmental Change Unit:    £7.0M  
Socio-Legal Studies:          £4.0M  
OPTIMA                        £4.0M  
Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre:  £0.8M 

III Bodleian Library and Cairns (Medical)

The Bodleian Library urgently needs support in raising some
£500K a year
(capitalised at, say, £10 million) for recurrent costs. The
Office and the Bodleian now share a senior development officer who is
responsible to the Director of the Development Office but works in
Bodleian with the Librarian. The availability of the St Cross Site
Centre will
in due course relieve pressure on the Bodleian by providing space for
material at present held by the Bodleian centrally.

The Cairns Library on the John Radcliffe site requires
complete its refurbishment.

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IV New Projects

The General Board has identified a variety of future objectives for
development programme. It has given highest priority to the setting
up of a
student scholarship or bursary fund in support of needy postgraduate
students, in a wide range of subject areas.

Requirement: £10M. Still to raise: £3M.

In addition, the General Board has approved a variety of
projects in
three categories: eight academic posts; six research programmes; and
. For the time being no resources can be made available for
attention to these needs. What the Development Office plans to do is
to write
up each project in a form that the Office can use for briefing
volunteers and
prospects. Where suitable prospects are located, and where there is
support from academics working in the relevant fields, the
Development Office
will endeavour to take the projects forward.

V Provision of additional non-academic

There is a commitment to provide a University Sports programme
hockey pitch, and a University swimming pool).


Hockey pitch: £0.3M. Still to raise: £0.13M.

Swimming pool: £2.1M "#Note2">[2] Still to raise: £1.2M.

The Development Office is also providing some support to the Careers

VI Unrestricted income for the University

The requirement of the University and colleges is to raise
unrestricted income through mailings and legacies. The University can
usefully pursue this in conjunction with colleges.

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Targets and Resources

The total requirements quantified under I to V above amount to
, [3] excluding
the later stages of the Ashmolean and St Cross Site
developments (totalling some £37 million). In addition there are
unquantified proposals cleared by the General Board (see third
under IV above), and the need, also unquantified, for unrestricted
(under VI).

Development Office resources currently amount to an annual
(1995–6) of £2.23 million, and include a total staff of forty-seven
(thirty-one in
Oxford, thirteen in New York, two in Tokyo, and one part-time in Seoul).

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[1] The cost figures given are current
estimates. The figures for funds received to date, and likewise those
for needs still outstanding, are as at 1 January 1996, and obviously
will need adjustment as further funding is secured. Any significant
changes in the figures will be reported.

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[2] The cost of the swimming pool has not yet
been finally agreed but is currently estimated at between £2.1M
£3M. For the purposes of this paper the lower figure has been

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[3] Including £10M as the capitalised
value of
the recurrent funding required for the Bodleian Library.

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