29 April 2021 (restricted content)

Congregation 26 April

Degree by Resolution

No notice to the contrary having been received, the following resolution is deemed to have been approved at noon on 26 April.

Text of Resolution

That the Degree of Master of Arts be conferred upon:

Matthew Erie, St Cross
Berta Verd, Jesus

Supplication for the Degree of Doctor of Letters

The Board of the Humanities Division has granted leave to Professor David Marquand to supplicate for the Degree of Doctor of Letters. Published works were submitted, a list of which can be obtained from the Submissions and Research Degrees Team at the Examination Schools, High Street, Oxford.

Examinations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy


Matthew Collier, Oriel: ‘Lewisian theism’
Online, 25 June, 3.30pm
Examiners: M Wynn, M Almeida

Mi Na Sketchley, Linacre: ‘Translating cultural specific items (CSIs): a Korean and English case study’
Online, 8 June, 2pm
Examiners: D Cram, X A Li

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

Rita María Del Río Chanona, Balliol: ‘Multi-agent, non-equilibrium and network models of labour economics and financial contagion’
Online, 4 May, 1pm
Examiners: R Lambiotte, R Axtell

Thomas Rossolini, Wadham: ‘Photocatalytic reductive synthesis of α-functionalised amines and ethers’
Online, 19 May, 10am
Examiners: M Willis, D Leonori
Under the relevant regulations (Examination Regulations 2006, p880), attendance is restricted to the examiners and the candidate.

Social Sciences

Jung In, Nuffield: ‘Three essays on the role of higher education in inequality’
Online, 3 June, 11am
Examiners: C W S Monden, A Sullivan

Examinations for the Degree of Master of Science

Medical Sciences

Iris Kalenderoglou, Linacre: ‘Pathways of target search for bZIP proteins’
Online, 18 May, 10am
Examiners: J R Schnell, S Jackson