Election of Chancellor of the University

Supplement (1) to Gazette No. 4645

First published 22 January 2003
Revised 6 February, 13 February, 20 February, 27 February 2003


  • Election of Chancellor
  • Membership of Convocation
  • Voting arrangements
  • Enquiries
  • The Chancellorship: statutory provision
  • Statement by Council on the characteristics of a Chancellor
  • Nominations received and verified:
    • Lord Bingham of Cornhill
    • Lord Neill of Bladen
    • Mr Christopher Patten
    • Ms Sandra Toksvig

University Agenda

CONVOCATION 14 and 15 March

Election of Chancellor

A CONVOCATION will be held on Friday, 14 March, and Saturday, 15 March 2003, for the purpose of electing a Chancellor of the University. The election will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Council Regulations 8 of 2002 (Supplement (2) to Gazette No. 4628, 26 June 2002, p. 1385; these regulations are available on the University Web site at http://www.admin.ox.ac.uk/statutes/).

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Membership of Convocation

Under a change introduced as part of the reforms of the governance of the University in 2000, Convocation now consists of (a) all the former student members of the University who have been admitted to a degree (other than an honorary degree) of the University and (b) any other persons who are members of Congregation. It is therefore no longer necessary to have an MA or a higher degree to be a member of Convocation, but membership for graduates of the University requires (1) that the person concerned should have been matriculated (i.e. the holders of degrees validated by the University who have not been matriculated are ineligible for membership), and (2) that the person concerned should have actually been admitted to a degree, whether in person or in absence, at a degree ceremony (i.e. to be qualified for admission, by satisfying the examiners, is not in itself enough). A special ceremony for the conferment in absence of degrees on members of the University wishing to be qualified to vote in the election will be held on 11 March 2003. Entries for that ceremony should be made through the college of the member concerned. They should reach that college not later than 3 March 2003 and sooner if possible.

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Voting arrangements

Voting will take place on Friday, 14 March, and Saturday, 15 March 2003. Voting will be in person only and will take place in the Divinity School* (with access only through the Sheldonian Quadrangle) between 9.15 a.m. and 5 p.m. on both days.

*Please note: voting will take place in the Divinity School, and not, as originally announced, in Convocation House.

The Vice-Chancellor has ruled that gowns need not be worn by members of Convocation when voting. Those voting must be prepared to show evidence of identity, preferably photographic, if asked to do so.

The voting system to be used is the single transferable vote. This is the simplest of all forms of proportional representation and is also sometimes known as the `Alternative Vote'. The aim is to ensure that the winning candidate has the broadest possible support rather than simply being the candidate preferred by the largest minority of voters. Voters are asked to indicate which candidate they would most wish to see elected, but they are also invited to rank the remaining candidates according to their preferred outcome assuming their first preference does not win. (Such further ranking is optional—the voter may, for example, make no further rankings, may indicate only his or her second preference, or may rank most or all of the candidates. No ballot paper is regarded as spoilt if it contains only a first preference.) Initially only first preferences are counted, and if any candidate has an absolute majority at that stage, he or she is elected immediately. If there is no such outright winner, the candidate who gained the least first preferences is eliminated from the election. That candidate's ballots are redistributed by being added to the tallies for the remaining candidates according to any second preferences marked on them. If there is still no candidate with an absolute majority, the new lowest scoring candidate is eliminated, and ballots again redistributed (taking account of third preferences on the ballots of the second candidate to be eliminated where those ballots have already been redistributed from the first candidate to be eliminated). This cycle is repeated until such time as a candidate has gained an absolute majority, that is, 50 per cent of the votes plus one.


Any enquiries about the election should be addressed to the Head Clerk, University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD (telephone 01865 (2)70191 or (2)80179; e-mail: head.clerk@admin.ox.ac.uk).

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The Chancellorship

Statutory provision

Statute IX, sections 2–5, provides as follows.

`2. The Chancellor shall be elected by Convocation and shall hold office during his or her life or until his or her resignation. 3. There shall be a Chancellor's Court of Benefactors to membership of which the Chancellor may from time to time admit major benefactors of the University. 4. The Chancellor shall have such other functions and powers as are assigned to him or her by the statutes and regulations or by the law of the land. 5. In the event of the incapacity or absence abroad of the Chancellor, or during a vacancy in the Chancellorship, or on delegation from the Chancellor, the Vice-Chancellor may exercise any of the functions and powers of the Chancellor, except where the statutes provide otherwise.'

Statement by Council on the characteristics of a Chancellor

For the guidance of candidates and electors, Council has agreed to publish the following statement about the Chancellorship.

The Chancellorship is not an executive office and the formal duties are relatively few. Chief amongst these are presiding at ceremonies such as Encaenia and at the Chancellor's Court of Benefactors and also, if the Chancellor wishes, chairing the Committee for the Nomination of the Vice-Chancellor. The office is, however, much more than symbolic (important though its symbolic role is).

The Chancellor must be visibly committed to the independence of universities and to the values for which they stand. He or she must have the stature, both intellectually and in all other respects, appropriate to Oxford's position as a leading international university and, through his or her own qualities, must be able to enhance the University's reputation both within the UK and abroad. He or she must have the confidence and ability to preside convincingly at occasions such as Encaenia and to take the leading role as far as possible at the many other official events which the Chancellor is likely to be called on to attend in the University and its colleges, and from time to time as the University's representative at major occasions outside Oxford. The Chancellor is ex officio Visitor of five colleges and the person appointed must also be appropriate for this role.

The Chancellor must have wide experience which can be drawn on when required to support and further the purposes of the University. He or she must be a person of integrity and have tact, discretion and sound judgement, being able to give advice and guidance when called on, particularly by the Vice- Chancellor. He or she must be sensitive to the University's aspirations and to the concerns of current students and staff, and an authoritative figure capable of presenting the University's interests to a wide variety of constituencies, such as major world figures, benefactors or potential benefactors, and alumni. For the proper fulfilment of the office, the Chancellor must be readily accessible and available throughout the year to exercise his or her duties, both formal and informal.

Although by tradition the Chancellor has been an eminent figure from politics, law or the church, these are not necessarily the only backgrounds from which a Chancellor might come. The characteristics of those who have achieved distinction in such fields are, however, typical of the characteristics required in a Chancellor and described above.

Nominations received

Note: Council has agreed that each candidate for the Chancellorship may publish a personal statement of up to 500 words for distribution with the Gazette. The statements will be published with the Gazette of 6 March. Additional copies will be circulated to colleges, and the statements will also be published on the Internet.

The following nominations have been duly received and verified:

1. THE RT. HON. LORD BINGHAM OF CORNHILL, PC, MA, HON. DCL, Honorary Fellow of Balliol College and Nuffield College

Nominated by:

T.G. Abell, Corpus Christi

D. Aeron-Thomas, St Edmund Hall

R.W. Ainsworth, Master of St Catherine's

W.J. Alden, Merton

F. Ali Maniku, Christ Church

A. Alston, St Hilda's

S.L. Altmann, Brasenose

A. Alvarez, Corpus Christi

Lord Armstrong of Ilminster, Christ Church

Lord Ashburton, Trinity

Viscount Asquith, Balliol

I. Asquith, Christ Church

Sir Tony Atkinson, Warden of Nuffield

J.M. Austyn, Wolfson

C. Avent, Lady Margaret Hall

S.L. Bainbridge, Corpus Christi

Sir Peter Baldwin, Corpus Christi

J.B. Bamborough, Linacre

P.J. Bamford, Corpus Christi

P. Bassett, St Benet's Hall

C.F. Batstone, Christ Church

R. Bell, Brasenose

J.M. Bellamy, Jesus

M.J. Beloff, President of Trinity

A. Bennett, Exeter

F.A.R. Bennion, Balliol

The Hon. A.C. Bigham, Worcester

Lord Bingham of Cornhill, Balliol

C. Bingham, Balliol

C.E. Bingham, Christ Church

E.P. Bingham, Somerville

C.J.E. Bliss, Nuffield

D.E.J. Bond, Christ Church

M.A. Bonfiglioli, Lady Margaret Hall

D.M.J. Boone, Worcester

L.M. Boone, Corpus Christi

A.R. Boswood, New College

A. Bott, Christ Church

G.A. Bowen, Templeton

S.A. Bowes Lyon, Magdalen

T.F.R.G. Braun, Merton

R.A. Breckenridge, Balliol

T.R. Brennan, Balliol

R. Brent, Nuffield

R.K.R. Briant, Somerville

D.M. Brock, Merton

E.H. Brock, Lady Margaret Hall

M.G. Brock, Nuffield

P.L. Brock, Trinity

L. Brockliss, Magdalen

S.E. Brodie, Balliol

Baron Brooke of Sutton Mandeville, Balliol

S.C. Brown, Worcester

T.A. Brown, Merton

A.A.M. Bryer, Balliol

P.A.W. Bulloch, Balliol

S.J. Burnton, St Edmund Hall

G. Butler, Somerville

I.C. Butler, Christ Church

Sir Richard Buxton, Exeter

P.M.H. Caffrey, St John's

R.J. Caffrey, Magdalen

Lord Cameron of Lochbroom, Corpus Christi

Lord Camoys, Balliol

A.L. Carlill, Christ Church

L.M. Carpenter, Nuffield

P. Carroll, St Hilda's

P.J. Carter, Wolfson

R.J.A.I. Catto, Oriel

G.L. Cawkwell, University

T.W. Chan, New College

T.M. Charles-Edwards, Jesus

A.S.C. Charlton, St Anne's

W.E.W.St.G. Charlton, New College

M. Clapinson, St Hugh's

S.G. Clark, St Catherine's

M.D. Cleave, St Anne's

Lord Clyde of Briglands, Corpus Christi

S.E. Cole, Merton

L.J. Collignon, Christ Church

D. Conner, Exeter

W.O.C. Cookson, Green College

G.P. Coull, St Peter's

N.M.N. Cowan, Merton

S.G.B. Cowan, Worcester

Sir David Cox, Nuffield

C.F. Craddock, Lincoln

A.J.M. Craig, Queen's

P. Craig, St John's

G.E. Currie, Magdalen

R.E.A. Currie, Somerville

M. C. Curthoys, Christ Church

Sir Richard Curtis, Exeter

J. Dancy, New College

E.L.G. Daniel, Wadham

T.J. Daniel, Wadham

J.G. Darwin, Nuffield

R.H. Davison, Corpus Christi

S.N.C. De Deney, St Edmund Hall

C.F. Dehn, Christ Church

C. Denny, Christ Church

J.H. Drury, Dean of Christ Church

H.D. Dupree, Balliol

D.W. Dykes, Corpus Christi

T. Easingwood, Pembroke

R.A. Edwards, Corpus Christi

J.S.C. Eidinow, Merton

C.F. Evans, Corpus Christi

Sir Ewen Fergusson, Oriel

D.C. Fildes, Balliol

D.A. Fletcher, New College

J.A. Forder, Balliol

G. Fowler, Balliol

R. Fox, Linacre

M.J.O. Francis, Wolfson

M.R. Freedland, St John's

G.N. Gandy, Corpus Christi

K.J. Garlick, Balliol

Lord Gavron, St Peter's

C.C. Gibbs, St Hugh's

P.M.E. Gibbs, Christ Church

M.J.M. Glossop, St Hugh's

P.S. Goldson, St John's

C.H.J. Goodwin, Balliol

A.F. Gordon, Wolfson

A.F. Goulty, Corpus Christi

P.A.L. Grace, Lady Margaret Hall

C.A.S. Gray, Trinity

J. Griffin, Balliol

J.M. Griffith-Jones, St John's

E.S. Grigg, Oriel

G.N. Guinness, Trinity

H.C. Hallett, St Hugh's

J.M. Hamel Cooke, St Hugh's

P.A. Hamilton, Brasenose

I.J. Handley, St Anne's

A.C. Hardingham, University

H.C. Harford, Somerville

R.M. Hargrave, Balliol

T.J. Harmer, Lady Margaret Hall

A.V. Harrison, St Anne's

B.H. Harrison, Corpus Christi

R. Harrison, Somerville

T. Harrison, Wadham

R.C. Harrison-Topham, Trinity

B.F. Harvey, Somerville

A.F. Heath, Nuffield

Sir Edward Heath, Balliol

G.I. Henderson, Master of Pembroke

R.H.Q. Henriques, Worcester

D.M. Henwood, Lady Margaret Hall

R.A.E. Herbert, Christ Church

N. Heslop, Trinity

J.R.L. Highfield, Merton

R. Hilliard, University

S. Hine, St Anne's

D. Hochhauser, Wadham

M. Hodder-Williams, Corpus Christi

R. Hodder-Williams, Corpus Christi

M.J. Hodges, Balliol

A.P. Hogg, St Anne's

Sir Christopher Hogg, Trinity

C. Hogg, St John's

Sir James Holman, Exeter

H.W.W.S. Horlock, Pembroke

J.L. Houlden, Queen's

A. Howard, Christ Church

M.N. Howard, Magdalen

A.E. Howatson, Christ Church

K.J. Howells, Magdalen

G.F. Hughes, Nuffield

Lord Hutton, Balliol

P. Ionides, Somerville

R.A.D. Jackson, Exeter

S.D.C. Jenison, Merton

N. Johnson, Nuffield

D.S. Jones, Corpus Christi

H.S. Jones, St Catherine's

J. Jones, Balliol

H.G. Judge, Brasenose

J. Kazantzis, Somerville

M. Kazantzis, St Hugh's

Sir John Keegan, Balliol

C.W.L. Keen, New College

M.A. Keen, Somerville

M. H. Keen, Balliol

D.W. Keene, Balliol

K. Kelleher, St Hugh's

Sir Anthony Kenny, St John's

Sir Sidney Kentridge, Exeter

M.C. Kilburn, St John's

S.M. Kilgour, St Anne's

H.G.J. King, Balliol

Sir Andrew Kirkwood, Christ Church

F. Kirwan, Balliol

M.J.C. Ladenburg, Christ Church

Sir Gordon Langley, Balliol

J.G.M. Laws, Exeter

S.S. Laws, St Hugh's

C.J. Lees-Smith, Corpus Christi

J.B. Lewis, Wolfson

D.E. Logan, Balliol

Sir Andrew Longmore, Lincoln

I.H. Lowe, Oriel

J.R. Lucas, Merton

S. Mayall, Balliol

N.W. McFarlane, Balliol

A. McGregor, Christ Church

G.I.T. Machin, Jesus

C.C. MacKay, Corpus Christi

W.S. McKerrow, Wolfson

H.C. Maclennan, St Anne's

R.A.R. Maclennan, Balliol

Sir Bruce MacPhail, Balliol

R.J. Marjoribanks, Balliol

A.J. Martin, Oriel

J.F.A. Mason, Christ Church

D.M. Mathews, St Hugh's

R.C.O. Matthews, Corpus Christi

A.C. May, St John's

A.T.K. May, Worcester

S. Mayall, Balliol

A. Mayne, St Hilda's

J.W.P. Mayne, Christ Church

Viscount Mersey, Balliol

M.A. Meyer, Nuffield

A.P.Q. Michaelis, St Edmund Hall

R.R. Milner-Gulland, New College

Sir James Mirrlees, Nuffield

P.R. Mitchell, Merton

C.A. Molloy, Corpus Christi

G.M. Moore, Lady Margaret Hall

P.R.S. Moorey, Wolfson

L. Morgan, Brasenose

T. Morison, Worcester

Sir Michael Morland, Christ Church

D.A.C. Morrison, Christ Church

A.G.A. Mostyn-Owen, Trinity

M.J.S. Mowat, Lady Margaret Hall

G. Nicholls, Kellogg

F.P.B. Nichols, Balliol

G. Norman, St Anne's

P.K. O'Brien, St Antony's

R.D. Ormsby, Corpus Christi

C. Osborne, Christ Church

Baroness D.M.S.D. Park, Somerville

J.V. Peach, Brasenose

D. Pears, Christ Church

H.E. Pearson, Somerville

Z.A. Pelczynski, Pembroke

J.A. Perrin, St Anne's

C.J. Pitchers, Worcester

J. Pleydell-Bouverie, St Hugh's

M. Pottle, Wolfson

H.M. Prandy, Somerville

A.J.R. Prentice, Wolfson

R.A. Pring, Green College

N.J. Proudfoot, Brasenose

Lord Quinton of Holywell, Trinity

J.A. Reed, Christ Church

D.L. Rendall, Oriel

G. Reynolds, St Anne's

C.I. Rice, Balliol

J. Richards, Keble

Sir Stephen Richards, St John's

A.W. Richardson, Balliol

G.B. Richardson, Corpus Christi

J.L. Richardson, St Anne's

C.J.M. Rickards, Merton

Sir Bernard Rix, New College

Sir Gareth Roberts, President of Wolfson

R.J. Roberts, Wolfson

D.B. Robertson, St Hugh's

D.J.B. Robey, New College

J.D. Robinson, Linacre

Lord Rodger of Earlsferry, New College

C.D.R. Rose, Wadham

K. Rose, New College

A.W.P. Ross, Balliol

C.M. Rothon, New College

Sir David Rowland, Templeton

A. Scace, Corpus Christi

J.M. Schenk, St Hilda's

A.V.C. Schmidt, Balliol

Sir Michael Scholar, President of St John's

C. Schuler, Jesus

B. Scott, Corpus Christi

S.E. Seed, Balliol

M.H. Sheldon, Corpus Christi

N. Sherlock, Christ Church

N.E. Short, Jesus

M.F. Shutler, Balliol

P.A. Slack, Principal of Linacre

A.C. Smith, Wadham

E.A. Southworth, St Peter's

J.A. Spencer, Corpus Christi

Sir David Steel, Keble

R. Stephenson, St Edmund Hall

P.C. Stevens, New College

R. Stevens, Pembroke

J.M. Stevenson, Magdalen

Lord Steyn, University

Sir Peter Stothard, Trinity

G.A. Stoy, Lady Margaret Hall

J.E. Stoy, Balliol

P.R. Strange, Exeter

K. Street, Christ Church

B.E. Supple, Nuffield

D. Suratgar, New College

W.J. Swadling, Brasenose

R.J. Tayler, Wadham

N. Taylor, Balliol

A.F. Tennant, St Anne's

B. Thanki, Balliol

Sir Keith Thomas, All Souls

S. Thomas, Lincoln

T.E. Thurston, Merton

Sir Roger Tomkys, Balliol

L.N. Trefethen, Balliol

J.S. Tucker, Corpus Christi

K.C. Turpin, Oriel

C.M. Tyerman, St Hilda's

N.E. Underhill, New College

L.N. Usher-Wilson, Lincoln

A. Verdin, Merton

C.A. Villiers, Corpus Christi

N.C.A. von Malaise, University

J.L. Walters, Balliol

C.H. Walton, Wolfson

Baroness H.M. Warnock, Lady Margaret Hall

R.B.G. Welby, Christ Church

J.J. Wells, Corpus Christi

S.G. Wells, Corpus Christi

J.M. White, St Hilda's

J.J.L. Whiteley, St Cross

R.M. Wickett, St Anne's

E.W.E. Wild, Keble

S.D.H. Wilken, Brasenose

J.F. Willmer, Corpus Christi

N.A.R. Wilson, Worcester

P.G.W. Winby, Oriel

F.E.B. Witts, Pembroke

C. Wlezien, Nuffield

L. Woods, Balliol

D.G. Wyatt, Wolfson

M. Yee, Nuffield

Sir John Zochonis, Corpus Christi

2. The Rt. Hon. LORD NEILL OF BLADEN, QC, BCL, MA, Honorary Fellow of All Souls College and Magdalen College

Nominated by:

Lord Acton, Trinity

D. Adamson, Magdalen

I.F. Albert, Oriel

J.E. Allen, University

R. Atkinson, Queen's

D.H. Barlow, Oriel

C.A.P. Barron, Balliol

J.P. Barron, St Peter's

J.M. Barry, St John's

J.D. Bell, University

J.I. Bell, Christ Church

M. Bent, All Souls

J.F. Bithell, St Peter's

Lord Blake, Magdalen

P.A. Brand, All Souls

J.H. Brooke, Harris Manchester

C.P.H. Brown, Worcester

D.G. Browning, St Cross

Lady Bullard, St Hilda's

Sir Julian Bullard, All Souls

M.F. Burnyeat, All Souls

J.N. Butterfield, All Souls

A.M. Cameron, Keble

W.E. Carroll, Blackfriars

D.V. Carter, Worcester

H. Chadwick, Christ Church

J. Cherry, Christ Church

M.J. Collins, University

H.M. Colvin, St John's

Lord Condon, St Peter's

E.J. Crawford, University

S.M. Cretney, All Souls

J.M. Crook, Brasenose

M.R.R. D'Ancona, All Souls

A.C.L. Davies, Brasenose

R.R. Davies, All Souls

J.H.R. Davis, All Souls

J.S. Deech, Oriel

Dame Ruth Deech, Principal of St Anne's

J.F. Dewey, University

F.E. Dinshaw, St Catherine's

A.J. Dorey, Pembroke

Lord Dormand of Easington, St Peter's

M. Crystal, Magdalen

Glen Dudbridge, University

A.L. Duffell, Harris Manchester

A. Dummett, Somerville

Sir Michael Dummett, New College

Sir John Elliott, Oriel

Lord Elton, New College

R.J.W. Evans, Oriel

Lord Faulkner of Worcester, Worcester

P.J. Finglass, All Souls

P.M. Fraser, All Souls

R.N. Freeman, Balliol

D.J. Galligan, Wolfson

Lord Goff of Chieveley, New College

S.J.D. Green, All Souls

G.C. Greene, University

D.P. Groves, Merton

W.J. Hague, Magdalen

M.D.P. O'Hanlon, Linacre

Sir John Hanson, Warden of Green College

M.C.C. Hart, All Souls

P. Hewis, Harris Manchester

P.B. Hirsch, St Edmund Hall

A.M. Honor‚, All Souls

R.G. Hood, All Souls

G.A. Holmes, St Catherine's

I. Honeyman, St Hugh's

G.W.W. Hudson, Harris Manchester

S.L. Hurley, All Souls

L.V. Ingrams, Corpus Christi

R.A. Ingrams, Lady Margaret Hall

L.N. Johnson, Corpus Christi

A.D. Ker, University

T.M. Knowles, Lincoln

H.H.K. Koh, Magdalen

H.T. La Rue, St Cross

J.M. Landers, All Souls

Lord Lawson of Blaby, Christ Church

J.G. Le Quesne, Exeter

M. Littman, Queen's

E. Llewellyn-Smith, St Hilda's

B.C. Loughman, University

A.V. Lowe, All Souls

Lord Lyell, Christ Church

H. McGregor, New College

A.J. Macintyre, Merton

I.W.F. MacLean, All Souls

J. McManners, All Souls

P.K. Maini, Brasenose

N. Malcolm, All Souls

J.M. Malcolmson, All Souls

S.H. Mandelbrote, All Souls

J.R. Martyn, Trinity

L.J. Mason, St Peter's

H.M.R. Mayr-Harting, Christ Church

P.N. Mirfield, Jesus

J.D. Montagu, Wadham

Lord Morris of Manchester, St Catherine's

C.J. Morse, All Souls

Lord Moser, Wadham

S. Mukerji, University

A. Murray, University

Sir Patrick Nairne, University

R. Needham, All Souls

Sir Brian Neill, Corpus Christi

P.M. Neumann, Queen's

P.C. Newell, St Peter's

E.W. Nicholson, Oriel

F.A. Nizami, Magdalen

J. Norbury, Lincoln

J.B. O'Donoghue, Wadham

O.M.T. O'Donovan, Christ Church

A. Offer, All Souls

P.G. Palumbo, Worcester

W.E. Parry, Oriel

J.W.W. Peyton, Trinity

Lord Plant of Highfield, St Catherine's

J.N.P. Rawlins, University

C.J. Redgwell, St Peter's

J.A. Redwood, All Souls

R.C. Repp, Master of St Cross

F.H.A. Richmond, Linacre

D.B. Roberts, Magdalen

Lord Roberts of Conwy, University

B.C. Ruck Keene, Corpus Christi

I.P. Rumfitt, University

M.J. Ryan, All Souls

A.G.J.S. Sanderson, All Souls

P.A.V. Sarris, All Souls

M.P.F. Du Sautoy, All Souls

M.A. Screech, All Souls

T.W. Seaman, All Souls

D. Segal, All Souls

E. Sim, St Peter's

P.J. Sluglett, Merton

A.D. Smith, President of Magdalen

E.J. Smith, Hertford

J.H. Stallworthy, Wolfson

E.M. Steinby, All Souls

P.F. Strawson, University

R. Strohm, Wadham

A.O. Taylor, St Antony's

A.S. Thirlwell, All Souls

G.P. Thomas, President of Kellogg

P.J. Thonemann, All Souls

U.L. Tillmann, Merton

G.H. Treitel, All Souls

S.R. Turnbull, St Peter's

D. Vaver, St Peter's

R.R.L. Wade-Gery, All Souls

S.K. Walker, All Souls

R. Waller, Warden of Harris Manchester

D.J. Weatherall, Magdalen

J.A.D. Welsh, Merton

M.L. West, All Souls

S. Westaby, Brasenose

D.R.P. Wiggins, New College

A.R. Wilkinson, All Souls

S.C.A. Wilkinson, All Souls

3. THE RT. HON. C.F. PATTEN, CH, PC, MA, Honorary Fellow of Balliol College

Nominated by:

D.J. Allen, Development Office

J.M. Axton, Balliol

D. Bagshawe, St Hilda's

L. Bagshawe, Christ Church

C.B. Blakemore, Magdalen

M.J.F. Bossy, Campion Hall

A.H. Brown, St Antony's

J.M. Brown, Balliol

Dame Fiona Caldicott, Principal of Somerville

J.R. Clarke, Linacre

D.C. Clary, St John's

A.O.J. Cockshut, New College

P. Cotgreave, Merton

R.A. Cowley, Wadham

T.J. Crow, Merton

K.E. Davies, Hertford

R.W. Davy, Magdalen

A. Eaglestone, Magdalen

C.M.C. Eaglestone, Somerville

W.R. Eatock Taylor, St Hugh's

J.R.S. Egerton, Merton

Sir Roger Elliott, New College

J.C. Ellory, Corpus Christi

M. Fillenz, St Anne's

R.J. Foot, St Antony's

T.J. Garton Ash, St Antony's

M.J. Gibney, Linacre

G. M. Goodwin, Merton

G.S. Goodwin-Gill, All Souls

A.G. Gordon, St Peter's

T.J. Gorton, St John's

A.G. Gosler, Zoology

A.S. Goudie, Hertford

C.F. Graham, St Catherine's

E.F.P.B. Green, St Benet's Hall

J.W. Hanvey, Campion Hall

P.J. Harrison, Balliol

A.G. Hopwood, Christ Church

A.J. Hurrell, Nuffield

J.F. Iles, St Hugh's

S.D. Iversen, Magdalen

R. Jacoby, Linacre

M. James, St Anne's

C. Jordan, Somerville

J. Kathirithamby, St Hugh's

S.E. Kearsey, Keble

Y.F. Khong, Nuffield

S.H. Kim, Exeter

P. Kohl, Keble

Sir Tim Lankester, President of Corpus Christi

C.J. Leaver, St John's

J. Lucas, Keble

R.H. McCleery, Wadham

D.W. Macdonald, Lady Margaret Hall

S.N. MacFarlane, St Anne's

G.C. McGavin, Jesus

A.R. McLean, St Catherine's

D.I. Marquand, Mansfield

S. Martin, Balliol

J. Meakins, Balliol

S. Moorbath, Linacre

J.F. Morris, St Hugh's

G. M. Morris-Kay, Balliol

E.J. Mortimer, Balliol

I.S. Murray, Wadham

D. Noble, Balliol

Sir Peter North, Principal of Jesus

P.D. O'Connell, St Edmund Hall

J. Pascal, Christ Church

C.M. Perrins, Wolfson

T. Powell, New College

Dame Jessica Rawson, Warden of Merton

R.K. Rice, Christ Church

Sir Rex Richards, Merton

Sir Adam Roberts, Balliol

R.W. Scotland, Linacre

B.H. Seghers, St Hilda's

The Earl of Selborne, Christ Church

E.M. Shackle, Plater

D. Sherrington, New College

A. Shlaim, St Antony's

H. Shue, Merton

J.N. Sigaloff, St Hilda's

Sir Richard Southwood, Merton

A.H. Speaight, Lincoln

R.B. Stinchcombe, New College

J.A.A. Stockwin, St Antony's

A.J. Street, Keble

A. Swire, University

L. Tarassenko, St John's

G.K. Taylor, University

L.M.L. Thompson, St Peter's

E. Towner, Christ Church

D.A. Vines, Balliol

Dom Henry Wansbrough, Master of St Benet's Hall

H.C. Watkins, Exeter

J.M. Welsh, Somerville

J.M. Yeomans, St Hilda's


Nominated by:

A. Alker, Wadham

J.W. Alker, St Anne's

M.L. Atkins, St Hugh's

M.I. Baines, Exeter

V.J. Baines, Somerville

P.M. Baron, New College

O.J. Bethell, St Anne's

A-M.H.E. Biggs, Somerville

J.O. Bord, Balliol

A.A.S. Butt Philip, Nuffield

J.N. Cadman, Merton

N.T. Carberry, Lady Margaret Hall

J.H. Chard, Lady Margaret Hall

M.A. Clements, Christ Church

J.M. Coombes, Wadham

R.M. Crouch, St Hugh's

J.E. Davidson-Ferguson, St Anne's

J.M. Davies, Christ Church

J. Eddy, Exeter

I.F. Ewart, St Anne's

C.J. Ferguson Davie, St Catherine's

J. Fryer, St Edmund Hall

S.H. Goddard, St Edmund Hall

R.S. Grayson, Queen's

D.J. Hames, New College

J.A. Hargreaves, Christ Church

J.F. Harrison-James, Lincoln

A.J. Hazelwood, Lady Margaret Hall

J.A.M. Hemming, Magdalen

S. Hitchins, Christ Church

J.O. Howson, Worcester

A.L. Hughes, Somerville

C.E. Hunter, St Anne's

L.K. Janes, Wadham

S. Kramer, St Hilda's

B.J. Lane, St Edmund Hall

J. Lee, St Anne's

R.H. Lindup, St Hugh's

A.A. Lord, Wadham

C. Makepeace, St Hugh's

V.B. Marriott, St Catherine's

D.J.A. Mathon, Christ Church

C. Moon, Brasenose

S.P. Mould, St Hugh's

R.M.L. Murphy, St Anne's

T.M. Nelson, Trinity

Lord Oakeshott, University

M.J. Pajak, St Anne's

R. Patel, St Anne's

G.D.S. Payne, St Edmund Hall

G.L. Pearce, Wadham

L.A. Procter, St Anne's

J.C.R. Pugh, Christ Church

Lord Razzall, Worcester

R.I. Renaut, St Anne's

D. Robinson, Brasenose

C.M. Sangster, Merton

A.J.C. Singer, St Anne's

N.D. Skea-Strachan, St Anne's

S. Snelling, Somerville

S.P. Sodha, St Hilda's

R.A.K. Sone, St Anne's

V.J. Steadman, St Anne's

J.C. Street, Christ Church

M.O.J. Taylor, Lady Margaret Hall

S.A. Tierney, Somerville

J.O. Tillman, St Anne's

K.E. Treleaven, Exeter

P.A. Tyler, Exeter

D.C. Walter, Trinity

K.L. Wheatley, St Hilda's

E.K. Wild, St Anne's

L.A. Wong, Trinity

M.A. Woodward, St Anne's