Notices to Hardship-related Funds and Index to Scholarships, Grants and Prizes - (2) to No 4413

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Oxford University Gazette

Notices of Hardship-related Funds and Index to Scholarships,
Grants, and Prizes

Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4413

Monday, 21 October 1996

Contents of the supplement:

To Gazette No.
4413 (24
October 1996)

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This supplement to the University Gazette serves two
functions: it reproduces those
printed in Supplement (2) to No. 4411 (entitled `Notices of
Scholarships, Fellowships, Studentships, Exhibitions, Grants, and
which particularly relate to hardship-related funds; and it provides
an improved index for those notices. It is being
circulated in
greater numbers than ordinary Gazette editions to JCRs and
MCRs and
similar bodies, so as to bring to the attention of Junior Members the
availability of various funds.


The Board of Management of the Abbott Fund invites recommendations by
Friday, 29 November 1996, from colleges and other societies,
for the
award of bursaries to members of the University who are:

(a) children (including orphan children) of the clergy of
Church of England;

(b) reading for (i) a first degree, or (ii) the Degree of
of Medicine or an equivalent degree, or (iii) a second Honour School,
of the
University; and

(c) standing in need of financial assistance to enable
them to
obtain the full benefit of a university education.

Eligible members of the University may wish to note that in 1995-6
of up to £500 were awarded.

The board is prepared to consider recommendations also on behalf of
present or
future members of the University who intend to embark in the next
year on one of the courses designated at (b) above, provided
criteria at (a) and (c) are satisfied.

Eligible candidates are advised to notify their Senior Tutors of
interest in being considered for an Abbott's bursary.

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Access Funds are allocated to the University, by the DFEE via the
Eligibility is restricted to full-time undergraduates and
postgraduates who
face financial difficulty and who are (broadly speaking)
either `home'
students (i.e. those who have been `ordinarily resident' in the
Kingdom, Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man throughout the three
year period
preceding the commencement of their present course of study)
or the
children of EC migrant workers who are employed in the United
Kingdom. The
precise definition of eligibility is given in notes of guidance to
reference is made below.

Grants are assessed on the basis of expected income and expenditure
in the
academic year 1996–7. Intending applicants who are eligible to
loan support from the SLC should note that, to be considered for an
Fund grant, they must apply to the SLC for their full loan

Intending applicants who are also eligible to receive loan support
from the
SLC should note that, to be considered for an Access Fund grant, they
apply to the SLC for their full loan entitlement.

Application forms are available from colleges, and must be
completed and
returned with additional documentation as specified on the form by
15 November 1996

It is not yet known what the size of grants awarded in 1996–7
will be.
As a guide, however, about 500 grants ranging in value from £100
to about
£2,350 were awarded in 1995–6.

For more information about Access Funds please refer to the notes
to the application forms, or, if clarification of the notes is
contact the Secretary to the Access Funds Committee (telephone:

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The bequest of Walter Gordon, MA, Non-Collegiate Student, who
bequeathed to
the University the residue of his property subject to the payment of
annuities upon trust that the income thereof be applied for the
benefit of
needy members of the University, junior as well as senior, and
especially to
help in providing nursing medical attendance or other aid for senior
of the University who are in need, shall be administered by the
Curators of
the University Chest, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford
OX1 2JD,
in accordance with the intentions of the Testator. (There is no
closing date
for applications.)

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The Committee on Student Hardship administers funds - partly
allocated from
the University's general funds, and partly derived from specific
funds - for
`the relief of student hardship'.

Applications are considered from both undergraduates and
graduates, and
awards (grants and loans) are made principally on the grounds of
hardship. The committee aims to help where unpredictable misfortunes
occurred, rather than to top-up inadequate funding. The size of
awards in
recent years has varied widely, ranging from £100 to several
thousands of
pounds. The committee will consider applications for assistance at
meetings. Application forms are available from colleges, and must be
and returned to the Secretary of the Committee, as specified on the
forms, by
Friday of fifth week of Michaelmas and Hilary Terms, or by Friday of
week in Trinity Term (i.e. in 1996–7, 15 November 1996, 21
1997, 9 May 1997

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Applications are invited for up to two Pirie-Reid Scholarships
tenable at the
University of Oxford by graduates (including persons expecting to
graduate in
1997) who intend in October 1997 to commence working for a degree or

Preference will be given to candidates applying from other
i.e. not already matriculated at Oxford, and to those domiciled or
educated in
Scotland. Candidates not fulfilling these criteria are unlikely to be

The scholarships, which are to be awarded to persons wishing to
begin a course of study in Oxford who would otherwise be
prevented by
lack of funds, will cover University and college fees and provide a
grant for
maintenance, subject to assessment of other sources of income
grants for 1996–7 are £1,710 for undergraduates and
£5,400 for
postgraduates). It will be renewable from year to year, subject to
satisfactory progress and continuance of approved full-time study.

Candidates for a Pirie-Reid Scholarship are expected to have
applied for
admission to the University in the usual way.

Application forms may be obtained from Mrs J. Brown, University
Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. The closing date for application
is 1
May 1997

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Funds from the Prendergast Bequest are available to men and women
born in the
Republic of Ireland whose parents are citizens of the Republic of
Ireland, to
assist them to read for a degree, either graduate or undergraduate
(or in some
cases for a diploma) at the University of Oxford.

Applications are invited for grants for the academic year
1997–8 from
students either already on course or who will be commencing their
studies at
Oxford in October 1997. The grants are means-tested, and the amounts
for the
year 1997–8 are expected to be in the region of

Applicants who intend to follow a postgraduate course must have
accepted by both a college and the faculty board concerned before a
grant can
be awarded, while applications from candidates who wish to read for a
honour school should be endorsed by the college.

Further information and application forms are available from the
to the Board of Management for the Prendergast Bequest, University
Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD. The closing date for applications
is 31
July 1997

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This index lists the various funds (other than hardship-related
funds) by discipline, together with the page of the previous
supplement on which details may be found.

Anthropology and Geography

Herbertson and Beckit Prizes

Area studies

Cha Fund (Asia)

Dolabani Fund (Syria)

Ilchester Fund Travel Grants (Russia)

Arthur Lenman Memorial Prize (Egypt)

Nubar Pasha Fund Grants (Armenia)

Nubar Pasha Prize (Armenia)

Sasakawa Fund (Japan)

Storry Memorial Travelling Bursary (Japan)

Biological Sciences

Harley Prize

S.E. Wilson Scholarship

English Language and Literature

Matthew Arnold Memorial Prize

Beddington English Prize

Chancellor's English Essay Prize

Newdigate Prize

Meyerstein Research Grants

Charles Oldham Shakespeare Prize

Passmore Edwards Prize

Shelley-Mills Prizes

Vaughan Morgan Prizes


Arnold, Bryce, and Read Fund

Arnold Modern Historical Essay Prize

Beit and Herbert Prizes

Beit Fund Grants and Scholarship

Bryce Research Studentship

Curzon Memorial Prize

H.W.C. Davis Prize

John Freind Prize

Gladstone Memorial Essay Prize

Kirkaldy Prizes

A.M.P. Read Scholarship

Wylie Prize


Clifford Chance Prize

Rupert Cross Prize

Eldon Scholarship

Field Fisher Waterhouse Prize

Maxwell Prize for Law

Norton Rose Prize

John Morris Prize

Richards Butler Prize

Slaughter and May Prize

Vinerian Scholarship

Winter Williams Prizes

Martin Wronker Prizes

Literae Humaniores and Philosophy

Ancient History Prize

Arnold Ancient Historical Essay Prize

Bryce Research Studentship

Chancellor's Latin Prize

Comparative Philology Prizes

Conington Prize

Cooper Fund

Craven Committee grants

Craven Fellowship

Derby Scholarships

Gaisford Prizes

T.W. Greene Prize

T.W. Greene Scholarship

Barclay Head Prize

Hertford and de Paravicini Prizes

Ireland and Craven

John Locke Prize

Meyerstein Awards

Charles Oldham Scholarships

Passmore Edwards Prize

Pelham Studentship

A.M.P. Read Scholarship

C.E. Stevens Scholarship

Harold Lister Sunderland Prizes

Henry Wilde Prize

Management Studies

J.P. Morgan Essay Prize


Mathematical Prizes

Nuclear Electric Prize


Bristol Myers Prize

Clinical Medical Scholarships

John Freind Prize

Goodger Scholarship

George Herbert Hunt

Brian Johnson Prize

John Potter Essay Prize

Radcliffe Prize

Renwick Vickers Prize

Geoffrey Hill Spray Prize

Nan Williams and Lena Grant Memorial Fund

L.J. Witts Prize

Martin Wronker Prizes

Modern and Medieval Languages

Beddington Modern Languages Prize

Christina Drake Fund Grants

Andrew Colin Prize

Comparative Philology Prizes

Heath Harrison Travelling Scholarships

Cyril Jones Memorial Prize

Andrew Levens Travel Bursary

Sir John Rhys Prize

Rhys Studentship

Cecil Roth Prize

Paget Toynbee Prizes



John Betts Organ Scholarship

John Betts Travelling Scholarships

Halstead Scholarships

Halstead and Osgood Travelling Scholarships

Osgood Memorial Prize

Physical Sciences

Brian Bannister Award

Peter Beaconsfield Prize

Burdett-Coutts Prize

Crystallography Fund

Edgell Sheppee Fund Grants

Gotch Memorial Prize

Johnson Memorial Prizes

Lubbock Memorial Prizes

Oxford Cryosystems Prize

Oxford Lasers Prize

Scott Prizes

Smith Systems Prize

Turbutt Prizes

Christopher Welch Scholarships


George Humphrey Prize

Susan Mary Rouse Memorial Prize

Social Studies

Norman Chester Fund Grants

Cyril Foster Fund

Eugene Havas Memorial Prize

Hicks and Webb Medley Prizes

Webb Medley Prizes

Webb Medley Fund Grants

Mellon Fund

Sara Norton Prize

Pavry Memorial Prize

Winchester Prize


Denyer and Johnson Prize

Denyer and Johnson Studentships

Ellerton Theological Essay Prize

Hall and Hall-Houghton Prizes

Hall-Houghton Studentship

Hedley Lucas Scholarships

Pusey and Ellerton Prizes

St Catherine of Alexandria Prize


Lady Allen Scholarship

Astor Travel Fund

Isaiah Berlin Fund Bursaries

de Osma Studentship

Ilchester Fund Travel Grants

Labouchere Travel Grants

Lockey Bequest

Zaharoff Fund Travel Grants


Boden Prize

Laurence Binyon Prize

Charterhouse European Bursaries

Egerton Coghill Prize

Wilma Crowther Memorial Prize

Carlos de Sola Wright Fund

English Poem on a Sacred Subject Prize

Michael Foster Memorial Scholarship

Gibbs Prizes

Graduate Studies Committee Grants

Hanseatic Scholarships

Theodor Heuss Research Fellowship

Latin American Studies Grants

Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund

ORISHA Studentships

Oxford Paris Programme

Geoffrey Rhoades Bursary

Scatcherd European

Southern Trust Fund for students with disabilities

Segal Fund

Squire and Marriott Bursaries

Jeffery Story Bequest

Tokyo University Graduate Student Exchanges

Trapnell Fund

Tynan Prize Prize

Wiener-Anspach Awards

Wolfson Childcare Scholarship

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